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Trend of street art and outdoor advertisment with indian scenario
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Trend of street art and outdoor advertisment with indian scenario


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Creativity and technology are two biggest assets of modern outdoor advertising practices. Digital Billboards, backlit transits- all these have replaced conventional outdoor advertise in India thereby …

Creativity and technology are two biggest assets of modern outdoor advertising practices. Digital Billboards, backlit transits- all these have replaced conventional outdoor advertise in India thereby providing rich impact on target groups about the advertised brands. Creativity is also on full swing in contemporary methodology in the field of outdoor advertisement. A blend of creativity and technology provides an appealing look to audiences about the brand that helps brand owners easily position their brands in the market. Out of the box concepts of brand communication and matching designs are richly exhibited through technologically enriched modes of outdoor advertisement.

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  • 1. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 DESSERTATION REPORT ON STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT TREND OF STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISING WITH INDIAN SCENARIO Submitted to Amity University for the partial fulfillment of the Degree of Masters of Business Administration In Competitive Intelligence & Strategic Management (Additional specialization in marketing and sales) From AICISM 2011-2013 Submitted by: AVINASH SINGH A0633511004 Supervised by: PROF. AJAY KUMAR MISHRA AMITY INSTITUTE OF COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE & STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT F 2-Block, 4th Floor, Amity University, Sector-125, Noida, UP, India 1
  • 2. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN Ref: _________ 21 Jan 2013 The work proposed in the research plan entitled “STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT” being submitted by Mr. AVINASH SINGH to the Amity Institute of Competitive Intelligence & Strategic Management, Amity University, Noida, UP, India for admission to the degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION in COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE in AMITY UNIVERSITY, NOIDA, INDIA, is work to be carried out by him/her under my supervision and guidance during the session starting 2011-2013. I have gone through the document and find it acceptable for submission. I undertake to guide the candidate till the completion of the research work. (Prof. Mr. AJAY KUMAR MISHRA) Guide of the Candidate 2
  • 3. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 CERTIFICATE OF ORIGINALITY OF RESEARCH WORK 2013 The work proposed in the synopsis with the title “STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT” being submitted by Mr. AVINASH SINGH to the Amity Institute of Competitive Intelligence & Strategic Management, Amity University, Noida, UP for admission to the degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION in COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE & STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT in AMITY UNIVERSITY, NOIDA, UP, under the guidance of Mr, AJAY KUMAR MISHRA is a work which has not been submitted to any other University or Institute in India or abroad for award of any degree or diploma. I undertake to abide by the rules and regulation pertaining to the Master of Business Administration degree programme of the Amity University, Noida as applicable from time to time. I further undertake to timely submit all the reports, papers, research findings, and all other requirements from time to time required for award of the degree. In the event, it is found at a later date that this work or part of this work has already been submitted elsewhere, my candidature may be cancelled forthwith without assigning any reason thereto. AVINASH SINGH A0633511004 3
  • 4. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS Unit Title 1. INTRODUCTION Page no. 6 1.1 purpose of study 7 1.2 methodology 8 LITERATURE REVIEW 8-15 2.2 IN INDIAN CONTEXT 16-21 EMPERICAL REVIEW 22 3.1 concept of advertising 22-24 3.4 outdoor advertising or OOH overview 25-42 3.12 street art 43-55 3.15 relationship between street art and outdoor OOH 56-58 3.16 future assumption concerning street art and outdoor advertising 59 2. 3 4
  • 6. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 INTRODUCTION Advertising have its roots well sprawled from the ancient time. According to the evidences it’s been said that Romans were first to practice this method to enhance their trade but on further investigation it was found that the very root dates back to the middle ages when the surname used was the indicator of man’s occupation. The acceleration to the next stage was the use of science of signs as a visual expression of tradesman’s function and a means of locating the source of goods .The seller in the ancient time relied on his loud voice to lure customers and inform them for the availability of their services and if there were competitors he relied upon his own persona to attract the attention and if it become necessary he resort back to pinpoint the advantages of his product to the potential customer. The seller had the magnum task of promoting his product. In the recent phenomenon of development of retail stores made traders more concerned about attracting business, informing the customers about the product, availability of supplies is highly important and the promotion and the subsequent marketing of product is essential .So for the promotion of product multitude of methods is deployed by the traders. Big signs on public places, prominent areas, on stores etc are used. The strategy of attracting customers plays a crucial role in the producer and buyer relationship. From the earlier time, invention of hand press increased the potentialities of advertising. From Shakespeare’s time, posters made their appearances. Another important event was the emergence of pamphlet as an advertising medium. The interaction and communication with the society are the backbone of the trading units. The media has the defined presentation of social codes that answers the complexities of advertisements. Modern day marketing has greatly evolved. Companies now use consumer driven approaches to further their abilities to satisfy the countless emerging needs and wants of the modern consumer. Amongst these consumer driven approaches, branding has emerged as one of the crucial activities required in the building of a loyal customer base and the creation of an effective brand image. The crux of advertising is far flanged enrooted from the past experiences inferences tat advertising plays an important role in the promotion of the goods and the services rendered by the producers. The innovation of advertising methodology includes picking up the pieces of citizen’s everyday life practices and improvises it through the appealing ads. The specific field areas in which I could pick up the pieces of citizens‘everyday life practices is on streets. As I am familiar with those places ,I can do a double-sided-analysis: researching the role of visual elements as traces of transformation in urban spaces, and the effects of them over the individuals with reference to people‘s narratives and my observations. 6
  • 7. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 It is a challenging and also motivating process to examining familiar cultural points from a different perspective. During this process I mainly focused on street art and outdoor advertisements .As we are taught that the focus of the customer mentality while buying a particular object is influenced largely by the perception and the abstract of ad’s that are flaunted .While working on this thesis i closely observed the reactions, perceptions and the effects made by advertisement charted on streets and the reception of the affirmative implied me to understand the importance of outdoor and street advertisement. 7
  • 8. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 PURPOSE OF STUDY The principal concern in this thesis is to trace the relationship between street art and outdoor advertisements in India; specifically in. ―The urban space is, instead, a living space, which needs to be read at multiple levels and with regard to multiple relations among multiple actors. Within this multiplicity of social, cultural and political elements I want to analyze the ways in which these two actors, street art and outdoor advertisements, affect each other and the common and challenging issues of the relationship between Street Art and Outdoor Advertisements .With the advancement of technology and the tough completion in the market it’s necessary to understand the market and the demands of market. Modern day marketing has greatly evolved. Companies now use consumer driven approaches to further their abilities to satisfy the countless emerging needs and wants of the modern consumer. The use of media and the channeling of these advertisements to reach every nook and corner of the country and to find the potential customers from every walk of life. Amongst these consumer driven approaches, branding has emerged as one of the crucial activities required in the building of a loyal customer base and the creation of an effective brand image so as to stand in the world market. The purpose of this thesis is to understand the importance of crucial role played by the street and outdoor advertisements. , discusses different ways of legitimization that are used by the advertising industry and by the street artists in public space. In addition to their physical appearance on the streets, it is important to understand the underline motives for their existence in public spaces. From a perspective these approaches can help us to expose and identify the control mechanisms and hegemonic discourses within the society as the norms are so minutely knitted. This study also intrudes the realm of street art and the future in advertisement. 8
  • 9. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 METHODOLOGY This paper is a theoretical review of existing literature on street and outdoor advertisements focusing the Indian perspective. To achieve the above Objectives, the research relies on observations made during writing this thesis, semi empirical research on the trends, talking to people regarding their view and the impact these advertisements make on them and the zeal that is sparked in them while deciding which product to take and secondary sources of data. These sources include journals, textbooks, seminar papers, magazines, bulletins, newspapers and periodicals. Based on the collected data and review of related literature, interpretation, analysis, conclusions and recommendations were made. 9
  • 10. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 LITERATURE REVIEW Kotler,(1994)1 says per a search concentrating on the advertisers viewpoint, advertising is a crucial tool that firms use to directly persuade consumers and public. Being a key part within the selling method, advertisements face several challenges in reaching the audience. “I (and most people) have a love/hate relationship with advertising. Yes, I relish every new Absolute spirits print ad: wherever can they hide the celebrated bottle? and that I relish the humor in British ads, and therefore their issue quality of French ads. Even some advertising jingles and melodies stick in my mind. However I don’t relish most ads. In fact, I actively ignore them. They interrupt my thought processes. Some do worse: They irritate me”. The best ads not solely area unit inventive, they sell. Ability alone isn't enough. Advertising should be quite associate kind. However the art helps. William Bernbach, former head of Doyle, Dane& Bernbach, observed: “The facts aren't enough. . . . Don’t forget that William Shakespeare used some pretty timeworn plots, however his message came through with nice execution.” Even an excellent ad execution should be revived or it'll become noncurrent. Coca-Cola cannot continue forever with a catch phrase like “The authenticity,”“Coke Is It”or“I’d wish to teach the planet to Sing.” Advertising wear-out may be a reality. Advertising leaders take issue on a way to produce an efficient cause. Rosser Reeves of the tough guy Bates& Company ad agency favored linking the whole on to one profit, as in“ R-O-L-A-I-D-S spells RELIEF.” Leo writer most popular to make a personality that expressed the product’s edges or personality: the in experienced big, the Pillsbury Doughboy, the Marlboro cowboy, different and several other other legendary personalities. The Doyle, Dane& Bernbach agency favored developing a narrative story with episodes targeted on a haul and its outcome: therefore a Federal specific ad shows an individual troubled concerning receiving one thing at the secure time World Health Organization is then confident by exploitation FedEx’s following system. The aim of advertising isn't to state the facts a few product however to sell an answer or a dream. Address your advertising to the shoppers’ aspirations. This is often what Ferrari, Tiffany, Gucci, and Ferragamo do. A Ferrari automobile delivers on 3 dreams: social recognition, freedom, and courageousness. Bear in mind Revlon founder Charles Revson’s remark: “In our manufactory, we have a tendency to build lipstick. In our advertising, we have a tendency to sell hope.” But the promise of dreams solely makes folks suspicious of advertising. They don’t believe that their choice of a selected automotive or fragrance can build them to any extent further enticing or fascinating. Economist, entertainer and professional person, took a misanthropic read of advertising: “Advertising could also be delineated because the science 11 Copyright© 2003 by Philip Kotler. All rights reserved. Published by John Wiley& Sons., Hoboken, New Jersey 10
  • 11. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 of sensational the human intelligence long enough to urge cash from it.” Ads primarily produce product awareness, typically product data, less usually product preference, and a lot of seldom, product purchase. That’s why advertising cannot do the work alone. Sales promotion may be required to trigger purchase. A salesman can be required to elaborate on the advantages and shut the sale. What’s worse, several ads aren't significantly inventive. Most aren't unforgettable. Take car ads. The standard one shows a replacement auto racing one hundred miles associate hour around mountain bends. However we have a tendency to don’t have mountains in Chicago. And sixty miles associate hour is that the ordinance. And what is more I can’t bear in mind that automotive the ad featured. Conclusion: Most ads area unit a waste of the companies’ cash and my time. Most ad agencies blame the shortage of ability on the shopper. Purchasers with wisdom raise their agencies to return up with 3 ads, from delicate to wild. On the other hand the shopper generally settles for the delicate and safe one. Therefore the shopper plays a task in killing smart advertising. Companies ought to raise this question before exploitation advertising: Would advertise produce a lot of happy purchasers than if our company spent an equivalent cash on creating a more robust product, up company service, or making stronger whole experiences? I would like that firms would pay extra money associated time on planning an exceptional product, and fewer on attempting to psychologically manipulate perceptions through costly advertising campaigns. The higher the merchandise, the less that needs to be spent advertising it. The simplest advertising is completed by your happy customers. The stronger your client loyalty, the less you've got to pay on advertising. First, most of your customers can return while not you doing any advertising. Second, most customers, due to their high satisfaction, do the advertising for you. Additionally, advertising usually attracts deal-prone customers World Health Organization can flit in and move into search of a cut price. There area unit legions of individuals World Health Organization love advertising whether or not or not it works. And that I don’t mean those that would like an advert to produce a toilet break from the series. My late friend and mentor, Dr. Steuart Henderson Britt, turbulently believed in advertising. “Doing business while not advertising is like winking at a lady within the dark. You recognize what you're doing, however no one else will.” The advertising agency’s mantra is: “Early to bed, early to rise, work like the devil, advertise.” But I still advise: keep advertising, smashing advertising. David Ogilvy cautioned: “Never write a commercial that you wouldn’t need your family to scan. You wouldn’t tell lies to your own married woman. Don’t tell them to mine.” 4 11
