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  1. 1. Indore is one of the most developed cities inthe MP state. It is a commercial and financial hub of MP. Properties in Indore have beenbooming since the last seven years. Indore is a hub to many commercial activities in the M.P state. It is a BJP stronghold area and BJP has allocated a large budget for its development. <imgsrc=" GcTWlbxE4d2gn0IzpiNz9K1SMz8h3YtUYag DM9rZni2dIqMyrQTw"
  2. 2. As the population of Indore is increasing day by day, there is a huge need ofresidential properties Real estate developers indore are cashing on thisopportunity and there are a lot of projects being started as a matter of fact Allthe latest apartment projects have been designed with the American style Oneof the examples of an apartment project which is under construction is SkyEarth
  3. 3. People from all over MP are investing a lot of money on properties in Indoreas everyone believes that it is the best option and Indore is going to bedeveloped a lot more in the next ten years Real estate developers indore havebecome very flexible with the payment terms with the potential buyers and aregiving them time of up to twelve months to pay the full payment There hasbeen a lot of development going on all over Indore Following are the areaswhere there is a lot of new development and projects being done and theseare best areas of Indore to invest in: Sakhet Vijay Nagar Palasia BypassThere are certain areas where prices of properties have jumped to at least sixtimes more like for example Manik Bagh Road, Sindhi Colony, Pulsi Ghar andTriveni Colony
  4. 4. One of the prime examples is of Triveni Colony In 2006, the rate was Rs1100 per sq ft In 6 years, the rate has boomed to upto Rs 7500 per sq ftIndore is basically divided into two parts, old indore and new indore
  5. 5. Old indore include areas like Rajwara, Manik Bagh Road andSindhi Colony where as new indore include areas like Sakhet, Vijay Nagar andPalasia New indore is also called mini Bombay Indore properties have beenon a peak and its said by many that its going to go even further
  6. 6. There has been a lot of investment by foreign companies here There is a lotof development being done in Indore like new roads, new malls, Indias biggestshopping center and Indias biggest education college is opening thereUnderground train metro station is being developed in Indore
  7. 7. All the major trains of MP go through Indore It has a big airport and has latelystarted International flights as well There are a lot of businesses beingoperated in Indore
  8. 8. Indore is the biggest exporter of soya beans to all over India It is an IT huband a lot of major IT companies are shifting their main business offices toIndore It is predicted by many that Indore is going to be as developed asBombay in the years to come
  9. 9. It has become an attraction for investors as a popular destination, who areinvesting a lot of money in properties here as they think that it will definitelydouble if not triple in the next few years Skye Luxuria is a well known andtop analyst on real estate and property value He is an expert in advicingpeople which place to invest in
  10. 10. He has a wide range of investors in many countries He is an expert inadvicing which to invest in and a wide range of contact with
  11. 11.