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  • 1. It is very common with the little girls to raidMom's closet, to pull their dresses and try their high heels just to appear like, their mom. They are sometime seen to imitate their mom's action. They enjoy playing dress up games and act accordingly, sometime like their mom or aunt or grandmother. These little girls are inclined to play with their dolls,dressing them and even talk to them as though they are living. And when these little girls surf net and discovers all that the internet has tooffer they just stumble upon the doll websites to quench their thirst of games
  • 2. There are several online games websites for the kids that includearrays of games with different concept and theme You will comeacross not only space ship battle games or race car games but alsoalmost any traditional game in its electronic form There are millionsof games available on the worldwide web just only a click away
  • 3. At any time you can access any kind of games by starting aninternet search for "online games " Among the several online gamesfor the kids dress up games are pure, wholesome fun with nonegative substances, and unending amounts of pleasure forcustomers These games are created especially for the girls but nodoubt it is also good for the other section of the society
  • 4. This Dress Up games particularly provides an opportunity to thechildren to come up with their creativity by designing the apparelsand dressing their own dolls applying their own imagination TheDress Up games sites provides bases, which resemble a traditional,undressed doll, and almost endless articles of clothing andaccessories for you to dress you doll
  • 5. Apart from dressing your doll, you can also design dolls, writestories and give personality to the dolls, and then share their workwith others There are sites that offer doll maker programs thatallows the girls to build personalized dolls or can play with dollsdesigned by experts
  • 6. car games These programs direct the players design outfits, dressthe dolls, and create lives and backgrounds for their creations thusmaking them "mini fashion designer " These dress up games notonly provides entertainment to the players but side by side it alsogives assurance to the parents that their sites are free from any kindnegative substances
  • 7. Parents are quite contented and relieved to find their daughterspending hours in front of the monitor playing dress-up games
  • 8. car games