  • 12. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 Ogilvy chided ad manufacturers World Health Organization request awards, not sales: “The advertising business . . . is being force down by the people that produce it, World Health Organization don’t acumen to sell something, World Health Organization haven't oversubscribed something in their lives . . . World Health Organization disdain commercialism, whose mission in life is to be clever show-offs, and con purchasers into giving them cash to show their originality and genius.” 5 Those who love advertising will purpose to several cases wherever it worked brilliantly: Marlboro cigarettes, Absolute spirits, Volvo cars. It conjointly worked within the following cases: • A company publicized for a watchman. Ensuing day it had been robbed. • If you think that advertising doesn’t pay—we perceive there area unit twenty five mountains in Colorado above Pikes Peak. Are you able to name one? Those against an excessive amount of reliance on advertising area unit keen on quoting John Wanamaker of sales outlet fame: “I understand that 0.5 the money I pay on advertising is wasted; however I will ne'er conclude that half.” How must you develop your advertising? You’ve got to create selections on the 5 Ms of advertising: mission, message, media, money, and activity. The ad’s mission will be one amongst four: to tell, persuade, remind, or reinforce a buying deal call. With a replacement product, you would like to tell and/or persuade. With associate previous product, like Coca-Cola, you would like to prompt. With some product simply bought, you would like to reassure the vendee and reinforce the choice. The message should communicate the brand’s distinctive worth in words and photos. Any message ought to be tested with the audience employing a set of six queries. 1. what's the most message you get from this ad? 2. What does one assume the publicize desires you to understand, believe, or do? 3. However possible is it that this ad can influence you to undertake the tacit action? 4. What works well within the ad and what works poorly? 5. However will the ad cause you to feel? 6. Wherever is that the best place to achieve you with this message—where would you be presumably to note it and concentrate to it? The media should be chosen for his or her ability to achieve the target market cost-effectively. Besides the classic media of newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and billboards, there's a flurry of latest media, together with e-mail, faxes, telemarketers, digital magazines, in-store advertising, and advertising currently taking drugs in edifice elevators and loos. Media choice is changing into a serious challenge. A company works with the media department of the advertising agency to outline what quantity reach, frequency, and impact the cause ought to bring home the bacon. Suppose you would like your crusade to deliver a minimum of one exposure to hour of the target market consisting of 1,000,000 people. This is often600, 000 exposures. However you would like the 12
  • 13. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 common person to ascertain your ad thrice throughout the campaign. That is 1,800,000 exposures. However it would take six exposures for the common person to note your ad thrice. Therefore you would like three, 600,000 exposures. And suppose you would like to use a high-impact media vehicle cost accounting $20 per 1,000 exposures. Then the campaign ought to value $72,000 ($20×three, 600,000/1,000). Notice that your company might use an equivalent budget to achieve a lot of folks with less frequency or to achieve a lot of folks with lower-impact media vehicles. There area unit trade-offs among reach, frequency, and impact. Next is cash. Thread budget is got hold of by valuation the reach, frequency, and impact selections. This budget should take into consideration that the corporate needs to buy ad production and alternative prices. A welcome trend would be that advertisers pay advertising agencies on a pay-for-performance basis. This could be affordable as a result of the agencies claim that their inventive ad campaigns can increase the companies’ sales. Thus pay the agency associate eighteen commission if sales increase, a standard V-J Day commission if sales stay an equivalent, and a thirteen commission with a warning if sales have fallen. Of course, the agency can say that alternative forces caused the call in sales and even that the drop would are deeper had it not been for the cause. Now for activity. Ad campaigns need pre activity and post activity. Ad mock-ups will be tested for communication effectiveness exploitation recall, recognition, or persuasion measures. Post measurements try to calculate the communication or sales impact of the cause. this is often tough to try and do, though, significantly with image ads. For example, however will Coca-Cola live the impact of an image of a Coke bottle on the rear page of a magazine on that the corporate spent $70,000 to influence purchases? At seventy cents a bottle and ten cents of profit per bottle, Coke would ought to sell 700,000 further bottles to hide the $70,000 value of the ad. I simply don’t believe that ad can sell 700,000 additional bottles of Coke. Companies should attempt, of course, to live results of every ad medium and vehicle. If online promotionsarea unit drawing in additional prospects than TV ads, adapt your budget in favour of the previous. Don’t maintain a hard and fast allocation of your advertising budget. Move ad cash into the media that area unitmanufacturing the simplest response. One factor is certain: Advertising greenbacks area unit wasted once spent to advertise inferior or blurred product. Coco-Cola spent $100 million to launch Pepsi One, and it failing. In fact, the fastest thanks to kill a poor product is to advertise it. A lot of folks can attempt the merchandise sooner and tell others quicker however dangerous or orthogonal it's. How much must you pay on advertising? If you pay deficient, you're payment an excessive amount of as a result of nobody notices it. 1,000,000 greenbacks of TV advertising can hardly be noticed. And if you pay too several millions, your profits can suffer. Most ad agencies push for a “big bang” budget and whereas this could be noticed, it hardly moves sales. 13
  • 14. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 It is onerous to live one thing that can’t be measured. Stan Rapp and Thomas Collins place their finger on the matter within the book on the far side maxi selling. “We area unit merely action that analysis usually goes to nice lengths to live orthogonal things, together with people’s opinions concerning advertising or their reminiscences of it instead of their actions as a results of it.” 6 Will mass advertising diminish in its influence and use? I believe thus. Folks area unit progressivelymisanthropic concerning and progressively inattentive to advertising. One amongst its former major spenders, Sergio Zyman, ex-vice president of CocaCola, same recently, “Advertising, as you recognize it, is dead.” He then redefined advertising: “Advertising may be a ton quite simply TV commercials—it includes stigmatization, packaging, celebrity spokespeople, sponsorships, publicity, client service, the means you treat your workers, and even the means your secretary answers the phone.” 7What he's very doing is shaping selling. A major limitation of advertising is that it constitutes a monologue. As proof, most ads don't contain a signaling or e-mail address to alter the client to reply. What a lost chance for the corporate to be told one thing from a customer! Selling authority Regis McKenna observed: “We area unit witnessing the degeneration of advertising. The new selling needs a feedback loop; it's this part that's missing from the monologue of advertising.” Krugman, 1975 – one amongst the most obstacles is that the low audience involvement. In most styles of communication, the audience least build thus me effort to concentrate or seem to be doing so. The adverts area unit meant for the audience to look at however sadly the audience is probably going to require active steps in avoiding them. The publiciser thus have downside of constructing loomed maybe typically evasive audience concentrate to what's occurring or a minimum of enough to urge basic commercialism message. The challenge gets harder in a very racial country like Asian country. Bonnex,(1975)- The existence of the promotion nonmoving in Malaysia dated back to the 1971 as claimed by in his thesis. His theory is even supported by the Honorable Minister Tan Sri Gazali’s speech in 1971(Bernama, 1971). Advertising agencies fuel the fundamental wants of a company to arrange, strategies and introduce their product within the market. it's one among the premise of the supply chain and plenty of advertising agencies square measure concerned during this business in Malaysia. 14
  • 15. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 Aaker and Mayers, 1975 As far-famed for many years, promotion is one among the most ways in marketing either a product or service. It are often outlined as “An Advert that doesn't produce a buying response, or a minimum of manufacture a need to need to understand additional isn't AN advert” (Quinn, 1985). Porter (1980). the worth chain may be a systematic approach in examining the event of competitive advantage. it had been introduced by one among the pioneer within the ICT and business business Potter additionally explains the sources of price reduction and differentiation at intervals a firm. Potter treats every firm as a set of activities allotted to develop, strategically market, deliver and maintain its product or services. 15
  • 16. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 IN INDIAN CONTEXT:The first article “Out-of-Home Advertising in Asian nation and its Evolution” by I B Saravanan, emphasizes that Indian shoppers are more and more staying out of home for industrial functions and recreation, rendering press and electronic media less penetrating. Outside advertising has so captured the eye of advertisers and crystal rectifier to several innovations turning outside advertising into Out-of-Home advertising. Matrix video walls, trivisions, building wraps and conveyance graphics ar acting as tools to the marketers for attractive shoppers with short notice launch and positioning campaigns. Further, organizing of this trade in Asian nation is needed as OOH advertising isn't while not its share of problems. The second article “Outdoor Advertising” by Vineet Tandon and Vikas Khandelwal, focuses on the dynamical face of outside Advertising to Out-of-Home Media in Asian nation. With the media explosion resounding all around and increasing competition amongst the complete marketers being conspicuous, media-planners are gazing the chances of outside Advertising, currently referred to as Out-of-Home or OOH. the assorted factors driving the expansion of OOH media are increasing ad-spends, litter of ancient media, increasing operating population, aptness in rural selling and native advertising. Although the temporal order for the expansion of OOH mediais ideal, it wants property growth for OOH to be recognized as Associate in Nursing trade, and regulation and a few quantity of analysis to validate the RoI on ad pay by marketers on OOH media. In the third article “Out-of-Home marketing”, the author Amit Kumar Singh opines that increasing audience burnout is resulting in a decline within the effectualness of ancient advertising and selling channels. As a result, marketers face declining returns on promotional investments. Therefore, they need gone certain alternate sellingpromotion methods that facilitate them deliver a focused message to targeted shoppers during a efficient manner. The author talks concerning varied styles of early out-of-home advertising and its current strategies and tools like guerilla selling and in-film advertising. Tripe Dhote within the next article “Captiv(e)ating the Audience Out-of-Home”, focuses on the impact of outside Advertising in transferral the audience out-of-home. Escalating costs of the tv and medium, beside market fragmentation, dynamical client lifestyles and growing litter have all generated the necessity for advertising on a medium, that is untapped and may innovatively capture audiences even out of home. With innovations, higher pay and awareness, this will be seen because the medium of the long run for not solely attracting attention or making interest, however conjointly for convincingly influencing the shopping for behavior of the client. Varied assets of outside media and their growth factors with appropriate examples (Amul Butter’s completely Butterly Campaign, “Incredible India”, ITC’s “Made for every other”, Hutch’s hi Pink and Daily News Awareness Campaign) are explained. With a transparent vision, correct laws, a system for analysis and menstruation, a scientific body 16
  • 17. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 for analysis and designing, and constant innovations, we will forestall to outside advertising turning into quite a reminder medium Associate in Nursing conjointly an influence in charming a lot of and a lot of audiences. The fifth article “Hoardings – Giants among Outdoors” sourced from, emphasizes the growing importance of hoardings that ar similar with outside advertising. in spite of size or orientation, they claim the utmost quantity of attention in OOH advertising. Sizes of hoardings vary from 14'H x 48'W to the tiny four-sheet 3'4" x 5', beside the foremost common ones that seem on highways and main blood vessel roads. Hoardings are primarily used as reminders as, being stationary, they need the advantage of giving the merchandise a recurrent exposure to the audience. It conjointly mentions the key ad spenders on outside media like Reliance Infocomm and Hutch. Varied aspects of maintenance of hoardings also are listed. Despite protests against hoardings by environmentalists and citizens’ teams, they continue to be Associate in Nursing inevitable a part of any city’s skyline. With alternate choices like mobile hoardings, mounted on trucks, hoardings as a tool of outside advertising are here to remain. The next article “The Growth of Digital Printing in Out-of-Home Advertising” by I B Saravanan, focuses on the growing importance of digital printing in outside advertising and also the varied digital printing techniques. Digital printing has come back an extended method in mere over a decade. the massive digital dot printerprinters cost accounting crores of rupees have made-up the thanks to efficient printers exploitation an equivalent technology, however requiring less investment and ability to control. The results of economic process has compact the outside advertising trade additionally and demands on the trade are increasing by the day. New innovations like flat bed printing, eco-solvent inks and high resolution printers are more and more occupying a service provider’s factories. The seventh article “Billboard Advertising” from Wikipedia, describes the options of billboards and their significance. an advertisement could be a giant outside advertising structure, found in places with high traffic like cities, roads, motorways and highways and show giant advertisements aimed toward passing pedestrians and drivers. the varied the varied the assorted styles of billboards embody Bulletins and Posters and also the various forms of billboards comprise ancient Billboards, Mechanical Billboards, Digital Billboards and Mobile Billboards. sign advertisements are designed to catch a person’s attention and build a unforgettable impression terribly quickly, exploit the seers brooding about the advertizing when they need driven past it and therefore, there are typically solely many words, in giant print, and a facetious or impressive image in good color. the position of billboards and their visual and environmental issues and road safety issues also are mentioned. The article conjointly lists the assorted uses of billboards, each industrial and non-commercial. The next article “Out within the Open – Attention Grabbers” describes the assorted outside advertising tools like vehicles mascots, inflatable’s, canopies and tents, magnets, assemblage systems, aerial advertising, phone kiosks, in-store displays, and displays in airports, sports arenas, transit shelters, mobile advertising and street article of furniture. Though billboards are the primary ones that come back to mind, there's plenty a lot 17
  • 18. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 of to the present medium of communication than these giant format visual arresters. The article conjointly brings concerning the importance of digital ink that makes advertisements a lot of vibrant and spirited. the worth addition is Associate in Nursing interview with Vasant Jante, Publisher outside these days, discusses the most recent trends and innovations in outside advertising. The last article within the section “Working the good Outdoors” by Purvita Chatterjee, elaborates that ad agencies have redefined their out-of-home outfits with new technology driven packages, dynamical the face of the medium for his or her purchasers. Ad agencies with OOH operations like gesture (Primesite), Lintas (Aaren Initiative), O&M (Ogilvy Activation) and Madison outside (MOMS) ar incorporating software-led technology packages that are doubtless to more amendment the face of outside advertising within the country, except boosting the business potential of this section. Ogilvy Activation incorporates a set of proprietary designing tools across the activation platforms and, specific to outside, outside analysis with ‘Oscar’ and followed it up with a digital mapping computer code known as OTS (Ogilvy following Study). the long run of out-ofhome solutions gets a facelift with technology and irresponsibleness giving a brand new dimension to the medium. the worth addition, “The facility Boys” by Tanmoy Neog discusses the worldwide ad agencies outsourcing their artistic and production work to Asian nation. Section II: problems and Trends The first article within the second section “Outdoor Activity” by Rohit Viswanath, debates whether or not this spherical of action in outside media can cause growth of advertising at the national level. plenty of the money spent on outside media is on posters, wall paintings and alternative things that don't seem to be calculable on the national advertising state of affairs. Whereas media-buying in Asian nation is consolidated across 9 major media-buying agencies, media possession is shattered across thousands of corporations. Since the trade has been a lot of or less unorganized, it conjointly lacks any style of analysis and there are literally no criteria for getting outside media. the method of consolidation also will produce scale in outside media in Asian nation,which may be wont to raise capital and finance growth that, in turn, will be wont to wear down a number of the endemic issues, like the dearth of lobbying power for outside media house owners. The worth addition, “Television appearance Outdoors” by D Thiyagarajan options the impact of satellite channels on outside advertising. The next article “Electronic crystal rectifier Billboards: The New Voice of Business” by prizefighter M left eyed flounder, talks concerning the dynamical trends in outside hoardings and billboards. Electronic crystal rectifier billboards are economical, demand lesser inventory and supply simple use, compared to the traditional vinyl sign facechanged sign. The article envisages the growing importance of crystal rectifier boards and 18
  • 19. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 their gradual replacement of the traditional billboards, everywhere the planet. The vinyl Janus-faced typical sign is employed a lot of for disapproval and merchandise awareness, whereas the electronic billboards ar a lot of sales-oriented, indicating the purpose of purchase or often dynamical messages relating to value variations. Raina Kumra within the succeeding article “Hijacking the Urban Screen: Trends in outside Advertising and Predictions for the utilization of Video Art and concrete Screens” tries to assess the trends in static outside media and apply the findings towards the long run use of video content within the urban sphere. Except the initial use of the “video billboard” in advertising, the out-of-home advertising is quick responding to vinyl skin with a lot of artistic and interactive execution. the assorted strategies, like guerrilla selling, company support of art comes and events, and alternative PR (public relations) generating activities are gaining momentum towards urban outside video screen advertising. As a lot of and a lot of screens arrive in airports, museums, schools, day care centers, restaurants, retail stores, searching malls, conference centers, company lobbies, grocery stores, medical facilities, hotels and motels, theatres and casinos, the screens ought to gift a various chance to accommodate smart style and showcase innovative design. The case studies (Reuters, Bloomberg) document a number of the primary experiments utilizing video at the urban screen level and show however the press and PR worth of those comes is a lot of useful to the publiciser and also the community than disbursement on ancient advertising. The next article “Surrogate Advertising in Asian nation” by Pratibha Abrol focuses on the assorted styles of surrogate advertising in India. Surrogate advertising has been around ever since somebody set that sure things were in all probability not smart within the interest of the community at giant. the govt. has outrightly prohibited the advertising and packaging of alcohol and tobacco in any form; tobacco and alcohol corporations have foundhow to bypass the ban on advertising by resorting to surrogate advertising so as to stay their complete alive within the minds of shoppers. this text tries to analyze the assorted dimensions of surrogate advertising. The worth addition, “Have Surrogate Advertisements Stopped?” by Subhadip Roy options the laws to curb surrogate advertisements and their implications. The article that follows next is “Government Policies in outside Advertising” by E Naveen Kumar. this text focuses on the govt. policies ordered get into terms of outside advertising. It conjointly talks concerning the assorted restrictions ordered by the govt. on signboard sizes and range of hoardings in major highways and close to airports. The article talks concerning the ban on hoardings in major Indian cities like metropolis and, recently in city, and also the illumination impact and power consumption because of inert gas lights utilized in hoardings and billboards. It conjointly speaks concerning the environmental issue of exploitation non-biodegradable PVC that is employed for printing and also the waste treatment disposal processes. It elaborates on taxation problems and concludes that the trade wants a closely knit restrictive body working at the apex level to rigorously tackle the social problems with visual pollution. 19
  • 20. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 company Experiences The first article within the third section “Entertainment News Asian nation restricted – Times OOH Media” by D Thiyagarajan and E Naveen Kumar, focuses on diversion Network Asian nation Limited’s out-of-home media company known as Times Out-of-Home, that is ideally placed to faucet the utmost potential of the Indian Out-of-Home Advertising trade. Having bagged multi-year contracts for operative Out-of-Home advertising sites within the key markets of urban center and metropolis, Times Out-of-Home Media is already one amongst the most important selling agents, operative the advertising on around (fifteen hundred) bus shelters within the Western and Southern elements of urban center until Gregorian calendar month 2008. In Associate in nursing trade that preponderantly contains static advertising made with typical strategies, Times out Of Home will increase the revenue realization from its sites by by selection introducing innovative technologies and processes like video walls and remote access hoardings managed through communication networks. The article conjointly options the assorted competitors within the OOH trade like Selvel Vantage, Pioneer, Clear Channel Asian nation and Lakshya. The second article “Mudra Communications in OOH Advertising”, discusses the gesture Group’s Out-of-Home communications arm, that has the foremost in depth nationwide network covering over 600 markets and has planned and enforced immense outside, retail assemblage and visual commerce programmes across varied classes. The answerer compares this outside advertising state of affairs with matters that existed many years back. gesture Communications is that the solely company that tracks outside usage by quite four hundred brands across sixteen cities month when month. The answerer speaks concerning the constraints that deter the event of outside advertising state of affairs in Asian nation, except alternative existing government laws. the worth addition, “Mudra Revamp can begin in metropolis” from Business world elucidates Mudra’s plans to revamp its agency in Delhi as a complete disapproval solutions agency. E Naveen Kumar within the next article “Ogilvy & Mather – agency outlined by Devotion Towards Brands”, throws light-weight on the experiences of Ogilvy & Mather in outside Advertising. Ogilvy and Mather (O&M)Asian nation, a subsidiary of WPP cluster is one amongst the world’s leading advertising agencies in Asian nation and also the fifth largest operation in terms of profits, having a presence since 1928 with world revenues of US$4.9 billion with profits amounting to eighteen per cent of the revenues in 2003. the main focus areas of O&M embody Advertising, marketing, PR and research. Ogilvy Activation includes services within the non-traditional space of advertising – Ogilvy Landscapes (Outdoor Advertising), Ogilvy reaching, Ogilvy Live and Ogilvy Signs capes, that in conjunction with the centered services, consolidate offerings to purchasers. It conjointly describes the assorted awards and recognitions of Ogilvy & Mather and also the factors chargeable for their success in outside advertising. It more highlights their thriving campaigns in outside Advertising like Hutch, Cadbury, Brooke Bond Taj Mahal, Centre recent (Perfetti), Fevicol, Amaron, Asian Paints and Tata hunting expedition. 20
  • 21. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 The last article of the section “Amul’s Topical Advertising: Unleashing the ability of Hoardings” by Rajavardhan Palakodeti and Jitesh Nair, throws light-weight on the clever use of topical advertising by Gujarat Co-operative Milk selling Federation (GCMMF) exploitation humour, to come up with higher complete recall. Amul, the mother complete of India’s largest food product organization, the Gujarat Co-operative Milk selling Federation Ltd. (GCMMF), has redefined the method food product are publicized to the individuals. The cooperative has been creating in depth use of hoardings for promoting its flagship complete ‘Amul Butter’ since 1966, and is ready to enter the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest run promotion campaign. The case brings out the utility of hoardings as an efficient selling communications tool for marketers. Finally, this case discusses the principle behind GCMMF’s strategy to introduce the ‘Amul Cheese Boy’ as a complete organism for its Amul cheese complete, despite the recognition of the ‘Amul Butter Girl’. The worth addition is, “Hutch Campaigns in outside Advertising” by E Naveen Kumar describes the success of Hutch’s outside Campaigns, specifically The Boy and also the Dog Campaign. 21
  • 22. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 EMPIRICAL REVIEW2 CONCEPT OF ADVERTISING Advertisement is employed for the promotion of thought and services. Because the growth of the trade is gigantic thus is that the coupled growth of the trade is clear. The expansion of communications plays vital role economic phenomena involving constitutional rights and legal limitations. DEFINITION OF ADVERTISING the word advertising originates from a Latin word advertises, which suggests showing to. The lexicon that means of the term is “to offer public notice or to announce publicly”. Advertising could also be outlined because the method of shopping for sponsor-identified media house or time so as to market a product or a concept. The yank selling Association, Chicago, has outlined advertising as “any type of non personal presentation or promotion of ideas, merchandise or services, by associate known sponsor.” What advertising is? Advertisement may be a mass communication of knowledge supposed to influence consumers to byproduct with a read to maximizing a company’s profits. The elements of advertising are: (i) it's a mass communication reaching an oversized cluster of shoppers. (ii) It makes production potential. (iii) Its non-personal communication, for it's not delivered by associate actual person, neither is it self-addressed to a selected person. (iv)Its an advert communication as a result of its wont to facilitate assure the publiciser of a protracted career with profitable sales. (v) Advertising will be economical, for it reaches giant teams of individuals. This keeps the price per message low. (vi) The communication is speedy, allowing associate publiciser to talk to voluminous consumers in a very matter of a number of hours. (vii) Advertising is known communication. The publiciser signs his name to his advertising for the aim of business enterprise his identity. 2 Mohan M, (1989), Advertising Management: concept and cases, Tata Mc Grawhill, India. 22
  • 23. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 What is enclosed in Advertising? (i) The data in a commercial ought to profit the consumers. It ought to offer them a a lot of satisfactory expenditure of their rupees. (ii) It ought to recommend higher solutions to their issues. (iii) The content of the advertising is inside the management of the publiciser, not the medium. (iv) Advertising while not persuasion is ineffective. The advertising that fails to influence anyone, either directly or within the future, may be a waste of cash. (v) The perform of advertising is to extend the profitable sales volume. That is, advertising expenses shouldn't increase disproportionately. Advertising includes the subsequent styles of messages: The messages carried inNewspapers and magazines; On radio and tv broadcasts; Circular of all types, (whether distributed by mail, by person, thorough tradesmen, or by inserts in packages); Dealerfacilitate materials, Window show and counter – show materials and efforts; Store signs, motion photos used for advertising, Novelties bearing advertising messages and Signature of the publiciser, Label stags and alternative literature related to the merchandise. What is excluded from Advertising? Advertising isn't a particular science. Associate advertiser’s circumstances area unit ne'er identical with those of another; he cannot predict with accuracy what results his future advertising efforts can turn out. (i) Advertising isn't a game, as a result of if advertising is completed properly, each the client and therefore the trafficker like it. (ii) Advertising isn't a toy. publiciser cannot afford to play with advertising. Advertising funds return from sales revenue and should be wont to increase sales revenue. (iii) Advertisements aren't designed to deceive. The will and hope for repeat sales insures a high degree of honesty in advertising. The activities excluded from advertising are: The providing of premiums to stimulate the sale of products; The use of exhibitions and demonstrations at fairs, show and conventions; The use of samples and activities, involving news releases and therefore the activities of personal commercialism forces; 23
  • 24. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 The payment of advertising allowances that aren't used for advertising; The amusement of shoppers Advertising Objectives3 Each advertising may be a specific communication that has got to be effective, not only for one client, except for several target consumers. This suggests that specific objectives ought to be set for every explicit advertising campaign. Advertising may be a type of promotion and sort of a promotion; the objectives of advertising ought to be specific. This needs that the target shoppers ought to be specifically known which the impact that advertising is meant to own upon the patron ought to be clearly indicated. The objectives of advertising were historically explicit in terms of direct sales. Now, it's to look at advertising as having communication objectives that request to tell persuade and prompt potential customers of the price of the merchandise. Advertising seeks to condition the patron so he/she might have a good reaction to the promotional message. Advertising objectives function tips for the design and implementation of the complete advertising program. The basic objectives of associate advertising program could also be listed as below: (i) To stimulate sales amongst gift, former and future shoppers. It involves a call concerning the media, e.g., TV instead of print. (ii) To speak with shoppers. This involves call concerning copy ; (iii) to retain the loyalty of gift and former shoppers. Advertising could also be wont to reassure consumers that they need created the simplest purchase, therefore building loyalty to the name or the firm eighteen. (iv) to extend support. Advertising impliedly bolsters the morale of the sales department and of distributors, wholesalers, and retailers; it therefore contributes to enthusiasts and confidence perspective within the structure. : (v) To project a picture. Advertising is employed to market associate overall image of respect and trust for a company. This message is aimed not solely at shoppers, however conjointly at the govt., shareholders, and therefore the general 3 Mohan M, (1989), Advertising Management: concept and cases, Tata Mc Grawhill, India. 24
  • 25. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 OUTDOOR ADVERTISING OR OUT-OF-HOME ADVERTISING OVERVIEW4 Out-of-home advertising (or out of doors advertising) is actually any kind of advertising that reaches the patron whereas he or she is outside the house. This is often in distinction with broadcast print and net advertising. Out of home advertising, therefore, is targeted on selling to shoppers after they area unit "on the go" publicly places, in transit, waiting (such as in a very medical office), and/or in specific industrial locations (such as in a very retail venue). Out of doors advertising formats represent four main categories: billboards, street article of furniture, transit, and various. Billboard advertising may be a ancient out of home advertising format, however there has been important growth in digital out of home advertising (billboards and place-based networks) in recent years; for instance, about 1,500 digital hoarding displays are put in within the us alone. Traditional margin billboards remain the predominant type of out of doors advertising within the U.S. with sixty six p.c of total annual revenue. Today, hoarding revenue is seventy three p.c native ads, eighteen p.c national ads, and nine p.c public service ads. Street article of furniture is created of formats like bus shelters, news racks, mall kiosks, and kiosk advertising. This type of outside advertising is especially seen in urban centers. in addition, this type of advertising provides edges to communities, as street article of furniture firms area unit usually chargeable for building and maintaining the shelters folks use whereas anticipating the bus. Transit advertising is usually advertising placed on something that moves, like buses, subway advertising, truck side, and taxis, however conjointly includes fastened static and electronic advertising at train and bus stations and platforms. airdrome advertising, that helps businesses address associate audience whereas traveling, is additionally enclosed during this class. Municipalities usually settle for this type of advertising, because it provides revenue to town and port authorities. Finally, various advertising includes ads in stadiums, on gas pumps, bike racks, rest areas, and alternative non-traditional formats. Various advertising provides the simplest way to deal with shoppers in places they will not expect. The out of doors trade includes quite two, 10,000 operators in fifty countries representing the four major out of doors format classes. These out of doors media firms vary from public, international media firms to tiny, freelance, family-owned businesses. 4 Mohan M, (1989), Advertising Management: concept and cases, Tata Mc Grawhill, India. 25
  • 26. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 FACTOR EFFECTING OUT-OF-HOME ADVERTISING 1. Fashionable urban lifestyles 2. Technological advancements 3. Boom within the land and infrastructure 4. Malls 5. Buildings 6. Flyovers 7. Toll roads 8. railroad trains 9. Rise in consumerism 10. client awareness 11. Purchase choices 12. shopping for power 13. Growth in rural market 14. Saturation of alternative medias IMPORTANCE OF ADVERTISMENT Generally, advertising may be a comparatively affordable methodology of conveyance of title commercialism messages to various prospective customers. It will secure leads for salesmen and middlemen by convincing readers to request a lot of data and by distinctive shops handling the merchandise. It will force middlemen to stock the merchandise by building client interest. It will facilitate train dealers salesmen in product uses and applications. It will build dealer and client confidence within the company and its product by building familiarity. Advertising is to stimulate market demand. Where as typically advertising alone might reach achieving purchaser acceptance, preference, or maybe demand for the merchandise, it's rarely only relied upon. Advertising is expeditiously used with a minimum of one alternative sales methodology, like personalcommercialism or point-of-purchase show, to directly move customers to purchasing action. Advertising has become progressively vital to business enterprises –both giant and little. Outlay on advertising definitely is that the voucher. Nonbusiness enterprises have conjointly recognized the importance of advertising. The try by army accomplishment is bases on a considerable crusade, stressing the benefits of a military career. The health department popularizes birth control through advertising Labour organizations have conjointly used advertising to create their viewpoints familiar to the general public at giant. Advertising assumes real economic importance too. Advertising methods that increase the quantity of units oversubscribed stimulate economies within the 26
  • 27. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 production method. The assembly value per unit of output is lowered . It successively ends up in lower costs. Lower client costs then enable these products to become out there to a lot of folks. Similarly, the value of newspapers, skilled sports, radio and television programmes, and therefore the like can be preventative while not advertising. In short, advertising pays for several of the pleasant amusement and academic aspects of latest life. Advertising has become a crucial think about the campaigns to attain such societal-oriented objectives like the ending of smoking, birth control, shape, and therefore the elimination of habit. although in Bharat, advertising was accepted as a potent and recognized means that of promotion solely twenty five years past, its growing productive capability and output necessitates the finding of shoppers and advertising plays a crucial role during this method. Advertising helps to extend mass selling whereas serving to the patron to decide on from amongst the range of product offered for his choice. In India, advertising as a profession is in its infancy. Due to this reality, there's an amazing scope for development so it's going to be fruitfully used for the good thing about producers, traders, consumers, and therefore the country’s economy. 27
  • 28. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 OUTDOOR ADVERTISING 5 Any advertising done outdoors that publicizes your business's product and services. out of doors advertising includes numerous kinds of promotional displays, from road billboards to transit posters and arena placement, all geared towards communication a message to the general public. The message can be to shop for a product, take a visit, vote for a political candidate, or offer to a charity. It would even be a public service announcement. per the out of doors Advertising Association of America, Inc. (OAAA), businesses spent $5.8 billion greenbacks on out of doors advertising in 2004, a figure expected to rise IMPACT OF ADVERTISING Advertising has a crucial impact on a country’s economy, society, culture, and form of government. This is often very true within the us wherever the advertising trade plays such a outstanding role. 1. Economic Impact most economists believe that advertising incorporates a positive impact on the economy as a result of it stimulates demand for product and services, strengthening the economy by promoting the sale of products and services. Makers understand that advertising will facilitate sell a replacement product quickly, facultative them to recoup the prices of developing new product. By stimulating the event of latest product, advertising helps increase competition. Several economists believe that redoubled competition ends up in lower costs, thereby benefiting shoppers and therefore the economy as an entire. These economists conjointly argue that by fascinating shoppers in getting merchandise, advertising allows makers et al. to sell their product in larger quantities. The redoubled volume of sales allows firms to supply individual units at lower prices and so, sell them at a cheaper price. Advertising therefore edges shoppers by serving to lower costs. Alternative economists, however, believe that advertising is wasteful. They argue that the price of advertising adds to the price of products which most advertising merely encourages shoppers to shop for one whole instead of another. per this read, advertising merely moves sales from one company to a different, instead of increasing sales overall and thereby benefiting the economy as an entire. 2. Social Impact Advertising will have wide-ranging repercussions on a society. Some critics recommend that advertising promotes a materialistic means of life by leading folks to believe that happiness is achieved by getting product. They argue that advertising creates a client culture within 5 Mohan M, (1989), Advertising Management: concept and cases, Tata Mc Grawhill, India. 28
  • 29. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 which shopping for exciting new product becomes the muse of the society's values, pleasures, and goals. Other critics’ specific concern over the means advertising has affected girls and racial minority teams. Ads within the Fifties delineate girls primarily as decoration or sex objects. Though voluminous girls worked outside the house within the Sixties, ads continued to specialize in their role as homemakers. Whether or not as a result of the cause or to women's increasing economic power, once the Sixties it became a lot of common to ascertain girls delineate in skilled roles. However, several ads these days still emphasize a woman’s physiological propertsocialy. The means advertising has delineate racial minorities has conjointly been harmful. before 1960, African Americans were sometimes shown in a very subordinate position. as a result of the influence of the civil rights movement, however, advertisers by the Eighties had begun to depict African Americans as students, professionals, or business folks. However, many African yank organizations and community activists still object to the means that alcohol and tobacco firms have apparently targeted low-income minority communities with an important preponderance of outside advertising for his or her product. As ads have begun to a lot of absolutely replicate the lives of ladies and African Americans within the us, increasing attention has been paid to the means within which advertising shows alternative ethnic teams, together with Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, And japanese Europeans. there's still goodish discussion over however advertising influences public perception of gender and of explicit ethnic teams. Advertising incorporates a major social impact by serving to sustain mass communications media and creating them comparatively cheap, if not free, to the general public. Newspapers, magazines, radio, and broadcast TV all receive their primary financial gain from advertising. while not advertising, several of those styles of mass communication may not exist to the extent that they are doing these days, or they could be significantly dearer, supply less selection, or maybe be subject to government management through subsidies. In-depth news programs, a diversity of magazines and free amusement may not be wide out there. At an equivalent time, however, some critics warn that as a result of advertising plays such a serious economic role, it's going to exercise undue influence on the fourth estate and thereby curtail the free flow of knowledge in a very free society. Reporters and editors, for instance, could also be hesitant to develop a newspaper article that criticizes a serious publiciser. As a result, society may not be alerted to harmful or doubtless harmful conduct by the publiciser. Most members of the fourth estate deny that pressure from associate publiciser prevents them from following news stories involving that publiciser, however some members of the media acknowledge that they could not be inclined to research a difficulty sharply if it vulnerable to 29
  • 30. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 offend a serious publiciser. Advertisers might have an effect on media programming in alternative ways in which, too, critics charge. For instance, firms that sponsor TV programs like comparatively wholesome, uncontroversial programming to avoid violative a mass audience. This preference causes TV networks to emphasize this sort of programming. The result's that society could also be denied the advantages of having the ability to look at difficult or extremely original amusement programs or news programs on moot problems. as a result of advertisers area unit particularly curious about attracting the eighteen to thirty four year olds World Health Organization account for many shoppers payment, tv shows area unit usually developed with this audience in mind. If the ratings show that a program isn't attracting giant audiences, significantly among eighteen to thirty four year olds, advertisers usually withdraw support, that causes a program to be canceled. As a result, shows that area unit a lot of possible to interest and to be of import to older audiences aren't made. The impact of tv on young youngsters has eceived abundant attention. Analysis suggests that youngsters see tv advertising as simply another type of programming and react uncritically to its messages, that makes them particularly susceptible to advertising. There is conjointly concern concerning the means within which adolescent women answer advertising that options stunning, skinny models. analysis indicates that several adolescent women area unit unduly influenced by this normal of beauty, become disgruntled with their own bodies, and will develop ingestion disorders in pursuit of a skinny figure. New analysis suggests that adolescent boys also are being influenced by advertising pictures of bulked-up, buffed bodies. As a result, several become disgruntled with their own body image, devote giant amounts of your time to muscle building, and will even take medicine that have harmful facet effects so as to develop a lot of muscle. Those over the age of sixty area unit thought to be less influenced by advertising, however some senior folks not method messages as simply as younger folks, creating them a lot of prone to questionable advertising claims. 3. Political Impact Advertising is currently a serious part of political campaigns and so incorporates a huge influence on the democratic method itself. In 1998 quite $467 million was spent on election campaigns within the us. that quantity of paying placed political advertising within the ranks of the country’s thirty leading advertisers that year. Political advertising may be a comparatively new development in U.S. history. Advertising professionals didn't get entangled in electoral campaigns till the Fifties. however since then, political advertising has mature in sophistication and complexness. 30
  • 31. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 Political advertising allows candidates to convey their positions on vital problems and to acquaint voters with their accomplishments and personalities. tv advertising is particularly effective for will didates running for national orbroad workplace as a result of it can reach such a big amount of folks right away. Candidates may also use advertising to reply effectively to the costs of their opponents. Various campaign finance reform proposals, however, have tried to deal with the impact of tv advertising on political electioneering. due to the high value of tv ads, the prices of political campaigns have skyrocketed, creating it necessary for candidates to boost cash frequently, even once they need been electoral to workplace. Critics say this issue jeopardizes the democratic method by creating electoral officers obligated to moneyedcontributors and by creating it a lot of possible that solely the rich can endure workplace. Some reform proposals have needed free air time, however tv and radio networks have resisted this idea. Critics of political advertising conjointly charge that the 30-second tv spot has become a lot of vital to a political campaign than a radical discussion of the problems. As a result, voters area unit bombarded with image advertising instead of being conversant in the candidate’s positions. They contend that this apply is harmful to smart government. problems area unit simplified, and candidates area unit “packaged and sold” very similar to a client product, thereby distorting the political method. 4. Cultural Impact Advertising will have an effect on cultural values. Some advertising messages, for instance, encourage aggressive individualism, which can clash with the standard cultural values of a rustic wherever the collective or cluster is stressed over the individual or humility or modesty is most popular to aggressiveness. With the economic process of the planet economy, multinational firms usually use an equivalent advertising to sell to shoppers round the world. Some critics argue that advertising messages area unit therefore serving to to interrupt down distinct cultural variations and ancient values, inflicting the planet to become progressively homogeneous . Many advertising campaigns, however, have universal charm, preponderating cultural variations, or they contribute to culture in a very positive means. Humor in advertising has created several ad campaigns widestandard, in some cases achieving the standing of lore or taking over new life in another arena. 31
  • 32. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 DIGITAL OUT-OF-HOME (OOH) Digital out-of-home refers to dynamic media distributed across placed-based networks in venues together with, however not restricted to: cafes, bars, restaurants, health clubs, colleges, arenas, gas stations, and public areas. DOOH networks generally feature severally available screens, kiosks, jukeboxes. DOOH media edges location homeowners and advertisers alike in having the ability to interact customers and/or audiences and extend the reach and effectiveness of selling messages. it's conjointly brought up as Digital assemblage. The overall trade grew quite fifteen p.c last year (2010) to $2.1 billion, per Saint Patrick Quinn, business executive and founding father of PQ Media, a Connecticutbased analysis and business firm. Quinn same service station tv is one amongst the biggest and quickest growing segments of that class, based mostly partially on its verifiable audience. With digital TVs in gas stations, nearly fifty two million customers are becoming snippets of weather, sports highlights, celebrity gossip and commercials with their gas monthly, per Nielsen. The weekly reach is truly larger than most of the prime-time TV shows. the biggest company within the house is service station TV with twenty seven.5 million monthly viewers at quite one,100 stations across the U.S., per Nielsen. additionally to the big variety of viewers, the audience profile of TVs at gas stations is exclusive. one hundred pc area unit drivers. seventy six p.c area unit adults from age 18-49 with a median age of forty and Median HHI $70k+. per the Nielsen Intercept Studies, eighty nine p.c of the shoppers area unit engaged and looking TV at the service station and eighty eight p.c love looking each time they fuel as a result of they need nothing else to try and do. The reason that this class is growing thus speedily is as a result of busy folks area unit generally busy reception and with the introduction and acceptance of digital video recorders, it's diluted the frequency with that ancient tv commercials area unit viewed. a day a lot of TV viewers area unit skipping past commercials with their DVRs that successively has created out-of-home advertising all the a lot of appealing. A Nielsen media analysis study in 2009 showed that ninety one p.c of DVR homeowners skipped commercials. As a result, ancient TV advertisers area unit hungry for an efficient substitute, and digital out-of-home ads seem to be one amongst the solutions. DOOH conjointly includes complete screens, kiosks, and interactive media found publicly places. the provision of cheap LCD screens with inherent media players has opened the door for firms to feature interactive video messages in purpose of Purchase (POP) Displays. The displays enable shoppers to urge further data at the instant of call on a product or service. Growth within the DOOH trade has been increasing in 2009, with a lot of POP makers, advertisers, and content developers moving to digital. 32
  • 33. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 NON DIGITAL OUT-OF-HOME (OOH) Non-digital out-of-home refers to alternative kinds of media distributed across physical areas. These are: Airship Advertising - associate dirigible will give one amongst the physically largest out-ofhome advertising platforms. 6 Billboard Advertising- Bulletin billboards area unit sometimes placed in extremely visible, significant traffic areas like expressways, primary arteries, and major intersections. With extended periods of high visibility, hoarding advertisements give advertisers with important impact on commuters. 7 6 7 33
  • 34. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 Bus advertising - Firmly establish whole awareness and generate fast recall with position exposure close to purpose of purchase locations. 8 Commuter rail show - Reaches a captive audience of up market community commuters. in addition, reaches lunch-time patrons, shoppers and business professionals. 9 8 9 34
  • 35. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 ComPark advertising - ComPark may be a device used for parking lot advertising; that is placed onto the parallel lines of a bay and is ready to achieve instant exposure from motorists that have simply pose their vehicle. The ComPark conjointly is a guide to help automobilist in adhering to the parking bay size. 10 Lamppost banner advertising - Lamp columns area unit sited all over, permitting advertisers and events to use banners to focus on precise geographical locations and build large promotional awareness. 11 10 11 35
  • 36. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 Mobile hoarding - Mobile billboards supply an excellent degree of flexibility to advertisers. These advertisements will target specific routes, venue or events, or will be wont to bring home the bacon market saturation. A special version is that the expansive hoarding which may stand free nearly all over. This product may also be used for out of doors pic nights.12 Poster - Target native audiences with these billboards, that area unit extremely visible to vehicle traffic and area unit ideal for the introduction of latest products/services. Marketers use posters to attain advertising objectives and increase whole awareness by putting multiple units in strategic locations whereas lowering the price per thousand impressions. 13 12 13 36
  • 37. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 Premier sq. - Bright high and bottom illumination on a premiere panel give additional impact once dark. 14 Street advertising - the employment of pavements and street article of furniture to make media house for brands to urge their message onto the road in a very efficient approach. 15 14 15 37
  • 38. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 Taxi advertising - Taxi advertising permits advertisers to spotlight their product, whether or not whole awareness, or a targeted message, on to areas wherever folks work, shop, and play. 16 Wallscape - Wallscapes area unit connected to buildings and area unit ready to accommodate a large sort of uncommon shapes and sizes. These hoarding advertisements area unit visible from a distance and supply tremendous impact in major railroad areas. 17 16 17 38
  • 39. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 THE GROWING TREND OF OUTDOOR ADVERTISING IN INDIA The growing trend of outside advertising is felt in Indian advertising agencies. most numbers of advertising agencies like Out of Home Advertising campaigns to market their brands. With the introduction of assorted practices of outside advertising like airdrome advertising, mall advertising, railroad advertising etc, out of doors advertising has gained a chic impetus amongst the opposite modes of brand name promotion. The dynamical face of contemporary advertising additional garners the adoption out of doors advertising strategies as another re-discovered and refurbished mode of brand name promotion. what is more, the introduction of digital technology in out of doors advertising provides whole homeowners a spanking new technique to market their brands through wealthy media. in a very new age of advertising, the importance of outside ads unendingly grew amongst the whole homeowners. Billboard advertisings area unit ne'er an equivalent in fashionable out of doors ads. With digital induction, digitalized billboards have replaced ancient billboards. What’s placing concerning fashionable billboards is that the ad content and image will be remotely emended. So, advertisers bid farewell to re-working upon advertisements of brands that need minute or major modification. Digital billboards conjointly give attention grasping look to customers (which additional deliver the whole message effectively. One more major good thing about advanced tools and techniques of OOH advertising is that advertisers will save an excellent quantity of your time, cash and energy. not like ancient tools of outside advertising that need complete re-work or modification of copy and image, fashionable out of doors tools of advertising give hassle-free means that of launching a promotion campaign inside a brief quantity of your time. The growing trend of outside advertising clearly reflects however Bharat has advanced in whole advertising measures and strategies. Uncalled-for to say the non-stop discovery of assorted alternative tools and avenues of advertising by consultants, the longer term of outside and residential based mostly advertising looks remunerative and promising. Cheers to each publiciser and whole owner! Always within the property right An outdoor advertising show is often within the property right. folks cannot switch if off or throw it out. Audiences area unit exposed to the whole message while not even their own notice. whereas visiting a mall or cinema theatre, whereas driving on the road or boarding a flight at the airdrome, the whole message is often within the property right that creates its simply accessible for purchasers. 39
  • 40. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 GROWING-MULTIPLE AVENUES Outdoor Advertising avenues keep increasing. Earlier out of doors advertising practices were restricted to hoarding ads, poster ads and wall paintings. Today, there area unit numerous avenues of outside advertising. a number of the avenues of outside advertising embrace mall advertising, airdrome advertising, hoarding advertising and railroad advertising. airdrome Advertising and mall advertising area unit 2 quick growing avenues of brand name promotion through OOH media. A captured audience An outdoor advertising show simply attracts customers due to its glitzy options. Most of the out of doors ad displays conjointly keep within the same place for a month or a lot of that makes it simply accessible to customers. the ever present presence of brand name message let alone simple visibility makes it without delay accessible by customers World Health Organization encounter it. An excellent adjunct with alternative advertising media It has conjointly been noted that an outside crusade is a wonderful adjunct with alternative means that of advertising. With digital revolution, one will convey an equivalent whole message in several formats. One may also build an outside ad show out there through videos or photos. It depends plenty on the publiciser on that tricks and techniques he adopts to advertise his product among customers. Ability ought to be the most ingredient for any kind of crusade. a clever cause of a whole indeed provides wealthy impact on customers’ mind. 40
  • 41. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 WHY OUT OF HOME MEDIA? Outdoor media has the potential to achieve large cluster of shoppers through one ad. out of doors ads area unit exposed publicly for purchasers to access and gather whole data. The shopping for habit of shoppers is wide influenced through out of doors media. the rationale is easy. each section of shoppers moves outdoors for private and skilled reasons. Providing valuable whole data to all or any these customers, out of doors media of advertising is taken into account one amongst the foremost effective means that of promotion product. another excuse that supports the usage of outside media for whole promotion is that, it's a a lot of interactive medium to market brands. particularly with the introduction of assorted new age tools, out of doors whole promotion has created its footholds. Airdrome advertising, railroad advertising, mall advertising- of these solely adopt the newest out of doors media for whole promotion. With the introduction of brand name new tools of outside advertising, out of doors ads aren't an equivalent any longer. principally digitalized, fashionable out of doors ads at the moment recreate the magic of promoting brands through richer media. Outdoor ads can invariably be fashionable mutually of the effective means that of brand name promotion. The rising numbers of railroad stations, looking malls, airports etc within the country as an entire, additionalinvite the eye of assorted advertisers to change to out of doors advertising Bharat. The day doesn’t appear so much once out of doors promotion tools can rule the terribly essence of brand name advertising. With a ne'erending technological growth, advertisers pry to create and find out more tools and devices of brand name promotion through out of doors mode. For those that new step in out of doors advertising, a lot of excellent news and innovations area unit on the means. 41
