The Hippie Sandwich


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This is the story of a sandwich my mother taught me how to make.

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The Hippie Sandwich

  1. 1. The Hippie SandwichBy: me
  2. 2. Origins of the Hippie Sandwich• When my mom was a lot younger, like before shewas a mom, she had a friend who was a totalmega-hippie• This friend and her boyfriend lived in a van andfollowed the Grateful Dead around on their tours• But they were too poor to buy tickets so they justparked the van outside the venue or whateverand partied with the other poor hippies
  3. 3. Once, my mom met up with them atone of the shows
  4. 4. And then this happened
  5. 5. ...munch munch munch...
  6. 6. This’’s...
  7. 7. King of sandwiches• The sandwich was so heavenly.• Like what angels eat when they’re playingharps and flying and stuff• Sweet lord it was amazing• A god among sandwiches
  8. 8. Yep• And my mom went on to have me and tell methis story• So ima tell you guys how to make the hippiesandwich mkay
  9. 9. The Hippie Sandwich• Ingredients:• Mutherfukkin’ bread (preferably hippie-flippie organic grain bread)• Mutherfukkin’ peanut butter• Mutherfukkin’ honey• Mutherfukkin raisins (preferably multi-color)• A mutherfukkin banana
  10. 10. How to do the thing• Put some peanut butter on one piece of bread• Slice the banana and put the slices on thepeanut-buttered bread• Put some honey on the other bread• Sprinkle raisins on the honeyed bread• Put those fuckers together• Eat it
  11. 11. Hippie Awesomeness• The reason the sandwich is so good is that it’sgot a fuckton of nutrients• It’s almost like taking vitamin steroids• Let’s talk about this for a second
  12. 12. stats• One banana = 422mg of potassium• Peanut butter= 4 grams per tablespoon ofprotein• Raisins = have vitamins K, C, E, and B• Honey = has vitamins B1, B2, C, B6, B5, B3• So basically this is a fucktastically healthysandwich
  13. 13. The moral of this powerpoint• Make the sandwich. Just do it.• Go on. Make the Hippie Sandwich.• I’m telling you, do it now!
  14. 14. Obligatory work-cited page••• I’d like to thank mom for bringing the HippieSandwich into my life and eventually into yourlife so yeah have fun
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