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2013 avvo the power of follow up marketing ben glass march 2013
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2013 avvo the power of follow up marketing ben glass march 2013


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  • 1. The Power of Follow-Up Marketing A Blue Print for What Can Happen After You’ve Got Their Attention in Order toConvince Your Perfect Client that You are the“Wise Man at the Top of the Mountain” and Get Them to Come to You Pre-Sold
  • 2. Debunk This Myth:I Need to Rush Right Out and Sign Them Up Immediately or Else!
  • 3. Who Is Ben Glass andWhy Should You Listen to Him?
  • 4. Stay to the End for 3 Free Gifts from Ben (and a bunch of resources to go look at after the webinar is over)
  • 5. ••
  • 6.
  • 7. Not For Today:• How to Attract Your Perfect Client and Get Them to Notice You in the First Place• SEO, Print, Radio, TV, Referrals• Standing Out in a Very Crowded Market
  • 8. Facts:• Most Consumers are Not Ready to Make a Buying Decision about Anything the First Time They Think about It• In Most Markets, a Consumer Starts with Either a “Want” or a “Need” that they seek to satisfy• In the Legal Industry, This is Usually a “Need” (and not a happy need, at that)• Most Consumers are not Qualified to Determine who the Best Lawyer for Their Case is• In the Personal Injury World, our Best Cases “Percolate” for 3-12 Months after They First Notice Us
  • 9. The Key to Landing thatClient who has Noticed You is to Build Trust
  • 10. Trust Building for Lawyers• Make it easy for them to get their questions answered right now• Provide proof that you are respected in the community• Teach them how to hire an attorney
  • 11. Trust Building for Lawyers• • 1000s of pages of information• • 100s of informational videos• • Our Avvo reviews and endorsements• • Our most downloaded book
  • 12. Trust Building for Lawyers
  • 13. Here is the Hard Part We consider ourselves publishers• Multiple Books• CDs• DVDs• Free Reports• Massive amounts of video
  • 14. The Moving Parade of Interest David Ogilvy You can watch a short video on this at
  • 15. The Sequence at BenGlassLaw• Phone call • No appointments made the first call (we don’t know if their case qualifies for our office or not)• We need to discover where they are in the process after their accident• A promise is made that their case will be discussed with Mr. Glass and a decision made as to whether we are the best attorney for them
  • 16. The Sequence at BenGlassLaw• Web form – they are asking for a free report or book for us – low threshold for the lead• We need to discover where they are in the process after their accident (but the web form tells us!)• Gentle follow up after they have made the request
  • 17. The Moving Parade of Interest Books and Reports They can Request• Five Deadly Sins That Can Wreck Your Injury Claim• How to Settle Your Own Case Without an Attorney• The Truth About Lawyer Advertising (How to Shop for a Lawyer)• How to Fire Your Lawyer
  • 18. What is the Follow Up?Depends in Part on whether They’ve Actually had an Accident in Virginia• Series of 4 emails if all we know is first name, email address • Offers hard copies of our books if they’ll trade us more of their info and convince us they’ve had an accident in Virginia• For qualified leads (they’ve told us they’ve actually had an accident in Virginia in the last 18 months) • Shock and Awe Package (first in series of 3 actual snail mail events) • Hard copy of the book they requested, depending on where they are on parade of interest • Seeded into newsletter and postcard campaign (18 mailings per year) • Different email sequence
  • 19. The Key to Effective Follow-Up Marketing • Their interests come first – answer the questions • Don’t seem desperate—do you chase clients or do they chase you? • Keep it interesting— • the mailings are not boring lawyer-like mailings • Mixture of HTML and “plain, old boring” emails that look personal • Huge use of our video library—”I thought you might be interested in this” • Be patient
  • 20. Newsletter Keys• Mailed monthly• No more than 40% legal content• Include your personality• Be controversial• Make someone a celebrity• Include you favorite family recipe• Include an offer for one of your books• Track with unique phone numbers (
  • 21. Bonuses for Attending Today’s Webinar• BenGlassLaw Follow-Up Marketing Poster (this is what we follow in our office)• CD recording—The Challenges We Face in Marketing Our Solo and Small Firms and How You Should be Thinking about Marketing in 2013• Free Sample of the Great Legal Marketing Journal