  • 42. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 OOH Ads Last Long Yes, it’s true that OOH ads last long. associate OOH ad will be displayed for optimum variety of days, weeks and even months. There isn’t any time restraint for OOH Ads. As per the promotional demand of the whole, an advertis displayed for a protracted amount of your time. However, for promotional activities that target specific target teams for a selected sale or discount of a whole, the ad is displayed just for a precise amount of your time. On a general norm, the prepared convenience of brand name message for a most amount of your time is one amongst the explanations that have created OOH advertising associate in-demand mode of promotion. Bright and Vivid area unit the ways in which of outside Ads What differentiates out of doors advertising from alternative ads is its bright and vivid ways in which. Associate OOH ad simply grasps onlookers’ attention through its enticing style and duplicate. Besides, the quantity of ability utilized in out of doors advertising is sans any comparison. Since, it's difficult to catch the passing attention of customers; ability may be a necessary input to launch an outside crusade. the color schemes and usage of words also are fastidiously chosen so as to produce a fast and lasting impression on customers. OOH Media is Interactive and diverting With the digital revolution, OOH media isn't solely interactive however diverting in nature. In short, fashionable OOH ads area unit a lot of of documentary i.e. informative and diverting at an equivalent time. 42
  • 43. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 STREET ART18 Street art is art, specifically visual art, developed publicly areas — that's, "in the streets" — although the term sometimes refers to unofficial art, as opposition government sponsored initiatives. The term will embrace ancient graffiti design, sculpture, stencil graffiti, sticker art, wheat pasting and street poster art, video projection, art intervention, guerrilla art, and street installations. Typically, the term street art or the alot of specific post-graffiti is employed to differentiate modern public-space design from territorial graffiti, vandalism, and company art. Artists have challenged art by situating it in non-art contexts. ‘Street’ artists don't aim to vary the definition of associate design, however rather to question the prevailing surroundings with its own language. They plan to have their work communicate with everyday folks concerning socially relevant themes in ways in which area unit privy by esthetic values while not being confined by them. John Fekner defines street art as "all art on the road that’s not graffiti". 18 Schwartzman, Allan, Street Art, The Dial Press, Doubleday & Co., New York, NY 1985 ISBN 0-385-19950-3 43
  • 44. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 HOW STREET ART MADE?19 Whereas ancient graffiti artists have primarily used free-hand aerosol paints to supply their works, "street art" encompasses several alternative media and techniques, including: semiconductor diode art, mosaic coating, murals, stencil art, sticker art, "Lock On" street sculptures, street installations, pasting, wood, video projection, and yarn bombing. New media styles of graffiti, like projection onto giant town buildings, area unit associate increasingly progressively more and a lot of standard tool for street artists—and the provision of low cost hardware and computer code permits street artists to become more competitive with company advertisements. very similar to open supply computer code, artists area unit ready to produce art for the general public realm from their personal computers, equally making things for free of charge that vie with moneyed firms creating things for profit. Traditional graffiti conjointly has progressively been adopted as a way for advertising; its mechanical phenomenon has even in some cases semiconductor diode its artists to figure on contract as graphic artists for companies. yet, street art may be a label usually adopted by artists World Health Organization would like to stay their work independent and powerfully political. Street artists area unit those whose work remains for the most part relinquished official approval publicly areas. For these reasons street art is typically is usually is typically thought-about "post-graffiti" and sometimes even "neo-graffiti." Street art can be are usually will be is may be found round the world and street artists often trip alternative countries foreign to them so that they will unfold their styles. 19 For the development of style in the aerosol paint medium, as well as an examination of the political, cultural, and social commentary of its artists, see the anthropological history of New York subway graffiti art, Getting Up: Subway Graffiti in New York, by Craig Castleman, a student of Margaret Mead, The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1982. 44
  • 45. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 A BREIF HISTORY OF STREET ART/ GRAFFITI 20 Graffiti will be something from easy scratch marks, to writings in pen, or giant wall murals with paint. Graffiti has existed since the dawn of your time because the cavemen painted photos of animals, battles and themselves on the walls of their homes within the caves of continent and Europe. Graffiti will be found within the ruins of ancient Balkan country and preserved within the ruins of city. proof of random writings on walls of structures that back between the first century before Christ to fourth century AD are found in what's currently modern-day Syrian Arab Republic, Jordan and Iraq. These writings were on topics of faith, politics, and romance. Some cartoon like drawings resembling folks have conjointly been found. The Romans wrote graffiti on walls and monuments and these writings have given an excellent deal of insight into life in these history. From the Mayans in Guatemala to the Vikings of Scandinavia, the troopers of Napoleon to the pioneers on the Oregon path, all of them left their mark on their routes of travel forever conserving their accomplishments and lifestyles for the longer term civilizations of the planet to ascertain. Modern day graffiti is commonly seen as an oversized a part of the Hip Hop culture that started within the U.S. within the late 1960's and early 1970's. Graffiti is seen mutually of the four parts of Hip Hop, in conjunction with break dance, emceeing and djing. Where as graffiti isn't distinctive to hip hop culture, several rock music band like flag were celebrated for having their names stenciled everywhere walls in big apple town, l. a. and London within the 1970's and 80's, movies like Wild vogue have created graffiti substitutable with hip hop culture. Modern day graffiti as we all know it started in big apple town. Graffiti. Artists selected names, or "tags", that were short, easy, and will be written quickly. several early taggers selected names that described what a part of town they came from. Such was the case for Taki 183, from 183rd street in Washington Heights, Manhattan. Taki 183 is attributable as being the primary tagger in big apple town. Taki was a foot courier and being on the subway, he place his name on the trains and streets throughout his travels across town. A 1971 big apple Times article titled "Taki 183 Spawns Pen Pals" was concerning the growing variety of individuals World Health Organization, like Taki, selected to mark their territory with names like keep High 149, Phase 2, Florida keys 161 and Joe 182. Tags quickly became a lot of elaborate as writers tried to create their letters stand out from others. Competition grew as "getting up" became the foremost vital factor a author might do. The a lot of places you labelled, the a lot of folks saw your name, the a lot of celebrated you became. Tags shortly gave thanks to "bombing" or covering a whole wall or door or 20 45
  • 46. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 any space with tags. In 1972 associate creator called Super Kool 223 is familiar is understood is thought to make the primary masterpiece or "piece" because it would be known. The piece was quite simply a tag, it enclosed an overview, a fill in, shadows, and effects of clouds, sparkles or shapes round the outside or within the letters. The piece was color and took for much longer to make, but it had been far more visible therefore giving the creator far more exposure. Artists would burgled the train yards wherever the big apple town Metropolitan Transit Authority pose their subways and canopy the train cars with elaborate items. this is often wherever bombing is claimed to own been formed because the sometimes unguarded trains would shortly become rolling exhibits of artist's work that will be flaunted to voluminous folks because the trains rolled through the city's subway stations. this is often conjointly wherever the employment of paint became a requirement for artists World Health Organization would do "whole cars" and "top to bottoms" covering the complete train cars with their name. The new goal for a author was to own his or her work go "all city" and be seen all told 5 boroughs of latest dynasty town. In 1979 pleasing 5 Freddy, a rapper, and Lee Quinones, a graffiti creator, had their works displayed at a gallery gap in Rome. Lee displayed many alternative works of art by each himself and alternative celebrated big apple town graffiti artists. This was the primary thought exposure that Europe had gotten to the new kind. England had its own underground graffiti scene that principally done by punk rockers and their fans in London, however the remainder of Europe had seen little or no of this rising movement that was taking big apple town and therefore the remainder of the U.S. by storm. Tags and items shortly became common sights in cities like London, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome and Oslo. During the 1980's with the graffiti movement fully swing, the govt. began to stifling on illegitimate tagging and bombing. The crack epidemic had created the streets far more dangerous and graffiti was seen as a nuisance. The Metropolitan Transit Authority in big apple town began 46
  • 47. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 STREET ART IN INDIA21 Street Art has invariably been associate intrinsic a part of Indian society. the first man used it as a type of basic cognitive process or mapping. The Harappans, Mauryans, Cholas, Guptas, Pallavas etc. used it either to portray human interaction with landscape or for preaching functions. it's presently being employed as a medium for social awareness, advertising, change of state and private recreation. but it's gone unmarked for hundreds of yearsas a result of lack of only 1 ingredient i.e. ‘a definite purpose’. the notice created among the extremely educated youth has been very important within the resurfacing of street art as a revolutionary development within the twenty first century. There area unit numerous styles of street art that area unit presently flourishing in Bharat. First there's a standard type that involves painting on non-public or belongings with a brush. Typical examples area unit advertisements of commodity on walls of cities and cities and scenes from mythology painted on walls. Next comes stencil art within which a homespun stencil with desired style is employed for printing impressive patterns.this type is practiced primarily in rural areas for embellishing the walls of the ‘kuccha’ homes. Next in line area unit stickers. Posters area unit glued on walls for dissemination of knowledge or propagation of vital messages. These area unit used for promotion of election candidates by political parties or for informing voters concerning events like pulse poliomyelitis day, strikes etc. Mosaic art involves creation of enormous pictures on walls or ceilings by aggregation smaller items even as in a very puzzle. several public places in Delhi were adorned during this manner before the CWG 2010. Graffiti is a lot of of a western thought that has entered the Indian scene with the appearance of economic process. Urban youth, armed with airbrushes spray out their emotions on walls. Haus Khaz and therefore the subways of Connaught Place area unit the hubs of this kind within the capital. One recently rising type is 3D art. Such pictures seem completely different completely different once viewed from different angles. These pictures area unit being progressively wont to unfold awareness among the agricultural folks because the latter area unit simply fascinated by this distinctive kind. In Indian culture, the great and therefore the dangerous operate synchronously. Street art is not any totally different. there's a awfully skinny line that separates artisanship and devilment. Street art has season associate inner voice to the general public to specific their anger and frustration against the govt. and therefore the social evils. several unskilled artists have gotten a platform to nurture their hidden talent, some have even got employment. it's side a recent vibrance to the boring and dingy streets of the many villages, cities and cities. what is more it's become the quickest mode of public 21 47
  • 48. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 communication. Trust me, it’s even quicker than facebook as a result of your net affiliation will desert you however the road can stay because it is! But we have a tendency to should understand that there area unit people that area unit misusing this freedom of expression to the utmost degree. within monuments, lovers inscribe their names on walls. Piers of flyovers and walls of subways area unit seen adorned with abuses or alternative disparaging statements. Politicians area unit ne'er so much behind once it involves malpractice. The areas that might are used for noble causes area unit jam-packed with portraits of their smiling faces. Such acts of rudeness and atrocity dilute the essence of street art. the rationale why Indian street art is much from the top. yet there's invariably scope for improvement. The day once each national realizes that street art is all concerning being ‘meaningful’ and not ‘beautiful’ Bharat can have won gold during this field furthermore. Street art in Bharat is incredibly totally different from the relatives within the U.S.. throughout my recent trip through the sub-continent I saw various murals particularly within the town of Varanasi. Some were new and recent whereas others were quite previous and showed years price of damage and tear. The a lot of I saw, the larger my queries grew concerning the lineage of the imaging. a number of the more modern works appeared to are influenced by modern yank artists like Shepard fairey. but Fairey, like several yank and European Street artists using the notion of “mash-up culture”, borrow heavily from several sources. together with ancient non secular art, particularly Hindu works. Radiating lines emanating from the subject’s head, vivid colours, geometric shapes, animal imaging, halos and incorporated text all have robust roots in Hindu art and predate modern street art, and however I still don’t assume all of the imaging I saw in Bharat was directly someone from their ancient non secular work. It appeared as if a number of it had more matured a cultural (western) filter and came out on the opposite finish slightly changed. 22 So, for any liberal arts geeks out there I raise, is honest to mention that ancient Hindu art had a larg influence on western street art, however through globalism, that western street art has return around to influence the artists operating in Bharat these days. to clean their train cars completely, creating it nearly pointless to try and do any kind of graffiti on them since the general public would ne'er see the items. Authorities actively seeked graffiti artists, guarding areas that were a lot of at risk of graffiti and redoubled penalties for those caught writing. several graffiti artists but, selected to require the changes as a challenge instead of a reason to prevent. Bombing within the subways gave thanks to aggressive bombing within the streets by persist writers like BG 183, Blade, Dondi, Cope2 and Skeme. Several artists found that obtaining up in their own 22 48
