Mahaveer Marketing & Jain Pulses


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Mahaveer Marketing & Jain Pulses

  2. 2. INDEX  About Kolhapur  About US
  3. 3.  Welcome to Mahaveer Marketing, A reputed firm in Kolhapur.  We believe in out tag line which says “Your complete food products solution”.  Why Kolhapur ?
  4. 4. KOLHAPUR  Kolhapur is a very beautiful city located in South - West Maharashrta, India. A city which is also known as "Dakshin Kashi" is of very high importance with regard to its culture and heritage. The temple of Goddess Mahalaxmi 'Ambabai' blesses the city with good bussiness. The famous Kolhapuri Chhapals originate here.  Kolhapur connects Mumbai to Bengluru express highway, which gives benefit to people going and passing by this highway.  Recently within last 10 years Kolhapur has been very popular in south Maharashtra.  Kolhapur ranks 2nd in Maharashtra & 5th in India for having maximum no of Mercedes Car in city.
  5. 5. ABOUT US  Mr. Arvind Jain a Broker in Grains & Pulses started 'Mahaveer Marketing' with a vision to process & pack food articles under the brand name of 'SWAD'. This is now an established brand and the whole bussiness is managed by Mr. Avnish Jain, & Mr. Sheetal Herwade.  Mr. Avnish Jain, & Sheetal Herwade took the bussiness to new heights by extending the work to Goa, Konkan also. The company plans to establish a dealer network in entire South Maharashtra including Pune soon.
  6. 6. MANAGEMENT TEAM  Arvind Jain – Advisor  Avnish Jain – Owner, Operations Head, for Jain Pulses & Mahaveer Marketing.  Sheetal Herwade – Proprietor for Mahaveer Marketing  Ramesh Danawde – Manager of MCC & MM
  7. 7. ARVIND JAIN – ADVISOR  Mr. Arvind Jain, a Broker in Grains & Pulses started Mahaveer Canvassing Company, in the year 1981 with a vision to give a wholesale supply to local retailers and wholesalers.  With the staff of 2 people today MCC is top most broker firm in Kolhapur with the big brand names like Pistol Toor Dal, Khana Khazana Basmati Rice Etc..  Mr. Arvind Jain later started Mahaveer Marketing with the idea of processed goods packed food articles under the brand name of 'SWAD„ which is almost available at all super value stores in Kolhapur.
  8. 8. AVNISH JAIN MBA-HR  Avnish Jain owner for Jain pulses and Head of operations for Mahaveer Marketing later took this business to new heights by signing contract between Vishal Mega Mart and Mahaveer Marketing to provide them all types of grains and pulses in poly packing with most reasonable rates in markets.  Mahaveer Marketing tied up with 8 Stores of Vishal Mega Mart in Maharashtra and reached to big heights.  With the monthly turnover started with 12000, in 2003 MM has reached to 30,00,000 per month in October 2009.
  9. 9. SHEETAL HERWADE  Sheetal Herwade, Proprietor for MM has managed this business from last 6 year successfully.  Its has been great contribution of Sheetal Herwade to manage this business in the absence of Avnish Jain.
  10. 10. RAMESH DANAWDE  Ramesh Danawde being the oldest employee and manager of MCC & MM handles the wholes business in the absence of Arvind Jain.  Ramesh looks after the purchase department, and big transactions which are going to happen.  An excellent person with great knowledge in grains and pulses market.
  11. 11. JAIN PULSES  Jain Pulses is a 1st subsidiary firm of MCC which do collect raw material and repack it in their own brand named Swad.  Jain Pulses also maintain a stock of 20–30 lacks per month.
  12. 12. MAHAVEER MARKETING  Mahaveer Marketing is 2nd subsidiary firm of MCC which do marketing and sales of Swad brand and wholesale grains and pulses.  Mahaveer Marketing is also authorized distributor for Surya Food & Agro Ltd (Priya Gold Biscuit), Hadriam Nankeens Nagpur & Samrath Atta for Kolhapur City.
  13. 13. MAHAVEER MARKETING  Mahaveer Marketing do have a total staff of 18 people.  Company‟s organization charts goes as below.
  14. 14. ORGANIZATION CHART Arvind Jain (Advisor) Ramesh Sheetal Avnish Jain Danawde Herwade Swad & Biscuit& Other Office Atta Haldiram Staff Salesman Salesman
  15. 15. CYCLED Purchase Machine Raw Cleaning Material Marketing Hand & Sales Cleaning Packed by Semi Automatic Machine
  16. 16. MAHAVEER MARKETING  Mahaveer Marketing do have 3 salesman and other office staff of 13 people.  Annual turnover of MM goes around 4 Crores.
  17. 17. WHY MAHAVEER MARKETING AS A DISTRIBUTOR & SUPERSTOCKIST (C&F)  Mahaveer Marketing has touch the heights and reached to each and every part of Kolhapur by covering 600+ retail shops & 4 Malls.  Over all within Maharashtra MM has reached to 750+ retail shops and 15+ Malls.  MM specialize in quick and fast delivery.  MM consider small retails shops to their high priority.  MM has always been maintain the quality of work.
  18. 18. MAHAVEER MARKETING  Mahaveer Marketing want to see their own profile as being top most shares covered of grains and pulses within Maharashtra region soon.  MM want to reach the height of 6crores+ by 2011 as annual turnover.  MM is always interested in expanding business and ready to accept challenges with new products to be launched.  MM is interested in being C&F/Superstockist for south Maharashtra for FMCG products.
  19. 19. CONTACT  Mahaveer Marketing could be reach @  Avnish Jain – 9764636061  eMail –