Social Media Marketing for Hotels: Performance and Conversions


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This month’s free online seminar will help you focus on the networks producing the best results, provide you with key metrics to measure your success and templates for benchmarking your social media presence against your competitive set. We will also discuss the positive effect integrating social into your marketing campaigns can have on your return on investment. At the end of the session we will give you a campaign action list, so you can start a social media campaign for your own hotel.

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Social Media Marketing for Hotels: Performance and Conversions

  1. 1. Presented by Michelle Conaghan Twitter: @avviotweetsFacebook:
  2. 2. What we will cover?1. Interesting stats2. Choosing which networks to best focus your time and resources3. Key industry changes that may affect your activity4. Google plus: to +1 or not to +1?5. Social media competitor analysis6. Strategies to increase engagement7. Where to focus your budget8. Lead generation and conversions tracking
  3. 3. Interesting stats
  4. 4. Ready, Steady……
  5. 5. Facebook is dominating the space53,457,258 723,793 623,525 565,156 325,679 Facebook Blogger Tumblr Twitter LinkedInTop 5 U.S. Social Networks and BlogsTotal minutes (000), home and work, May 2011Source: The Nielsen Company
  6. 6. Facebook users – 7 hours plus per month Facebook 7:46 AOL Media 2:53 Yahoo 2:12 Google 1:48 MSN/Windows Live/Bing 1:44 YouTube 1:41 Wikipedia 1:18 Apple 1:06 Microsoft 0:45 Amazon 0:31Top 10 Web Brands by Time SpentTime per viewer, hh:mm, per month, August 2011Source: The Nielsen Company
  7. 7. Average monthly audience in millions140,336 50,055 23,617 22,417 19,250 17,786 11,870 8,578 8,397 7,601Facebook Blogger Twitter Wordpress MySpace LinkedIn Tumblr Six Apart Yahoo Pulse Wikia TypepadTop Network & Blog SitesAverage monthly unique visitors (000), Q3 2011Source: The Nielsen Company
  8. 8. The Rise and FallFacebook continues to climb70%60%50%40%30%20%10%0% Facebook YouTube MySpace Yahoo! Answers Twitter Linkedin
  9. 9. Average time spent 38.1% 32.5% 30.1% 21.4% 18.1% 16.5% 12.8% 10.2% 11.2% 9.1% Europe N. America Asia-Pacific Latin America Mid East-Africa Share of visitors Share of minutesShare of Visitors and Time Spent, by Region% of total, June 2011Source: comScore
  10. 10. Where to the focus the resources?
  11. 11. Secure your Future Activity
  12. 12. Secure your Name wherever Possible
  13. 13. Social Network Security Create Social Media Management Access PanelAssign Social Media Manager/Administrator Have a process for removal/addition Monitor regularlyName Email Position Assign Admin Social Platform ByJoe Blogg Joe.bloggs@hotel. Marketing Mgr GM – Mr. Smith Facebook page com
  14. 14. • Platform of choice• New channel of business and enquiries• Encourage loyalty and build your army of advocates• Customer service, feedback and mini-reviews• Reward your fans, through unique benefits and discounts.• Recommendations places and maps will become more important
  15. 15. • Time consuming but rewarding• Need to passionate about your tweeps• Influencers and evangelists• Relationship building takes time and lots of conversation• Opportunities for PR are unbelievable• Hotels gaining the recognition they deserve• A small budget but lots of your time
  16. 16. • A game changer?• Not yet but it’s evolving• SEO effects• Claim your place• Maintain a profile• Add the +1 to your site• Opportunity to become a leader• Educate your audience
  17. 17. 1. Set up a channel 1. Developments in 1. Here to stay2. Use your video company pages 2. High valuable for content 2. Decision makers SEO efforts3. Spend due to 3. Advertising still 3. Must commit increase in this expensive resources area 4. Groups have 4. Be consistent4. Excellent way to potential 5. Tie in with other ‘show people’ the social channels experience
  18. 18. Group buying sites
  19. 19. Key changes you should be aware of
  20. 20. • Timeline• FB sponsored ads• Add to map• Recommendations• Real time insights• Applications• Twitter sponsored ads• Pinterest
  21. 21. Google Plus – To ‘Plus 1’ or Not to?
  22. 22. Google + jumps to 8th, Facebook 64.9% YouTube 19.6% Twitter 1.22% Yahoo! Answers 1.03% Tagged 0.73% Linkedin 0.66% MySpace 0.60% Google+ 0.55% New myYearbook 0.39% iVillage 0.36%Top Social Networking Sites and ForumsU.S. market share of visits, Week ending September 24, 2011Source: Experian Hitwise
  23. 23. Google attracts 15+ million Facebook 1,758 YouTube 530 Twitter 33.08 Yahoo! Answers 28.01 Tagged 19.66 Linkedin 17.80 MySpace 16.33 Google+ 14.98 myYearbook 10.58 iVillage 10.34Top Social Networking sites and ForumsTotal visits, millions Week ending September 24, 2011Source: Experian Hitwise
  24. 24. Google + user tend to affluent 38.4% 26.9% 27.7%18.2% 18.6% 18.3% 14.9% 12.7% 12.2% 12.3%Google+ Site Visitor Statistics, Four weeks ending July 16% of visitors to Google+ compared to Experian "online population" data, July 2011Source: Experian Hitwise
  25. 25. Optimising your Google plus profile• Promote your existence• Your post• Circles• Profile image• Photos• Videos• Hangouts
  26. 26. Competitor analysis
  27. 27. • Look at your comp set• Spot the opportunities?• What is your usp?• List an objective for each channel?• How are reviews handled?• How frequently do they post?
