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  1. 1. We are living in the age of the computers andInternet has opened up immense possibilities - particularly in the field of business communications. Internet or Email FaxServices are the latest innovations and it letsyou receive and send faxes to any part of the world where there is Email facility.convert pdf to jpg online
  2. 2. Internet fax, as the term denotes, uses the Internet to receive and send faxmessages Internet faxing facilitates sending of a document facsimile using theInternet, as opposed to the traditional faxing methods that uses phone networkin conjunction with a fax machine The prime advantages of using the Internetfor faxing include: No extra or dedicated telephone required No need toinvest in a fax machine
  3. 3. No need for spending on consumables No paper jam as it is a paperlesscommunication No messy inks and toners
  4. 4. No maintenance of a fax machine and anxiety about the fax machinebreaking down No indefinite waiting to establish connection and hencetime-saving Can send and receive multiple faxes simultaneously
  5. 5. Economy of operation Portability as it is possible to receive and send faxesfrom any part of the world that has Internet access Totally scalable and youcan avail the service in accordance with your faxing needs and not overpay butexpand later - if need be Simple to operate - all you have to do is to attach aTIF, PDF, or JPG file to an email and hit the 'send' button
  6. 6. The Internet fax facility will enable you to check and send faxes from yourown online login control panel and you can also save and store your faxesonline Internet Fax can mean tremendous cost savings especially forbusinesses that use the fax services frequently and for communicating withoverseas or distant offices All you need to do to avail this innovative faxsystem is to simply sign up with an Internet fax service provider and receivethe use of a toll free or local fax convert pdf to jpg online number
  7. 7. Most of the Internet fax service providers allow you to send faxes through aweb interface or your own email program Of course, the fact remains that youhave to select the right and reliable Internet fax service provider to suit yourspecific business communication needs There are many frontline fax serviceproviders like FaxZero, K7, Drop
  8. 8. io, eFax, Fax com, UFAX, RingCentral, NumbersUSA - to name a few Pricesand features vary from plan to plan and you should obviously decide whichfeatures are important to your business
  9. 9. If you receive a lot of faxes on a daily basis, choose a plan that includes themost inbound faxes If you need to add digital signatures to your documents,look for an Internet fax service that offers faxing software with thosecapabilities Finally, you should also consider if you need a toll-free number forreceiving faxes
  10. 10. Summing up, it must be stated that Email faxing is the technology of thepresent and the future and more and more business houses, regardless oftheir size and scale of operations, are today switching over to Internet faxingand this trend is not reversible Besides, this is also a welcome transformationas Internet fax service has a host of advantages over conventional faxing asoutlined above
  11. 11. convert pdf to jpg online