Twitter & Hotels: The how, the why and what explained


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Twitter has just launched their new Follow button last week, creating more connectivity and incentive for users to follow you on Twitter. Don’t miss out on the benefits, give your property a voice, share your expertise, news and the best bits about your location to a global audience on Twitter.

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  • Twitter is a great medium for quick, direct communication. With theincrease in smart phone use, consumers increasingly access the Internet onthe go and post on Twitter via mobile device.
  • Twitter & Hotels: The how, the why and what explained

    1. 1. The How, The Why and What you can Expect from Participation Presented by: Cara Callaghan – Online Training Manager Michelle Conaghan – Business Development Manager@avvioinc
    2. 2. Twitter Usage In Ireland: • 84.2% of all Internet users used social networks in Dec 2010. Up 8.1% on Dec 2009 (Comscore) • Average person is online 18 hrs & 7 mins per month (Comscore) • Apr 2011 245,000 people over the age of 15 had a Twitter account. That’s 7% of the total population. (Ipsos MRBI) In UK: • 5.5% of Twitter users come from UK & they generate 4.8% of the page views on Twitter • 10th most popular website • Comscore says that in the UK, 12.9% of the Internet population uses Twitter@avvioinc
    3. 3. Twitter Benefits of Twitter 1. Build your brand. 2. Generates leads. 3. Market research & rapid response. 4. Get breaking news. 5. Generate interest/buzz ahead of a launch/event etc. 6. Reputation monitoring & management. 7. Beneficial to SEO. 8. Networking.@avvioinc
    4. 4. Twitter Target Audience – think of these 4 categories: 1. Current Customers 2. Prospects 3. Bloggers/Journalists/Industry Influencers 4. Non-Users@avvioinc
    5. 5. Twitter Things to Do: 1. Start Tweeting 2. Get Followers – Follow relevant Twitter accounts – you can follow local newspapers to get news feeds, follow people & businesses to connect with them. – You will need to build up 10+ tweets ideally before people may want to follow you. – If your tweets are worthwhile a lot of people you follow will follow you back. 3. Use Hash Tags (this helps you to target your tweet) 4. Use key phrases (think search phrases your customer might use)@avvioinc
    6. 6. How to make an impact on Twitter 1. Start Tweeting@avvioinc
    7. 7. How to make an impact on Twitter 2. Follow Relevant Users@avvioinc
    8. 8. How to make an impact on Twitter 3. Interact with other Twitter Users@avvioinc
    9. 9. How to make an impact on Twitter 4. Generate Awareness of your Page – To increase awareness of your page, include buttons to your profile on your website, email signature, include in email marketing and other marketing materials. 5. Brand & Keyword Monitoring@avvioinc
    10. 10. How to make an impact on Twitter 6. Customize your Page. 7. Fresh Content that is Relevant and Engaging is Key.@avvioinc
    11. 11. How to make an impact on Twitter 8. Retweeting (hover over a tweet)@avvioinc
    12. 12. How to make an impact on Twitter 9. Scheduling  Use management tool to schedule Tweets  Examples of tools available; Hootsuite, Seesmic, Tweetdeck  Manage multiple social media networks inc. Facebook  Monitor keywords, followers, list etc  Statistics, reporting@avvioinc
    13. 13. How to make an impact on Twitter 10. Don’t be afraid to use CAPITALS and Italics to make it stand out. 11. Use spellchecker before you tweet. 12. Use a URL shortener . 13. Remember: There is a permanent record of everything you tweet.@avvioinc
    14. 14. How to make an impact on Twitter 14. @Reply You@avvioinc
    15. 15. Ideas for Tweets 1. Ask questions and keep it topical 2. Upcoming Events in the Hotel 3. Post about local events/attractions/things to do etc. 4. Tweet links to articles 5. It’s good to follow other related businesses in your area. 6. Announce new menus, restaurant deals etc. 7. Post in advance of holidays like Valentines, New Years, Easter etc 8. Listen to what your followers are saying and respond. 9. Promote unique offers if applicable@avvioinc
    16. 16. Hotels Doing a Good Job on Twitter 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
    17. 17. Twitter Competitions Competition Guidelines Competitions on Twitter may offer prizes for tweeting a particular update, for following a particular user, or for posting updates with a specific hash tag. 1. Discourage the creation of multiple accounts 2. Discourage posting the same tweet repeatedly 3. Ask users to include an @reply to you in their update so you can see all the entries@avvioinc
    18. 18. Latest Results on Google@avvioinc
    19. 19. Best Practices When utilizing Twitter, consider the following: 1. Create a social media plan with specific, timely, and measurable goals. 2. Post fresh content at least three times per week. 3. Engage users through open-ended questions. 4. Interact with followers through @replies, comments, and direct messages . 5. Provide unique content on your Twitter pages to heighten value and increase page views . 6. Utilize weekly creative posting themes. 7. Build suspense, elicit demand, and peak user interest for certain events . 8. Run unique Twitter promotions. 9. Measure.@avvioinc
    20. 20. ToolsUseful Tools:1. Hootsuite is a great tool for monitoring social media, particularly if you have a larger amount of people using the same profiles. It offers much the same functionality as the likes of Tweetdeck, CoTweet, but has a better analytics tool.2. Topsy –Topsy gives you insight into search terms, showing you how many others have retweeted, previews of the full links contained in tweets and allowing you to filter easily by hour, day, week, month or year.3. Tweetstats is a handy free tool for measuring Twitter. All you need to do to use Tweetstats is enter your Twitter name then it will access your tweets to show you a graph of how many tweets you’re sending each day and the number of replies you’re getting.4. is a universal url shortener that not only provides a handy service in shortening urls but also allows you to access analytics to see how many people are clicking on your link. Make sure to always create links from your registered account so you can access historical data.5. Social Mention is a useful real-time search engine, with a bit of a twist. As well as functioning as an easy-to-use search engine, this site offers you more, with the option to receive email alerts every time there’s a new piece of content across social media that contains your keyword.
    21. 21. Tools Useful Tools: 6. Twitter Counter is a service that, at its core, tracks your activity on Twitter. This includes followers, following, rate of follower growth (or decline), your average number of tweets per day and much more. 7. Backtype is an interesting social media measurement tool, that is helping companies to understand the real business impact of activity through social media. To use the site you put your url in, to see information such as comments on your site, tweets, comments on Digg and FriendFeed. 8. Tweetscan - Monitor your company brand on Twitter.@avvioinc
    22. 22. Useful Resources 1. 2. 3.
    23. 23. Thank you for your attention. Follow us on @avvioincQuestions to