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Quick description about Fuugo Platform solution made by Axel Technologies. More information at http://fuugo.tv/platform and http://www.axel.fi/

Quick description about Fuugo Platform solution made by Axel Technologies. More information at http://fuugo.tv/platform and http://www.axel.fi/

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  • 2. SAVE YOUR TIME AND MAKE MONEY UNIQUE OTT PLATFORM Fuugo Platform is the most sophisticated multiscreen video application platform for Over-The-Top (OTT) services. It’s fully connected, hybrid platform that enables fast application development and online remote management. Creating a new video app is very fast and easy due to Application framework that provides the functionalities needed for TV and Video services in a multiscreen environment. Intuitive real time management system revolutionizes the customizations, modifications and especially the maintenance of the app. Application can be modified remotely without technical capabilities or long lasting development processes. Fuugo platform enables unique and rich video applications where your visions come alive. READY FOR MONETIZATION Fuugo Platform supports your business in every possible way, no matter what is your business model. Fuugo Platform supports various DRMs, in-app purchases, promotions of premium videos and multiple sources of free and paid contents. Fuugo also supports advertisements as banners with web-links, pre-roll / post-roll video ads as well as special HTML-based ad-websites.
  • 3. APP FOR YOUR OWN BRAND Fuugo Platform is built to promote your own services. Its tens of different pre-made templates allow a quick start to design a video application. At the same time, its remote configuration using various small blocks of layouts, make each Fuugo Platform based solution unique! Fuugo Platform supports not only TV and video but large media corporations. It can provide news via RSS reader component, HTML-based media, radio-channels etc. Fuugo can be also used to promote other mobile applications that can be started from the Fuugo Platform based application. In case you would like to have something beyond the Fuugo Platform solution – do not worry, we can do those as a special customized project! IT IS YOUR BRAND, DESIGN AND SERVICES
  • 4. SPECIFICATIONS SUPPORTED CONTENT TYPES THE TECHNICAL STUFF SPECIAL FEATURES • • • • • • • • • • LiveTV Video-On-Demand Video rental Live Audio On-demand Audio News RSS feed Embedded HTML content • • SUPPORTED CONTENT FORMATS • • • HLS (iOS & Android 4.x ->) RTSP (Android 2.2 ->) HLS can be supported also on all Android devices via an additional component. • • Electronic Program guide for LiveTV Fast channel navigation Time shift LiveTV (to be released soon) Integrated Facebook recommendations Integrated Twitter tweets or following of content specific Twitter messages while watching Remote control support for Android based STBs Remote cloud management of the whole application user interface and services. SUPPORTED OPERATING SYSTEMS ADVERTISEMENT METHODS • • • • • • • • iOS 4.3 or newer (Phone and tablet) Android 2.2 or newer (Phone, tablet and STB) SUPPORTED DRM • • Verimatrix Microsoft Playready Banners with HTML links Video overlay ads Pre-roll video ads Post-roll video ads Embedded HTML content Links to other iOS or Android applications
  • 5. Lemminkäisenkatu 14-18 B 20520 Turku FINLAND Phone: +358 2 512 8800 General enquiries: contact@axel.fi Sales: sales@axel.fi axel.fi fuugo.tv/platform