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The Mill Creek Influence September 2011 Issue
The Mill Creek Influence September 2011 Issue
The Mill Creek Influence September 2011 Issue
The Mill Creek Influence September 2011 Issue
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The Mill Creek Influence September 2011 Issue


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The Mill Creek Influence: Turning neighborhoods into communities.

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The Mill Creek Influence September 2011 Issue

  1. 1. the MilloCreek i n f l u e n c e a publication exclusively for the residents of mill creek • september 2011Photography by Chelsi Greenwood Photography
  2. 2. 2 The Mill Creek Influence September September The Mill Creek Influence 3 Lo c a L a r e a co n tac t s © 2011 Neighborhood Networks Publishing, Inc. ™ EmErgEncy 911 emergency AREA DIRECTOR Avery McConnell-Holder 206.718.9283 non EmErgEncy 425-328-0035 Mcca security PHOTOGRAPHER Chelsi Greenwood Photography 425-745-6175 Mill creek Police 360-668-5357 Fire District #7 CONTRIBUTING WRITER Lindsay Ware utilitiEs CREATIVE TEAM Christie Joyce Robb Hotchkiss Erich Nickens Alex Chioini 800-483-1000 Verizon Amber Rogerson Katie Sneed 888-225-5773 Puget sound energy Marie Nowell Krista DeWitt 425-783-1000 snohomish county PUD Adrienne Jensen Kylie Martin 425-481-1100 Waste Management nW Angelina Garcia Amanda Barnette 800-COMCAST comcast cable 425-787-0220 alderwood Water District 425-337-3647 silver Lake Water District schools 425-338-5180 Mill creek elementary 425-338-5080 Penny creek elementary 425-338-5175 silver Lake elementary 425-338-5150 Woodside elementary 425-338-5000 Heatherwood Middle school 425-316-5200 Henry M Jackson High school othEr 425-337-1116 city of Mill creek animal control 425-743-1444 Mill creek country club 425-743-5544 Mill creek Public Library 425-353-7433 everett transit 425-745-1891 city of Mill creek  organizations Mill creek Womens club West coast aquatics center Greater Mill creek senior center DISCLAIMER: N2 Publishing is not affiliated with or contracted by the City of Mill Creek (the “City”). This publication, Mill creek Garden club including the content of articles and advertisements contained herein, is not authorized or endorsed by the City. Any articles included in this publication and/or opinions expressed therein do not necessarily reflect the views of N2 Publishing but remain solely those of the author(s). The paid advertisements contained within The Mill Creek Influence magazine are not endorsed or recommended by N2 Publishing or the publisher. Therefore, neither N2 Publishing nor the publisher may be held liable or responsible for business practices of these companies. NOTE: When community events take place, photogra- phers may be present to take photos for that event and they may be used in this publication.
  3. 3. 4 neighborhoodSponsors The Mill Creek Influence September September The Mill Creek Influence neighborhoodSponsors 5 This section has been created to give you easier access when searching for a ROOFING / HOME SECURITY & SOUND SPA TRAVEL SERVICES trusted neighborhood vendor to use. Take a minute to familiarize yourself IMPROVEMENT INTEGRATION Lorindas Salon Spa Store Bourke Travel with the businesses sponsoring Mill Creek. North Creek Roofing NW Security & Sound 800 164th St SE 16120 Cascadian Way These local businesses are proud to partner with your neighborhood and 17624 15th Ave SE Ste 105A (350) 691-4200 Mill Creek, WA 98012 Bothell, WA 98012 make this newsletter possible. Please support these businesses and thank Bothell, WA 98012 (425) 743-9722 (425) 787-1115 them for supporting Mill Creek! (425) 822-6921 SHOPPING AND ENTERTAINMENT TAX SERVICES WINDOW COVERING SALON & DAY SPA Country Village Shops Toyer Dietrich CPA Budget Blinds Spa In The City 23718 Bothell Everett Hwy Suite H 3705 Colby Ave 9915 7th Ave St SeAUTO CARE - REPAIR FAMILY ATHLETIC HOME CLEANING MATTRESSES 9505 19th Ave SE, Suite 109 Bothell, WA 98021 Everett, WA 98201 Everett, WA 98208Quality Foreign Auto CLUB Maid Brigade Mattress City Everett, WA 98208 (425) 483-2250 (425) 258-3432 (425) 338-793318002 Bothell Everett Highway Columbia Athletic Club (206) 362-8439 121 SE Everett Mall Way Suite A (425) 948-7723 www.budgetblindsmillcreek.comMill Creek, WA 98012 505 128th St SE Everett, WA 98208 481-1200 Everett, WA 98208 (425) (425) 745-1617 HOSPITAL Providence Regional Medical CenterCHURCHES (425) 304-0590 PROFESSIONALGold Creek Community Church FAMILY FUN PHOTOGRAPHY4326 148th St SE Mill Creek Family YMCA