Samuli Pesu - Social Media Recruitment in Russia 19.6.2013


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Samuli Pesu - Social Media Recruitment in Russia 19.6.2013

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA RECRUITMENTSTRATEGYSamuli PesuSocial Media Strategist and PartnerAwara Direct Search / Awara Group19.6.2013Social Media Recruitment Seminar in Moscow
  2. 2. Today we will talk about• The real potential of social media recruitmentin Russia• Develop your social recruitment strategy• Experience the practical side – socialrecruitment case studies
  3. 3. Social Recruitment – What is it?
  4. 4. “Social recruiting refers to the use ofsocial networks to create and maintainrelationships with prospectivecandidates”
  5. 5. The Real Potential of Social MediaRecruitment in Russia – Why to do it?
  6. 6. More than half of all Russians nowuse the Internet at least once a weekSource: Forbes 18.5.2013. Available at
  7. 7. More than90% of theonlineaudience usesocialnetworks
  8. 8. Source: New Media Trend Watch 31.5.2013. Available at
  9. 9. Source: Alexa 15.6.2013. Available at
  10. 10. Source: comScore Data Mine 7.6.2013. Available at
  11. 11. Source: comScore Data Mine 7.6.2013. Available at
  12. 12. In 2013, there are 60 million Russiansusing social networksSource: Statista 2013 Available at
  13. 13. Source: Antal 13.3.2013 Available at
  14. 14. Source: Antal 13.3.2013 Available at
  15. 15. Social recruiting vs. job boards• Two-way interaction• Allow recruiters to haveup-to-date information oncandidates on a click• Attract candidates• Emphasizes on “social”• Transparent• Updated frequently• Builds and maintainscompany brand• Social networks haveactive and passive jobseekers• In general higher quality• Extremely large number ofcandidates• One-way interaction• Limited information basedon resume• Create barriers• Excessive ads• Anonymity• Updated infrequently• Lack of information aboutthe organization• Job boards have onlyactive job seekers• In general lower quality• Limited number ofcandidates
  16. 16. Why use social media as part of yourrecruiting strategy• Helps build your employment brand• Allows you to engage applicants that wouldotherwise be unavailable• Potential cost savings vs. traditionalrecruitment media• Quality of hire vs. quantity of applicants• Use of social media on the rise• People are searching for new jobs in socialmedia networks
  17. 17. Source: Mark Burgess / Blue Focus Marketing
  18. 18. Social media uses in recruitment• Promote your brand• Publish jobs (free and paid)• Advertise jobs (paid)• Referrals• Research candidates• Direct sourcing• Corporate reputation management
  19. 19. Develop Your Social RecruitmentStrategy – How to do it?
  20. 20. Part I – Creating Recruitment Brandfor Your Company
  21. 21. Define your goals and objectives• Define your goals (what do you want toachieve).• Goals must be measurable.• It is impossible to measure success if peopleresponsible do not know what their objectivesare before they start a social mediarecruitment initiative.• If you don’t know where you’re going, you’llprobably end up somewhere else.
  22. 22. Source: Mark Burgess / Blue Focus Marketing
  23. 23. Source: Mark Burgess / Blue Focus Marketing
  24. 24. Social media recruitment strategy blueprintSource: Mark Burgess / Blue Focus Marketing
  25. 25. Target audience insights• Identify your target audience. Who are youtargeting with social media?• Analyze where your target audience can bereached / spends time online:– Find out what social networking sites they preferto use– Types of communities - Need to understand whattypes of communities your users use– Special Interests - Need to understand theirspecial interests– Understand their attitudes about job search
  26. 26. Assign roles• Build an organizational structure to managesocial media initiatives.• Assign roles & responsibilities among all keystakeholders on the social media recruitmentteam.• These people liaison between the community& brand as well as respond to the community.
  27. 27. Determine social media channels toengage• Determine the social media channels based onyour audience and hiring needs.• Use internal surveys & focus groups, industryreports, quantitative and qualitative data,social media tools, etc.