  • 49. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 neighborhoods would lead them to be caught easier so that they traveled to alternative areas of town to put in writing. Through the late 1980's and early 90's the graffiti movement unfold like conflagration each nationwide and worldwide. In l. a. , Mexican yank muralists incorporated graffiti into their design, manufacturing a number ofthe foremost intense street art within the country. Street gangs in Chicago, Dallas and lots of alternative cities nationwide use graffiti to mark territory and threaten rival gang members. In Europe and Asia wherever hip hop culture had become even as huge as within the U.S., graffiti artists were bombing the trains and walls of nearly each major town. Today, graffiti is changing into a lot of of associate accepted kind in many ways. whereas stronger laws and more practical cleansing strategies have created it tougher than ever to urge up lately, associate underground scene still thrives round the U.S., furthermore because the remainder of the planet. Graffiti is on show within the borough depository of Art, wherever writers from the 70's and 80's like Futura 2000, Lady Pink, Crash and Daze area unit featured. Designers like brandy Ecko and PNB Nation use graffiti in their logos and on their consumer goods lines. And legal murals will be found in several center neighborhoods. In big apple town the TATS Cru has murals everywhere town in memory of deceased celebrated folks like ill-famed huge, Big Pun, Tito Puente Diana and Theresa. Graffiti is most quite associate illegitimate type of art. Graffiti has become a crucial a part of popular culture, and a well revered type of art. 49
  • 50. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 FORMS OF STREET ART Whenever you hear or listen concerning street art then suddenly 1st assume that is comes in your mind is concerning graffiti or painting on the road. Here is such a big amount of kinds of street art that artists use inputting in their inventive plan or although on the road via painting or graffiti. Traditional- Painting on the surfaces of public or personalty that's visible to the general public, usually with a will of paint or roll-on paint. it's going to be comprised of simply easy words (commonly the writer’s name) or be a lot of clever and elaborate, covering a surface with a mural image. 23 23 50
  • 51. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 Stencil- Painting with the employment of a home stencil, sometimes a paper or cardboard cutout, to make a picture which will be simply reproduced. the specified style is cut out of a specific medium, and therefore the image is transferred to a surface through the employment of paint or roll-on paint.24 Sticker- (aka sticker bombing, slap tagging, and sticker tagging) Propagates a picture or message publicly areas exploitation homespun stickers. These stickers usually promote a political agenda, treat a policy or issue, or comprise associate avant-garde art campaign. Sticker art is taken into account a subcategory of post modernist art. 25 24 25 51
  • 52. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 Mosaic- Mosaic is that the art of making pictures with associate assemblage of smaller elements or items, to match one big piece of art.26 Video Projection- Digitally projected a computer-manipulated image onto a surface via a lightweight and projection system. 26 52
  • 53. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 Street installation- Street installations area unit a growing trend inside the ‘street art’ movement. Whereas typical street art and graffiti is completed on surfaces or walls, ‘street installations’ use 3-D objects and house to interfere with the urban surroundings. Like graffiti, it's non-permission based mostly and once the thing or sculpture input in it's left there by the creator. 27 27 53
  • 54. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 Wood blocking- design painted on atiny low portion of plyboard or similar cheap material and connected to street signs with bolts. usually the bolts area unit bent at the rear to forestall removal. it's become a type of graffiti wont to cowl a symbol, poster, or any piece of advertising that stands or hangs. 28 Yarn bombing- Yarn Bombing may be a kind of street art that employs colorful displays of unwoven or crocheted material instead of paint or chalk. The apply is believed to own originated within the U.S. with American state knitters attempting to search out a clever thanks to use their leftover and unfinished knitting comes, however has Since unfold worldwide. Where as alternative styles of graffiti could also be communicatory, decorative, territorial, socio-political comment, advertising or devilment, yarn bombing is nearly solely concerning change of state and ability. 28 54
  • 55. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 Flash mobbing- an oversized cluster of individuals World Health Organization assemble suddenly in a very public place, perform associate uncommon action for a quick time, so quickly disperse. The term flash mob is mostly applied solely to gatherings organized via telecommunications, social networking, and infective agent emails. The term is mostly not applied to events organized by PR companies or as message stunts. this may even be thought-about mass public performance art. 29 29 55
  • 56. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISING The visualization has become the central resource for communication and appropriating that means inside this urban surroundings. ―The reason why visualization has return to dominate the divinity of existence, the metropolitan culture is that the landscape scale within which folks reasserts their sense of identity by the organizing and manipulation of frameworks.‖ (Chaney, 1996, p.102) ―The interpretation of this reality became alive through pictures and these visual representations became one amongst the foremost important establishments of socialization in fashionable society‖ (Jhally, 1990). The processes in city-life increase the notice of fashion and therefore would like of consumption inside a repertoire, that is distinctive to individual preferences. we will discover the ways in which of representations of visual signs, material objects and therefore the specific language for the development of a picture between the self and therefore the society. As we have a tendency to work with street art and advertisements on the road, we have a tendency to wished to urge some ideas concerning each of them and their relationships. we have a tendency to showed photos of our examples if we have a tendency to weren't ready to see them with our informants; then asked for his or her feelings, and ideas. For the link between these 2, all of them united on there being a affiliation between street art and advertisements. However, they gave totally different explanations for his or her affiliation In addition to the visual relationship between street art and out of doors ads, there's conjointly a social science affiliation. each of those have totally different identities. As we have a tendency to wish to explore the difficult points between them, we have a tendency to couldn't ignore the impact of the creation of ―other‖ from their own views. As we have a tendency to mention in our theoretical half, in relation to Jacques Derrida, each of them gain their meanings from one another. From street art perspective, advertisements became the opposite and from ads perspective is contrariwise. this example may be a backbone of our power relation analysis for this project as we have a tendency to had an opportunity to travel and back between these 2 visual mechanisms of expression, and find out the difficult points of taken- for- granted definitions. As in our case, street art is accepted as another vision of art and advertisements area unit the illustration of middle class. But, in our project, the foremost vital supply for U.S. is that the personal thoughts of voters of urban center so as to search out absolute answers to the question ―what area unit common and difficult problems with the link between them? through our informants sentences. “There may be a robust relationship between street art and advertisements. As I same before, stencils area unit used for close media tool by advertising agencies.” (Woman, 25) 56
  • 57. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 “Street art and advertisements area unit mingling. Advertising agencies began to use graffiti that addresses youth.” (Man, 27) “Advertisements that use street art offer ME the sense of living-streets. They adapt to the natural structure of life itself. they're from within our lives.” (Woman, 35) “Using street art in advertisements may be a smart plan to lend associate air of realism, as a result of it's terribly obvious that they're written by a human-being, by one amongst U.S..” (Woman, 36) “I assume street art is far a lot of sincere and acquainted as a result of it's secluded from the institutional. At an equivalent time, it's an ideal field to be exploited by advertising agencies until they consume it. And day-by-day, as street art grows up, advertising agencies begin to use it. once street art starts to lose its sincerity, ads that use street art still be deceptive. At the tip of this story, the primary user of street art in ads are going to be the winner similar to all the opposite innovations.” (Woman, 36) “Street art is a personal activity; however advertising is supported by the system as associate institutional type. They each use inventive ideas however they can't be rivals.” (Man, 27) “Using street art in ads feels like a laborious job. sadly, it feels like artificial reality, the ads area unit attending to beat the sincerity of street art. this is often terribly dangerous; I decision them „dangerous team‟.” (Man, 25) The advertising imaging is thus made inside the environment that we have a tendency to area unit invariably Janus-faced with its visual clues. This specific communication strategy, the advertising, has become abundant favored during this era, as a result of the visual materials convey the message a lot of simply and quickly to folks. conjointly it's simple to recollect mutually of our informants same that ―the visuality decreases the importance of the content.‖ (Man, 26) we have a tendency to targeted on people‘s everyday experiences on the streets. At this stage; the advertisements and therefore the street art area unit our 2 headliners to get the economy of the perceived. Also, the link between these 2 points is incredibly crucial that in what ways in which and the way they have an effect on one another. for locating these questions‘ answers, we have a tendency to most popular to see two totally different cases. One may be a native whole, Alpella, that's one amongst the sub-brands of Ulker, and therefore the alternative may be a well-known world whole, Vodafone. we have a tendency to used their campaigns‘ visuals to urge people‘s feelings or thoughts concerning them. When we walked on the Istiklal Avenue to search out some street art and advertising that uses street art, we have a tendency to chance on with Vodafone store on the road that incorporates a white-spray-writing on its window: ―Özgürce Konuşmak Hakkımız‖ (it is our right to speak freely). It looks like somebody doodled it on the window in person, whereas passing Then we have a tendency to researched this advertising campaign for Cep Özgür (free-mobile), and discovered its target cluster is folks beneath twenty-five. we have a tendency to talked 57
  • 58. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 with the worker within this store, as a result of there's no alternative application like that on alternative Vodafone stores‘ windows in Turkey. they need done this solely on the shop on delhi Avenue. that's not a coincidence; they selected it as a result of delhi Avenue is that the most vital place to achieve teens, and therefore the simplest place to use this sort of fashion. Then we have a tendency to chance on alternative street-artist advertising from Vodafone, now on billboards and that they are place in many alternative neighborhoods of urban center. On the official billboard-advertisement of Vodafone‘s Cep Özgür campaign, there area unit black scribbles as if somebody crossed out the first-written-words (one of them: yeni cepözgürle twenty dakikası two kontöre konuş - speak twentyminutes per two – prepaid minutes-units with new free-mobile tariff) and adjusted them per their desires, that is cheaper (talk the maximum amount as you would like per two paid minutes-units with freemobile tariff). Now, they give the impression of being like somebody has protested the costs and therefore the campaign, thenaltered these written-prices with their own boardmarkers. However, in reality, the ad agency wrote these additions on the billboards themselves. Moreover, they recorded the method of individuals writing with their black markers on billboards and exploit from policemen. They then printed these videos like to point out some unknown folks dynamical the initial text. 58
  • 59. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 FUTURE ASSUMPTION CONCERNING STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISING30 The future seldom seems as foreseen. the rationale is that almost all predictions area unit driven by an equivalent typical knowledge that drives the daily accord around U.S., and area unit sometimes supported the large, simply noticed observations just like the unfold of the world economy. however as you dig deeper, you see a world swarming with lesser-known, harder-to-spot developments that actually area unit the tiny forces which will drive tomorrow‘s huge changes (Penn, 2007, p.368). Street art incorporates a distinctive ability to speak with the lives of everyday folks. Street art is transportation thought inventive thought into life and therefore the reality of thought life into art. 30 59