Chelsi Greenwood PhotographyMill Creek, WA 98012 13723 Puget Sound Drive LANDSCAPE/ (509) 795-0215(425) 316-3333 Everett, WA 98028 HARDSCAPE (425) 337-0123 Fruhling Sand & Topsoil com 1010 228th St SWCOSMETIC DENTISTRY Bothell, WA 98021 REAL ESTATE AGENT/ ORAL SURGERY FRAMING (425) 487-9429 Remax - Sue and Charles DoeppBill J Mulliken DDS Artisan Custom Framing (425) 280-454516030 Bothell Everett Highway # 280 15111 Main Street A 104Mill Creek, WA 98012 Mill Creek, WA 98012 MARTIAL ARTS RESTAURANT(425) 337-4001 (425) 385-2121 White Tiger Martial Arts The Jet Bar & 3922 148th St SE 800 164th St SE Bothell, WA 98012 Mill Creek, WA 98012DENTIST - PEDIATRIC HEALTH SERVICES (425) 357-0357 (425) 743-4594Lynnwood Kids Dentist Providence Physicians Group www.thejetbar.com18833 28th Ave W Suit B (425) 316-5080Lynnwood, WA 98036
  4. 4. 6 The Mill Creek Influence September September The Mill Creek Influence neighborhoodNews 7 Note Send in Your Favorite PicturesPublisher’s Email with your pictures, stories, news, and events! How did you celebrate our country’s independence? Send us your 4th of July pictures!Residents, We Want Pictures of Your Little All-Star! It does not matter if your child is a champion:We are pleased to bring you your first edition of The Mill Creek information, fun and FREE social events put on by N2, city make him/her feeling like one by submitting pictures of the proud moments on theInfluence magazine and hope you will enjoy the monthly publi- issues and ideas, activities and club information, business infor- playing field. All sports pictures are welcome for submission to the newsletter.cations. mation, pictures, personal stories, and articles (mostly written and photographed by your neighbors), along with other infor- We want your announcements! Whether you just celebrated a birthday or anniversary,N2 Publishing is the leading provider of specialty publications mation specifically tailored to your neighborhood. welcomed a new baby in the house, or had any other special occasion, let us know andfor residents of exclusive communities across the nation. Our we will include it in the next issue.objective is to turn neighborhoods into communities with our Along with the magazine, we will host various free events tomonthly newsletters. Locally, we produce magazines for Clyde bring the community together for social events - free dinnersHill, Medina, Yarrows Point, Newcastle and Gig Harbor. out at top restaurants, salon reviews, golf tournaments, and Don’t forget that The Mill Creek Influence has a Facebook page!  more. We will communicate to you the various events we are “Friend” us so we can notify you of our community news and events.This publication is a social newsletter and it is designed to hosting through the newsletter and emails. If you wish to bereflect the social activities and interests within Mill Creek. We included please email me at not associated, endorsed, or sanctioned by your local HOAor Country Club; therefore we will not be the “voice” of your The events and the publication are designed to increase socialHOA, Property Manager, or Developer. If you have questions connections between residents and to develop a true sense of octobEr Special!regarding anything that involves the HOA or Country Club, community. By providing a well-designed publication full ofplease contact them directly as we are not a representative of the stories and photos, we have seen N2 neighborhoods increase September 2011Board or the Club. attendance at social events and allow residents to widen theirThis publication is being provided FREE OF CHARGE to you circle of friends. Holidays & Observances For the month of October, any time you North Creek Roofingas a homeowner as the cost of producing, printing, and mailing I look forward to meeting each of you at our upcoming use any of the participating merchantseach newsletter is covered by the advertising partners that you neighborhood events! Lorinda’s Spa & Salonsee in each issue. We try our best to screen our advertisers to below AND MENTION THE MILL CREEK Quality Foreign Autoensure that they can provide the types of services that you may INFLUENCE, you will receive a raffle ticketneed or want as a homeowner. If you currently utilize a business Avery McConnell-Holder in which you will be entered into a draw- Artisan Custom Framingthat does excellent work, please let us know as they may want to Area Director of The Mill Creek ing to win gift certificates and gift baskets Dr. Mulliken at Mill Creek Dentistryreach out to your neighbors as well. Also, if you own or run a Influence from these