  28. 28. Create content strategy• It is key to create & deliver content in all the rightformats and place mapped to your targetaudience’s information needs• Important to interact with the community• Keep pages up-to-date and fresh• Provide interesting, “real” updated and posts indifferent formats (video, text, pictures etc.)• Share open jobs / positions• Fill your community with 80% thoughtfulconversation and 20% company focused content• Encourage user engagement
  29. 29. Social media channel execution• Launch the social media channels that best fityour goals• Create a branded company pages• Build your community– Start by inviting employees to your network– Invite applicants from database– Encourage new visitors to your site to join
  30. 30. Establish metrics & measure results• Number of “friends”, “followers” etc.• Number of applicants per source• Number of hires per source• Number of comments, sharing, downloads• Google Analytics (– Free service– Easy to embed to your site– Allows you to monitor traffic to and in the website
  31. 31. Driving traffic via social networks toyour career pageSource: Samuli Pesu 15.6.2013
  32. 32. Or collect applications directly insocial networksPossible to collect and manage applications:• Linkedin• Facebook• Professionali.ruNot possible in (to be used to drive traffic to the career pageand engagement):• Twitter• Vkontakte• Odnoklassniki• Moij Mir• E-xecutive
  33. 33. Awara Direct Search61% of the referral traffic camevia social networks41% of the total traffic camevia social networksSource: Samuli Pesu 15.6.2013
  34. 34. Critical success factors• Provide unique value to target audiences• Put audiences (not brands) first in allcommunications and programs• Differentiate from competitors’ program• Focus on programs of depth – not breadth acrosstoo many platforms and tools• Don’t expect immediate results!– A few hours to set up– Seconds to make a post– Longer to build relationships – be patient!
  35. 35. Part II – Direct Search
  36. 36. Set up effective profile• Highlights the best qualities of you as arecruiter and your business brand that willhelp you to attract and retain top talent• Each social network uses different elements ofinformation that you supply in your socialprofile• General profile versus using personal profiles
  37. 37. Set up effective profile• Build a complete profile by filling out all of theinformation on your professional account.• Optimize every field, providing links that directcandidates back to your blogs and corporatesite in social networks.• Be sure to use good keywords in your job titlesfor current and previous positions. This willhelp strengthen your brand’s visibility insearch engines.
  38. 38. Expand your network• Start by finding your friends, colleagues andcontacts on various social networks• Connect when meeting new contacts• Be active in contributing (creating, sharing andtaking part in discussions) relevant andinteresting content to grow your network
  39. 39. Post your open jobs on socialnetworks• Post your open jobs on social networks. Yourconnections will see your job postings in theirnewsfeeds. Add a personalized message to thelisting like “Great opportunity! Know anyonethat might be a good fit?”• Groups / communities
  40. 40. Search candidates using searchfeature• Search for candidates using people searchfeature. You can filter your results by usingvarious criteria depending on social network.• Identify influencers in various topics / groupsand ask for recommendations.
  41. 41. Professional Social Networks
  42. 42. LinkedinSource: Samuli Pesu 15.6.2013
  43. 43. LinkedinSource: Samuli Pesu 15.6.2013
  44. 44. Professionali.ruSource: Samuli Pesu 15.6.2013
  45. 45. Professionali.ruSource: Samuli Pesu 15.6.2013
  46. 46. E-xecutiveSource: Samuli Pesu 15.6.2013
  47. 47. Moij KrugSource: Samuli Pesu 15.6.2013
  48. 48. General Social Networks
  49. 49. VkontakteSource: Samuli Pesu 15.6.2013
  50. 50. OdnoklassnikiSource: Samuli Pesu 15.6.2013
  51. 51. MoiMir@ Mail.ruSource: Samuli Pesu 15.6.2013
  52. 52. FacebookSource: Samuli Pesu 15.6.2013
  53. 53. TwitterSource: Samuli Pesu 15.6.2013
  54. 54. Experience the Practical Side – SocialRecruitment Case Studies
  55. 55. Deloitte, Netherlands• Deloitte in the Netherlands± 4,600 employees• Hiring Target: 1,000 (2010/2011)• Traffic to career site Nov 09 to Nov 10• From Job Sites = 9971• From Social Media and Blogs = 33266• Traffic via Social Media than Job Boards =+234%
  56. 56. G4S• Second largest private employer in the world• Over 620,000 employees• Annual voluntary turnover rate of 27%requiring large resourcing capability• Activated external Social Media channels;Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn• The first 36 hours saw over 22,000 candidatesregister with 400 applications being made
  57. 57. Ernst & Young• Worldwide over 144,000 staff• 2007 launched Facebook initiative allowingcandidates to contact them directly and askpublic questions to the recruiting team andmeet experienced and young interns• Ernst & Young Facebook page has 34,000+candidates (this was back in 2009)• Business week named them one of the bestplaces to launch a career in 2009
  58. 58. Awara Direct Search• We source 90% of our candidates from socialmedia networks• Awara Direct Search has the second mostfollowed Linkedin page in Eastern Europeconsidering recruitment and HR industry• We have nearly doubled the traffic to our websitesince adopting social media networks as the keypart of sourcing candidates• We have shorten our process for placingcandidates to our customers to average of 3weeks
  59. 59. Thank You! Feel Free to Contact Me!Samuli PesuSocial Media Strategist and PartnerAwara Direct Search / Awara GroupE-mail: samuli.pesu@awaragroup.comMobile: +7 926 710 4361Office: +7 495 225 3038www.awaragroup.comwww.awara-search.comwww.awaraeduhouse.comYou can also find me in:Linkedin: