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Gama sec presentation for hosting june12
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Gama sec presentation for hosting june12


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  • Transcript

    • 1. Vasco da Gama (1460-1524) was a Portuguese explorer“ who discovered ” .an ocean route from Portugal to the East GamaSec (2009) discovered how to Explore Your Web Vulnerabilities A few lines of code can wreak more havoc than a“ .”bomb Tom Ridge (Former) Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security
    • 2. GamaSec website Scan for hostingScan your Website today and find vulnerabilities before Hackers do!Gamascan’s Web application scanner protects applications and servers from hackers.It is an automated security service that searches for vulnerabilities within webapplications.Gamascan’s vulnerability assessment scan provides real-time vital business solutions.GamaScan identifies security web vulnerabilities and recommends optimally matchedsolutions. when you need them not when its too late 2 Explore Your Web Vulnerabilities
    • 3. Vision : Explore Web Vulnerabilities.GamaSec provides Web Security Scan as a SaaS through the CloudGamaScan is a remote online web vulnerability-assessment service delivered via SaaS (software-as-a-service) and is designedto identify security weaknesses in web applications. as well as site.exposure risks,Gamascan is an early-warning system of defence for web operationapplications, and online information suitable for organizations of any .size operating on the internet Corporate Mission To be a leading provider of web vulnerability assessment services and solutions whichprovide entities of various sizes, location, and vertical markets with a low-cost and easy touse method to identify, assess, and address the major threats facing their website and web .applications 3 Explore Your Web Vulnerabilities
    • 4. The Need Web applications are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and control valuable data.such as customer information, transaction information and even proprietary corporate data In addition to the explicit costs resulting from security attacks, there are many implicit losses such as the lost future sales, negative media coverage, and negative market . reaction following a breach " Recent research shows that 75% of cyber attacks are done at web application level“ These are just some of the web application breach events to make headlines in 2011. In“ just the first half of this year, the number of attacks on websites increased by 65 percent over 2010, and surpassed the total number of attacks tracked in all of 2009, according to .”HPs “2011 Mid-year Top Cybersecurity Risks Reportof network intrusions result from exploitation of known vulnerabilities or configuration 99%“.” errors where countermeasures were availableSource: CERT, Carnegie Mellon University
    • 5. GamaSec Cloud Technology GamaSec management Panel Registration Start Scan g i n a c S GamaSec s e c o r P Report Scan report Analyzing Websites Explore Your Web Vulnerabilities
    • 6. GamaSec Cloud Computing Fully automated scans No software or Hardware to install or manage- There is no need to install anything on your system. Schedules your scans to suit your needs Easy dashboard & reporting Online friendly user dashboard and on demand scheduler, designed report has been efficiently in color-coded and graphical format to provide the flexibility necessary to satisfy all audiences ranging from upper management to system .administrators Web application SaaS Scanner The new GamaSec portal Identifies major vulnerabilities: XSS, SQL injection, Cross Frame scripting, command execution, code injection and other web application vulnerabilities 6 Explore Your Web Vulnerabilities
    • 7. GamaSec Cloud Technology Web Application Scan via Cloud Computing GamaSec provides Web security application scan as a service through the Cloud. While avoiding maintenance costs, licensing costs and the costs of the .hardware required to run servers on-site Update vulnerability protection Vulnerabilities are updated on a daily basis from the GamaSec knowledge base, ensuring that you are always checked for the latest threats and vulnerabilities. Done by experts. If something happens in the security .world - we are the first to know Trusted Website Security Seal Trusted Website Protection seal Increased customer confidence leads to increased revenue, give your customers the peace of mind of knowing that you are taking steps to help ensure their information will remain safe and , confidential
    • 8. GamaSec Uniqueness ?”What do I want to do in my business that’s different from everyone else “1.Deeper Vulnerability scan – a real answer to website threat exposure2.Zero Days Vulnerabilities - In house research to be sure you are 100% shield3.Expertise team, 15 years of IT security knowledge and experience, protecting you fortomorrow new website security challenges4.Meaningful reports to management and technical teams clearly defines existingvulnerabilities, along with recommended solutions5.Comprehensive Management dashboard and control panels puts you in the driver’s seat,human interface ,easy access, flexibility6.We are taking care of your site security from the vulnerabilities discovery up to providing you recommendations and remedies. to fixed it Explore Your Web Vulnerabilities
    • 9. Advantages to OEM’sBranded Service: GamaScan provides OEMs with a value-added branded service that isindispensable to its customers on an ongoing basis and which continually keeps the OEMs name infront of its valuable installed base.Revenue opportunity: OEMs can leverage the GamaScan functionality as a value added feature todrive incremental revenue from their existing installed base, all without the need to fund a massiveinternal R&D effort.Software-As-A-Service: The Gamasec service is entirely cloud-based. Hence, there is no need foran up-front investment on the part of the OEM to purchase hardware, software or skilled networkengineers. GamaSec does all the heavy lifting!Enhanced competitiveness: GamaScan can provide OEMs with a strong competitive differentiatorin an increasingly homogenized market.GamaSec provides its OEMs with the maximum flexibility to configure the finalproduct to their own unique needs. Explore Your Web Vulnerabilities
    • 10. Strengths over competitive ?offeringsAccelerate repairs by ranking and prioritizing vulnerabilitiesAbility to link the customer to validated remedies.Provide dramatic operational cost savings for assessment and patch management.Reduce human error by double-checking actions of security staff with unbiased, reliable externalauditing.Online 24/7 technical tickets support, help you with the findings remedies tractability3 Levels reporting view permission ( Admin, super User and end users)White label reporting and white label portalNo need to purchase hardware, cloud computing SaaS solutionOn demand scheduler to scan your website when you need it as per your needsScan customization for tailor made clients requestsNo need for expensive and often cost-prohibitive IT security engineersComprehensive Management dashboard and control panelsAffordable and easy to deploy.Ensure your clients higher quality applications that have passed rigorous security assessment andcompliance checks before they are moved to production Explore Your Web Vulnerabilities
    • 11. GamaSec SolutionAdd your own company logo and customized look . Get theultimate website scan protection and the ultimate in brandingflexibility with GamaSecThe best way to quickly improve your Web security withminimum resources and limited budgetIncreased Security, Increased ConversionWhy you ask? Because shoppers are moreconfident in using their credit cards online when they see.the GamaSec security seal Explore Your Web Vulnerabilities
    • 12. Web Application Security Statistics 10You Cant Ignore73%. of organizations have been hacked at least once in the past two years through insecure Web applicationsState of Web Application Security Survey, Ponemon Institute 74%.of IT practitioners believe Web application security is either more critical or equally critical to other security issues faced by their organizationsState of Web Application Security Survey, Ponemon Institute70%of threats are at the Web application layer . Gartner55%of all disclosures were Web application vulnerabilities. IBM X-Force 2010 Mid-Year Trend and Risk Report12Number of vulnerabilities per Web application. Web Application Security Consortium13The average number of "serious" vulnerabilities on a website. WhiteHat Security $525The amount the average business spends per employee annually on security . Gartner$3.8millionMedian annual cost of a cyber attack. The First Annual Cost of Cyber Crime Study, Ponemon Institute80%of retailers and organizations that handle credit card transactions had been hit with a data breach . PCI DSS Compliance Report 2009, PonemonInstitute$3.5million The average annual cost of achieving regulatory security compliance in multinational companies. The True Cost of Compliance, Ponemon Institute
    • 13. !Thank You 13Explore Your Web Vulnerabilities