Avnet Secure Micro Solutions


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Avnet Electronics Marketing, IBM and Endicott Interconnect provide SWaP reduction services for Miliatry, Aerospace and Medical design applications.

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Avnet Secure Micro Solutions

  1. 1. Avnet Electronics Marketing, IBM and Endicott Interconnect (EI) are trusted and dependable supply sourcesfor electronics. US manufacturing facilities and logistics centers provide a highly secure solution, while DoMEStIC SuPPlIErSdelivering rapid turnaround on applications. IBM and EI products meet ISO, IPC and military specifications,RoHS compliance, ITAR registration and are compatible with lead-free assembly processes.Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) ChallengesReducing system size, weight, and power (SWaP) is critical to the development of new applications for thedefense aerospace industry. By achieving reductions in the form factor and power consumption of today’smilitary electronics, developers are able to improve mobility and extend operational life, enhancing theoverall viability of the product in the marketplace. Avnet Electronics Marketing, IBM and EI have partnered tohelp customers leverage System-in-Package (SiP) technology to achieve SWaP goals; bring differentiatedproducts to market quickly and efficiently and to establish design and supply chain continuity.Endicott InterconnectEI is a leading developer of SiP products that integrate multiple IC, assembly and test technologies into modular IC packages. One such product optimized foraerospace applications is the CoreEZ™. EI’s CoreEZ semiconductor package utilizes the HyperBGA® manufacturing platform to offer a thin core build-up flip chippackage with very dense core vias using a cost sensitive material set. The core via density provides 199 micron via-to-via core pitch resulting in an essentiallycoreless structure, which can accommodate ASIC, FPGA and many other semiconductor solutions. EI also offers HyperBGA® packages that are composed ofmaterials that have passed NASA outgassing testing and are recommended for aerospace applications up to radiation tolerant.IBM and AvnetIBM and Avnet work closely together to implement IBM System-on-Chip (SoC) ASIC solutions. IBM’s proven ASIC design systems reduce chip count by combiningFPGAs and older ASICs on single chips. The integration and implementation of qualified sets of tools, libraries, cores and packages enable customers to predictablydesign ASICs while closely managing risk. The IBM ASIC design system has been validated through ten generations of ASIC development and more than a thousanddesigns, many done in collaboration with Avnet Engineering Services (AES). Design & supply Chain expertise asiCs anD FounDry Custom paCkaging »»Partnerships with IBM and others allow Avnet »»IBM’s leading-edge technologies, »»Proven high-quality, high-reliability and to provide ASIC and FPGA solutions from including Si and SiGe, enable extremely high-performance ASIC/FPGA packaging prototype to production through obsolescence high-performance, high-density designs »»Turnkey SiP technical solutions »»Avnet employs experienced engineers »» IBM IP portfolio includes The who expertly staff seven design centers high-speed serializer and deserializer (HSS) »»Trusted design and packaging capability across the United States to maximize cores, which feature ultra-low jitter generation »»Substrate & Module Design efficiency and provide local support and enhanced jitter tolerance characteristics − Physical design for significant performance advantages »»Collaborations with customers have − High-speed, controlled impedance yielded more than 2,000 ASIC and FPGA »»Trusted design and foundry capabilities − Mechanical layout for SiP (MCM) designs and have helped Avnet establish − Electrical, mechanical and a 100% first time right ASIC design »»World-class design, implementation thermal modeling and implementation track record and verification tools plus industry-standard models »»Substrate Fabrication »» every ASIC and FPGA design With − 50 µm laser-drilled vias engagement, customers are able to »»Integrated design flow takes ASIC designs from design entry and planning to the − 25/25 µm line width & space leverage Avnet’s supply chain expertise − Embedded passive silicon implementation of the design »»Avnet has serviced the defense aerospace produced on IBM manufacturing lines − Cu/in/Cu cores industry for more than 50+ years and »» Assembly currently has supply chain solutions in »»Established technology provider to the IC place for many key, multi-generational defense aerospace industry through − Flip chip pitch down to 150 µm Department of Defense (DoD) programs MPO and commercial engagements − Wirebond, 60 µm inline, 43 µm staggered − Flip chip, wirebond, SMD on both sides
  2. 2. IBM ASICs and FoundryIBM’s leading-edge technologies, including Si and SiGe, enable extremely high-performance, high-density designs. This technology portfolio is complemented byAvnet Engineering Services’ design engineers and field application engineers (FAEs) who excel at explaining the strengths and challenges associated with myriadcustom logic architectures and are adept at taking customers through a variety of decision-making scenarios to explain the tradeoffs and benefits unique to each.Together, Avnet and IBM are ready to help customers with diverse needs overcome specific SWaP challenges. SA27E Cu11 Cu08 Cu65 Cu45 6th Generation 7th Generation 8th Generation 9th Generation 10th Generation ASIC Design System ASIC Design System ASIC Design System ASIC Design System ASIC Design SystemSiP Benefits & SWaP reductionsThe push for miniaturization and lightweight, portable computing power has led to breakthroughs inhigh-performance electronics packaging by companies such as EI. »» Organic substrates enable more functionality in »» Reduction in trace length increases smaller packages electrical performance »» Integration of multiple devices into a single package, »» Reduction in signal path length between including pre-packaged ICs, surface mount die lowers inductance components, memory, passives and connectors, increases reliability and reduces weight »» become less complex or can be PCBs eliminated entirely 30x rEDuCtIoN IN SIZE - 90% rEDuCtIoN IN WEIGHt From original pCB 670 cm2 to redesigned sip 25 cm2 Top Components: 2-sided assembly »» flip chip bare die 5 »» memory CSP 3-4-3 construction »» Passives CoreeZ® substrate »» components SMT »» connector PGA Bottom 8 7 7 - A S I C 4 1 1 ( 2 7 4 - 2 4 1 1 )» www.em.avnet.com www.em.avnet.com/asic