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Union reasoning c

  1. 1. Union Reasoning Slavery = Freedom• Re: Freedom Isn’t Free• A column dissection of an article by Richard Trumka - President, AFL-CIO• Huffington Post
  2. 2. In #1 Deprogramming Liberalism with NuclearCounterarguments I state: Contemporary liberalism is thecoerced mindset of a command-style society requiringeach individual to submit to collective management oftheir life while believing their submission to be an act ofindividual liberty. Liberals are conditioned to believe thatgiving up their right to direct their own lives is an act ofindividual freedom (convoluted much?). They believethat voluntary slavery is freedom! This column by aunion president illustrates this better than anything Icould explain alone.Richard Trumka: As Independence Day approaches, I’vebeen thinking about that iconic American saying,“Freedom Isn’t Free.” [...] I do believe that freedom isn’t
  3. 3. free — but today the corporate and political rightwing istrying to cheapen this truly American value. They’ve beencynically using the word “freedom” to rally the Americanpublic against its own best interests.Wait until you see how Mr. Trumka defines the Americanpublic’s “best interests”.Richard Trumka: When the U.S. Supreme Court upheldthe Affordable Care Act, Sarah Palin tweeted, “Obamalies; freedom dies.” … She’s referring, I guess, to thefreedom to go without health care when you’re sick.Note the presumption that giving away your liberty todirect your own healthcare through the free market to big
  4. 4. - mommy government healthcare that makes all of yourdecisions for you is an act of “freedom”.Richard Trumka: In its otherwise positive decision, theSupreme Court gave states the “freedom” to denyMedicaid coverage to their poorest residents — eventhough the federal government would pick up the tab.Sophistry. The ruling only stated that the federalgovernment could not force the states to expand theircoverage to higher earning residents, not the “poorestresidents” (a flat-out lie). Again, we see the ability tofreely choose is seen as a restriction of “freedom” in theliberal mind.
  5. 5. Richard Trumka: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker receivedthe National Rifle Association’s “Defender of Freedom”award recently. I guess they meant Gov. Walker isdefending teachers’ freedom from joining with coworkersto bargain fairly about things like class size.This is just another sophistic dodge. The award hadnothing to do with “class size” – Mr. Trumka knows this.He is just playing stupid while presuming liberals readinghis column will play stupid right along with him.Richard Trumka: Time after time we’re told corporationsshould have freedom from pesky job safety regulations,environmental protections and labor standards — givingworking people the freedom to be crushed in collapsing
  6. 6. mines, choke on filthy air and get paid too little to live on.Here Mr.Trumka’s inherent liberal paranoia reveals itself.Of course, this also lines up with the liberal presumptionthat conservative motives are always evil. They wantworkers to die and be paid a pittance.Richard Trumka: When politicians on the right talk aboutthe “freedom” to replace Social Security with vouchers,what they really mean is freedom from a secureretirement income. The “freedom” to get vouchers forretraining is actually freedom from unemploymentcompensation’s safety net when your job is shippedoverseas.
  7. 7. Of course, “politicians on the right” have evilmotivations. They want to strip seniors of a secureretirement. They desire more than anything to remove thesafety net. And then they laugh maniacally before they goto sleep each night. Can anyone take this man seriously?Richard Trumka: The “freedom” of cutting localgovernment translates into the freedom from having thehelp of a cop or a firefighter or EMS tech in your time ofgreatest need.Seriously, American neighbor, can you not see howdellusionally paranoid this man is? Certainly, he needs toget some sort of help. He sees evil monsters crawling outfrom under every rock!
  8. 8. Richard Trumka: Let’s call this right-wing “freedom”catch phrase what it really is: a grossly political strategyto dupe the public, which holds the word “freedom” assomething sacred.What is this “political strategy” that he refers to? Well, sofar his column has been all about evil monsterseverywhere trying to destroy the noble work of liberalsbuilding utopia. What do you think his solution will be?Richard Trumka: This Independence Day, I say let’s goback to a truer use of the word “freedom.” Let’s startwith President Franklin Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms:freedom of speech and expression, freedom of worship,freedom from want and freedom from fear. I would add
  9. 9. the freedom to bargain collectively. … Those freedomsare under attack today. We all will pay a heavy price ifwe don’t stand up and fight for them.It is liberals who are threatening the “freedom of speech”with their desire to shut down Fox News and shut upRush Limbaugh. When will you begin your “fight forthem”, Mr. Trumka?It is also liberals that are threatening religious freedomwith forced employee coverage of abortion andcontraception. I’m sure religious groups opposing theseintrusions will embrace your help Mr. Trumka.So what is Mr. Trumka’s conclusion? That giving up
  10. 10. your freedom to direct your own life to big-mommygovernment is the utopian ideal. The key to his statementis the “freedom from fear”. This is a reference to inherentliberal paranoia. Liberals are terrified of almosteverything – evil monsters are hiding beneath every rock.This drives them to desire big-mommy government tocreate a safe utopia where all of the monsters are kept atbay. It is this submissive subjugation that is seen as“freedom” by Mr. Trumka and like-minded liberals. Sowhat is Mr. Trumka’s definition of the public’s “bestinterests”? That freedom equals voluntary slavery to thestate (and unions, of course).
  11. 11. • A presentation by deprogrammingliberalism.com• Deprogramming Liberalism Slideshow Series © 2013