PR STUFF<br />
When setting a grommet, the collar size must match the punch size?(True/False)<br />
TRUE<br />
When using a grommet set to install a grommet, what should you use to strike the punch?<br />
Rawhide Mallet<br />
What is the most common type fastener used on clothing?<br />
Glove Fastener<br />
Which of the following type fasteners would you use if you needed extra security?<br />
Three way locking<br />
Three-way locking snaps are supplied in how many sizes?<br />
One<br />
Curtain type fasteners are available in how many sizes?<br />
Two<br />
What method is used to clean grease and dirt from a slide fastener?<br />
Stoddard Solvent<br />
Why should you use yellow beeswax on hand sewing thread?<br />
-It contains no oil- To prevent fraying and untwisting<br />
Which hand stitch should you use when a neat appearance is necessary to the seam?<br />
Hidden<br />
What type of needle is used to make a hidden stitch?<br />
2 ½ inch curved<br />
Which of the following is used to temporarily hold a seam together?<br />
Basting<br />
Which of the following stitches should you use if a sewing machine is not available?<br />
Running<br />
Which of the following stitches is used to sew an eyelet onto a parachute container?<br />
Overthrow<br />
After cleaning a slide fastener which of the following lubricants should you use to lubricate it?<br />
Oil or Graphite<br />
To shorten an interlocking slide fastener, the chain should be how much shorter than the opening in the material?<br />
½”<br />
Slide fasteners are available in how many types?<br />
Two<br />
Slide fasteners are available in how many sizes?<br />
Five<br />
What grade of slide fastener is made from brass?<br />
Grade I<br />
Which of the following stitches is a U.S. standard lock stitch?<br />
301<br />
If your thread should break while sewing a seam, you should start sewing again?<br />
½” behind the break<br />
What type of seam would you make if you laid one piece of material on top of another and ran a row of stitches down one si...
Superimposed<br />
There are how many classes of seams?<br />
3<br />
What is the simplest knot used to join two cords together?<br />
Binders<br />
What knot is used to secure the parachute suspension lines to the connector links?<br />
Clove Hitch<br />
What is the most commonly used knot to join two cords together?<br />
Square<br />
What knot would you use for a safety tie on ripcord pins?<br />
Half-hitch<br />
Why is a bias cut used to manufacture a parachute?<br />
-save material-prevent tearing between two sections-provide elasticity<br />
Bias cuts are made at what angle to the filling threads?<br />
45 degrees<br />
Which of the following is another name used for filling threads?<br />
Woof, Weft, Pick<br />
Threads that run lengthwise and parallel to the selvage edge are called?<br />
Warp<br />
What is the basic unit used in the fabrication of textile yarns and fabrics?<br />
Fiber<br />
What is the edge of material called that has a woven finish to prevent raveling?<br />
Selvage Edge<br />
Which type of weave gives the smoothest finish and is the easiest to manufacture?<br />
Plain<br />
What are the basic weaves?<br />
Plain and Twill<br />
The definition of cloth is any material that is over how many inches from selvage edge to selvage edge?<br />
12<br />
What determines the weight of a cloth?<br />
Ounces per square yard<br />
What name is given to the force required to break material?<br />
Tensile strength<br />
Heat is less damaging to cotton than it is to synthetic fibers.(True/False)<br />
True<br />
Exposure to what element would cause the most serious damage to nylon material?<br />
Direct Sunlight<br />
An ideal storage area for textile material would be dry and out of direct sunlight, with a temperature of how many degrees...
70oF<br />
Webbings are defined as material that is less than how many inches from selvage edge to selvage edge?<br />
12”<br />
At approximately 700 F, Nomex fabric will begin to do what?<br />
Char<br />
Textile tapes can weigh up to how many ounces per square yard?<br />
15<br />
What is the percentage of elasticity in nylon?<br />
100%<br />
What percentage can nylon be stretched without being damaged?<br />
18 to 40%<br />
Military specifications for parachute materials require that after 50 hours of exposure to sunlight, parachute fabrics sho...
25%<br />
What does the term “moisture regain” mean when referring to fibers?<br />
percentage of moisture it absorbs from the air <br />
Nylon has what percentage of moisture regain?<br />
4.2<br />
What is the melting point of nylon material?<br />
482 F<br />
A carpenter’s square has arm measurements of how many inches?<br />
18 and 24<br />
A properly set chuck and die will have a clearance of how many inches?<br />
1/32”<br />
What size needle should you use to sew elastic webbing?<br />
24<br />
What size needle would you use if you were going to sew five piles of nylon using type “E” thread?<br />
20<br />
What determines the correct size of needle to be used on a project?<br />
-type of thread-size of thread-material to be sewn<br />
What determines the size of a needle?<br />
Diameter of the needle and the size of the eye<br />
When selecting a needle to be used on cloth, which type of point would you select?<br />
Sharp round point<br />
What is the recommended setting of the feed dogs for lightweight material?<br />
Slightly less than one tooth above the throat plate<br />
When adjusting the feed eccentric on the 31-15, the stitch regulator should be set at its lowest position. This is done so...
Form its longest stitch<br />
What, if anything, is the purpose of the grooves on both sides of a 16x87 sewing machine needle?<br />
Allow the thread to fall back into the needle when it enters the material<br />
A properly timed needle bar will have the point of the shuttle how far above the eye of the needle on its upstroke?<br />
1/16”<br />
What is the proper class and variety of the needle used in the 31-15 machine?<br />
16x87<br />
When the point of the needle reaches the material, the feed dogs should be at what position?<br />
On the down stroke and even with the throat plate<br />
Sewing machines are classified as how many basic types?<br />
2<br />
Sewing machines have how many basic parts?<br />
4<br />
Which stitch is the most commonly used and made by sewing machines?<br />
Lock stitch<br />
When the bobbin is properly threaded into the bobbin case, the bobbin will turn clockwise when the free end of thread is p...
True<br />
What should you do to prevent the needle thread from fouling when you start to sew?<br />
Hold both threads for the first 2-3 stitches<br />
When regulating the tension on the needle thread, you must remember that the<br />
presser foot must be down<br />
A properly formed stitch will have the threads locking in which position?<br />
In the center of the thickness of material<br />
What is used to regulate the pressure on the material?<br />
The pressure-regulating thumbscrew<br />
If the thread take-up spring is not correctly set, you should loosen the setscrew in the arm of the machine and turn the t...
To the left<br />
The class 7-33 sewing machine is intended for what type of work?<br />
Sewing heavy canvas<br />
What is the difference between the 7-31 and 7-33 sewing machines?<br />
The 7-31 has a clutch on the balance wheel<br />
To set a needle bar that has no timing marks, you must first set the feed eccentric to how many stitches per inch?<br />
8<br />
The eye of the needle should be how far below the sewing hook when it is set properly?<br />
1/16”<br />
When centering the feeding action, what is the distance between the needle bar and the pressure bar?<br />
17/32”<br />
The 111 W 152 sewing machine has alternating pressers with a lift of how many inches?<br />
3/8”<br />
The 111 W 154 sewing machine has a presser foot lift of how many inches?<br />
½”<br />
On a 111 W class sewing machine, what would indicate that the bobbin case needs oil?<br />
green felt pad<br />
The needle that is used in a rotary sewing machine has how many parts?<br />
7<br />
When replacing the bobbin in the 7-33 sewing machine, you should leave about how many inches of the thread free from the s...
3<br />
The class 111 sewing machines are capable of sewing up to how many stitches per minute?<br />
3,000<br />
Which part of a class 111 sewing machine reengages the needle with the hook driving assembly after clearing a thread jam?<...
safety-clutch lock stud<br />
What is the first step in timing a 111 W series sewing machine?<br />
Set the eccentric on 0 spi<br />
The class 111 W 151 sewing machine has what type of feeding action?<br />
Compound feed only<br />
How is the bobbin thread tension regulated on a rotary type sewing machine?<br />
A small screw on the outside of the bobbin case<br />
What feature on the 211 W 151 sewing machine prevents damage to the sewing hook?<br />
Safety clutch<br />
What is the maximum speed of the 211 W 151 sewing machine?<br />
4,000 rpm<br />
What needle is used in the 211 W 151 machine?<br />
135 x 7 or 135 x 17<br />
With ¼” clearance under the presser foot, what needle is used on a 211 W 151 sewing machine?<br />
135 x 7<br />
What needle would you use with a clearance of 3/8”?<br />
135 x 17<br />
When setting the needle into a 211 W 151, which direction should the long thread groove face?<br />
To the left<br />
What type of stitch is formed by a model 99R-3 sewing machine?<br />
308<br />
What will happen if you turn the zigzag regulating knob clockwise as far as it will go on a model 99R sewing machine?<br />
It will sew a straight stitch<br />
What is the maximum throw of the needle bar on a class 143 W 2 sewing machine?<br />
3/16”<br />
When setting the relative position of the presser and needle bar on a 211 W 151 machine, how much clearance must be mainta...
17/32”<br />
A properly set feed dog on a 211 W 151 machine will show a full tooth above the throat plate when the feed dog is at its l...
False<br />
The hook saddle on a 211 W 151 machine is lubricated by which method?<br />
An oil resevoir<br />
What is the maximum throw of the 143 W 3 needle bar?<br />
5/16”<br />
Which direction does the long thread groove face on the 143 W 3 sewing machine?<br />
Forward<br />
What type of oil is recommended for oiling a sewing machine?<br />
10W mineral<br />
A sewing machine that is in constant use should be oiled how often?<br />
Twice a day<br />
What is the stitch range of the 31-15 machine?<br />
7-32 SPI<br />
What is the recommended stitches per minute for the 31-15 machine?<br />
2,200 <br />
The 31-15 sewing machine can sew canvas up to a maximum of how many ounces?<br />
8<br />
Material that is being sewn on a sewing machine is held in position by what part?<br />
Presser foot<br />
What part of a sewing machine forms the stitch?<br />
Rotary hook or oscillating shuttle<br />
When you are installing the hook driving shaft lock ratchet, the flange and setscrews face the left of the machine.(True/F...
True<br />
When installing the presser bar into the machine head, you should insert it through the upper bushing about<br />
3 ½”<br />
Before you insert the needlebar rock frame assembly, the needlebar connecting link must be at its lowest position.(True/Fa...