awesome merchants! Contestbusiness and would like information on reaching your neighbors Phone number: 425-424-3663 or Mattress City will run the entire month of October so beeach month, contact me for advertising information or to simply 206-718-9283 sure and spread your love to these mer- Spa In The Citylist your business for free in the Resident Business Guide. Email: chants and in turn you could win some White Tiger Martial Arts amazing products and opportunities!Each publication you will see is unique to your neighborhood, Don’t forget to mention you saw them in The Country Village Shopsand the publication will reflect who you are as a community. A The Mill Creek Influence! Drawing will be Toyer Dietrich CPA September 5th – Labor Day  typical publication will include: social event information spe- held at the beginning of November. Mill Creek YMCAcific to the residents of your neighborhood, upcoming meeting September 11th – Grandparents Day
  5. 5. 8 neighborhoodNews The Mill Creek Influence September September The Mill Creek Influence neighborhoodNews 9 your hometown? What’s your education? Kids’ Corner-- Send in your child’s poem Living Spaces – What are your hobbies and interests? or artwork! Our goal is to help your If you have dec-T YPES OF ARTICLES What is your career? Travel Tales- If you or anyone you know neighborhood have the best newsletter possible. We always keep your needs in mind, so if you know of anyone, or if you orated a room in your house and would like toYou Will See In The Publication has gone on a vacation and would like to share their experience, then this is the place to be. This gives your friends and want to fill one of these articles yourself just make sure you let us know. showcase it with the neighbors, please let us neighbors the chance to feel your expe- Volunteer Spotlight – We want to rec- know!We want and need your involvement. We are looking for several types of articles to be submitted rience and see if it would be a good fit ognize the hardworking volunteers of for their own vacation! Pictures can be the neighborhood. This is a chance to let Classifieds – Do you have somethingeach month. Please read through some of the ideas below and let us know if you are willing to included as well. others know about your passion for an that is for sale and would like to get rid ofsubmit something. All you have to do is email us at and we will organization. Giving back to the com- it?? Just send an email to avery.mccon- New Arrivals- munity is a big deal and we want to rec- with your name, phonesend you the simple details of submitting the information. This is a new ognize you for it! number, and description of the item. section designed to welcome new Athlete of the Month – Whether you are babies into the 4 or 40, a ballerina or a football player, Pictures – owner. Yes, you must be a resident of the volunteer work, graduation, music, the- neighborhood as this section is for you! Sports are a big WE LOVE neighborhood. It is an opportunity to let atre, or just wish them Happy Birthday. well as congratulate those proud parents. part of most people’s lives and we would PICTURES!!! your neighborhood know the specifics of Please include basic birth information as like to highlight some great athletes from This includes what you do, and services you can offer, as Resident Recipe- This is where you can well as those baby photos!! the neighborhood. pictures of pets, well as a background of who you are and let some of your cooking secrets out toparties, graduations, kids playing, picnics, where you are from. the public! All that is required is theswimming, etc. One of the best parts ingredients and preparation advice, but aabout your new newsletter is the involve- Precious photo is always nice too! This really spicesment from residents. Pictures are an easy Pets- Here up things a bit from the ordinary Macway to help support the look of the news- is an award and Cheese.letter as well as bring smiles to your fel- winner! If youlow residents. Digital photographs with have a pet and Yard of the Month-high quality capability are the way to go want them to If you have an out-here! The more pixels the better! Simply be famous, just get them in the Precious standing yard orsend an attachment of the pictures in an Pets section. Pets are our pride and joy so garden or know aemail to let us know who they, and you, are! Past neighbor who does,Although we cannot guarantee we will famous animals have been turtles, rabbits, we want to knowuse all of the pictures, we will use as many birds, horses, dogs, cats, a pig, and much