  • 60. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 EMPIRICAL MATERIALS AND ANALYSIS Methodological Approach: In my thesis, the study tool is a qualitative approach with its focus on aspects of the interrelationship between the street art andoutdoor advertisements. After an initial 2-month period of fieldwork in Delhi and NCR(Gurgaon,GreaterNoida,Faridabad) (February 2013March 2013), a methodology employing a combination of qualitative survey techniques, specifically content analysis, focus group and personal interviews (narrative analysis), was devised. ―Qualitative surveying can be limited by the time required to prepare and undertake the study. It also relies on participants‘honesty, and raises contentious issues of miscommunication and ambiguity of meaning, particularly in a cross-Street Art and Outdoor Advertisements ,how they interpret by this cultural setting such as this study. It is important to keep in mind that an interview emphasizes personal experiences, which are affected and constructed by a person‘s habits, and interpretation of the researcher and the informant. We should be aware of these personal narratives in what kind of discourses and what kind of – already constructed- language and meanings, and of course the way of interpretations and the interpreters. Researchers might still need to offer multiple readings of particular words and phrases and silence. Meaning-making is used by everyone as far as possible under already constructed language. To overcome this to some extent ―Altheide recommends that the researcher be as close as possible to the setting where the research is being undertaken.‖ (Butcher, 2003, p.37) As the geographical area of research Delhi and NCR as I am from Delhi; I have studied and lived in Delhi. I am familiar with the city‘s dynamics so, I had a chance to step back from the normalization process of its unique living conditions and to study the very normal seeming things which form a major part of my thesis.. Another reason is that Delhi is an important city for discovering the changes and the developments in terms of culture, society, economy as well as politics in India. Metaphorically, Delhi can be accepted as the heart of India with its heterogeneity which gave me an ample opportunity to discover the life, culture, factors affecting its speed and to study the changes minutely. “According to Harvey (1989), ―space can express a multiplicity of qualities; it is socially constructed, and distinctive modes of production or social organization will display distinguishing spatial practices and concepts”.‖ (p. 203) As I live in Delhi, I have adequate information about the field. I organized our own city maps through checking the possible places that i could find street art and ads. I knew where to look to find examples of street art and advertisements, which can be seen as both positive and negative effects for my research. As the first impressions about the street art and advertisements in Delhi is important. As Haniff (1985) mentions inside rness and being native‘are difficult concepts to define because there is so little distance‘ between the researcher and the researched‖ (Labaree, 2002, p.102). So, i chose to talk with foreign and local tourists to get their new-born views about our subjects. I claim that advertisements started to use street art as a method to attract their target group which is youth as popular as street art gets. Since the main topics Street Art and Outdoor 60
  • 61. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 Advertisements are street art and outdoor advertisements, considered that the visualization has become the central resource for communicating and appropriating meaning within the urban environment. According to this view, New Delhi, a metropolitan center, is one of the most changing and expanding areas for street art and outdoor advertisements. We preferred to use different methods for our research during the project: (participant) observation, walk-and-talk, individual and group interview methods. We have done 15 individual, 6 group, and 27 walk-talk interviews. Focus group and personal narratives provided the primary materials that allowed for an analysis of identity noting points of value sharing and attenuation, that is, elements of continuity and discontinuity; and pointed to correlations between the street art and advertisements.I kept an internship diary because every time we were in the field,I discovered new things about my subject; street art and outdoor advertisements. Hence, I took notes about my observations, future appointments, places that i discovered and general thoughts for my interviews before analyzing them.I arranged appointments with the informants; from municipalities, advertising agencies, and the people made contacts through the personal networking. While reaching people, I used snow-balling technique to find them. First, we prepared a questionnaire for our individual and group interviews, within the subheadings of the city and the street; the street art; advertisements; the relationships between street art and advertisements; the future of these two subjects and we showed some pictures to get their impressions about our specific cases: Vodafone and Airtel ads. I changed some parts of our interview questions for our walk-and-talk interviews to adapt them to the speed of the street. During the interviews, i gave general information about our research before the interviews. I informed them about how we would use their testimony or for whom we prepared this project and the details of our subject. As for the subcategories of the fieldwork, the supportive elements are pictures and literature analysis. Indeed, the literature analysis is very crucial to understand the background of the street art and advertisements; and to form our critical point of view through theories like about the everyday life practices, cultural, sub-cultural analysis and consumption. I started to do our literature review at the end of January, 2013 with my previous internship project that was about the street art and outdoor advertisement for Wiseassist in Gurgaon Since literature reviewing is important to compare the theoretical views and the practical elements that was found on the street, and still continuing to review to catch the lately news about street art and outdoor advertisements besides the theoretical analysis. I searched material for my research work from amity the university library and the thesis already published were a great help to accumulate the data and to do the comparative study.I took around 500 pictures including graffiti, tags, (mainly) stencils and outdoor advertisements and when I used to travel from highways I used to take pictures of these advertisements that formed a part of my collection . I used two different cameras because I wanted to discover how far I can catch the same and different materials from two different points of views. I had both chances to observe and ponder upon the the different aspects of street art and outdoor advertisement as the travelled both in car ,metro and occasionaly walked on pedestrian walkway(a pedestrian street). The final method of the fieldwork that was used is the auto-ethnography for both in the process of observation and the analysis of the findings from the pictures and the interviews. It 61
  • 62. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 was important to be outside to have a point of view through the observations.I was also affected by the relation between people and the visual materials. Hence, it was impossible for me to be unaffected by the research and i, became conscious of myself as an auto ethnographic source. Street art andoutdoor advertisement are integrated into our lives through symbolic meanings. I had a chance to analyze my own views and how they are shaped according to the experiences and changes in our daily practices. I created different folders for 2 different streets and also sub-folders for each day that when working in the field. Besides, we checked the websites like street art blogs or daily updated virtual galleries; moreover, the websites that I found on the street as stencils; the web-pages of the advertising agencies, the brands‘ pages and advertisement blogs. When I was on the streets with the informants and people who helped me converse with people: During the 4-week-fieldwork-period, i walked on two chosen streets of delhi as per the requirement of my presence at that place whether I was on some field trip or normal shopping with my mother;. I gained many different experiences in our two specific locations. Firstly, specifically, I wanted to consider what happened during the field research. What are the changes, surprising points what we observed in the posh shopping complex and other places that I visited . It became part of my everyday life where i go to meet with my friends, follow artistic events like exhibitions, concerts or workshops. For being there, i do not need to have a reason. This is a double sided situation. It is an advantage to discover our visual materials, communicate with people and also notice the changes during 2 months but on the other hand it is a challenging situation as we have a risk to take details, interesting points for granted as we are highly familiar to them and we are used to see them. All the time, i questioned myself, as to whether pictures and observations are necessary for the project or not. To overcome this obstacle, i tried to enrich my point of view with local and foreign tourists‘ insights in this area. For instance, there is a café in South delhi called Urban whose outside area is full of stencils. As I was used to go there, I did not even remember that this place could be helpful for our thesis. When one of our informants, during the interview, mentioned that he did not take the pictures of these stencils because he thought that they are used by this café as tools for advertising;i realized that i had missed this place because of our familiarity. It is important to go different areas of the city as much as possible because each time that I was in the field, it added new examples to the folders or noticed important details that i missed. The answers to some questions like: Do outdoor advertisements differ according to the characteristics of places or does street art become part of the alternative ways of life (here, as many people accept that Delhi is the house of all kind of alternative lifestyles)? For the first question, the answer is yes. The outdoor examples in Delhi have a different profile than Chandigarh(I visited this place for the interview ,and simultaneously took noted in my folder about the culture and outdoor advertisement in this city,the perspective and the feedback I got from people,I happened to meet on this trip). They refer to luxury products, different food experiences, upper class brands like Lacoste or Starbucks as the upper town modern thing(much to my amazement as I personally find these outlets very normal,or maybe the significance of this is not that new and exciting for my habituated self). Butads mostly focus 62
  • 63. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 on the communication tools, technological innovations or jeans. For this question,I was not really surprised about the findings but for the second one, and discovered that street art is also present in this avenue too in addition to the starbucks they have used the graffiti and street art significantly for their op case outdoor ads. Interviews: In addition to our visual examples, in Delhi, it is harder to do walk- talk interviews.I felt an invisible distance between people and meas a researchers who walk on the street. That‘s why; iprefer to do observation rather than interviews in certain location where I was looked as an alien trying to intrude people. We follow people‘s reactions towards to 2 big graffiti examples. These ads are aimed at drivers, not walkers. Even though this street is not as crowded many people do not even look at them. They draw the attention of children, all of whom touch them. But during our individual and group interviews, these 2 examples became really popular. In their minds, they challenged the constructed image of the place as it is isolated from all kind of ―against‖ issues in the society. As one of informants told us the artist of this one, he wants to shake people and awaken them to look and see what is going on in Turkey and in the world. He wants people on street to orient to think and question something. In some places, it was easier than corporate house of city to stop people and ask questions even if people look always to be in a hurry(as I did this with the various colleges ,university students). For the walk-talks, an important point is that many of the informants wanted to talk to me. They quizzed me to find out what i did, why i took their pictures( which I didn’t knew my self ,as inquired by one German couple), if I was student and so on. These were crucial experiences for me because I had a chance to observe their reactions( sometimes it was worth talking to them, and many instances of getting sore faces did dampened my mood and effected my confidence, sometimes I was ridiculed too). They shared their opinions before discovering my, purpose in being there. Two Italian tourists started to talk with me when they saw that I had waited for them to take a picture of graffiti on the street near starbucks. Their comment about the graffiti of this: “They are part of the mysterious image of this street. You cannot expect what will happen in 2 seconds.Ido not understand the language but the feeling that I got is enough. We smile!” Employees of parking places were curious about why I took pictures, or waiters in Cheenos asked us what i interpreted from these stencils or graffiti. In general, my conversations started spontaneously. Ialso overheard what people said to each other about street art and outdoor advertisements. For instance, I spent hours in front of Vodafone shop (to get the port done and to get a new connection ,and I found overhearing people so interesting that I nearly forgot my specific errand and jumped in their conversation) specifically. I tried to catch observers‘ first reactions. Interestingly, even though Vodafone‘s ad focuses on young people, mostly old 63
  • 64. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 people looked at the window and foreign tourists talked about it. People above middle age did not understand that it was just a campaign‘s advertisement and tourists were curious about the meaning of this ―p message. Finally, at the end of my research I gave my own subjective views(which I am enjoying a lot after a lot of hard work to complete the task). After all I am also a resident of Delhi and to make the real meaning out of this so simple and used to concept which I never focused on ,I really had the time of my life finding the motive and initiation ,work history of the work ,in the end it was worth pondering too!!!! 64
  • 65. STREET ART AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT 2013 CONCLUSION:Creativity and technology are two biggest assets of modern outdoor advertising practices. Digital Billboards, backlit transits- all these have replaced conventional outdoor advertise in India thereby providing rich impact on target groups about the advertised brands. Creativity is also on full swing in contemporary methodology in the field of outdoor advertisement. A blend of creativity and technology provides an appealing look to audiences about the brand that helps brand owners easily position their brands in the market. Out of the box concepts of brand communication and matching designs are richly exhibited through technologically enriched modes of outdoor advertisement. The mall advertising, airport advertising metro advertising ,bus shelter advertising etc. are few avenues of modern out of home promotion practices. LCD, LED, Digital Signal, Billboards, Electronic Kiosks, Wall Wraps etc. are few tools used in modern outdoor advertising campaigns. Over the last few years, airport and mall advertising practices have evolved as two popular practices of outdoor promotion. Offering a posh location for brand promotion, airport and mall media provide exclusive brand experience to onlookers through rich media ad. This medium of outdoor advertising is not only beneficial to advertisers but also to communities since street furniture companies, who use public platforms for advertising, are often the ones responsible for building and maintaining the shelters people use while waiting. During the research work of this thesis I came across various forms of street art and the modes of outdoor advertisement in different places the and the mentality of people ,the work that is being done and given to the promotion ,the areas to choose to put a particular ad, the crowd looking and responding to that is seen as an important factor. Modern brand owners adopt and implement vigorous approaches of brand promotion. The passion and exuberance of modern OOH Advertisers are clearly reflected through the various brand ads. Brand advertising at present is all about displaying limitless creativity through rich and effective mediums of brand communication. Also proven as the best medium of influencing the buying behavior of target customers, modern outdoor advertising tools have changed the entire facet of brand promotion. Thus the outdoor advertising and the medias used are crucial in defining the importance of the work for the promotion .The concept used to attract customers is crucial as it it would decide the global outlook of the particular brand involved in the effects that it would have. 65
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