Avner algom feb 7 2012


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Avner algom feb 7 2012

  1. 1. Software and electronics are the cloud ECO system avner.algom@cloud.org.ilwww.meetup.com/IGTCloud
  2. 2. The Israeli Association of Cloud Computing 100 Companies +1850 Active Members Knowledge Sharing & Networking www.meetup.com/IGTCloud twitter.com/IGTCloud BIG Data & SaaS Businesswww.meetup.com/IGTCloud
  3. 3. The Economic Booster of Demography 2000-2010 world Internet population +448% From mostly Read to Read/Write http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats.htmwww.meetup.com/IGTCloud
  4. 4. Cloud Economy CLOUD MARKET TO HIT $240 BILLION BY 2020 ($40B in 2011) X6 in the next 9 years (Forrester) By End of 2014 at Least 10 Percent of Enterprise Email Seats Will Be Based on a Cloud or Software-as-a-Service Model (Gartner) From 2010 to 2011 SaaS based ERP sales increased by 22% SaaS sales in Israel grew 50% Salesforce has +700 customers Israelwww.meetup.com/IGTCloud
  5. 5. Moving our data to the cloud HR, Payroll, Financial, a Sales and CRM Business Execution customer experience nd Worker Spend Software solutions solutions Managementwww.meetup.com/IGTCloud
  6. 6. www.meetup.com/IGTCloud
  7. 7. “This is the cloud the way it should be: automatic and effortless.” Apple Short Time to marketwww.meetup.com/IGTCloud
  8. 8. Scale2 Flexibility Scale Up The Enterprise Applications SaaS WEB based applications Multitenant Architecture OS Virtualization PaaS Focus on the business logic development WEB Ready Data I cannot risk Data I can risk My Customers’ data My Data Private Cloud Public Cloud (Internal Data Center) Legal Hybrid Cloud (Bursting/DR) • Cost/Performance of Scalability IaaS Intranet Internet Scale Out On-Demand Scalability Infrastructure Virtualization (VLANs, CPUs, Storage, RAM)www.meetup.com/IGTCloud
  9. 9. The BIG Data ECO System impact on applicationswww.meetup.com/IGTCloud
  10. 10. The Social impact on applications The Social enterprisewww.meetup.com/IGTCloud
  11. 11. Moving our data to the cloud To Real-time On-Demand Services IaaS/PaaS SaaS Browser Media Virtual Workers Infrastructure Applications Content Employees From Manual Physical Resources/Productswww.meetup.com/IGTCloud
  12. 12. BIG Data The Evolution of Clouds/Applications Distributed Clouds • IaaS On-Demand Scalability The Network is the Computer Network Network as a Service – Symmetrical & BoD Performancewww.meetup.com/IGTCloud
  13. 13. AWS Case study 9000% growth in 5 years!www.meetup.com/IGTCloud
  14. 14. Cloud/SaaS changing the Business models and operating model Centralized BIG Data To unified on-demand services Distributed Data Multiple customers From Product installation & maintenance per customerwww.meetup.com/IGTCloud
  15. 15. The Analytics impact on applications The Life Cycle of SaaS Application Analytics to improve and create more Business Services Core Business Activity/Data SaaS BIG Data Logging Users/Business Activity Real Time Monitoringwww.meetup.com/IGTCloud
  16. 16. What about Security?www.meetup.com/IGTCloud
  17. 17. Cloud Security Is the cloud more secure? Can we trust the Cloud? Can I afford not to?www.meetup.com/IGTCloud
  18. 18. Cloud of Clouds Open Market for IT services (I do not want to be locked in) Cloud Cloud Clouds/SaaS Cloud Brokerage Cost/Performance Cloud Cloudwww.meetup.com/IGTCloud
  19. 19. IGT Members Cloud R&D in Israel – International Companieswww.meetup.com/IGTCloud
  20. 20. Industry Cloud Users Perspective 1. The cloud is a business opportunity 2. IT is not my main business 3. I can reduce my business costs 4. I can improve my business agility (World Wide Ready) 5. Map your business data according to legal/regulations 6. Define your business/marketing requirements within the Cloud/SaaS context 7. Include in your RFP/RPI requests for cloud based solutions 8. Compare cost/performance and risk management 9. Easier to start with new business applications and R&D QA/Testing 10. Prepare short & long term plans for a cloud migrationwww.meetup.com/IGTCloud
  21. 21. Industry Vendors Perspective1. The cloud is the global infrastructure for software and electronics business2. Prepare a cloud business plan3. Think service not product & export by default4. How my services can be integrated into the cloud?5. How to manage my business in the cloud?6. How do I sell?7. How do I find the right people?8. I can install my software once for the rest of the world (No need to send people all over the world)9. How my R&D can benefit from the cloud10. I can improve my business agility (World Wide Ready)www.meetup.com/IGTCloud
  22. 22. National Level • We need GOV Incentives for cloud R&D in Israel – Recognize the stratigic importance & export potential of cloud based economy – Reduce costs/tax for communication & cloud services – Special budget to support: • Israel cloud based R&D • International cloud companies in Israel • Virtual employees • Fast symmetrical Internet connectionwww.meetup.com/IGTCloud
  23. 23. Scale your vision – above the clouds… Thank you! avner.algom@cloud.org.ilwww.meetup.com/IGTCloud