about it. All youas we can. Get in the habit of passing more, so have fun with this one. have to do is snap acute pictures along when you take them! picture and email it to us. Please include Kids to Kids- Make your kid the rock star names and the address so we can give youNeighborhood News- Any activity going of the neighborhood as we profile a junior the proper credit for all your hard work.on in the neighborhood or surrounding member of the community each month.area such as parades, block parties, bar- Family Spotlight- This is where we get tobecues, neighborhood clean-ups, school Recognize Your Kids – Parents, do you spotlight one of the neighborhood fami-picnics, fund raisers, pool parties, or golf want another way to recognize or con- lies each month. Have you always wishedevents. We want to let you know what is gratulate your kids about any sport, you knew your neighbors’ better? Well,going on and what has happened with academic, or other activity achievement? here is a great way to get to know them.these social events! Use your newsletter. This should include Each family is able to tell us whatever pictures along with what they achieved. they would like, but some popular ques-Business Beat- This is a popular section Examples include: black belt, Honor Roll, tions to answer include: How long havewhere we highlight you as a business straight A’s, scholarships, state champs, you lived in the neighborhood? Where is
  6. 6. 10 neighborhoodNews The Mill Creek Influence September September The Mill Creek Influence 11 Introduce us to your family. Hi, we are the McConnell-Holder family and our precious pet is Milo. Since mommy had trouble finding a pet in the neigh- borhood, we decided to feature our pug Milo for the first issue. Tell us your pet’s story. Where/why did you get your pet? Is there a story behind its name? Please include your pet’s breed/age if applicable: We got Milo from a lady that could not keep him anymore. When we first got him he did not trust us but as he got used to us he started to trust us. He is a 7 year old fawn pug. What special talents/quirks does your pet have? He LOVES to lick all of the time and he loves us and is very sweet he is very lovable and friendly he knows some tricks but when we try to teach him to rollover he hides under the coffee table! What’s the funniest story you have about your pet? One time we put his life jacket on him and put him in the water and he did not move a muscle but instead dumped over instead of swimming. petsprecious How spoiled is your pet? He gets bones and loves ice. We spoil him rotten. What else should we know about your pet and/or how your pet has enriched your home/family? Meet Milo… Milo has a huge backyard and gets lots of attention. Article written by: Morgan McConnell, Age 9
  7. 7. 12 neighborhoodNews The Mill Creek Influence September September The Mill Creek Influence neighborhoodNews 13 Favorite Activities/hobbies: Jogging, working out at LA Fitness, fishing and entertaining and decorating Favorite hangout: Spotted Cow, Skinny Dip and Starbucks (kids). Drew and Lisa love the bar area at Azul. Favorite Restaurants: Thai Rhapsody, Blazing Onion, Azul, LaPalmera Favorite vacation Spot: Cabo San Lucas Favorite Sports Team: WA Huskies, Seattle Sounders and Seat- tle Seahawks (Season Ticket holders for all three) Photography by: Chelsi Greenwood Photography Favorite Family Dinner: Anything BBQ Family Traditions: Meeting up with extended family annually inFamilyspotlight Hawaii and Lake Chelan What activities are the kids involved with? Club soccer, Young Life and church youth group. Sara trains younger kids in soccer. How are you involved in the community? Lisa volunteers at the local schools and both Drew and the girls help maintain the yard of an elderly mill creek couple. Family members name: Drew, Lisa, Sara and Molly Quall What do you like to do to relax? Read and entertain around the Pets: Dog, Lucy-Maltipoo family pool; also, late night family talks in the hot tub Street: Evergreen sub-division 17th CT SE What music do you listen to? We love music at our house, coun- try, top 40 and old school Where You are From: Both Lisa and Drew grew up in Seattle and both girls were born in the Mill Creek area. What are your favorite TV shows: Criminal Minds, Deadliest Catch, Friday Night Lights and the Bachelor How long have you lived in your neighborhood? We have lived in Mill Creek for 8 years, prior to that we lived in the Gold Creek neighborhood in Snohomish. What is your favorite part about living in your neighborhood: We love the fact that you can walk to almost anything: Star- Professions: Drew owns Jobsite Stud Welding, steel construction/fabrication company. bucks, library, Town Center, etc. Lisa can even walk to work. We Lisa co-owns Elegant Details Boutique which is located in Mill Creek. also enjoy running on the sidewalks and the multiple pocket parks.
