3 Months


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3 Months

  1. 1. Evolution of the Liamus Awesomecakeamus A rhapsody by Lord Liam “Awesomecake” Taylor
  2. 2. A Dark and Stormy Night in February Our story begins in early February. Liam was in the Guild of Jobs seeking the advice of the Great Oracle. The Oracle told Liam about Training Guild known as Apprentice Supermarket. And so the Great Oracle said unto the Liam “Quest thee to the thine Apprentice Supermarket, and be granted the 8 Courage Points thy seeks to slain the Legendary Beast.”
  3. 3. A Quest Anew And so Liam set off on his noble quest to the legendary training institution of Apprentice Supermarket. On his travels, he encountered many foes, including cars, dogs, buses and worst of all, generic population. After defeating foes mighty and meek, Liam made it to the fabled Guild.
  4. 4. An Unexpected Result Within the walls of Apprentice Supermarket, Liam came to find a very unexpected result from his travels. As it turns out, Apprentice Supermarket was giving out 47 Courage Points, and not the 8 he expected. In his first week of training, Liam already acquired more than 10 Courage Points. Far more than was needed to slay the Legendary Beast.
  5. 5. Development Despite having more than enough points to defeat the Legendary Beast, Liam sought more power. The stronger he became, the better his chances would be against the Beast. Liam agreed to remain in the Guild, and over time, slowly went from private training sessions, to public sessions with all the other warriors in the Guild.
  6. 6. The Armoury As time went on, Liam’s old leather tunic began to wear. With a grant given by the Guild, he went off with some fellow warriors to the Central Armoury in the town. Whilst there, he and his fellow countrymen purchased some of the finest armour in all the land.
  7. 7. A Decision Over the months, Liam became an integral part of Apprentice Supermarket. He had levelled up tenfold, and acquired many new skills. He made the decision that he would like to impart all the knowledge he had gained to any new warriors that walk though the Guild’s doors.
  8. 8. Experiences Liam had had many experiences over the months. From the simple-to-slay Great Henderson Hound to the terrifying Taylor and Roberts Army, Liam had faced enemies small and large. He even met the Adviser to the King, Sir Ellis.
  9. 9. The Future No one really knows what Liam will do next. He has two dreams now. He still wants to go out and face the Legendary Beast. But at the same time, he would like to stay at the Guild of Apprentice Supermarket to help train the young hopeful new warriors.