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2013 03-25-practical-guide-to-mobile-marketing
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2013 03-25-practical-guide-to-mobile-marketing


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  • Hello & Welcome My goals of this talk: - Convince you why mobile is important - Give you a few actions to take today to maximize your mobile marketing
  • I’ll start with a definition. The way I’m going to define mobile is perhaps more strict than you’ve heard in the past. I’m not going to talk about old phones and SMS, but rather focus on the industry shift caused by 4 classes of devices...
  • the iPhone... for this purpose the oldest of the devices at 5 years old.
  • Android phones - It’s an ecosystem of phones that were spawned by Google. Currently, the most marketed phone is Samsung Galaxy III -- but, that changes every day.
  • The iPad. This is generally the class of devices that have ushered in the whole “post-PC” talk you may have heard about
  • And, finally, the latest and greatest tablet that Google introduced a couple of weeks ago. The Nexus 7. Think of this as a smaller iPad with a wickedly low price. It’s getting great reviews from NYT and WSJ and I think it’s going to usher in a new form factor for tablets. This list isn’t exhaustive. Microsoft Surface, Windows Phone, Blackberry -- these are all included. But, the key thing is that these are real computing devices that change how consumers use the web. And, thus changes how we market online. And, when you think about it...
  • ... this talk isn’t really about mobility -- “on the go”. It’s about truly personal computers that are the size of a phone or tablet. They can go on the road and make calls... But...
  • They are replacing our usage in our homes. I saw a great study that showed usage for a service called “ReadItLater” -- offline reading of artciles --
  • The standard desktop computer has two peaks... - Office - After dinner
  • Compare this to mobile 4 peaks: - breakfast - Commuter to work - Commuter back home - THen... the couch time When you layer the two on, you end up with a potential client that is always connected to the web. But, you can also sense usage is starting to shift towards the mobile devices. So, behaviour shift 1 -- the “always on” consumer. The second behavior shift is even more interesting, in my opinion.
  • According to Bing, it takes the average consumer 7 days to complete a transaction on a desktop site...
  • But, on mobile... it’s 1 hour. So, behavior #2 -- mobile is much quicker As marketers you need to ask:
  • Keep that in mind when you think through some of the practical applications we talk about in a few minutes. The consumer expectations are changing and we’ll need to change with it... But, first... I want to convince you that ...
  • .... mobile matters ... Quickly....
  • - This is share of internet traffic. - We may be at 50% market penetration by end of 2013 This is big
  • I love this quote because it tells you, from my world, how it’s changing the landscape of technology products and services.
  • First, mobile websites...
  • The why..... But, what’s friendly?
  • Usually, it starts with focus. 1 question... I’d argue that for a majority of you, it comes down to 3 elements. ....
  • ... In fact, this is what Google believes (check out the 3 big buttons under Linda Callahan’s local listing .... And... we do too....
  • Data: Avvo Rating, Client Rating, Miscondunct Info Actions; Phone call, email, get directions.... This really goes down to the KISS principle.
  • If you want to see a great example of responsive in action, check out the Boston Globe dot com. Try it on your iPhone, your iPad, your desktop and not the difference. It’s all one site, but it works great on everything.
  • SO, if you’re buying a site, just make sure it has this “technical” checklist. )List( ... Now, you have a website... how do you make sure it’s easy for your prospective clients to actually use? ...
  • ... And, this just cements it home... And, the SEO is different...
  • Phone number verification
  • Postcard verification.
  • This is the easy experience....
  • Usability-wise.. .filling out forms is really hard. You want me to tell you my story? And fill out squiggly letters? Tell you my goals? Tell you how I heard about you? Really??? All of this is required. I’d rather pick up the phone... but, likley, in this case, they’d go to the next lawyer in their list.
  • But, it means you need to be ready for the call.... If you havent’ already, it might be time to start looking for a virtual assistant for the times you’re in court, on vacation, at your kid’s soccer game, etc. If you go the phone route -- the easy experince -- and you know clients want to convert quickly... make sure you pick up the phone!