  8. 8. 14 neighborhoodNews The Mill Creek Influence September September The Mill Creek Influence neighborhoodNews 15 Beauty TalkName: Jameson Rahul WareAge: 5Grade: Going into first grade kids 2ds ki withFavorite Movies: Pooh’s Grand AdventureFavorite Music: Anything by Usher or Justin BieberSports I Play: Soccer Spa in the City is best described as a “boutique spa and full ser- we will answer them in future issues. There is nothing betterMusical Instrument I Play/Want to Learn: Don’t know yet vice salon.” We are teamed with professionals who LOVE wak- than receiving an insider tip about something that works, inSpecial Interests/Hobbies: Going to movies, drawing comic book heroes ing up every morning to share their passion with their guests turn relieving you of time and money spent on disappointingYour Favorite Vacation: Disney Land and changing lives daily. You guarantee you will fall in love with purchases. In this new economy we are all looking for waysUpcoming Challenge(s): Learning to speak English better and learning to read Spa in the City! We create raving fans and put our heart, blood, to spend our money wisely and get great products that deliver sweat and tears into perfecting each and every one of our servic- results! We look forward to this new relationship within theSomething Unique About Me: I lived on the streets in India, similar to the es. We all feel blessed to be a part of such an amazing industry community and invite you to reach out via a phone call, Facekids in Slumdog Millionaire. I rode trains like they did in the movie. and immerse ourselves in being our personal best for you. book, website, email and of course you are welcome to visit withWhen I Grow Up I’m Going to Be: A helicopter pilot us personally anytime. Our goal as a team is to enhance and educate everyone that walks through our doors. Some have referred to us as “Guide to everything beauty” or as the “Best Kept Beauty Secret in Ever- ett” because our services are always tried and true! Whether they are the latest cutting edge procedures or our grandma’s secret to soft hands... we do everything 100% and love sharing what works! Focused on giving fantastic results, our team is dedicated to always continuing their education and learning all of the newest trends via pop culture and social media. Our services include everything from age defying facials that give you a non-surgical facelift to ear candling, a gentle, holistic cleansing technique safe for people of all ages. Just a few of our most popular services include eyelash extensions that open your eyes and reduce the need for makeup and also has been said to make you look 5 years younger From skin rejuvenation, weight loss, detoxification through body wraps and our infrared sauna, various massages, anti-aging techniques and products, hair removal through waxing and sugaring, sunless tanning, cus- tomized cosmetics including custom foundations and mineral makeup, we are a complete one-stop shop. We would also like to open this space up to questions from you, our readers. If you have a question that you would like to ask and feel that its a question many others would have as well, we would love for you to email us those questions and
  9. 9. 16 The Mill Creek Influence September September The Mill Creek Influence 17 ago. I loved being home with the girls but I began to get a little “antsy.” In November of 2007 I had a mild stroke, it was at that time I shared with my hus- band my dream of opening my own little store. With his support and my promise to keep my priorities in line, first being my health, second the family and lastly business he gave me his blessings. My best girl friend, Kelly Gasparich and I began brainstorming and after months of planning and support from our family and friends we opened Elegant Clutter, which is now Elegant Details Boutique.BUSINESS beat We like to think of Elegant Details as a” lifestyle boutique”, offering a little some- thing for everyone’s taste, whether it be a gift, an accessory for your home or a trendy clothing item. Each time you visit our shop you will find something new, something different and always some- thing to inspire you. Our goal is to pro-I’ve lived all my life in the Pacific North- and triathlons in the past years. I had a few vide our customers with quality, uniquewest, I grew up in Richmond Beach setbacks this year due to health issues but I products at an affordable price.which is located in North Seattle and should be back at it in October when Drewmoved to the Mill Creek area shortly and I will run the San Jose half marathon. Being a business owner in today’s eco-after I was married 20 years ago. nomic climate has been a challenge, I Although I don’t have as much time to encourage Mill Creek Residents to sup-My husband Drew and I are both self volunteer as I once had, I still feel it is port their local businesses. Without localemployed. I co-own Elegant Details Bou- important to be involved with the girls’ support, “small mom and pop businesses”tique which is located in Mill Creek and school. I have always enjoyed volunteer- will be obsolete and the only store stand-Drew owns Jobsite Stud Welding which is ing in the classroom/school (whether ing will be Wal-Mart.a steel construction/fabrication company they like me to or not!). Currently, I ambased in Seattle, California and Arizona. co-chairing the Jackson High Ways and I am proud to mention that ElegantWe have two daughters. Sara, soon to be 18, Means Committee and the Staff Appre- Details was voted as one of the Top 5will be starting her senior year at Jackson ciation Committee at Heatherwood. “Best Gift Shop” in King 5’s Best ofHigh. She is currently working part-time at Western Washington.Merrill Gardens in Mill Creek. Molly, age While studying business in college I13 will be in the 7th grade at Heatherwood worked for Nordstrom. What began as Our biggest honor came in May when Kel-Middle School. Both girls play soccer and part-time work led to a 15-year career. ly and I were notified that Elegant Detailsare currently playing for Crossfire Premier. While at Nordstrom I held several was chosen by the editors of Home Accent managing/merchandising positions. I Today magazine as one of the “Top 5 SmallWhen I am not working at my shop or developed a love for display and mer- Retailers in the Country.” Who would havestanding on the sideline cheering on my chandising and above all I learned the thought a small town boutique tucked ingirls you may find me running or walk- importance of giving exceptional cus- between Patty’s Egg Nest and Baskin anding the streets of Mill Creek. Fitness has tomer service. I left Nordstrom shortly Robbins would get such recognition.always been a huge part of my life and have after my oldest daughter was born andI have completed several half marathons was a stay at home mom up until 4 years Lisa Quall
  10. 10. 18 neighborhoodNews The Mill Creek Influence September September The Mill Creek Influence neighborhoodNews 19town around The Mill Creek Festival Photography provided by Chelsi Greenwood Photography
  11. 11. 20 neighborhoodNews The Mill Creek Influence September September The Mill Creek Influence neighborhoodNews 21town around ...continued sponsor of the month Our beautiful community of Mill Creek has always shown exceptional pride of ownership regarding our homes. However, Mill Creek is growing older and the houses are aging as well. One of the most obvious signs of a home’s age is the appearance of its roof. While roofing replacement is a large scale and expensive renovation, homeowners want to find a roofing company you can really trust. The company North Creek Roofing offers a variety of specialized services to restore roofs in the area. North Creek Roofing’s Dan McNeely, owner of the company, is a 3rd generation roofer and has been doing so for over 34 years. Dan and his highly-trained and trust-worthy employees are willing to work on roofing projects ranging from sheds, to home remodels, to an entire re-roofing project. During the project you won’t be alone. The project manager will work with you every step of the way, providing supervision and input for your specific desires. Your home is a big investment; don’t let a poor roof destroy it. Dan and all his team members at North Creek Roofing pride themselves on quality workmanship. North Creek Roofing prides themselves on the fact that most of their clients come from refer- rals from their very satisfied customers who in turn refer their family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. If your roof needs some work, call North Creek Roofing at 425-483-7986, or find them on the web at