True<br />
When the bobbin case opener is properly installed, it is in what position?<br />
The curved end points toward the bobbin case<br />
What total number of spline grooves are on a hook driving shaft?<br />
5<br />
On the hook driving shaft, the end with a spline is installed first into the right hook driving shaft bearing.(True/False)...
False<br />
When reassembling a sewing machine what part should you install first?<br />
Hook/Saddle Assembly<br />
Before reassembling a sewing machine, what do you use to smooth rusty parts?<br />
Grinding compound<br />
Which part eliminates end play in the balance wheel and arm shaft?<br />
Balance wheel adjusting screw<br />
What part controls the feeding mechanism of the sewing machine?<br />
Feed Driving Eccentric<br />
What part transfers the motion from the arm shaft to the needlebar?<br />
Needlebar Driving Stud<br />
What part converts the longitudinal motion of the hook driving shaft to the horizontal motion of the sewing hook?<br />
Hook Driving Gear<br />
What part allows the thread to pass between the bobbin case and the throat plate?<br />
Bobbin Case Opener<br />
What is used to remove the needlebar crank friction washer from the sewing machine after you remove the arm shaft?<br />
Index Finger<br />
What part prevents side to side movement of the needlebar rock frame?<br />
Needlebar Rock frame position bracket<br />
Which screw is loosened a ¼” and is NOT to be removed when you disassemble the 111 W 155?<br />
Presser bar spring support screw<br />
What screw has a left-hand thread?<br />
Thread take-up lever retaining screw<br />
If binding should occur while removing the presser bar, what action should you take?<br />
Insert a screwdriver into the lower slot of the presser bar while applying an upward motion on the presser bar<br />
When you remove the presser bar, what parts will fall off?<br />
Presser bar spring bracketReleasing bracketGuide lever<br />
What is the clearance between the presser foot and the throat plate of the 31-15?<br />
5/16”<br />
Which is the stitch range on the Consew C-30?<br />
7 to 32 spi<br />
When you set the needlebar and it starts its upstroke, what is the distance of the hook in relation to the eye of the need...
1/16” above<br />
What is the main timing point on a 31-15 sewing machine?<br />
Needlebar<br />
The 31-15 will sew canvas up to <br />
8 oz<br />
To set the feeding action on a 31-15, you must loosen what screws?<br />
Feed-driving rock shaft crank pinch screw<br />
When timing the pressure lifting eccentric, your should set the sewing machine at<br />
3 ½” SPI<br />
When adjusting the thread tension and you cannot properly adjust it with the upper thread tension disc, what action should...
Adjust the bobbin tension<br />
What is the purpose of the thread controller spring?<br />
It prevents the needle from piercing the thread<br />
If your machine is hard to turn after you time and adjust it, what action would you perform?<br />
Check the feeding action<br />
The 111 W 155 may be operated at what maximum number of stitches per minute?<br />
3,500<br />
The 111 W 155 has a stitch rangeof<br />
3 ½ to 32<br />
What component holds the material as the needle is raised and moves forward for another bight?<br />
Lifting Presser<br />
In which direction will the 111 W 155 machine move the fabric being sewed?<br />
Away from the operator<br />
The 11 W 152 has a stitch range of<br />
5 to 32<br />
The single needle, rotary axis 111 W 155 makes which federal stitches?<br />
301<br />
The 111 W 155 features a rotary axis; to what component does this term apply?<br />
Sewing hook<br />
The feeding action of the 111 W 155 allows which components to move in unison? <br />
Vibrating presser, needle, feed dogs<br />
What is the maximum presser foot lift for the 111 W 155?<br />
½”<br />
Compressed air should never be used to clean a sewing machine(True/False)<br />
False<br />
What is the maximum presser foot lift for the 111 W 151?<br />
3/8”<br />
The 111 W 155 and 151 are similar in most features except that the 151 has only one<br />
Presser foot<br />
An accumulation of dust and dirt will cause the same sluggish operation problem as a loose power belt.(True/False)<br />
True<br />
After using a sewing machine, you should clean and oil it.(True/False)<br />
True<br />
An excessive amount of oil on the working parts of any machine will probably result in what condition?<br />
Soil the project being sewn<br />
At what minimum interval should sewing machines be given a thorough cleaning and oiling?<br />
Every 12 months<br />
A clean dust should be used to clean all parts EXCEPT the<br />
Arm shaft<br />
If unable to obtain the recommended oil required by the manufacture, you may use what oil as a substitute?<br />
Mineral Oil<br />
Continual malfunction of a machine is most likely caused by what condition?<br />
Out of timing sequence<br />
Which part prevents the needle from striking the sewing hook?<br />
Hook guard<br />
What part controls the feeding motion provided by the alternating pressers?<br />
Presser lifting eccentric<br />
Which method is used to adjust the hook guard?<br />
Bend the hook guard<br />
What action allows you to adjust the movement of the feed dogs?<br />
Loosen the feed driving crank pinch screw<br />
To time the sewing hook and the needlebar on the machine, you should remove what parts?<br />
Throat PlateFeed DogsPresser Foot<br />
To set the 111 W class to its maximum stitch length, what do you do?<br />
Depress the plunger and turn the balance wheel toward the operator<br />
Complete disassembly of the 111 W 155 is necessary to properly set the timing sequence.(True/False)<br />
False<br />
When the arm shaft is timed with the hook drive shaft, it is necessary to turn the balance wheel toward the operator until...
Thread take-up lever<br />
In timing the arm shaft with the hook drive shaft, you must align the timing mark on the timing plate with the timing mark...
Arm shaft<br />
After timing the arm shaft with the hook drive shaft, you should perform what action?<br />
Install the motor drive belt<br />
What action prevents the needle from wandering from side to side?<br />
Ensure the needlebar rock frame hinge stud  and guide bracket are tight<br />
What color is CO2?<br />
colorless<br />
How often should be crankcase be serviced?<br />
yearly<br />
In its dry ice form, CO2 has what temperature?<br />
-110 F<br />
What is the weight of the CO2 charge for and LR-1 life raft?<br />
.50<br />
To properly record the weight of a CO2 cylinder, you must use a scale that is graduated in<br />
1/100 lb<br />
What is the TARE weight of a CO2 cylinder?<br />
Empty weight plus the valve and cable assembly<br />
How often is the commutator lubricated on a CO2 transfer unit?<br />
never<br />
At a temperature of 72, CO2 gas can be converted into a liquid by applying how many psi?<br />
600<br />
Depending on temp and pressure, CO2 can take on how many different forms?<br />
3<br />
What effect does 3 % of CO2 in the atmosphere have on the human body?<br />
Doubles breathing effort<br />
In its gaseous form, CO2 is how many times heavier than air?<br />
1.53<br />
All markings on a CO2 cylinder must be what color?<br />
Black<br />
What action would you take if a CO2 cylinder showed evidence that it had been in a fire?<br />
Return it to supply<br />
If the cylinder being recharged ceases to gain weight, the CO2 in the supply cylinder may be below what minimum weight?<br />
10 lbs<br />
How often should the oil be checked in the CO2 transfer pump?<br />
monthly<br />
If a CO2 cylinder has a dent exceeding 1/16” in depth, what should you do?<br />
Reject it and return it to supply<br />
Information on a CO2 cylinder must include what?<br />
Tare weight, Gross weight, Weight of CO2<br />
Why is it recommended to invert the CO2 supply cylinder when recharging it?<br />
CO2 will remain cooler, allowing it to transfer faster<br />
A standard supply cylinder will contain approximately how many pounds of liquid CO2 at a temp of 70 F?<br />
38<br />
A CO2 recharge unit will pump CO2 in what form?<br />
Liquid form only<br />
If a person has been overcome by CO2, what first aid techniques should be used?<br />
Give artificial resuscitationAdminister oxygenKeep them warm<br />
If a person breathed air that had 10% CO2 what would be the effect on the human body?<br />
Unconsciousness<br />
What lubricant is used on the idler shaft?<br />
Light Cup Grease<br />
How often should the idler shaft be lubricated?<br />
Every 6 months<br />
The piston rod should be lubricate with<br />
Vaseline<br />
CO2 cylinders must be painted what color?<br />
Gray<br />
CO2 Transfer Equipment<br />
The SC-5 is designed to work with a pressure of how many psi?<br />
3500<br />
What prevents any recoil in the event the safety disc ruptures?<br />
Safety Disc Nut<br />
The SC-5 has a flangable safety disc that is designed to release pressure in the pump at what maximum pressure range?<br />
2650-3000<br />
The SC-5 requires which type of oil?<br />
SAE 30<br />
Gear teeth should be lubricated with<br />
Thin coating of light cup grease<br />
The multibreaker on the Walter Kidde operates on what total number of amperes?<br />
20<br />
What procedure must you use to lubricate the bearing housing on the electric motor?<br />
Disassemble the bearing housing<br />
How much oil does the Walter Kidde crankcase hold?<br />
1 pint<br />
What maximum temperature can a winterized cylinder be subjected to without rupturing the safety disc?<br />
160 f<br />
What motor oil is used in the crankcase of the Walter Kidde?<br />
SAE 20<br />
How much grease should you apply to each bearing?<br />
½ oz<br />
CO2 is stored under what pressure and at what temp?<br />
850 psig @ 70 F<br />
How much nitrogen is required to winterize the CO2 cylinder?<br />
200 psi<br />
How many pounds of CO2 are there in a standard supply cylinder?<br />
50<br />
The Walter Kidde comes with what motor?<br />
¾ hp<br />
When should you replace the piston rod packing on the SC-5?<br />
Every 2 years<br />
How often is the idler shaft lubricated?<br />
Every 6 months<br />
How often should you change the oil in the crankcase of the SC-5?<br />
annually<br />
What is the purpose of the flanged-type packing nut?<br />
Holds the packing in place<br />
The piston rod should be lubricated every 6 months with a light coating of<br />
vaseline<br />
What is the purpose for running-in a new pump?<br />
Check the lubrication<br />
To prevent the expansion of CO2 in the supply hose, the valve should have an opening of at least<br />
1/8”<br />
If you are required to change the electrical plug on a SC-5 the ground wire is what color?<br />
white<br />
The motor for the Walter Kidde operates at<br />
1750 rpm<br />
To replace the safety disc on the FLU-6, you need a torque wrench, a 5/16 socket and a<br />
Piece of hex 5/16 x 2”<br />
How often should you change the oil in the Walter Kidde crankcase?<br />
150 hours of operation<br />
If it is necessary to wire the SC-5 for 220 power, where can you find information on the wiring diagram?<br />
On the nameplate<br />
When adding oil to the SC-5 that does not have a dip stick, you should fill the crankcase to what level?<br />
¼” from the top of the cup<br />
Motor bearings contain enough grease to keep the bearing lubricated for how long?<br />
2 years<br />
Other than the crankcase, the SC-5 has how many other lubrication points?<br />
1<br />
When lubricating the idler gear and pulley shaft, you should use what type of lubricant?<br />
Light cup grease<br />
What should you use to clean the motor commutator on the SC-5?<br />
Dry piece of lint-free cloth<br />
If a leak should develop at the lower end of the plunger, what type of tool should you use to correct the problem?<br />
Special rod approximately 3/8” x 6”<br />
The SC-5 will transfer approximately how many pounds of CO2 out of a full supply cylinder?<br />
38<br />
What motor is standard equipment on the SC-5?<br />
1 hp<br />
The safety disc used in the Walter Kidde pump has what range?<br />
2650-3000 psi<br />
The ICC requirement for testing a CO2 cylinder requires that the cylinder be tested at what pressure?<br />
5/3” the working pressure<br />
How often should a cylinder be hydrostatically tested?<br />
5 years<br />
Winterized extinguishers can be identified by<br />
¾” yellow dots on opposite sides<br />
How is the multibreaker reset on a Walter Kidde unit?<br />
Turn the switch to OFF then to ON<br />
LRU-12<br />
How often is the leakage test performed?<br />
Every inspection cycle<br />
How often is the functional test performed?<br />
Every 4th inspection cycle<br />
What ripcord pins are tacked?<br />
First and last<br />
If a suitable air source is not available, what may be subsituted?<br />
Water pumped Nitrogen (BB-N-411)<br />
The leakage test can be performed on what 2 sections simultaneously?<br />
Seat and Stern<br />
During the leakage test, the bow, seat and stern are inflated to what pressures?<br />
Bow=2.0Seat=1.0Stern= 2.0<br />
What are the minimum pressures for the bow, seat and stern during the leakage test?<br />
Bow= 1.6Seat= 0.6Stern= 1.6<br />
A rounded patch should be how much larger than the damage?<br />
1 ½” on all sides<br />
What is used to clean the liferaft?<br />
¼ to ½ oz of detergent: 1 gal of h20<br />
What length of cord is required when replacing the mooring line?<br />
16’<br />
What is the minimum cure time for adhesive?<br />
48 hours<br />
The discharge port is torqued to what value?<br />
60 +/- 5 in-lb<br />
The calendar inspection shall not exceed how many days?<br />
231<br />
What is used to tack ripcord pins?<br />
1 turn, size E, single<br />
When the pull cable is properly installed what will be visible?<br />
Green dot in the valve cover window<br />
Rips, tears and holes exceeding what length render the LRU NRFI?<br />
2”<br />
How is the cleaning solvent applied?<br />
Back and forth on the 1st and 3rd strokeone way on the 2nd and 4th<br />
What is the finished length of the knotted righting line?<br />
10’6” +/- 6”<br />
Hydrostatic testing may be exceeded by how long?<br />
2 years<br />
The LRU-12 accommodates how many people?<br />
4<br />
How is the seat inflated?<br />
Through the topping off valve using the hand pump<br />
How long should cement be allowed to dry between coats?<br />
10 minutes<br />
The cement and accelerator mixture is only good for how long?<br />
8 hours<br />
How much force is applied between the cable ball and snaphook during the cable proof load test?<br />
50 lbs<br />
The liferaft is inflated to what pressure during the visual inspection?<br />
1 psi<br />
What is the first step when performing the visual inspection?<br />
Remove the CO2 cylinder<br />
During the functional test, the liferaft should inflate in what amount of time?<br />
< 1 minute<br />
The LRU-12 has how many; heaving lines, boarding handles and righting handles?<br />
2 heaving3 boarding3 righting<br />
What is done to the edges of patches larger than 5”?<br />
scalloped<br />
What is done if the hole in the floor is larger than 1”?<br />
Patch both sides<br />
How much overlap is required when repairing the seam?<br />
1” minimum<br />
What is the primary solvent used to clean the surface prior to patching?<br />
toulene<br />
The coupling nut is tightened to what torque value?<br />
145 +/- 5 in-lb<br />
The safety plug is tightened to what torque value?<br />
29 ft-lb<br />
What is the charge of the CO2 cylinder?<br />
3.25 +/- .04lbs<br />
What size safety wire is used on the inflation assembly?<br />
.032”<br />
The inflation valve is tightened to what torque value?<br />
135 +/- 10 ft-lb<br />
LRU-30, 31 AND 32<br />
Are the LRU-30, 31, or 32 air droppable?<br />
no<br />
How often is the vendor repack/overhaul completed?<br />
5 years<br />
The LRU-30 holds how many people?<br />
8<br />
Frangible links are designed to break with how much force?<br />
180 lbs<br />
What is the inspection cycle?<br />
448<br />
The LRU-32 holds how many people?<br />
20<br />
The LRU-31 holds how many people?<br />
12<br />
LRU-13<br />
The MROD may ice-up at what temperatures?<br />
35 and below<br />
Where is the LRU-13 stored in C-2 series aircraft?<br />
Liferaft compartment<br />
The selection of multi-place liferafts for transport aircraft is based on what criteria?<br />
MissionAvailable space# of crew and passengers<br />
If a survival item expires prior to next repack what is done?<br />
Remains in service<br />
CO2 cylinder markings shall be what color and size?<br />
Black ¼”<br />
The raft inlet manifold coupling nut is tightened to what torque?<br />
140-150 in-lb<br />
The inflation valve is threaded onto the cylinder and tightened to what torque?<br />
165-175 ft-lb<br />
The safety plug is tightened to what torque?<br />
29 ft-lb<br />
What is the CO2 cylinder charge?<br />
4.64-4.76<br />
The discharge port is tightened to what torque value?<br />
60 +/-5 in-lb<br />
LRU-13<br />
The LRU-13 accommodates how many people?<br />
7<br />
How often is the special inspection performed?<br />
30 days<br />
What must be done to supply cylinders not equipped with a siphon tube?<br />
Must be inverted<br />
How do you determine if a cylinder is wire-wrapped?<br />
“W” at the end of the part number<br />
What ripcords are safety-tied?<br />
First, middle, and last<br />
LRU-14<br />
The LRU-14 accommodates how many people?<br />
12<br />
All stitching must be done with what size thread and stitch range?<br />
Size E, 8-10 spi<br />
What do you inspect if CO2 is leaking from the valve discharge port?<br />
Valve poppet for worn seat<br />
What sections are inflated through the topping off valves after boarding?<br />
Seat, floor, and upper tube<br />
What part of the liferaft is inflated by the inflation assembly?<br />
Main tube only<br />
The inflation valve is threaded onto the cylinder and tightened to what torque?<br />
165-175 ft-lb<br />
The coupling nut on the raft inlet manifold is tightened to what torque?<br />
140-150 in-lb<br />
What is the CO2 cylinder charge?<br />
4.74-4.86<br />
LPU-21<br />
How often is the calendar inspection performed?<br />
90 days<br />
What configurations are used in non-ejection seat aircraft?<br />
LPU-21B/PLPU-21C/P<br />
How much does the LPU-21 weigh?<br />
4 lbs<br />
During the beaded handle pull test, all snaps should release before how much force is applied?<br />
25 lbs<br />
The LPU-21 contains how many MK-124s and dye markers?<br />
2<br />
An LPU-21 modified by ACC 523 are re-designated to what?<br />
LPU-27/P22P-7(V)<br />
How often is the special inspection performed?<br />
30 days (aircraft installed)<br />
The webbing belt adjusts to fit what waist sizes?<br />
30-44<br />
LPU-21’s that are modified with a FLU-8 are re-designated to what?<br />
LPU-23A/P<br />
The cap nut on the valve stem is tightened to what torque?<br />
8+/-1 in-lb<br />
What weight and type of CO2 cylinder is used?<br />
35g type III<br />
An LPU-21D/P configured with the LPU-21C/P flotation assembly is designated as?<br />
LPU-21C(V)1/P<br />
During the packing the oral inflation valve shall be in what position?<br />
Locked by the knurled ring<br />
What may happen to the valve stem if the cap nut is over torqued?<br />
May rotate<br />
The overhand knot on the locking pin lanyard shall be within what distance of the eye of the pin?<br />
¾”<br />
What is the calendar inspection interval for preservers assigned to selected air reserve members?<br />
180 days<br />
What is the difference between an LPU-21D/P and an LPU-35?<br />
The LPU-35 has an extension panel added<br />
How long is the LPU-35 extension panel?<br />
6”<br />
LPU-23<br />
The LPU-23 series is intended for what type of aircraft?<br />
Ejection seat only<br />
How often is the calendar inspection performed?<br />
90 days<br />
The FLU-8A/P is being replaced with what assembly?<br />
FLU-8B/P<br />
When will the silver indicator be visible in the firing check port?<br />
When the inflator has been fired<br />
The manganese dioxide batteries in the FLU-8 have what total life?<br />
3 years from DOM<br />
What does it mean when the bladder leaks from the fin seam?<br />
The “V” tape has ruptured<br />
LPU-31<br />
The LPU-31 provides how much buoyancy?<br />
29 lbs<br />
Pressure exceeding how many psi may cause damage to the oral inflation valve?<br />
10 psi<br />
The LPU-31 is composed of what?<br />
LPP-1/1A and a protective bladder cover<br />
The LPU-31/P is used in what aircraft?<br />
helicopters<br />
The safety wire is twisted a minimum of how many times?<br />
4<br />
What diameter safety wire is used on the inflation assembly?<br />
.0159”<br />
The waist belt adjusts to what sizes?<br />
30-52”<br />
How often is the calendar inspection performed on the LPU-31?<br />
90 days<br />
LPU-36<br />
When is the functional test performed?<br />
Every 360 days or when the bladder is replaced<br />
During the packing, how is the red inflation lanyard routed?<br />
Under the inflator and between the zipper halves<br />
During the functional test, the LPU-36 shall inflate in what amount of time?<br />
< 30 seconds<br />
When checking the battery voltage, the multi-meter should be in what mode?<br />
Voltage measuring<br />
How often is the special inspection peformed?<br />
360 days<br />
The LPU-36 weighs how many pounds?<br />
3 1/4<br />
The LPU-36 provides how much buoyancy?<br />
65 lbs<br />
What color is the zipper?<br />
black<br />
What is the primary means of inflation?<br />
Beaded handles<br />
The LPU-36 inflates automatically in what type of water?<br />
Fresh or salt<br />
The LPU-36 is equipped with what inflation assembly?<br />
FLU-8<br />
What batteries are used in the FLU-8 inflator?<br />
FW14, 6-V, manganese dioxide<br />
What is the total life of the FW14 batteries?<br />
3 years from DOM<br />
A negative reading during the battery voltage check indicates what?<br />
Both batteries are backwardsmulti-meter leads are backwards<br />
Where are the (+) and (-) probes placed during the battery voltage check?<br />
(-) in the end port of the sensor plug(+) contact screw head near lever end of inflator<br />
What is the stabilization time during the battery voltage check?<br />
15 seconds<br />
What does a reading of (0) indicate during the battery voltage check?<br />
One battery is backwardsfaulty contactone/both are dischargedno batteries<br />
What is done with batteries if a voltage of 0.1 dc or higher is obtained?<br />
reject<br />
The FLU-8 is disposed of IAW what regulation?<br />
Federal Reg. 49, CFR 173.55<br />
To what pressure are bladders inflated during the leakage test?<br />
3.25 psig<br />
After 1 hour the pressure in the bladder shall not be less than how many psig?<br />
2.50<br />
The sensor plug cap is tightened to what torque?<br />
15 in-lb<br />
Discard and replace CO2 cylinders that have a weight less than how many grams of its stamped weight?<br />
2<br />
How much force is applied to check the security of the beaded handle?<br />
25 lbs<br />
The cap nut on the FLU-8 is tightened to what torque?<br />
15 to 16 in-lb<br />
LPU-37<br />
How often is the special inspection performed?<br />
360 days<br />
How much does the LPU-37 weigh?<br />
3 ¼ lbs<br />
What color is the LPU-37 zipper and why?<br />
Same color as the exterior to distinguish it from the LPU-33<br />
Who is the CFA for the LPU-37?<br />
NAWCAD China Lake<br />
What must be done prior to inflating the LPU-37 using the oral inflation tubes?<br />
Exterior cover must be opened<br />
The cap nut on the valve stem is tightened to what torque?<br />
15 +/- 1 in-lb<br />
After the firing pin is withdrawn how much force is exerted on the fail-safe assembly sleeve?<br />
24-35 lbs<br />
What the 5 sizes of Navy parachute canopies?<br />
17, 24, 26, 28, 35<br />
What happens to the pilot parachute at speeds between 90 and 250 knots?<br />
Reduces in size to 24”<br />
What size canopy does the NB-7 have?<br />
28’<br />
The model 7000 automatic opening device is available in what settings?<br />
10,000’ and 14,000’<br />
The spreader gun produces what diameter mouth at low and high speeds?<br />
Low= 8’High= 4’<br />
The APRR in an NES-12 fires at what altitude?<br />
14,000 +/- 1,000<br />
What function does the spreader gun fail-safe mechanism perform?<br />
Ensures spreading of the canopy if the cartridge fails<br />
What size canopy does the NB-6 have?<br />
26’<br />
At speeds from 0 to 90 knots, how does the pilot parachute inflate?<br />
fully<br />
How many different parachutes are used by the Navy?<br />
13<br />
MT-1XS/SL<br />
Describe the Main Canopy<br />
370 ft27-cell<br />
Describe the reserve chute<br />
270ft25-cell<br />
What are the two types of application?<br />
Free-fall and static line<br />
What is the service life?<br />
13 yrs from PIS15 yrs from DOM<br />
When a parachute lacks a PIS date when will the total life expire?<br />
13 yrs from DOM<br />
A/P28S-32<br />
What size is the canopy?<br />
21’<br />
Where are the Le-Moigne slots located?<br />
180 degrees apart Gores 6 and 16<br />
The intermediate altitude ejection sequence occurs at what altitudes?<br />
8,000-18,000<br />
How many variants of the A/P28s-32 parachute assemblies are there and what is the difference?<br />
5; shape and size of the canopy breakers<br />
The low speed/low altitude sequence occurs at what altitudes?<br />
Below 8,000’<br />
The A/P28S-32 is an integral part of what ejection seat escape system?<br />
SJU-17<br />
The canopy has how many gores?<br />
20<br />
Where is the withdrawal line connected when the assembly is installed on the seat?<br />
Parachute deployment rocket motor<br />
The torso harness integrates what items?<br />
Parachute harness, lapbeltassy, shoulder restraint harness and torso vest<br />
MC-6<br />
What is the deployment bag made of?<br />
8.2 oz cotton sateen<br />
What is the finished length of the riser assembly?<br />
30”<br />
What are the two groups of suspension lines 1-20?<br />
1-10 left11-20 right<br />
The static line is capable of supporting how many pounds?<br />
400<br />
How much does the MC-6 weigh?<br />
42 lbs<br />
The MC-6 is limited to operations in winds of how many knots at surface?<br />
13<br />
What is the maximum opening time?<br />
4 seconds<br />
What is the repack cycle?<br />
120 days<br />
How many sections are in each gore?<br />
4<br />
What material are gores made of?<br />
1.1 oz nylon<br />
How many control lines?<br />
2<br />
What are control lines made of?<br />
Type III nylon cord, Red<br />
What is the rate of descent?<br />
16 ft per second<br />
How many vent lines?<br />
14<br />
How many suspension lines?<br />
28<br />
What is the reserve chute?<br />
T-11R<br />
What is the T-11R’s repack cycle?<br />
365 days<br />
The main static line is how long?<br />
14’10” +/- 1”<br />
How long are suspension lines?<br />
21’<br />
What is the maximum rate of descent of the T-11R?<br />
26’ per second<br />
What is the maximum deceleration?<br />
8.2g<br />
How many gores does the canopy have?<br />
28<br />
What is the tensile strength of the riser assembly?<br />
5,500 lbs<br />
What are the pack tray dimensions?<br />
20x14x14<br />
The T-11R has how many suspension lines and gores?<br />
20<br />
What is the canopy diameter?<br />
32’<br />
What is the maximum deployment speed?<br />
150 KIAS<br />
What is the forward speed of the canopy?<br />
10 knots<br />
NES-12 PACKING<br />
Initial movement of ripcord pins must occur with how much force?<br />
27 lbs<br />
How much force is required to remove the grip from the container?<br />
15 +/- 5 lbs<br />
The end of the fifth fold extends how far over the top edge of the container?<br />
5 +/- 1”<br />
The connector link screw is tightened to what torque?<br />
20-25 in-lb<br />
How much static line is left unstowed?<br />
13 +/- 1/8”<br />
The firing pin on the spreader gun requires how much force to release?<br />
32 +/- 6 in-lb<br />
Seat/man separation occurs how long after ejection initiation during intermediate altitude sequence?<br />
3.10 seconds<br />
What is the acceptable torque value of the knurled actuating lever?<br />
28-50 in-oz<br />
How many folds are made when stowing the canopy?<br />
6<br />
What is the finished width of the canopy before stowage?<br />
20”<br />
How can the distance between the last bight and the skirt hem be adjusted?<br />
By increasing or decreasing the length between bights 8 and 9<br />
The first suspension line bight is formed using what length of suspension line?<br />
16”<br />
What is the acceptable voltage of the PHSRU batteries?<br />
+22.5<br />
What is the total life of the electronics package assembly?<br />
8 years<br />
There shall be what length of suspension line between the last stow and the skirt hem?<br />
14 +/- 1”<br />
What is the allowable force to remove the end fitting from the arming cable housing?<br />
17 +/- 3 lbs<br />
What length of line shall be between bights?<br />
14 ¾-15 ¼ <br />
Where is the firing lanyard positioned at the spreading gun?<br />
Between lines 7 and 8<br />
The aneroid leak detector is located on what side of the release assembly?<br />
right<br />
What is the total number of suspension line retaining bands?<br />
16<br />
Cartridges are torqued to what value?<br />
84 +/- 12 in-lb<br />
When the cartridge is properly installed where should the base be located?<br />
Even with the top edge of the chamber<br />
What is used to clean the spreader gun cartridge chamber and threads?<br />
Denatured alcohol<br />
If the spreader gun fails the first firing check what is done?<br />
It must pass the next 2<br />
How many spring opening eyes are located on the container?<br />
12<br />
What is the maximum play allowed in the plate of the yoke and plate assembly?<br />
1/32”<br />
The ripcord release must pass how many firing checks?<br />
3<br />
The arming pin is withdrawn at what altitude?<br />
20,000’<br />
Altitude is decreased at what rate?<br />
175-200 ft per second<br />
The chamber is evacuated to what minimum pressure altitude?<br />
25,000’<br />
The ripcord release firing check must simulate firing between what altitudes?<br />
13,000 and 15,000<br />
When is the cross-connector strap replaced?<br />
When the canopy assembly is replaced<br />
What is the total life of the spreading gun?<br />
11 ½ years<br />
What is the total life of the pilot parachute and riser assembly?<br />
15 years<br />
What is the total life of the external tri-stage pilot parachute?<br />
13 years<br />
What is the total life of the deployment bag?<br />
15 years<br />
What is the total life of the canopy assembly?<br />
15 years<br />
What is the service/total life of batteries?<br />
4 years<br />
What is done with parts received in new manufacture’s packaging that lack a DOM?<br />
Use for 1 repack cycle<br />
What is done when a component reaches service/total life limt?<br />
Return to supply for disposition<br />
What type of components can be replaced without repack?<br />
External only<br />
What is the maximum scheduled repack cycle?<br />
1232 days<br />
Cartridges are stored IAW what manual?<br />
NA 11-100-1.1<br />
If there is difficulty while removing a cartridge who is notified?<br />
EOD<br />
When is the firing pull force check performed?<br />
Every repack<br />
How are connector links positioned?<br />
8-14 on top of 1-715-21 on top of 22-28<br />
The spreading gun should be positioned so that what lines are facing up?<br />
14 and 15<br />
The packer is positioned on what side of the table?<br />
left<br />
NES-12 REPAIR<br />
What is the required length of the spring opening assembly?<br />
4 7/8+/- 1/8	<br />
Loose screws on the parachute harness sensing release unit are torqued to what value?<br />
11-13 in-lb<br />
When can the survival kit be attached to the parachute assembly?<br />
Before or after seat installation<br />
Where are the static line arming cable ties made?<br />
5 equally spaced points<br />
What is the flute hem tacked to?<br />
Inboard side of riser<br />
What is used to tack the riser to the housing?<br />
3 turns, size 6, doubled, waxed<br />
How are all tackings tied off?<br />
Surgeon’s, square, binder’sleave ½”<br />
RSSK-3<br />
The O2 bottle should be at what pressure for storage and shipment?<br />
200= storage25= shipment<br />
The relief valve shall unseat at what pressure?<br />
120-140<br />
What is the finished length of the actuating lanyard?<br />
5”<br />
During the functional test, after actuation the O2 system should indicate how much pressure?<br />
45-80 psi<br />
What are the 5 charging stations?<br />
500-1000-1500-1800-2000<br />
What is the approximate pressure when the gage needle is between the E and F of REFILL?<br />
250 psi<br />
What must all tacking cord be coated with?<br />
Mixture of 50% parafin and 50% beeswax<br />
The relief valve shall reset at what pressure?<br />
110 <br />
How much force is required to unlock the release handle?<br />
10-30 lbs<br />
How much oxygen is supplied during a high altitude bailout?<br />
10 minutes<br />
How often is the RSSK-3 repacked?<br />
448 days<br />
What is housed in the lower container?<br />
Life raft and survival items<br />
How is the actuating lanyard tacked?<br />
3 turns of waxed size E thread single<br />
What is the size and capacity of the oxygen cylinder?<br />
22 cu. In1800 psi<br />
Survival items are secured to what length of cord?<br />
140”<br />
What is the length of the drop line?<br />
26’4” +/- 12” old26’4” +/- 2” new<br />
What is the torque value of the CO2 cylinder?<br />
80-90 in-lb<br />
The opening handle is mounted on what side?<br />
Forward right side<br />
The RSSK-3 is used in what aircraft?<br />
T-2 series<br />
What prevents emergency O2 from escaping overboard during ejection?<br />
Check valve in oxygen port<br />
What is the composite disconnect?<br />
Joins O2 hoses, g-suit hose and electrical connections from the aircraft to the aircrewman<br />
What are the functions of the RSSK-3?<br />
Seat and container<br />
The equipment container is secured to the drop line with that length of cord?<br />
52 +/- 1”<br />
How much drop line should be between Boot A and B during stowage?<br />
7 +/- 1<br />
RSSK-8<br />
The phase/SDLM/PDM inspection cycle shall not exceed what amount of time?<br />
308 days<br />
How far should the handle travel before the latches unlock?<br />
½ - 5/8 <br />
The emergency oxygen cylinder supplies how many minutes of oxygen?<br />
10<br />
The slider switch on the URT-33 should be in what position?<br />
ON<br />
What is the size and pressure of the oxygen cylinder?<br />
53 cu in.1800 psi<br />
The yellow handle used to open the RSSK-8 is located where?<br />
Forward right side<br />
During the functional test, the relief valve shall unseat at what pressure?<br />
120-140<br />
How much force is required to pull the handle free of engagement link?<br />
10-30 lbs<br />
The RSSK-8 is designed for use with what ejection seat?<br />
Douglas ESCAPAC<br />
The relief valve should reseat and be leak tight at what pressure?<br />
110                                                                             <br />
O2  SYSTEMS<br />
What instruction specifies minimum requirements for survival equipment?<br />
OPNAVINST 3710.7<br />
Who is the only authority for modification to life support equipment?<br />
Who is the FST for most life support equipment and survival items?<br />
NAWCAD Pax River<br />
Who is the FST for parachutes, torso harnesses and related hardware?<br />
NAWCAD China Lake<br />
Who has cognizance over radios and beacons?<br />
NAWC Indianapolis<br />
How many manuals are in the 13 series?<br />
16<br />
The pH should be within what range?<br />
6.5-8.0<br />
What cleaning compound is used to clean the exterior of LOX converters?<br />
MIL-C-81302<br />
What is the temperature range of the ultrasonic cleaner?<br />
32-212 F0-100 C<br />
What color is the tank on/off switch?<br />
red<br />
What color is the generator on/off switch?<br />
green<br />
Ultrasonic tanks are filled how close to the top?<br />
1-2”<br />
What can be used to clean an area splashed by NOC?<br />
One pound of citric acid w/ 1 gallon of waterWhite Vinegar<br />
How much time does the cleaning process step require?<br />
15 minutes<br />
How long are components rinsed after cleaning?<br />
5 minutes<br />
How long should it take the distilled water to reach 150 F?<br />
60 minutes<br />
If NOC is good bubbles will dissipate in how much time?<br />
Approximately 2 but no more than 5<br />
What is used to clean oxygen lines?<br />
Ivory dishwashing liquid and warm water<br />
What is in each ultrasonic tank?<br />
1- NOC and distilled water2- distilled water only<br />
What is the solution mixture of NOC and distilled water?<br />
50/50<br />
What is support equipment used to clean oxygen components?<br />
HT-1206 Ultrasonic Navy Oxygen Cleaning System<br />
What is indicated when the pH is above 8.0?<br />
Distilled water has been contaminated by NOC<br />
What is the capacity of the ultrasonic cleaner tanks?<br />
1.9 gallons<br />
CRU-82<br />
How often is the CRU-82 subjected to a special inspection?<br />
30 days<br />
When ascending in altitude how much output flow should be maintained?<br />
3.0 inH20<br />
What will happen if the inlet pressure falls below 10 psi?<br />
PRESS/MANOMETER will overload<br />
What loads the diaphragm lever to produce positive safety pressure at the regulator outlet?<br />
Safety pressure spring<br />
The pressure breathing feature maintains how much pressure in the mask?<br />
20.0 in H20 at altitudes between 34-50,000<br />
The safety pressure feature maintains how much positive pressure in the mask?<br />
.40-2.5 inH2O<br />
The CRU-82 shall never be used above what altitude?<br />
50,000<br />
Chest mounted regulators are designed to be used with what series of oxygen mask?<br />
MBU-14<br />
What causes the pressure breathing aneroid to expand at higher altitudes?<br />
Decrease in ambient pressure<br />
How often is the CRU-82 subject to a calendar inspection?<br />
90 days<br />
What it the flow rate of a CRU-82?<br />
0-100 lpm<br />
The safety-pressure works at what altitudes?<br />
Up to and including 34,000<br />
To purge the CRU-82 how much pressure is applied and for how long?<br />
90 psi for 1-3 minutes<br />
What is the recommended inlet pressure of a CRU-82?<br />
5-120 psi<br />
Oxygen enriched air entering the regulator is controlled by what?<br />
Balanced main valve<br />
How much does a CRU-82 weigh?<br />
9.5 oz<br />
What is the operating altitude range of a CRU-82?<br />
0-50,000<br />
What is the operating temperature range of a CRU-82?<br />
-65 to 160 f<br />
Chest mounted regulators can routinely be used up to what altitude?<br />
43,000<br />
How much pressure must be maintained on the N2 input pressure gage to eliminate suction on press/suction manom  (4)?<br />
At least 90 psig<br />
What shall be used to grip the center stem?<br />
tweezers<br />
The openings of the six external rings must be placed how many degrees apart?<br />
180<br />
When should silicone parts be replaced?<br />
Whenever the regulator is disassembled for repair<br />
What is the emergency lever used for?<br />
Emergencies and ground test<br />
At what altitude is the flow suction test performed?<br />
Sea level<br />
During the oxygen ratio test, what are actual flows converted to?<br />
Indicated flows<br />
How is the average oxygen found during the oxygen ratio test?<br />
Add minimum and maximum O2 and divide by 2<br />
How is the actual low air computed?<br />
Subtract max O2 percentage from 100% and multiply by the corresponding actual output<br />
What type of nitrogen shall be used in testing oxygen regulators?<br />
Type I, Class I, Grade B (A-A-59503)<br />
What is the pressure range for nitrogen cylinders used in testing oxygen components?<br />
500-1800 psig<br />
What percentage of oxygen is delivered when the lever is in the EMERGENCY position?<br />
100%<br />
When is the emergency position used?<br />
When inadequate oxygen supply is suspected<br />
At what altitude is normal breathing?<br />
Up to 30,000<br />
In the emergency position how much positive pressure is provided to the regulator outlet?<br />
2-4 inH2O<br />
In test mask position how much positive pressure is provided to the regulator outlet?<br />
6-16 inH2O<br />
The first stage relief valve assembly is set to relieve at what pressure?<br />
55-60 psi<br />
The first stage reduction chamber reduces supply oxygen to what pressure?<br />
32-35 psi<br />
What provides automatic safety pressure and pressure breathing at altitudes above 30,000 feet?<br />
Pneumatic actuation of the aneroid assembly beginning at 27,000<br />
The second stage relief valve assembly provides additional safety and vents at what rate?<br />
45 lpm @ 40.7 inH2O<br />
How is regulator oxygen purge performed?<br />
Apply 50 psi of ABO for 1-3 minutes<br />
During the emergency pressure test with 0 flow, outlet pressure shall not exceed how many inH2O in the test mask position?...
17.5<br />
During the emergency pressure test with the emergency pressure lever in the emergency position, outlet pressure shall not ...
5.5<br />
How is the actual high air computed?<br />
Subtract minimum O2 % from 100% and multiply by corresponding actual output<br />
What are the 3 lever positions?<br />
NormalEmergencyTest Mask<br />
At what altitude does pressure breathing start?<br />
30,000 ft<br />
An air-oxygen mixture is delivered up to what altitude?<br />
Up to 32,000 ft<br />
At what altitude is 100% oxygen delivered?<br />
At 32,000 ft<br />
What are the 2 visual indicators?<br />
Pressure gageFlow indicator <br />
What does the diluter lever do?<br />
Selects normal or 100% oxygen<br />
What does the supply lever do?<br />
Opens/closes oxygen supply<br />
Regulators are supplied in what two basic configurations?<br />
Low pressure 50-500 psigHigh pressure 50-2000 psig<br />
A converter will explode at what pressure?<br />
1200 psi<br />
If left unchecked pressure can build to how many psi?<br />
12,000<br />
What is the operating pressure of the GCU-24/A?<br />
55-90<br />
What is the maximum build up time?<br />
5 minutes<br />
The opening and closing of the pressure closing valve keeps pressure at approximately how many psi?<br />
75<br />
What is the filling pressure?<br />
30 psig<br />
What is the maximum amount of leakage with 95 psig applied?<br />
.01 lpm<br />
To prevent moisture from entering during shipment/storage the converter is filled with what at what pressure?<br />
Gaseous O2 @ 25-30 psig<br />
What is the operating temperature range?<br />
-65 to 260<br />
What is the relief valve setting?<br />
100-120 psig<br />
What is the filling time at 70 F?<br />
10 minutes<br />
During the evaporation loss test, weight loss shall not exceed how many pounds?(BUILD UP AND SUPPLY )<br />
3 lbs in 24 hours<br />
The weight of LOX must be converted to what during the capitance full test?<br />
decimal<br />
How often is the relief valve forwarded to I-level for testing?<br />
Every 6 months<br />
The time required to build up a working pressure of 55-90 shall not exceed how many minutes?<br />
5 minutes<br />
Time between bench tests shall not exceed how many days?<br />
231<br />
During the insulation resistance test, what is the minimum readings between A to B, A to ground and B to ground?<br />
A to B=2.0 mega ohmsA/B to ground+ 1.0 mega ohms<br />
What is the delivery rate?<br />
120 lpm<br />
What company manufactures the GCU-24?<br />
Essex Industries<br />
What company manufactures the GCU-29?<br />
Litton Life Support<br />
What is the LOX capacity of the GCU-24?<br />
10 liters<br />
During the evaporation loss test, weight loss shall not exceed how many pounds?(VENTED MODE)<br />
5 lbs in 24 hours<br />
When a pressure of 100-120 psig is applied the relief valve shall vent how much?<br />
100 lpm<br />
A relief valve installed in the aircraft is set to relieve at what pressure?<br />
115<br />
During the fill, buildup and vent valve leakage test, leakage shall not exceed how many lpm in 2 minutes?(70 psig)<br />
.02 lpm<br />
An acceptable reading during the capacitance test is?<br />
121.5-125.5<br />
What is the pressure closing valve setting?<br />
55-90<br />
How are tools used for oxygen use marked?<br />
“For Oxygen Use Only”<br />
What is done to a LOX converter that is emptied?<br />
Must be purged<br />
Oxygen must be stored what distance from combustible materials?<br />
At least 50’<br />
What is used to purge filler and distribution lines and how is it applied?<br />
Heated oil free N2 120 psig for 30 minutes<br />
The bottom converter storage shelf must be how high off the ground?<br />
At least 10”<br />
Oxygen facilities must be able to maintain what temperature range?<br />
65-75 F<br />
What must be done to all cylinders that fall below 15 psig?<br />
Remove from service for vacuum and heat drying/hot nitrogen gas drying<br />
Oxygen is how much denser than air?<br />
10%<br />
Where must transformer banks be placed?<br />
Minimum 50’ from transfer shop and LOX storage tank areas<br />
Converter storage shelves must be how high and what depth?<br />
No less than 17” high18” deep<br />
How long must clothing splashed with LOX be aired out?<br />
At least 1 hour<br />
How many converters can be drained at one time?<br />
Maximum of 2<br />
Continuous flow regulators are authorized for use by whom?<br />
passengers<br />
How many inches are left for each converter?<br />
18<br />
Automatic positive pressure diluter demand regulators shall not be used above what altitude?<br />
43,000 ft<br />
How are ABO cylinders marked?<br />
Green cylinder w/ 3” white band“OXYGEN, AVIATOR’S” in 1 ¾”- 2” white letters<br />
Pressure in oxygen storage cylinders shall not fall below what pressure?<br />
50 psig<br />
O2 shops aboard ships that support OBOGS must be capable of how many air changes?<br />
2.0 per hour<br />
LOX systems are used on what aircraft?<br />
Ones which space, weight and mission considerations are paramount<br />
What determines oxygen-to-air ration?<br />
altitude<br />
What is the expansion ration of LOX?<br />
862 to 1<br />
Only oxygen conforming to what standard shall be used in aircraft gaseous oxygen systems?<br />
MIL-PRF-27210<br />
What is the temperature of LOX?<br />
-297 f<br />
In an O2 shop, mechanical exhaust must provide a minimum of how many air changes per hour?<br />
3<br />
What is the minimum and maximum torque for5/16” 3/8” ½” tubing?<br />
5/16= 100-1253/8= 200-250½= 300-400<br />
How high must drip pan sides be?<br />
6”<br />
What is the maximum service ceiling of regulators?<br />
50,000 ft<br />
How are nitrogen cylinders marked?<br />
Gray cylinder, 2 3” black bands“NITROGEN, OIL FREE” in white<br />
What manual contains instructions for storage, handling and hydrostatic testing?<br />
NAVAIR 06-20-2<br />
To what standard must LOX conform?<br />
MIL-PRF-27210 TYPE II<br />
What are the 3 categories of aircraft oxygen systems?<br />
Low pressure 0-500High pressure 0-1800Reduced HPLOX<br />
What are the characteristics of trichlorotriflouroethane vapor?<br />
ColorlessOdorlessTasteless<br />
The flowmeter is cleaned for oxygen service IAW what manual?<br />
06-30-501<br />
The seal spindle is loosened using what and how?<br />
5/32” hex wrench2 turns counter-clockwise<br />
What liquid detergent is used to clean the tube?<br />
MIL-D-16791<br />
What is applied to O-rings during reassembly?<br />
Lubricant, MIL-G-27617, type III<br />
The flowmeter is calibrated at what interval?<br />
6 months<br />
What is the scale range of the overboard leakage rotameter?<br />
20-240 ccm<br />
What is the scale range of the low range leakage rotameter?<br />
20-240 ccm<br />
What is the scale range of the high range leakage rotameter?<br />
200-2300 ccm<br />
What are meter end fittings made of?<br />
Chromium plated brass<br />
If Quik-clot will expire before next repack what is done?<br />
Remove and replace<br />
What is the service/shelf life of bagged water?<br />
5 years<br />
If water purification tablets will expire prior to next repack, what is done?<br />
Remain in service<br />
The overall finished length of the double shroud cutter shall not exceed what length?<br />
6 7/8”<br />
The lensatic compass has an approximate luminous life of how long?<br />
10 years<br />
What is the expiration date of water purification tablets?<br />
3 years from DOM3 years from PIS if no DOM1 year from date opened<br />
What is the capacity of the canteen?<br />
12 oz<br />
The double bladed shroud line cutter can not be used with what assemblies?<br />
HBU-11, HBU-23, TRI-SAR<br />
The standard wool blanket has what dimensions?<br />
6’ x 8’<br />
If bagged water lacks a DOM, when will it expire?<br />
15 months from date PIS<br />
The wrist compass can be used to locate what?<br />
lodestone<br />
How long does it take to exhaust a sea dye marker?<br />
20-30 minutes<br />
What is used to sharpen the knife?<br />
whetstone<br />
What is the most valuable general purpose survival tool?<br />
Survival knife<br />
What is the green zone of a HABD?<br />
2700-3000<br />
What is the primary uses for the wrist compass?<br />
NavigationVectoring aircraft<br />
How long is the hook blade knife?<br />
6”<br />
How are flare lots reclassified?<br />
Naval Ammunition Reclassification messages(NAR)<br />
Each end of a MK-124 lasts for how long?<br />
20 seconds<br />
What are the two parts of a SRU-31?<br />
Packet 1= medicalPacket 2= general<br />
What does a MK-189 personnel distress signal kit consist of?<br />
2 MK-796 MK-124<br />
What is the capacity of the emergency drinking water supply bottle?<br />
4 oz<br />
Theater specific survival kits are used at whose discretion?<br />
TYCOM<br />
How can the MK-4 signal mirror be used to start a fire?<br />
Plastic edges can be shaved and used as tinder<br />
How long is the pocket chainsaw?<br />
30”<br />
What is the purpose of rations?<br />
Provide quick energy<br />
Cartridges in a MK-79 are propelled upward how high?<br />
250-650’<br />
The sea dye marker can be seen how far away at 3,000’?<br />
10 miles<br />
The sea dye marker ceases to be a good target after how long?<br />
1 hour<br />
With an MROD, how much bagged water is supplied in a liferaft?<br />
4 oz per person<br />
What are the two ends of a MK-124?<br />
Day- Orange smokeNight- Red flare<br />
Where is the personnel lowering device normally stowed?<br />
In the RSSK<br />
The type I casualty blanket is what size?<br />
84 x 56<br />
How is the sharpness of the hook blade knife tested?<br />
2 cuts through type III cord<br />
Where is the lanyard attachment hole located on the emergency signaling mirror?<br />
In the center<br />
Each cartridge of a MK-79 has what duration?<br />
4 ½ seconds<br />
When are flares that are reclassified removed and replaced?<br />
When directed by an ACB<br />
Where is the lanyard attachment located on the MK-4 signaling mirror?<br />
In the corner<br />
The MK-124 is held at arms length at what angle to the horizontal?<br />
45 degrees<br />
What is the purpose of the manual reverse osmosis desalinator?<br />
Converts seawater or brackish water into potable water<br />
How many mechanical patches are packed in the droppable accessory container of a LRU-15?<br />
2<br />
The hook blade knife should be sharpened to what?<br />
A razor’s edge<br />
The water storage bag is capable of holding how much water?<br />
5 quarts<br />
What is the breaking strength of Type I nylon cord?<br />
100 lbs<br />
What comprises the pocket knife?<br />
Blade, can opener, bottle opener, screwdriver and leather punch<br />
What is the purpose of a mechanical patch?<br />
Seal a hole in a LRU-15<br />
How often is the MROD sent to the manufacturer for rework and overhaul?<br />
Every 4 and 8 years<br />
What is the ration rate of replacement?<br />
24oo kCal per 3 people<br />
The back of the blade should be at what angle to the whetstone when sharpening?<br />
20 degrees<br />
Datrex product has what shelf life?<br />
5 years from DOM<br />
What does a lensatic compass contain to provide self-illumination?<br />
Tritium in glass vials<br />
The leatherman wave survival tool is what length when closed and open?<br />
4” closed6 ¼” open<br />
The MROD is capable of delivering how much fresh water?<br />
1.4 gal an hour<br />
What are the dimensions of a MK-124?<br />
5” long1 ½” diameter<br />
What is done if an MROD is due for rework or overhaul prior to repack?<br />
Remain in service<br />
The type II lightweight casualty blanket is what size?<br />
96 x 56<br />
What is the climate capacity of a lensatic compass?<br />
-50 to 150<br />
What is the shelf life of Quik-clot?<br />
3 years<br />
How long is the survival saw cutting blade?<br />
15”<br />
What is the maximum usage time of chemical heat packs?<br />
7 hours<br />
What are the dimensions of the survival saw when in its closed configuration?<br />
17 x 1.5 x 0.5<br />
The cold weather survival kit is intended for use in areas where the average temp does not exceed?<br />
50 f<br />
What is the average burn time of lifeboat matches?<br />
12 seconds<br />
What is the tensile strength of duct tape?<br />
25 lbs per sq in<br />
What is the inside circumference of the ultimathule sleeping bag?<br />
67”-68”<br />
The SRU-A/P99S-2 is intended for use by how many aircrewmen?<br />
12<br />
How long are ice screws?<br />
7”<br />
What is the shaft length range of the telescoping shovel?<br />
14-22”<br />
What are ice screws made of?<br />
Titanium alloy<br />
The self-inflating ground insulator has what dimensions?<br />
20 x 47 x 1<br />
The ultimathule sleeping bag can be vacuum packed to what volume?<br />
450 cu in<br />
What is the maximum and average temp of chemical heat packs?<br />
135 average156 max<br />
The ultimathule sleeping bag fits heights up to how many feet?<br />
6’6”<br />
What is the load capacity of the plastic bag?<br />
75 lbs<br />
The lightweight extreme weather shelter can be used in temps below what?<br />
-50<br />
The ultimathule sleeping bag is recommended for use when temps are below how many degrees?<br />
32<br />
The lightweight extreme weather shelter can withstand what snow load?<br />
4 lbs per sq ft<br />
The lightweight extreme weather shelter provides protection for how many people?<br />
Minimum of 3<br />
The lightweight extreme weather shelter can withstand what amount of wind with minimal damage?<br />
Over 73 mph<br />
The vial contains how many matches and cotton fibers?<br />
25<br />
The survival kit provides additional protection for how long?<br />
72 hours<br />
How often is a special inspection performed?<br />
360 days<br />
What is the tensile strength of rubber tubing?<br />
3500 lbs per sq in<br />
How much does the ultimathule sleeping bag weigh?<br />
6 lbs<br />
What are the dimensions of the lightweight extreme weather shelter?<br />
Area= 52 sq ftcenter- 48”, wall= 37”Packed= 24” x 9”<br />
The SRU-A/P99S-1 is intended to be used by how many aircrew members?<br />
4<br />
LIGHTS<br />
The SDU-39 incorporates what filter lenses?<br />
Infrared and Blue<br />
You should acclimate your eyes for how long before performing the IR lens test?<br />
5 minutes<br />
What are flash requirements for the SDU-39 during testing?<br />
50 +/- 10 per min for 2 minutes<br />
What is the operational life of the survivor locator light?<br />
8 continuous hours<br />
The right angle flashlight includes how many filters?<br />
5; 1 diffused, 1 blue, 2 red, 1 blackout<br />
What color is the ACR/FA-11 crew light?<br />
orange<br />
What color is theACR/FA-11 (M) crew light?<br />
Olive Green<br />
The sidewinder LED lights provide what 4 levels of output?<br />
Low, medium, medium high and high<br />
When the raised indicator knob of the sidewinder is in the top position the light is in what mode?<br />
Infrared<br />
The sidewinder has what color LED bulbs?<br />
Green, Blue, IR and White<br />
The voltage reading of batteries installed in the sidewinder must be at least how many volts?<br />
1.5 or greater<br />
The GS/FRP-2 are cleaned with water up to what temp?<br />
120 degrees<br />
What are CWU-64/P?<br />
Cold weather flyer’s coveralls<br />
The CWU-36 can be washed in water up to what temp?<br />
140 degrees<br />
The CWU-36 can be dried at what maximum temp?<br />
180 degrees<br />
What are the CWU-18/p?<br />
Extreme cold weather trousers<br />
The G-1 is managed IAW what instruction?<br />
OPNAVINST 10126.4A<br />
The flyer’s boot is available in what sizes?<br />
3-14<br />
The aircrew safety boot is available in what sizes?<br />
3N – 14 ½ XW<br />
The GS/FRP-2 are available in what sizes?<br />
4-12<br />
What are the CWU-43 and 44/p?<br />
Cold weather underwear<br />
The CWU-23 liner is available in how many sizes?<br />
12<br />
The CWU-72 is available in how many sizes?<br />
9<br />
The multi-climate protection system consists of how many pieces?<br />
13<br />
The MCPS can be mixed and matched to form how many levels?<br />
6<br />
How many square inches of patches may be worn on flight clothing?<br />
50<br />
What is the largest size patch that can be worn on flight clothing?<br />
4” in any direction<br />
The coveralls are supplied in what sizes?<br />
32S – 52L<br />
What is the CWU-36/p?<br />
Summer flyer’s jacket<br />
The CWU-36/P provides protection in what temperature zones?<br />
50 and above<br />
What is the CWU-45/P?<br />
Cold weather flyer’s jacket<br />
Where is the strobe light securing patch positioned?<br />
¼” to the right and 1” aft of the lens pad<br />
What damage renders the laser visor unusable?<br />
Scratch exceeding 1/3 the visor thickness<br />
What are the 4 thicknesses of zetaliners?<br />
¼, 3/8, 1/2 , 5/8<br />
How do you determine the size and thickness of a zetaliner?<br />
Last 3 digits of the part number<br />
What support equipment is used to test communications?<br />
TTU-489<br />
Communications are tested with the TTU-489 IAW what manual?<br />
NAVAIR 17-15BC-22<br />
What are the authorized visor assemblies?<br />
Clear, neutral, gradient, amber and LEP<br />
The thermoplastic liner consists of how many layers?<br />
5<br />
What are the minimum and maximum number of TPL layers?<br />
2 minimum5 maximum<br />
What is used when inserting the energy absorbing liner into the helmet shell?<br />
36” Type VI webbing<br />
Zetaliners are available in how many sizes and thicknesses?<br />
4/4<br />
The HGU-84 is available in what 4 sizes?<br />
M, L, XL, XL-W<br />
The helmet provides what protection to the aircrew member?<br />
Eye, ear, head<br />
The helmet is taped IAW with what instruction?<br />
OPNAVINST 3710.7<br />
What size pile fastener is used to secure the strobe light?<br />
2 x 2<br />
Bladders subjected to what pressures must be removed from service?<br />
2.5 or greater<br />
What is the maximum allowed leakage in 30 seconds?<br />
.1 psig<br />
The bladder leak test is performed using what equipment and IAW what manual?<br />
TTU-551NAVAIR 17-15GB-505<br />
How often is the HGU-89 bladder leak tested?<br />
360 days<br />
What 2 stitches can be used to repair the edgeroll?<br />
Whip and baseball<br />
Unrepairable holes in the edgeroll larger than how many inches render the helmet unusable?<br />
3”<br />
The boom swivel is located on what side of the helmet?<br />
Left hand<br />
The bladder kit assembly is available in how many sizes?<br />
1<br />
When is the amber lens used?<br />
Hazy/overcast during day<br />
The HGU-68 is available in what 3 sizes?<br />
M, L, XL<br />
What 5 series of helmets are used for fixed wing aircraft?<br />
HGU-66, 68, 85, 87, 89<br />
MBU-12 SERIES<br />
How often is the mask subjected to a special inspection?<br />
30 days<br />
What is the preferred cleaning solution for the MBU-12 series oxygen mask?<br />
1% by weight solution of cleaning compound¼- ½ oz : 1 gal of water<br />
The MBU-17(V)5/P is designed for use in what aircraft?<br />
E-2C<br />
The mask is qualified for water depths up to how many feet?<br />
16<br />
The MBU-17(V)3/P is designed for use in what aircraft?<br />
C-2A<br />
The MBU-16 is used in what aircraft?<br />
AV-8, EA-6B, F/A-18<br />
The MBU-15 is used in what aircraft?<br />
S-3<br />
What test set is used to perform the functional test?<br />
TTU-489<br />
To ensure maximum downward vision, where should the mask be positioned?<br />
One finger width below the nose bridge<br />
There should be no more than how many inches of extension in the oxygen delivery hose?<br />
1”<br />
What distance is measured when selecting the correct O2 mask size?<br />
Bridge of the nose to just underneath the chin bone<br />
The MBU-17(V)8/P is designed for use in what aircraft?<br />
MV-22<br />
What does the alternative cleaning solution consist of?<br />
4 tablespoons of powder detergent : 1 gal of water<br />
The bayonet receiver shall be no closer than what distance from the edge of the helmet?<br />
½”<br />
What is used to disinfect the oxygen mask?<br />
1/3 cup of bleach : 1 gal of water<br />
The MBU-17(V)6/P is designed for use in what aircraft?<br />
F-5<br />
What is used to clean the inhalation/exhalation valve?<br />
70% solution of isopropyl alchohol<br />
The MBU-12 series oxygen mask is available in how many sizes?<br />
4<br />
What is the cure time of silicone?<br />
24 hours<br />
Where can the year and quarter of manufacture be found?<br />
Inside the left cheek flap<br />
The bayonet receiver is inserted to what position during fitting?<br />
Second locking<br />
MBU-23 SERIES<br />
The MBU-23 is designed as an alternative to what masks?<br />
MBU-12 and MBU-5<br />
What measurement is used to determine mask size?<br />
Distance between nasal root and supermentale<br />
During fitting the bayonet receivers are inserted to what position?<br />
Second clicking<br />
How often is the special inspection performed?<br />
30 days<br />
What was the MBU-23 series oxygen mask developed for?<br />
Non-positive pressure breathing for g applications<br />
The MBU-24/P22P-16 oxygen mask is designed for use with what helmets?<br />
HGU-87 AND 89<br />
The TACAIR vest has how many general pockets?<br />
4<br />
The CMU-36’s metal slide fastener can withstand how much force during ejection?<br />
600 KIAS<br />
What are the two configurations of the Airsave vest?<br />
CMU-33 and CMU-36<br />
The vest accommodates what torso sizes?<br />
5% female to the 95% male<br />
In what 3 areas can the vest be adjusted for fitting?<br />
Back center and under each arm<br />
Tears in the raschel mesh fabric exceeding how many inches may not be repaired?<br />
4<br />
The vest accommodates what chest sizes?<br />
32-57<br />
The vest can be expanded to accommodate what maximum chest size?<br />
67”<br />
The Airsave is compatible with what life preservers?<br />
LPU-21, 23, 34, 36, 37<br />
CBR Respirators<br />
Who performs the preflight?<br />
PR<br />
When are lithium batteries used?<br />
War <br />
The NiCad battery provides how many hours of operation?<br />
3 ½ - 4<br />
The lithium battery provides how many hours of operation?<br />
10+<br />
The hood outlet valves should be in what position during normal flight operation?<br />
open<br />
What are the 4 positions of the ICU?<br />
Aligned= off, 1st= listen only, 2nd= talk/listen (acoustic), 3rd= talk/listen (hardwire)<br />
What are the methods of preventing suffocation?<br />
Faceplate ripaway, anti-suffocation disconnect<br />
What is used to clean the orinasal mask?<br />
1 tablespoon bleach : 2 quarts of water<br />
During the functional test, the H-manifold should be in what position?<br />
Open (horizontal)<br />
How often is the special inspection performed?(Training and operational)<br />
training- 90 daysoperational- 270 days<br />
The bench test is performed using what test set?<br />
A/E47T-28<br />
During the pressure test, what is the minimum manometer reading?<br />
2.6 inH2O<br />
What is used to clean exhalation valves?<br />
Isopropyl alcohol<br />
The canisters do not provide protection from what agents?<br />
Ammonia gasCarbon monoxide<br />
The canister provide protection from sulfur dioxide for how long?<br />
5-10 minutes<br />
Hare training respirators marked?<br />
“TRAINING DEVICE” 1” letters on the front of the apron in yellow<br />
Who do you contact for custom fit sizes? (XL, XS, XXS)<br />
NAWCAD Pax River<br />
The bench test is performed IAW what manual?<br />
NAVAIR 17-15HB-21<br />
What are the 2 sized of neck seals?<br />
Standard and small<br />
What does the hood inlet valve prevent?<br />
Air from being drawn from the hood and into the orinasal mask<br />
What are the two compartments inside the mask?<br />
Orinasal area and hood<br />
What are the 3 hood cowl sizes?<br />
XS, standard, XL<br />
What does the H-manifold inlet valve do?<br />
Prevents oxygen from leaking through the pusher fan<br />
What ICU position is recommended for all ground comms?<br />
2nd- talk/listen (acoustic)<br />
Where is the hood outlet valve located?<br />
Left side of mask<br />
What is the function of the hood outlet valve?<br />
Permits demisting air to vent<br />
Where is the inhalation valve mounted?<br />
Left side of mask<br />
The nose occluder is available in what sizes?<br />
4mm-7mm<br />
What are the 5 sizes available?<br />
XL, L, S, XS, XXS<br />
What are the 2 sizes and designators of the orinasal mask?<br />
Large – PSmall - Q<br />
The A/PSSP-14(V)1-4 provides protection at what altitudes?<br />
Ground – 43,000<br />
What is configurationA/P22P-14(V)1?<br />
Non-oxygen<br />
What is configurationA/P22P-14(V)2?<br />
LOX<br />
What is configurationA/P22P-14(V)3?<br />
OBOGS<br />
What is configurationA/P22P-14(V)4?<br />
Panel mount regulators<br />
URT-140<br />
What is 121.5 MHz?<br />
Civilian Emergency<br />
What is 243.0 MHz?<br />
Military emergency<br />
What is 282.8 MHz?<br />
International emergency<br />
What is 406.025 MHz?<br />
International emergency message frequency<br />
The URT-140 is waterproof at 50 feet for how long?<br />
15 minutes<br />
What is advanced multi-mode waveform?<br />
Allows signal transmission to occur on two frequencies simultaneously<br />
What is the function of digital messages?<br />
Facilitate the detection and location of a lost pilot<br />
What is the battery storage life?<br />
5 years<br />
The URT-140 transmits on what frequencies?<br />
121.5, 243.0, 406.025<br />
What does the URT-140 transmit on 406.025?<br />
Digital messages<br />
How long, wide and high is the URT-140?<br />
4.9” long2.58 wide1.35 high<br />
The URT-140 is waterproof at two feet for how long?<br />
24 hours<br />
In triple frequency mode, what is the operating life of the battery?<br />
12 hours<br />
On what frequencies does the URT-140 transmit distress signals?<br />
121.5 and 243.0<br />
What is the battery service life?<br />
3 years<br />
At 77 degrees how long will the batteries last in the triple beacon mode?<br />
Greater than 24 hours<br />
How much does the URT-140 weigh?<br />
16 oz<br />
How often are stored units tested?<br />
365 days<br />
If the BCN LED blinks 2 times what is indicated?<br />
Battery failure<br />
What is the format of the manufacture date?<br />
YY DDD<br />
Non-RFI radio beacons returned to depot should be placed in what status on JSETS?<br />
pool<br />
If the BCN LED blinks 3 times what is indicated?<br />
RF output failure<br />
How often is the antenna test performed?<br />
3 years<br />
What is the approved battery type?<br />
LSH-14BA<br />
URT-33<br />
The URT-33 transmits on what frequency?<br />
243.0 MHz<br />
How is the URT-33 powered?<br />
9V battery<br />
What is the range of the URT-33?<br />
160 NM @ 30,000’100 NM @ 10,000’<br />
The C-S system relays emergency information on what frequencies?<br />
121.5, 243.0, 406.025<br />
What are the 3 segments of the C-S system?<br />
Radio beacon, space, ground<br />
Digitally-coded emergency information is transmitted on which frequency?<br />
406.025<br />
The C-S system consists of what satellite subsystems?<br />
The LEOSAR system can orbit the Earth in what amount of time?<br />
100 minutes<br />
LEOSAR satellites travel in what direction?<br />
North-South<br />
LEOSAR satellites detect and receive on what frequencies?(COSPAS)<br />
121.5 and 406.025<br />
LEOSAR satellites maintained by SARSAT receive and transmit on what frequencies?<br />
121.5, 243.0, 406.025<br />
The GEOSAR satellites orbit the Earth at what altitude and at what latitude?<br />
36,000km, 0 degrees latitude<br />
What does the ground segment consist of?<br />
Local User TerminalsMission Control Centers<br />
PRC-149 THEORY<br />
The radio always defaults to what receiving AM channel?<br />
243.0<br />
The PRC-149 operates in AM transceiver mode at what frequencies?<br />
121.5, 243.0, 282.8<br />
What are the two levels of BIT?<br />
Power-up and maintenance<br />
What is the purpose of the power-up bit?<br />
Verifies the processor works<br />
The maintenance BIT is performed in what mode?<br />
GPS<br />
How often is the maintenance BIT performed?<br />
90 days<br />
COSPAS-SARSAT puts SAR teams within what radius of the downed aircrewman?<br />
2000 meters<br />
How is the radio meant to be held?<br />
Right hand, 3-5” from face<br />
Triple frequency beacon mode transmits on what channels?<br />
121.5, 243.0, 406.025<br />
Burst transmissions during triple frequency bcn are at what intervals?<br />
50 +/- 2.5 seconds<br />
What is the antenna’s maximum radiation?<br />
22 degrees offset<br />
What mode yields the longest battery life?<br />
GPS<br />
How long does it take to acquire GPS position?<br />
2 minutes<br />
How often is GPS position reacquired?<br />
Every 20 minutes<br />
The PRC-149 has how many operating modes?<br />
6<br />
What frequencies are met on channels; AM1, AM2, AM3?<br />
AM1-243.0,  AM2- 282.8, AM3-121.5<br />
How long does the maintenance BIT last?<br />
51 seconds<br />
Battery date codes must fall within how much time of each other?<br />
180 days<br />
How often is a GPS acquisition check performed?<br />
180 days<br />
Maintenance and aircrew personnel should not turn the selector knob past what position?<br />
GPS<br />
To ensure the radio is RFI, you should obtain how many consecutive successful bits?<br />
3<br />
If the BCN LED blinks three times what is indicated?<br />
RF output failure<br />
If the BCN LED blinks 2 times what is indicated?<br />
Battery failure<br />
If the BCN LED blinks 4 times what is indicated?<br />
AM Receiver failure<br />
What is the shelf and service life of batteries?<br />
Shelf= 5 yearsService= 3 years<br />
Following the maintenance BIT, GPS position should be acquired in how much time?<br />
Less than 5 minutes<br />
How often is the maintenance BIT performed?<br />
90 days<br />
PRC-112<br />
If the radio fails any test what action takes place?<br />
Forward to Depot<br />
The PRC-112 is tested at I-level how often?<br />
360 days<br />
What ACB replaced the large VOL/OFF knob with a smaller one?<br />
ACB 860<br />
What is performed prior to placing the radio into service?<br />
90 day inspection<br />
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