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Avvo Webinar: Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Attorneys
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Avvo Webinar: Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Attorneys


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Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1. Pay-Per-Click AdvertisingKeys to Pay-Per-Click Success for Lawyers August 16, 2012
  • 2. Quick Intro • Mark Kelly • Chair 10 Marketing, Inc. • Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Optimization • 7 Year-Old Agency
  • 3. Pay-Per-Click Basics
  • 4. Pay-Per-Click Basics
  • 5. PPC & Legal – Not Easy • Why? – High Average Cost Per Click
  • 6. Sample Average CPCs Across Industries Search Phrase Average Search Phrase Average CPC CPC lawyer $11.05 financial planner $10.47 personal injury lawyer $54.17 retirement planner $11.93 divorce lawyer $12.08 car insurance $37.99 criminal lawyer $27.07 life insurance $16.81 immigration lawyer $6.09 home insurance $10.36 bankruptcy lawyer $18.59 online degree $29.43 dentist $4.59 lasik surgery $12.07 cosmetic dentist $9.41 plastic surgeon $5.54 chiropractor $5.04 infertility doctor $5.29 house painters $6.32 accountant $4.78 mover $8.33 plumber $9.25 hardwood flooring $3.51
  • 7. Legal PPC Key Success Factors
  • 8. #1: Set Up Lead Tracking• Online Form Lead Tracking in Google Adwords
  • 9. #1: Set Up Lead Tracking• Call Lead Tracking
  • 10. #2: Turn Google Display Network Off Initially• Example of what NOT to let happen …
  • 11. #3: High Enough PPC Ad Click Budget• Example of not having a high enough daily budget• Example: If you are paying $15 per click on average, a $30 daily budget will do you no good
  • 12. #4: Choose Keywords Wisely• Example: – You are an immigration lawyer in Denver, CO – What keyword search phrases should you advertise against?
  • 13. #4: Choose Keywords Wisely• Very little chance of generating a lead from a general search like „lawyer‟• Leave these phrases to the lead generators
  • 14. #4: Choose Keywords Wisely• Much higher chance of generating a lead from a specific search like „immigration lawyer‟
  • 15. #5: Set Geo-Targeting Wisely• Real example of company trying to sell a book (written in English)• Strong indications of click fraud in the data below
  • 16. #5: Set Geo-Targeting Wisely• Target by City or Metro area
  • 17. #5: Set Geo-Targeting Wisely• Target a radius around a map point
  • 18. #5: Set Geo-Targeting Wisely• NEW - Target Zip Codes (not working well in our testing though)• NEW – Congressional Districts• Don‟t “set it and forget it” – frequently test different geo-targeting
  • 19. How To Select A Pay-Per-Click Firm• Phone Meeting/Interview• Evaluate the Plan They Present for Your Practice – Do they provide you with cost estimates and expectations regarding lead flow?• Performance Tracking – Do they use call tracking? – Do they use form tracking? – Real-time lead notifications? – How often do they send you reports?• Get and Check References• Pricing – Is it transparent and straightforward? – Avoid long-term contract requirements – Avoid “percentage of spend” fee structures
  • 20. #6: Set Your Keyword Bids High Enough• PPC ad positions 1 2• Higher on page = 3 more clicks 4 4 5 6 7 8
  • 21. #6: Set Your Keyword Bids High Enough• Example of bids set too low
  • 22. #7 and #8: PPC Ad Text and Landing Pages• PPC ad text needs to follow best practices and attract the right kind of ad clicks – Google‟s Ad Text Creation Guidelines: •• Text ads and landing pages need to be consistent in their story/emphasis – If you promote a free consultation in your ad text, feature it on the landing page• Landing pages need to follow best practices for driving leads• Let‟s examine the search for a divorce lawyer in Denver, CO …
  • 23. #7 and #8: PPC Ad Text and Landing Pages• Keys to good PPC ad text – Keep it simple and descriptive – people are looking for answers not cute taglines – Get the most important keyword(s) in the ad headline – Capitalize the words in your text ads – makes them stand out more Denver Divorce Lawyer 20+ Years Experience, Top-Rated Free Initial Consultation - Call Today – Highlight what makes your firm unique – why should I click your ad? – Tell your clients what they can do when they get to your site (Call To Action) • Free Consultation, Call Us Now, Inquire Confidentially, Get Advice Now, etc. – Test at least 3 ads at a time per ad group
  • 24. • Where is an ad with „Denver Divorce Lawyer‟ in headline?• Ads with some unique selling point are in red• Ads that give a Call To Action are in green
  • 25. #7 and #8: PPC Ad Text and Landing Pages• PPC Landing Page Best Practices – Home pages rarely make good PPC landing pages – Page headline matches what was searched for – Call-to-action (phone number, free consultation, etc.) is above the fold of the page on typical “laptop screen” resolution • Guide people to take the action you want them to take – Why should they call you/contact you? • Bullet points proving your unique points • Personalize the page – tell about your firm, people, approach, beliefs, accomplishments – 3rd party confirmation • Client testimonials, industry certifications, ratings – you need to establish trust
  • 26.• No clear headline that says „Denver Divorce Lawyer‟• Phone number is above-the-fold, but not in prominent location• No online contact form option• Why they are unique does not stand out• No 3rd party confirmation• Pictures of their attorneys personalize the landing page• Website has a professional look and feel
  • 27.• No clear headline that says „Denver Divorce Lawyer‟ – hardly says Denver at all• Coupons for a divorce attorney?• Big “No Image” placeholder• Clicking Visit Website goes to “Site Under Construction” message• Why they are unique does not stand out at all• No 3rd party confirmation• Establishes no connection or trust – totally impersonal• Phone number is above-the-fold and does stand out
  • 28.• Clear headline matches cosmetic dentistry ad for Redmond• Request appointment form prominent• Phone number prominent & paired with a special offer• Quotes from happy patients• Tells why Dr. Files is unique• Could be more personalized with pictures of dentist or staff
  • 29.• Clear headline matches flooring franchise opportunity ad• Request appointment form prominent• Phone number prominent• Third party confirmation from Fox, Wall Street Journal, etc.• Tells why this opportunity deserves attention and action
  • 30. Mark Kelly, (206) 529-4310 x101 @chair10 @mkelly7777
  • 31. Appendix
  • 32. Bonus Tip #9: Implement Local PPC Extensions• Local PPC Extensions - these are not hard to set up• They make you stand out as a local firm
  • 33. Average CPCs Across Industries From:
  • 34. #4: Choose Keywords & Match Types Wisely• Use Broad Match + Negative Keywords to exclude searches that are too general – In our example, enter „lawyer‟ as a negative exact match phrase – More on Negative Keywords: •• Or, use Phrase Match to avoid searches that are too general – In our example, enter “immigration lawyer” as the phrase you want to advertise against – More on Phrase Match: •