Eclipse IDU GE3 for Mobile Backhaul


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The Eclipse IDU GE3 is a smaller, faster, smarter indoor unit for mobile backhaul applications.

The IDU GE3 enables the deployment of cost-effective wireless tail-end cell-site connections and standalone point to point links.

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  • Introducing the new, ultra-compact indoor unit (IDU) that combines the very latest Carrier Ethernet networking and advanced radio features for hybrid TDM/Ethernet or all-Ethernet/IP wireless transmission.
  • The IDU GE3 extends Eclipse Packet Node Carrier Ethernet features in a new optimized package for last mile, tail-end cell-site or simple link applications.
  • In excess of 450 Mbit/s data throughput for Ethernet/IP transport, supported by Adaptive Modulation and Coding
  • It is the most compact IDU for full Carrier Ethernet
  • All together, the IDU GE3 is ‘Smarter”, “faster” and “smaller”  For tail end, last mile cell site links in a new optimized, ultra-compact package.
  • Carrier Ethernet functionality at-a-glance Key: 6 ports vs 4 for others this is big, so you don’t have to add a second switch box to get more ports. Key: Greater than 450 Mbit/s for Ethernet/IP transport in single RF channel Key: Jumbo Frame size: Same number for DAC GE3, IDU GE3 and WTM 3000.  10,000 bytes
  • Carrier Ethernet functionality at-a-glance Synch options - whichever approach that you might pick…EDS stands for Eclipse Distributed Sync High level of QoS Support with 8 Priority Queues, Port based, VLAN based IPv4, IPv6 and MPLS traffic prioritization options, and egress level traffic shaping Have protection as well – both RWPR and Ethernet ring protection
  • Full Carrier Ethernet functionality – just like available from the DAC GE3 – supported by a dedicated GigE Ethernet switch Synchronization options simplifies network expansion and 4G migration Becauseit is built on the Eclipse Packet Node platform, it can interoperate with PN for GigE , TDM and hybrid mixed mode-transport for 4G backhaul.
  • ACM delivers a more cost effective solution at several levels: Higher capacity in the same RF channel, smaller antenna because of better system gain, longer reach with better system gain First time 256 QAM is in a cost effective design for use at tail-end links.
  • With 6 ports, nodal connections are easily accommodated, up to 6 various GigE switches or routers, cell site gateways and Eclipse INUs. Also the Protection port, for 1+1, will not consume one of these ports
  • Greater than 450 Mbit/s for Ethernet/IP transport 454 Mbit/s for Ethernet/IP transportIDU delivers the maximum data capacity possible in the RF channel – able to truly “max out your RF channel”
  • Smaller AND more cost effective at several levels – Can be deployed in many more places, places with limited space, places previously not large enough for a Carrier Ethernet IDU Saves on the cost of power generation and cooling Even with the protected configuration, where two units can be stacked one right on top of another, the total rack space needed is just 1 RU.
  • Field-ready to be deployed with all of the Eclipse RF units in production.
  • Used as a stand alone, simple high capacity link, or interoperate with the Eclipse INU/INUe in the same link. The IDU GE3 can be deployed in the same link – IRU to IRU, ODU to ODU – with INU/INUe fitted with RAC60/DACGE3 and DAC 16x.
  • Compared to the competition, the IDU GE3 outclasses the competition: Adaptive Modulation Schemes to 256 QAM - 4x increase in spectrum efficiency High Density ports – never available before on any radio in the market Six GigE ports - 4x1000BT, 2x SFP (along with 16 x E1/T1 ports) Versatile Carrier Ethernet synchronization optionsSyncE, 1588v2 and Eclipse Distributed Sync (EDS) Ethernet Protection: RWPR, ITU-T G.8032 Ring Protection Management: Portal, Provision, HTML (SNMPv2), Ethernet OAM, and Strong Security (management and payload)
  • Summary: Greaterthan 450 Mbit/s Ethernet/IP transport Carrier-class Ethernet features, for tail-end cell site connections and standalone point-to-point links New optimized package delivers cost savings at several levels Adaptive Modulation Schemes to 256 QAM - 4x increase in spectrum efficiency Versatile Carrier Ethernet synchronization optionsSyncE, 1588v2 and Eclipse Distributed Sync (EDS) High Density ports for fewer connection issues Six GigE ports - 4x1000BT, 2x SFP Ethernet Protection: RWPR, ITU-T G.8032 Ring Protection Management: Portal, Provision, HTML (SNMPv2), Ethernet OAM, and Strong Security (management and payload)
  • Eclipse IDU GE3 for Mobile Backhaul

    1. 1. Eclipse™idu ge3 16X Product introduction<br />FEBRUARY 2011<br />
    2. 2. smarter<br />Full Carrier class Ethernet <br />for tail-end cell site links<br />
    3. 3. faster<br />Greater than 450 Mbit/s <br />Ethernet/IP transport<br />
    4. 4. smaller<br />Most compact Carrier Ethernet <br />indoor unit in production<br />4<br />
    5. 5. Eclipse IDU GE3 16x <br />smarter<br />faster<br />smaller<br />Advanced wireless backhaul with Carrier-class Ethernet<br />for tail-end cell site links in an ultra-compact package. <br />
    6. 6. 1<br />Embedded Carrier-class Gigabit Ethernet Switch<br />6<br />Gigabit Ethernet Ports<br />450<br />Mbit/s Ethernet/IP transport<br />10,000<br /> byte Jumbo frame size<br />
    7. 7. 1588v2, SyncE, EDS<br />Synchronization<br />Options<br />Strict, DWRR, Hybrid <br />Traffic Shaping<br />RWPR, G.8032<br />Carrier Ethernet Protection<br />7<br />5<br />Types of Traffic Prioritization<br />8<br />QoS priority queues<br />
    8. 8. Carrier Ethernet Intelligence<br />8<br />smarter<br />Unmatched performance: Dedicated Gigabit Ethernet switch<br />More than just a smart pipe: Carrier Ethernet Transport management<br />Field-ready for 4G Mobile Ethernet backhaul<br />AVIAT NETWORKS | February 2011<br />
    9. 9. Adaptive Modulation and Coding<br />9<br />smarter<br />Higher Capacity<br />Longer Reach<br />Smaller antenna<br />256 QAM ACM in a cost-effective package for optimized backhaul cost and performance<br />AVIAT NETWORKS | February 2011<br />
    10. 10. High Density Ports<br />10<br />smarter<br />4x GigE ports<br />2x SFP ports<br />16x E1/T1 ports<br />Simplifies GigE interconnects<br />Reduces cost for extension GigE switches, router<br />Smarter ports: SFP ports support singlemode, multimode, electrical<br />AVIAT NETWORKS | February 2011<br />
    11. 11. Max out your RF Channel<br />11<br />faster<br />Maximum possible throughput in a single RF channel<br />454 Mbit/s all-Ethernet/IP transport<br />AVIAT NETWORKS | February 2011<br />
    12. 12. 12<br />Not just Smaller, but more Cost Effective<br />smaller<br />Ultra-compact 1/2 Rack Unit height<br /><ul><li> Ideally suited for deployments with limited space
    13. 13. Saves costs for low power and less cooling
    14. 14. Protected configurations only 1 RU height</li></ul>AVIAT NETWORKS | February 2011<br />
    15. 15. Compatible with Eclipse ODUs/IRU <br />13<br />AVIAT NETWORKS | February 2011<br />
    16. 16. Compatible with Eclipse Packet Node<br />14<br />Field-ready to deploy with all Eclipse INU and ODU/IRUs<br />AVIAT NETWORKS | February 2011<br />
    17. 17. 15<br />Leaving the Competition Behind<br /><ul><li>ACM up to 256 QAM
    18. 18. High port density - 6 Gigabit Ethernet ports
    19. 19. Carrier Ethernet synchronization options
    20. 20. Ethernet Protection: RWPR, G.8032 Ring
    21. 21. Ethernet OAM and Strong Security</li></ul>AVIAT NETWORKS | February 2011<br />
    22. 22. IDU GE3 has the edge<br />High Capacity with ACM<br />Carrier Ethernet for Tail End links <br />New cost-savings, optimized package<br />
    23. 23.<br />