Lawyernomics2013 - Mobile Marketing Best Practices
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Lawyernomics2013 - Mobile Marketing Best Practices



With Avvo Vice President of Product, Sachin Bhatia

With Avvo Vice President of Product, Sachin Bhatia



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Lawyernomics2013 - Mobile Marketing Best Practices Lawyernomics2013 - Mobile Marketing Best Practices Presentation Transcript

  • Practical Guide toMobile MarketingSachin
  • Why mobile matters
  • “From board meeting to boardmeeting, we are seeing a similarpattern. Web is flattish. But mobile isgrowing like a weed.”- Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures
  • 0%10%20%30%40%Jan 2010 Jan 2011 Jan 2012 Jan 2013Rise of Mobile at Avvo31% of our traffic
  • Source:
  • Desktopoffice after dinnerSource: couch timebreakfast commuteMobile
  • 94% of smartphone users havesearched for local info70% called a business after searching90% of these users acted within 24hours
  • Search Task CompletionSource: hour1 week
  • Get yourself ready for ...Clients searching for services on allkinds of devicesClients looking to find your services atall parts of the dayClients looking to convert quickly
  • 7 Things
  • ❶Always measure
  • Start Here
  • Kinda interesting...
  • Next level
  • CompareConversion PageMetric that matters
  • And, a bit of mathConversions / Users = Conversion %
  • What about calls?
  • What about conversion?
  • Analytics AuditAre you capturing mobile traffic?What keywords are coming in frommobile (versus desktop)?Are you converting mobile traffic tocalls?Are you converting calls into clients?
  • ❷Tell an effective andefficient story
  • “... devices of all shapes, sizes, andcapabilities are flooding the market,and users expect to get your contenton all of them”- Sara Wachter-Boettcher, Content Everywhere
  • But...BigSmall
  • 160 characters!Smaller still...
  • 160 characters!Smaller still...
  • Even smaller ...100 characters!
  • Homework!Capture your firm’s unique value propin a tweet (140 characters)Would it be worth clicking to find outmore?Would it be worth re-tweeting?
  • ❸Optimize your sitefor mobile
  • “61% of customers whovisit a mobile unfriendlysite will likely go to acompetitors site”- Karim TemsamaniSource: Karim Temsamani at IABALM 2012 via IAB
  • FocusWhat are the key data & actions?1. A reason to call2. A button to call3. A button to get directions
  • Site AuditDoes it render correctly?Is it loading fast?Is it usable?Is your phone number clickable?Is your address clickable?
  • ❹Implement a localsearch strategy
  • “Over the past two years alone,mobile search traffic has increasedfive-fold”- Google (via Google Analytics Blog)
  • Local IntentMobileDesktop1 hour20%50%
  • Claim Your Listings
  • Claim Your Listings
  • Search AuditDo you have a list of targetkeywords?Are your local listings accurate andNAP consistent?Have you claimed your Google+listing?
  • ❺Fix your phone callintake process
  • Hard
  • Easy
  • Source:
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • ❻Put a mobile lens onyour advertising
  • callcall directions
  • filterGoogle Keyword Tool:
  • Advertising AuditAre you advertising on sites with amobile experience?Are you generating phone calls fromthose ads?Do you have the right keywordtargets for mobile search?
  • ❼Better serve yourclients using mobile
  • It’s time toget your client dataout of here
  • Cloud Enables1.Easier access to client data for remoteworkAccess clientinformation remotely
  • Better Communication
  • Client Portals
  • Client Portals
  • Client Experience AuditDo you (and your staff) have access to keyclient data from all of your devices at all times?Do you get a notification when a voicemail oremail message is left for you?How quick do you respond to existing clientcalls?How often do clients have to repeat themselvesto members of your firm?
  • 7 Things1. Always measure2. Tell an effective and efficient story3. Optimize your site for mobile4. Implement a local search strategy5. Embrace the phone call6. Put a mobile lens on advertising7. Use mobile to better serve clients
  • Questions?
  • Interested in the future?Join our Lawyer Advisory BoardEmail: cristin@avvo.comTwitter: @cristin_carey