  12. 12. 22 neighborhoodNews The Mill Creek Influence September neighborhoodNews September The Mill Creek Influence 23The Mill CreekREST Stop..Mattress City, a different kind of mattress store…By: Stewart Patey/Owner Mattress CityWe are thrilled to be a part of The Mill Creek Influence Maga- As an example, helping people select a mattress based on comfortzine. As a family owned and operated local business, we are testing and taking the time necessary to truly listen to the needsalways looking for ways to support our local community. of each person instead of seeing how fast they can close the deal. At Mattress City, we are one of the only mattress stores that doWe here at Mattress City realize that you have many choices not work on commission. That fact alone means that we are moti-when it comes to shopping for a mattress. We didn’t want to vated to helping you, listening closely to your personal needs andopen just another mattress store. We wanted to make a differ- taking however long it takes to assisting you in making the rightence in the community as well. With my personal experience choice in a new mattress purchase the first time. living spacesover the years in working for other mattress stores, I recognizedmany things that could greatly improve the customer experience. We have created a real WIN-WIN situation for everyone. First off, let’s address your old, tired and worn out mattress set. Mattress City is the only mattress store that will actually pay you money back on any mattress set regardless of its condition, when you pur- chase a new mattress set from us at our everyday low prices! Family Member Names: Dave and What was your inspiration? For my fam- for my ottoman that I keep in bins in the Here’s how it works. We pay you $300 for your old king set, Galinda Porter ily room, my inspiration was my love garage for an easy change over. $200 for your old queen set and $100 for any full or twin set. of anything roses. It makes for a happy Again, regardless of it’s condition! The reason we do this is to Street address: River Crossing inviting room that my grown kids 30, 25 Im obsessed with decorating and am for- assist you in not having to deal with getting rid of your old and 23 can come home to each weekend tunate that I get to do that all day long at set and taking it to the local landfill where it only adds to the How long have you lived in this house? for Sunday dinner. The rest of the house Calico Corners! waste problems. Mattress City will donate these used mattresses We have lived in our home for 8 years. is casual elegance; I love beautiful things to organizations through “Furnishing Hope” which assists the but they have to be comfortable. Walking What company did you use? I have homeless and women’s battered shelters. We realize that some What rooms did you decorate? We have into a well decorated room is like get- been decorating with fabrics from Calico mattress sets are not able to be donated as well. Instead of hauling decorated all the rooms but it is never ting a hug and coming down my staircase Corners from the start. They have also them off to the dump, we recycle your old mattress set. Together done; its an ever-evolving process. each morning I thank my blessings for all done all my re-upholstery, slipcovers and we can all make a positive difference within our communities. We that I have. window treatments. Decorating is an ask that when it comes time for you to purchase a new mattress What room is your favorite in the house investment that can put a smile on your set you’ll come visit us at Mattress City and give us the opportu- & why? My favorite room is whichever one Since our family spends most of our time face every day. nity to earn your business through superior service, outstanding I happen to be in at the time, I am always in the family room, I like to have a sum- products and rock bottom prices. In doing so, we both can give decorating in my head or moving things mer and a winter look, this will extend Did you decorate the room’s one at a back to our community and help those less fortunate. around. You can get a whole new look by the life of my furniture. In the winter its time or all at once? It’s been an ongoing moving things from room to room. all raspberry, green and browns; bright, process. Located at 121 SE Everett Mall Way, 1 block west of Target. Find happy and cheerful. Currently its dressed us on the web at You can also visit our Did you design or decorate it yourself? for summer in a white slipcover for the If you could do it all over again, would facebook page and click “LIKE” and then next time you stop into Myself sofa, pale floral slip covered cushions for you change anything? Nope, like I said our store please pick up a FREE $50 City Rewards Card. Go to the chairs, and I have different accessories it’s ever-changing!
