Dr. Avril L’Mour Weathers
                                                   Founder and Senior Pastor
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Pastor Weathers\' Biography

Published in: Spiritual
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  1. 1. Dr. Avril L’Mour Weathers Founder and Senior Pastor Avivyah Ministries, Inc. D r. Avril L’Mour Weathers, Ph.D., is founder and senior pastor of Avivyah Ministries, Inc. of Greater Atlanta, Georgia, a ministry purposed toward unity of the faith in restoration of the church and strengthening the Body of Christ through prayer, worship and fellowship. Serving under the ministry cover of Archbishop Dr. Danette M. Scott of A Ray of Hope International Ministries of Hughson, California, Avivyah Ministries, Inc. is a ministerial strong arm for A Ray of Hope International Ministries. Dr. Weathers specializes in mental health recovery counseling and is a significant voice for healing, recovery and restoration. She has successfully guided Avivyah Ministries, Inc. toward support and development of Christological Ministries in the areas of funding development, strategic planning, religious education, as well as toward the implementation and preparation of “Miraculous Recovery,”© Avivyah’s primary outreach ministry. Avivyah Ministries is preparing individuals and organizations for the latter day resurrected Church. Born in Saint Louis, Missouri, Dr. Weathers is a graduate of the University of Missouri and subsequently earning her Doctorate Degree from Northwestern University in 2001. She has been the recipient of countless accolades. Among them is the Candler Grant for Academic Excellence and Promise for Leadership in the Church and World; Madison’s Who’s Who in American Industry, and the Patricia Roberts Harris Scholar at Northwestern University. A renown conference lecturer gifted in the healing arts, preaching, teaching, evangelism, as well as a strong feminine voice of prophetic leadership, Dr. Weathers is an Interfaith lover of God called to "remove the obstacles from the spiritual return of the people” among the descendants of Abraham (Isaiah 57:14). Advocating the new season in God toward the unity of the faith, her auspicious ministry gifting and divine mission resulted in the 2006 establishment of Integrative Mental Health Systems, a professional service organization incorporated in Illinois to bring recovery to community life, is expanded to Georgia as “Integrative Recovery Systems of Atlanta” in 2009, where she provides clinical counseling, mental health recovery counseling, Christian counseling, and advocacy services for persons with psychological challenges. Dr. Weathers is a published Psalmist and award winning poet, a demonstration of Dr. Weathers’ anointed works can be found in a book, “Prayer of a Dread Champion” in Lifting Women’s Voices, the book published by Morehouse Publishing in 2009. “The Word, the Will & the Way,” a book unlocking the Mystery of Miraculous Recovery will be published in 2010. "Avivyah Sacred Soaks: Enter the Rest," is a product of Dr. Weathers’ own making and is a hand, foot and body soak made from pure essential oils and authentic crystals of sea salt to be made available to the general public on May 15, 2010. Dr. Weathers is a consulting researcher to the Oral History Project of the Women in Ministry and Leadership Program of the Candler School of Theology at Emory University. Her current research project is entitled "To What Do You Give Breath?: An interfaith Exploration into the Feminine Voice of Prophetic Leadership.” Dr. Weathers resides in Atlanta, Georgia and is available for: Conference workshop lectures, seminars and providing governorate assistance in restructuring mental health systems. For More Information, please contact Avivyah Ministries, Inc. at (888) 364-9024 or visit the ministry website at http://www.avivyah.net .