Stark Personal Growth Plan


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Stark Personal Growth Plan

  1. 1. Abbie’s Personal Growth Plan<br />If I were asked two weeks ago to write this personal growth plan, I am sure that my response would have been different. As you may know, I am taking CEP 811 right now as well, the three week version. If I wrote this prior to taking that class, I may have even been clueless as to what I should write about and built any argument I had around the fact that our world is changing and teachers who don’t better integrate technology into their classroom are doing a disservice as educators. Now, I have a better plan… Well, at least one that can be more specific!<br />Using technology in the classroom to make a difference is one of the options we have as educators being that not only are our students digital natives but also, we are competing with pop culture to teach our students. In our competition we see technology (i.e. cell phones, texting, instant messaging, emailing, blogging, and MySpace, etc.) as the enemy or the “other team”. We should change our view so that those players can play on our team to better our learners. We can’t teach the way we were taught or we will lose the game with our students. We must be more realistic with our pedagogy, we must find comfort in technology as technology immigrants, we must best prepare students for the real future! Pop culture is a thriving business built with educated people, who know how to compete and win at reaching their target audience. My main goal is to use technology in my classroom to win with my students. I hope to gain and maintain the attention of my students so that their minds can be filled with educationally relevant topics and not just socially relevant topics such as E’s “Best Week Ever.” The players that could be considered “enemies”, could be team players if we, as educators, used those tools more wisely, but first became more comfortable with the programs ourselves.<br />Through 810 and 811, since they are concurrent classes of mine, I hope to use technology more adequately. By no means would I have considered myself a technological virgin, but just a beginner maybe. Now I realize that although I knew how to use programs such as word, excel, PowerPoint, and the internet that I was barely scratching the surface with all of their applications. I hope to create and use a webquest, a stand-alone instructional resource through PowerPoint, and create an educationally based website for my students to ask and interact with each other as well as me. My own “Ms. Stark’s website” could be a classroom in disguise outside of the traditional classroom! I hope to feel comfortable assigning blogs to my students and interacting with them as necessary to model effective use of technology to learn as well as create a student centered learning atmosphere. My technology goal, is to make my students feel as though I am not the immigrant, but a baptized native to this changing world and culture that they run.<br />