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Greetings from Triti Manpower Services!!!!

Triti Manpower Services is a leading executive search firm based in Delhi. We are pleased to announce that we are going to start our new vertical of temporary and contract staffing (One stop shop) for our esteemed clients.

We offer services in temporary and contract staffing, outsourcing, permanent recruitment and bulk manpower recruitment across India.

Please find attached our (temporary and contract staffing) HIRE TO RETIRE service proposal for your persual.

Our core strength areas are:-

1. Recruitment and Selections.

2. On-Boarding

3. Structured Payment – Timely and Error free.

4. Accurate and timely Payroll services

5. Mode of Payment – Bank transfer, Cheque / DD’s and Cash Cards.

6. Statutory Compliance.

7. Training and Development

8. Single point of contact.

Finally we would like to associate with you for business opportunity, looking forward for your positive response.

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Triti manpower proposal

  1. 1. • Permanent Recruitment • Temporary Staffing • Contract Staffing & Adminstration • Payroll Management • Training & Learning Staffing Solutions Better Solution for Temporary Staffing
  2. 2. COMPANY PROFILE Founded in 2010, we are a premiere India–based organization specializing in the provision of human capital resource solutions. We offer services in temporary and contract recruitment, outsourcing, permanent recruitment and bulk manpower recruitment across India. TRITI Manpower Services has been diversifying into new markets, and will focus on delivering skilled professionals in the area of BPO, KPO, LPO, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Technology, Energy, Hospitality, and Telecom.
  3. 3. To emerge as a most reliable human resource organization in Quality workforce solutions & Services anchored on the values of:  Knowledge  People  Transparency  Diversity
  4. 4. TRITI Manpower Range of Services Services Bulk /Campus Recruitment Permanent Recruitment Temporary & Contract Staffing Payroll Management Training & Learning
  5. 5. Bulk BPO Recruitment- Clients
  6. 6. Temporary / Contract Staffing Need for Staffing… People are the most powerful assets of a company and the ability to choose the right people is most strategic for any company today. Companies across the globe lay critical emphasis on their human resources and in the process, newer methods have evolved to enable them to get the right people for the right job at the right time. Some of the underlying reasons that have made companies opt for temporary / contract staffing:  Need to contain headcount  Seasonal increase in business,  Need to lower employment costs and  Demand for niche skill sets The Staffing Solutions division of TRITI Manpower Services is a reliable provider of end to end solutions in temporary staffing. With Temporary / Contract Staffing service, TRITI Manpower supplies the Client with Talented, skilled, efficient and productive employees who understand the value of performing high quality work.
  7. 7. Our Business Lines Triti Manpower Staffing Solutions Industrial StaffingOffice Staffing Other Corporates Staffing General Professional Payroll Management Services Low – end Permanent Recruitment Training IT / HR / ADMIN Staffing etc…. Value Added Services Associates TRITI Manpower Clients Permanent Staff
  8. 8. Recruitment Capability Profiles: HR, Admin, Finance, Office Services, Customer Support- Voice & Non Voice, Technical Engineers – Voice & Non Voice, MIS, Sales, Finance, Data Entry etc.. Scope of Work : Sourcing, Hiring, induction, payroll, administration, employee care, transition management, exit formalities etc…
  9. 9. Staffing Cycle @ TRITI Manpower
  10. 10. Engagement Call with Hiring Manager Talent Assessment Candidate Sourcing  Reviewing the job requirements  Understanding department structure and culture  Setting timing and communications protocols  Reviewing recruiting strategies  Building a specific sourcing plan to maximize all available sourcing channels  Executing the sourcing plan to identify prospective candidates  Using various prescreening responses or assessment results to assess candidate Behavioral Based In-depth Interview  Obtaining an accurate measure of past performance  Determining if the candidate possesses the desired characteristics / soft skills Candidate Submissions  Submitting candidates who have passed the assessment and interview steps Full recruiting process life cycleRecruiting process life Cycle @ TRITI Manpower
  11. 11. Client Interview Scheduling Activities Offer/Contract Management Activities References/Verifications  Managing scheduling and communication activities between the candidate and the hiring manager.  Obtaining scheduling preferences & assisting in developing and coordinating interview teams.  Confirmation of work history provided by candidate.  Independent assessment of prior work performance.  Preparing of the written LOI/ Offer Letter or Contract document.  Handling verbal extension of the offer / contract.  Any negotiation activities. On-boarding activities  New Hire Paperwork Recruiting process life Cycle @ TRITI Manpower
  12. 12.  Basic documentation  ESIC form if applicable  PF transfer/new account  ID Proof  Address proof  Photo ID/Driver License Heavy Vehicle  Background Check  Character Certificate From Police Station  Medical Insurance Form ON BOARDING
  13. 13. Analyze training needs (Discipline) Drive training programs Preparation of monthly training schedules Circulate to all stake holders post approval Arrange venue and spearhead for successful participation.  Post training analysis on participant & assessment Customize program as per requirement TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT
  14. 14. Salary transfer in bank accounts or cash card account On time payroll All statutory compliance adhered Pay slip Full transparency 180 rotation cycle on paper. PAYROLLING
  15. 15.  Monthly payroll processing Payroll Processing  Tax Computation  Bank Advice Statement  Customized Monthly Payroll  Full & Final Settlement processing  Query Management (Email / Telephone)  Quarterly and Year-end Tax processing (Form 16, Form 24) Year-End Investment Proof verification  Generate statutory and MIS reports PAYROLL: Scope of Work
  16. 16. PAYROLL: Statutory Administration I. Provident Fund  Preparation and Remittance of PF challans  Preparation and filing of monthly returns  Preparation and filing of Annual Returns  Verification and submission of the filled up Nomination forms  Transfer forms and Withdrawal forms received from employees II. Professional Tax  Preparation of Form 5 and Remittance. III. Employee State Insurance  Preparation of ESI Challan and Remittance  Preparation and filing of half yearly ESI returns  Filing of ESI declaration forms of the employees with ESI
  17. 17. Transition Process  Services Scope & Contract Signup  Identification of Gaps  Draw-up of Standard Operating Procedures (Sops)  Joinees / Resignees Attendance, Reimbursement Tax & Loan Payroll & Reimbursement Processing, Update Tax Declarations  Leave records & Master Data, Pay Slip, Pay Sheet, Bank Advice Statement, Statutory & other Customized reports
  18. 18. Payroll Cycle – 21st – 20th Attendance inputs – 21st Invoice submission – 25th Payment of Invoice – 30th Salary payout – 1st PAYROLL CYCLE
  19. 19. PF and ESI Codes FORM I Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act, 1971 List Of Registers Minimum Wages Act, 1948 Payment Of Wages Act, 1936 PF & ESI Returns PF (15th of every Month) Monthly Returns (24th of every month) ESI (Half Yearly) Apr-Sept, Oct-Mar Annual Returns (26th April) Muster Rolls Wages Deductions Overtime Fines Advances Wage Slip COMPLIANCES
  20. 20. Applicable Laws  Shops and Establishment Acts  Factories Act 1948  Contract Labor ( regulation & abolition ) Act 1970  Industrial Disputes Act 1947  Employee State Insurance Act 1948 (Currently has 29 ESIC Sub Codes , targeting 100code’s in the next)  Payment of Wages Act 1936  Minimum Wages Act 1948  Payment of Bonus Act 1965  Employee Pension Scheme 1995  Workman’s Compensation Act 1923  Payment of Gratuity Act 1972  The Employees Provident Fund Act 1952
  21. 21. Why TRITI Manpower  Structured Induction  Salary Payment – Timely and Error Free  Accurate and timely Payroll services  Mode of Payment  Bank Transfer  Cheque / DD’s  Cash Cards  Statutory Compliance  Single Point of contact for queries.
  22. 22. Commercial: Term & Conditions Service Charges 8 – 12% of total CTC depending upon the contract signup negotiation.
  23. 23. Thank you