  • This is another big change...
  • Same guy from before. Fred Wilson -- this is from the prespective of publishers... Display ads are graphical ads. They take a long time to load. Screens are too small to load them. And, I’ll tell you the same thing..
  • Sponsored Listings do work... There just isnt’ room to do display ads
  • If you buy ads on search engines, know that you can filter out keywords and target mobile traffic seperately. Optimize these ads for conversion.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Practical Guide to Mobile Marketing For Lawyers Sachin Bhatia @sachbhat
    • 2. What is “mobile”?
    • 3. iPhone
    • 4. Android
    • 5. iPad
    • 6. Android Tablet
    • 7. Image Attribution:
    • 8. 86% use mobile while watching TVSource:
    • 9. Desktop Computer office after dinner Source:
    • 10. Mobile Devices breakfast commute commute couch time Source:
    • 11. Desktop Conversion Source:
    • 12. Mobile Conversion Source:
    • 13. Need to Prepare• Clients looking to find my services at all parts of the day• Client looking to convert into paying clients quickly
    • 14. Why mobile matters
    • 15. Source:
    • 16. “From board meeting to board meeting, weare seeing a similar pattern. Web is flattish. But mobile is growing like a weed.” - Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures
    • 17. 5 Things to Do1.Optimize your site for mobile2.Implement a local search strategy3.Embrace the phone call4.Try out mobile advertising5.Check your analytics
    • 18. Mobile Website
    • 19. “61% of customers who visit a mobile unfriendly site will likely go to a competitors site” - Karim Temsamani Source: Karim Temsamani at IABALM 2012 via IAB
    • 20. FocusWhat are the key data & actions? 1. A reason to call 2. A button to call3. A button to get Directions
    • 21. DIY Site AuditIs your phone number clickable?Is your address clickable?Is it loading fast?Does it render correctly?Is it trying to use Adobe Flash?Is it usable?
    • 22. Buying a New Website? Is it responsive? Is it using HTML5? Is it using CSS3? Is it using Javascript (not Flash)?
    • 23. Local Search
    • 24. “Over the past two years alone, mobilesearch traffic has increased five-fold” - Google (via Google Analytics Blog)
    • 25. Local Intent - Desktop
    • 26. Local Intent - Mobile
    • 27. Master Local Search1.Claim your Listings2.Consistency3.Reviews4.Photos5.Links
    • 28. Claim Your Listings
    • 29. Claim Your Listings
    • 30. Claim Your Listings
    • 31. Consistency1.Name2.Address3.Phone Number
    • 32. Consistency
    • 33. ReviewsThis goes beyond just rankings.Looking at mobile listings, it’s simplyimpossible for clients to avoid findingyour reviews. It’s the most prominent featureof any mobile listing.
    • 34. PhotosAgain, this goes beyond just rankings.Looking at mobile listings, great picturesmake more clickable targets. Humanizeyour listings to stand out.
    • 35. Links + CitationsThis is absolutely about rankings.High quality local websites that point atyour site by name create authority. Linksare great, but you also get benefits fromcitations or mentions.
    • 36. DIY Search AuditDo you have a list of target keywords?Are your local listings accurate andconsistent?Do you have accurate address informationon your site?Are you tracking progress?
    • 37. Embrace the Call
    • 38. easy
    • 39. hard
    • 40. Virtual Receptionist
    • 41. Mobile Advertising
    • 42. “Approaches like display advertisingdon’t work as well on mobile as they do on the web.” - Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures - Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures - Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures
    • 43. callcall directions
    • 44. filter
    • 45. Mobile Analytics
    • 46. One QuestionAre my mobile visitors converting as well as my desktop visitors?
    • 47. Summary: 5 Things1.Optimize your site for mobile2.Implement a local search strategy3.Embrace the phone call4.Try out mobile advertising5.Check your analytics
    • 48. Questions? @sachbhatRecording and slides will be made available latertoday at: