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The ground rules of marketing in today's world - why should large businesses take the plunge into social media.

The ground rules of marketing in today's world - why should large businesses take the plunge into social media.

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  • 1. Maytronics and Social MediaOr how can social media help Maytronics position itself as an industry leader and increase sales
  • 2. Marketing Concepts VS
  • 3. Traditional MarketingOne wayCompanies deliveredtheir message to thecustomers, but thecustomers couldnt talkback. For example:
  • 4. Traditional MarketingBroadcastThe message wasdelivered from one (thecompany), to many (theclients). For example:
  • 5. Traditional MarketingTook TimeOnce the company sentout the message, it tooktime to see the effect.
  • 6. New MarketingTwo wayCompanies deliver theirmessage to the client,and the client cananswer. For example:
  • 7. New MarketingNetworkThe message is sentfrom many (the clients) tomany (the clients again). For example:
  • 8. New MarketingInstant FeedbackThe effects of themessage are seen withinhours, not months. For example:
  • 9. New Marketing MediumsOr, Whats this social media, anyway?
  • 10. News sites(CNN, BBC, Wallstreet Journal) ForumsBlogs Social Media is... YouTube Social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+)
  • 11. Link to video
  • 12. Social Networks
  • 13. Social Media affects the way we buy Over 23 million people discover new brands or products through social media 22.5 million use social media to learn about unfamiliar brands or products Nearly 18 million are strongly influenced in their purchase decisions by their friends and peers opinions in social media Over 15 million refer to social media before making purchase decisions
  • 14. Companies and Social Media Or, Whats in it for me?
  • 15. Create a CommunityA strong presence onsocial networks givesyour customers a place totalk about your productand share theirepxerience with theirfriends.
  • 16. Engaging UsersSocial platforms enable youto engage your users, givingthem real value for beingyour loyal Facebook fans.
  • 17. At the end of the day, it comes down toROIFor example, if it costs me $15,000 to increasemy brand awareness by 30%, and my profits goup $200,000, my ROI is $185,000.
  • 18. Social Media Successes Or, Show me the money
  • 19. ReachBloggers talking about yourcompany and brand is an excellentway to meet new audiences. Case studyIn 2009, Ford ran an event forwomen bloggers. Their nameappeared over 130 million timesover the next few months.
  • 20. Social InteractionsFacebook shares, Twitter likes andYouTube views mean morecustomers being introduced to youand the value your brand brings. Case studyIn 2009, Dyson released videosof their new product. The videoswere viewed 1.8 million timeson YouTube.
  • 21. Link to video
  • 22. Social SalesUsing contests, draws and coupons,companies have actually increasedsales and word of mouthrecommendations Case studyNando’s competitor refused to honoura coupon, so Nandos posted a blogthat promised to honour the couponat their own restaurants.
  • 23. Metrics, metrics, metrics Or, What can I measure?
  • 24. Number of Page Fans (Likes) People Talking About This (TAT) SharesNumber of FollowersRetweets and @MentionsInfluence
  • 25. Localisation Matters Or, Parlez-vous français ?
  • 26. Know your audience Where are they from? What language do they speak? What time do they browse the Internet? What events do they celebrate?
  • 27. For example...Updates should be posted at 13:00. American companiesposting for Australians, need to post at 5 in the morning formaximum visiblity.English Facebook ads work fine with English speakingcoutries. For others use their native langauge - French,German, Spanish, etc.Use local events to promote your product. Get your poolcleaned in time for the post-SuperBowl party will only workin certain countries.
  • 28. But...Theres always a company Social Media Policy...
  • 29. Link to video
  • 30. For example:● Be polite.● Dont delete posts - answer criticisms.● Dont ask questions you dont want answered.● Answer promptly.Remember - Everything you say will beamplified back at you. Negative or positive.
  • 31. Social Media = Hard Work
  • 32. For a sustained social media effort, you willneed at least:● 2 posts a week on Facebook and Twitter● YouTube videos to support marketing campaigns● To be able to provide customers with answers on Twitter and Facebook● A monthly blog postSocial Media Requires Time and Effort!
  • 33. Case StudyOr, Has this actually worked for anyone?
  • 34. 2009, Ford started their campaign Goals Get people to experience the new Ford Build reputation and brand preference Increase sales
  • 35. 2009 Ford social media activites1000 Mile challangeDrive a car 1,000 miles on one tank of gasBlogHerBlogger event for women bloggersFull company integrationAll employees used their blogs, and Twitter andFacebook accounts, to support Ford
  • 36. And the results?YouTube vidoes - 2.5 million social mediaimpressions, with 25,000 views in one week.Blogging event: 134 million social mediaimpressions. The influencers’ intent topurchase went up to 80%.
  • 37. At the end of 2009, Fordposted first full-year market share gain since 1995
  • 38. The Pool Industry CompetitionOr, OK, so what are we up against?
  • 39. Facebook: 465 likes, little activity Facebook: 800 likes, daily updates Twitter: 3 accounts (US and Spanish) Facebook: 1492 likes, very active 5,000,000 US Pool Owners No social presence Facebook: 5000 likes, weekly updates Twitter: 200 followers, update twice a week
  • 40. So What Now?or how can Maytronics use social media?
  • 41. Getting Started1. Setting objectives, for example: a. Brand awareness b. Sales increase c. New product launch2. KPI (Key Performance Indicator): a. Likes b. Social mentions c. Blogger reach d. Lead generation
  • 42. Getting Started3. Define the social media playground: a. Facebook b. Twitter c. YouTube d. Bloggers4. Choosing an international and/or a local approach
  • 43. Pilot Option I: Launch New Product Or, Liberty is good to go
  • 44. Liberty Launch in the USStart a fictitious blog about the life of a manwith a pool robot with a cable, and show thedifficulties. Tripping over the cable, dogchewing through the cable, kids using is asskiping rope.Then announce the new cable-free robot.The blog should be spread via forums andother blogs, videos spread via YouTube.
  • 45. Liberty Launch in the US1. Objective: Sell 1,000 units in the first year2.2. KPI (Key Performance Indicator): a. YouTube views b. Social mentions c. Blogger reach d. Sales
  • 46. Liberty Launch3. Main Playground: a. YouTube b. BloggersVideos of the Liberty, for example:● Cleaning pools dressed up as Wall-E, SpongeBob or the Mars Rover● What can be done while robot cleans pool
  • 47. Pilot Option II: Product Awareness in Australian Market Or, 1,000,000 people are waiting
  • 48. Australian Market1. Objective: Brand recognition in Australian market2. KPI (Key Performance Indicator): a. Blogger reach b. Social mentions c. Sales d. Facebook likes
  • 49. Australian Market3. Main Playground: a. Blogger event b. FacebookBlogger event for popular blogs about DIY, swimming poolsBeing active in forums, blog comments that talk aboutcleaning pools, swimming pools, eco-friendly poolsolutions, etc.