Windows Embedded 8 - Why upgrade?


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Download the Windows Embedded 8 datasheet here:

The ‘Why upgrade’ ebook includes:

- Why you should be considering
- Windows Embedded 8 for your intelligent systems and devices
- The basics: 7 to 8
- The benefits and features of Windows Embedded 8
- Recommended verticals
- A comparison chart highlighting features across Windows Embedded 8 Standard, Windows Embedded 8 Industry Pro and Windows Embedded 8 Pro
- Windows Embedded 8: the nuts and bolts
- How Windows Embedded 8 creates differentiated devices that are connected and portable
- How Windows Embedded 8 delivers a rich business experience and extends business intelligence
- Why you should partner with Avnet Embedded on Windows Embedded 8 technologies

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Windows Embedded 8 - Why upgrade?

  1. 1. © 2013 Avnet EmbeddedWindows 8Why upgrade?Share
  2. 2. © 2013 Avnet EmbeddedThe basics: 7 to 8Share 2Take a look at just a few of the benefits of Windows Embedded 8:• Run your existing Windows line-of-business application or create a new experience with Windows 8style applications• Deliver an immersive, natural user experience with multi-touch and Kinect for Windows• Improve mobility and access with new power management and wireless technologies• Create a custom OS image to deliver the necessary functionality for the device• Use the enhanced security technologies to protect devices, data and networks• Lockdown features reduce custom development and help secure devices from unintended interactions• Access IT systems and the cloud to keep devices connected• Manage the device with Microsoft System Centre and Windows Embedded Device Manager• Improve time-to-market with updated OS development toolsVisit our websitehttp://www.avnet-emb.euWindows Embedded 8StandardComponentised Windows 8 for x86, x64Embedded extension ex. Write FiltersWindows Embedded 8 ProFull Windows 8 Professional with license restrictionsx86, x64 supportWindows Embedded 8IndustryFixed platform based on Windows 8 for Industry Devicesx86, x64 supportThe benefits
  3. 3. © 2013 Avnet EmbeddedShare 3Visit our websitehttp://www.avnet-emb.euThe featuresTake a look at the features of each of the three versions of Windows Embedded 8:Whether you build your device on Windows Embedded 8 Standard, Windows Embedded 8 Industry Pro orWindows Embedded 8 Pro, the core value proposition of Windows Embedded 8 is the same.• Delivers smooth, immersive experiences for your customers• Delivers devices to stay connected to the resources they need at the point of business impact• Builds powerful business solutions based on Windows 8 technologies• Enhanced security technologies protect the device, data, and the network• Gives confidence – you are building your device on technologies from a partner committed to success.WindowsEmbedded 8StandardWindowsEmbedded 8ProWindowsEmbedded 8Industry Pro
  4. 4. © 2013 Avnet EmbeddedWhere does Windows Embedded 8 fit for your devices?Share 4• Advanced device lockdown through flexible keyboard filters and a new unified write filter, touchkeyboard filter and edge gesture filter• Customised experiences and branding• Componentisation of the OS, including a set of modules that have been preconfigured and tested toenable device-specific scenarios.• IT pro-management tools, including the Universal Configuration Tool (UCT) that provides local andremote management• OS development tools, including the new Module Designer• Metro app model, allowing developers to scale apps across types of specialised devices, customisingthe interface for each type of device, while maintaining their own proprietary branding and experience• Deployment and Image Service Management to add or remove Windows features on the fly• Language Packs – available in more than 30 languages• Power savings – driver layer changes• UFEI firmware – faster, more secure boot• Anti-malware from power-on• Applications – live tiles• Performance enhancements for less RAM requirementsVisit our websitehttp://www.avnet-emb.euWindows Embedded 8: the nuts and boltsTake a look at just a few examples of how each variance of Windows Embedded 8 can fit into building yourdevices and systems:
  5. 5. Create differentiated devicesDeliver a rich business experienceConnected and portable© 2013 Avnet EmbeddedShare 5Visit our website• Create outstanding user experiences using newWindows 8 style applications• Create unique OS configurations specifically for yourdevice requirements• Create customised device experiences with WindowsEmbedded Branding support• Leverage Windows 8 innovations in Wi-Fi, 3G,Bluetooth, Near Field Communication (NFC) andUSB3• Integrate into mobile operator networks for cost-efficient Quality of Service Infrastructure on Demand(QoS) driven data, transmission and management• Gain an immersive web experience with InternetExplorer 10 with HTML5 support• Multi-Touch enables responsive, natural interaction between the user and the device• Internet Explorer delivers rich content from the web with support for HTML 5 and Silverlight• Performance improvements include a faster boot sequence to get the device up and running quickly• The new Windows user interface, which is Microsoft’s first touch-based user experience as well as apowerful new application model, develops and deploys rich Line of Business (LoB) applications quicklyand efficiently• Support for the traditional desktop application model preserves investments in the applications thatrun your business today• A completely overhauled power management system, combined with a robust connection managerenables you to build devices that stay powered on and connected• Devices can stay in ‘Connected Standby’ mode for days, if not weeks, on a single charge• Support for low power x86 hardware to deliver maximum performance through an entire shift• WindowsEmbedded8isbuiltonWindows8,soallthenetworkingtechnologiesandtransportmediumssupported by Windows 8, including mobile broadband, are available in Windows Embedded 8Invest forthe FutureRichExperienceConnectedSecureTargetedIntelligentSystem Ready
  6. 6. Extend business intelligenceIntelligent systems ready© 2013 Avnet EmbeddedShare 6Visit our website• Leverage Windows technologies to access enterprise and business-critical data• Use familiar Microsoft identity and access management technologies in Windows Embedded Standard8 devices• Manage Windows Embedded Standard 8 devices like any other Windows 8 device, using Microsoftmanagement tools• Connect to business critical data in the Enterprise or Cloud to uncover new insightsWindows Embedded 8 allows users to efficiently manage and secure data and intelligence from devicesby functioning like other existing IT assets – full control, policy, and unobtrusive (but comprehensive andflexible) servicing.All the device management functionality from Windows 8 is available in Windows Embedded 8. Mostnotably, improved compatibility with the latest versions of the standard management tools – i.e. MicrosoftSystem Centre. Additionally, support for Active Directory enables you to manage the identity of the deviceand control the access to data.IntegrationwithinfrastructureserviceslikeWindowsServer,SQLdatabases,Azureandothercloudservicesis another fundamental capability of Windows 8 based specialised devices.
  7. 7. Connected and portableWith Windows Embedded 8, Avnet Embedded is continuing its strong commitment to your market. Weare committed to providing the latest technologies and providing value-added support and services.By working with us and building your device on Windows Embedded 8 you will enter into a trustedpartnership, fully supported at every step.Furthermore, Windows Embedded products are covered by 10-year support and a product availability of15 years.© 2013 Avnet EmbeddedFollowus7Visit our websitehttp://www.avnet-emb.euWhy us?Read why Avnet Embedded is your ideal embedded partner.