  28. 28. Competitor analysis Facebook Twitter Google + Blog YouTube LinkedInHotel NameCompetitor 1Competitor 2Competitor 3Competitor 4
  29. 29. Strategies to increase engagement
  30. 30. 18-34 year old women are the most activeU.S. Social Network Use by Age, DemographicsBase: U.S. social media users, Q3 2011Source: The Nielsen Company
  31. 31. 55+ user mobile visits double 109% 76% 68% 67% 70% 61% 45% 44% 41% 37% 16%Social Network Growth, by Age, Ethnicity% change, Q3 2010 v. Q3 2011Source: The Nielsen Company
  32. 32. Customers expect something in return for a ‘Like’ Expect access to exclusive content, events or sales 58% Expect discounts or promotions through Facebook 58% Expect to receive updates about the co. to the newsfeed 47% Expect the company to postupdates, photos or videos to newsfeed 39% Expect to share with friends, family and/or coworkers 38% Expect the name of co. to show up on my profile 37% Do not expect anything to happen 37% Expect the co. to send more relevant content based on my public profile 36% Expect to interact with page owner (e.g., brand, person) 28% Expect the co. to access data Consumer Expectations for Brand Liking in my public profile 27% % of Facebook users, September 2011 Source: ExactTarget Expect the co. to contact me through other channels 24%
  33. 33. Journalists and social media• Engage and seek out opportunity 92% 85% 84% 58% 49% 28% 20% 18% 15% 14% LinkedIn Facebook Twitter YouTube Blog site Flickr Digg MySpace Delicious FoursquareSocial Media Use by Journalists% of respondents, August 2011Source: Arketi Web Watch
  34. 34. Way to engage• Community creation• Customer service• Research and feedback• Press release, news, awards & events• Promotions• Competitions• Newsletter/e-campaigns• Check in deals
  35. 35. Competitions• Third party app• Use your database to support the competition• Create a fan gateway• Create meaningful and advantageous conversation• Keep asking questions• Do something unexpected• Reward fans for their passion
  36. 36. Promotions• Unique offers to each channel• An additional benefit for a fan/follower• At least one per month• Max one per week (spa, restaurant etc)• Use tracking and promo codes• Encourage sign ups
  37. 37. Twitter users and TV shows• Important to note for hotels spending on TV advertising 65% 50% 50% 35% I talk about the show Im watching I talk about something else Twitter users Facebook usersSocial Media Commentary while Watching TV% of respondents, July 2011Source:
  38. 38. Budgeting
  39. 39. 2 in 3 will increase email marketing Email Marketing 5% 27% 65% 3% Increase Decrease Stay the same No plans to utilizePlanned Use of Email Marketing, Webinars% of respondents who are actively social media marketing, April 2011Source: SocialMedia Examiner
  40. 40. Facebook ad spend up by 281% 281% 200% 22% 11% All clients Same Client Spend ImpressionsFacebook Advertising Growth% change, Q2 2010 v. Q2 2011Source: IgnitionOne
  41. 41. Social Media monitoring tools of choice 50.0% 45.0% 40.0% 35.0% 30.0% 25.0% 20.0% 15.0% 10.0% 5.0% 0.0%Popular Social Media Monitoring Tools% of respondents, August 2011Source: WebLiquid and RSW/US
  42. 42. Budgeting for SocialAllocation V Addition• What are your goals?• How much is the overall marketing budget?• What tactics are you currently using? How are they working?• What are your internal resources?
  43. 43. Lead generation andconversation tracking
  44. 44. Conversions• Conversions• New Customers• Revenues• Average spend• Most Popular Rates• Length of Stay• Room EnhancementsBe Specific!
  45. 45. Targeted Social Media Campaigns
  46. 46. Tips Campaign Planning• The Idea• User Journey• Timing• Activity Levels• Desired Outcomes• Social Channels• Web Integration• Measurement
  47. 47. Social Media Campaigns• Integrated social media campaign• Customised channel• Target potential customers• Target influencers• Form strategic alliances• Create buzz and viral effect• Promotion• Competition• Target social advertising• Data collection
  48. 48. Social is now part of the Marketing Mix Website Email SEO Marketing YourSEM Hotel Booking Engine Social Mobile Media
  49. 49. Campaign flow – Email marketing Unique Fan Ecampaign Fan Gateway comp/offer Increase Access engagement, New sign ups offer/compfans & bookings
  50. 50. Sample Activity ScheduleActivity Daily Weekly MonthlySchedule activity: - 3/4 posts per week- Use management clientPosts:   -Responding to post increases engagement- Welcome new fans/followsMonitor   - Respond to questions, requests, reviewsReview - Assess what’s been successfulOffers/Campaigns  Plan 
  51. 51. Sample monthly contentMon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun 31 1 2 3 4 5 6 Status Promotion Photo 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Status Promotion Photo 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Status Promotion Photo 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Status Competition Photo 28 29 30 1 2 3 4 Status Promotion Photo
  52. 52. Sample measurement spreadsheetActivity Weekly Monthly Growth % TargetFacebookLikesCommentsPhotosSharesFan OffersWebsite TrafficBookingsNew sign ups
  53. 53. Free Webinars
  54. 54. Latest news, resources and tips
  55. 55. Social
  56. 56. Thank you. Twitter: @avviotweets Email: training@avvio.comThe social media spreadsheets will be available to download from our Facebook from 7th March 2012