Brand Loyalty Andrid vs Apple


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We were curious as to if consumers of Android or Apple products are brand loyal to platforms. What I mean by this is, If you own a Android Smartphone, does this incline you to purchase a Tablet with an Android Operating system.

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  • Interwork Operating System = iOS
  • True brand loyalty – this can be a manufactures greatest asset, as described by the 80/20 ruleBrand Loyalty example - Buys a product from Y even though competitor X is cheaper. Buys a product from Y because it’s features are similar, even though product X may be more up-to-date
  • Digital Natives
  • Consumers which owned smartphones and those who didn’t. Then we broke it into a phone and tablet survey. We funneled respondents into answering our objective question. How much influential power does the operating system of your smartphone have on the purchase decision of your tablet.
  • 320,000 is the population and 93,825 is the sample.1 Being very unsatisfied and 10 being very satisfied.Kindle Fire HD selling at a Loss
  • “In other words 9/10 iPhone users are loyal to that platform”Yankee Group is a research and advisory firm which helps businesses grow revenue in the Mobile world. Apple, Samsung, AT&T and Verizon- Yankee Group’s Clients
  • 84% of respondents owned a smartphone
  • Based on a 10 point scale, 1 being low and 10 being the highest average rating was 8 out of 10.
  • Brand Loyalty Andrid vs Apple

    1. 1. Axel RosarDaniel WilczekJesse SenstKyle CousinsJosh TousignantAndroid VS. Apple
    2. 2. • Operating System or (OS)• The OS is the most important program ona device.• Application programs require an operatingsystem to function.Term to Know
    3. 3. • Brand Loyalty consists of a consumer’s commitment torepurchase, or otherwise continue using the brand.• Can be demonstrated by repeatedly buying a product orservice from the same manufacturer.• True brand loyalty exists when customer’s have a highrelative attitude towards the brand which is than exhibitedthrough repurchase behavior.The Problem2
    4. 4. • Android and Appleproducts aresomethingeveryone is veryfamiliar with.• Everyone in thisroom has somesort of Android orApple product.Why We Chose ThisTopic?3• Technology ischangingeveryday andresearching thesewidely usedproducts is oneway to keep up.
    5. 5. • To figure out if the consumers purchase decision is affected bybrand loyalty between Android and Apple devices.• Consumers may stick with the brand due to situational constraintsas in:PriceUser FriendlyEducational PurposesParental RecommendationPeer Recommendation12345Goal of The Study4
    6. 6. • Created our questionnaire using Qualtrics surveyonline platform.• Broke the survey into two different categories.• Used funneling technique, Branching technique.• Avoided unstated alternatives, double barreledquestions, leading questions, assumedconsequences.• Distributed via email and different social mediaplatforms.Research Techniques5
    7. 7. Secondary ResearchSmartphone Market ShareTablet Market Share• A poll conducted by OnDevice Research, which is a mobile researchfirm, asked 320,000 smartphone and tablet owners in six differentcountries how satisfied they were with devices.• Among 93,825 people surveyed in the US, Motorola Atrix came outon top of user satisfaction followed by three other android devicesand leaving the iPhone 5 in 5th place.• Motorola Atrix 8.57, Droid Razr 8.5, HTC Rebound 8.32, GalaxyNote 2 8.26, iPhone scored 8.2348.80%46%5.20%AndroidAppleOther54%36%10%AndroidAppleOther6
    8. 8. • Yankee Group surveyed 16,000 smartphone users over the pastyear regarding which smartphone they would own or intend to buywith their next upgrade.• 50% of smartphone users, used android handset or device. 30%used an iPhone.• Of respondents who intended to buy a smartphone within the next 6months, 42% say they plan to buy an Android phone. Another 42%say they plan to buy an iPhone.• Of those surveyed 91% of iPhone owners intend to buy anotheriPhone. While 6% plan to switch to an Android device.• 76% of Android owners intend to buy another Android device, while24% plan to buy another device and 18% of the 24% plan to switchto iPhoneSecondary ResearchCont.7
    9. 9. Yankee Group Survey8
    10. 10. Analysis:184% of respondents owneda smartphone device.Of those who owned asmartphone device 51%owned Apple, 48% ownedAndroid, and 1% other.383% of our sample arethe ages between 18-24 years of age.2020406080100120Has a Smartphone Does Not Own aSmartphoneOwners of Smartphone99209
    11. 11. Analysis Cont.1 “User-friendly interface”was ranked the mostinfluential factor inpurchasing smartphones.71% of respondents thatowned a tablet have aniPad.Of those who did not owna tablet device, whengiven the opportunity, 69%said they would choose aniPad.51%48%1% Percentage of Users By OSAppleAndroidOther2310
    12. 12. • When we asked respondents, “Why wouldyou stay with your current operatingsystem?”• Common Responses– The Brand– Ease of use– Familiar with the operating systemOpen Ended Analysis11
    13. 13. Open Ended Analysis Cont.When asked “If you could switch operating systemswould you and why?”Common Responses1. Try something new2. Service provider3. Better quality of new phone4. Outdated phone5. Bad experience with previous phone12
    14. 14. 23 22045231113505101520253035404550Apple Android Other TotalMaleFemaleGender and Operating System13
    15. 15. Age and Operating System•There is no statisticaly significat correlation betweenthe current operating system of the respondent’ssmartphone and age.Age 18-25 26-40 41-60 61 & Over TotalAndroid 39 3 3 2 47Apple 42 2 4 2 50Other 1 0 0 0 1Total 82 5 7 4 98Age and Operating System Cross Tabulation14
    16. 16. Brand Loyalty8.04 out of 10 avg. for how muchinfluential your smartphone OS has onyour tablet purchase decision.Tablet Operating SystemsSmartphoneOperatingsystemAndroid Apple Other TotalAndroid 17 25 2 44Apple 7 41 2 50Other 0 1 0 1Total 24 67 4 9515
    17. 17. Your own footerBrand Loyalty70.70%29.30%Does the OS of Your Smartphone Influence thePurchase Decision of Your TabletYesNo16
    18. 18. Unknown income or salaryFunding issuesLimited channels of distributionUnknown age of respondents without smartphone# of respondentsRespondents major or occupation.Limitations12345617
    19. 19. Conclusion1We also discovered Apple fanatics have higher loyalty thanAndroid professionals, and are more opt to purchase otherApple products22We confirmed overall, brand loyalty is definitely a factorwhen it comes to purchasing new technology.18
    20. 20. THANK YOU!