  13. 13. 24 neighborhoodNews The Mill Creek Influence September September The Mill Creek Influence neighborhoodNews 25tEEn ink Welcome to Teen Ink! Each month The Mill Creek Influence will fea- ture a teen article submitted by a teen in the neighborhood. Are you a teen that would like to write an article? If you’re interested, please contact Avery @ Thank you Lindsay for Kids Beat writing this amazing article about a very brave, strong young man. Folded caterpillar craft This simple folded craft Caterpillar will satisfy the creative desires of kids of all ages. Once it is finished let the imagination take over David Ricci, a beloved teen missionary from Snohomish, Wash- for fun play time. ington, had a dramatic and sudden accident occur that would change his life forever. In June, while on his mission trip in Cal- Supplies cutta, India, David planned to simply board a train to get to his 2 colors of card next destination. As he stood a little too close to the train tracks, Wiggle eyes a nearly silent electric train going 50 miles an hour caught Glue the sleeve of David’s shirt, brutally dragging him down onto the tracks. As if being dragged by a train wasn’t bad enough, Instructions 19-year-old David lost his leg instantly. Cut a strip of each color of card (you can glue pieces together to make longer ones if you like). Being an extremely poverty-stricken city, Calcutta had little to offer him by the means of medical attention. However, a doctor Glue the ends together so the strips of card sit at right angles. was able to stop the excessive blood loss with a tourniquet, sav- Fold one strip over the other until you reach the end. Secure the ing his life. Although the bleeding had stopped, worries regard- ends with a dab of glue. ing disease and infection preoccupied the doctors’ minds. It became obvious that David needed to get back to America for Stick on the eyes. proper medical treatment, so a medical evacuation was put into effect, landing him in Harborview Center in Seattle. If you like you can cut antennae from card and glue them on too. As of now, David is continuing to fully heal from this tragic incident. Also, David’s younger brother grew seriously ill from exposure in Calcutta, leading to his hospitalization at Seattle Chil- dren’s Hospital. Even though he lost his leg, possibly hindering his missionary future, David spoke through his tears saying, “I am going to change the world. I will.” Now living as an inspiration to many, David needs as much support and financial aide as heArticle Written by Lindsay Ware can receive. If you would like to support and help aid him in his recovery, donations can be made at Mill Creek Foursquare ChurchIsn’t it amazing how our lives can be forever altered in the blink of located at 1415 164th St SW, Lynnwood, WA 98087. There is alsoan eye? As teens, we often see ourselves as invincible, never wor- a Facebook page called Praying for David if you would like to fol-rying about what could happen to us at any moment in time. The low his recovery, and I promise you will be inspired if you do.following story happened to a local teen, and his story will make allof us think about what we would do in a similar situation.
  14. 14. 26 The Mill Creek Influence September September The Mill Creek Influence 27 Resident Recipetour & travel Recipe courtesy of Molly Forbes Roasted Corn and Avocado Saladby Bourke Travel The sweetness of summer corn and the creamy rich- Makes 6-8 servings Lime for garnish ness of avocados are a wonderful pairing in this salad. 4 large ears of sweet corn Lime Cumin Dressing: Excellent when served with fish tacos. 1 cup canned black beans, ½ c. lime juice drained and rinsed 1/3 c. olive oil Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Lightly oil a rimmed baking sheet. ¾ c. diced red bell pepper ¼ c. red wine vinegar ¾ c. minced red onion 1 tbsp. minced garlic Cut the corn kernels off of the cob. Put the kernels on the bak- ¼ c. minced fresh oregano 1 tbsp. ground cumin ing sheet and roast in the oven until slightly shriveled, golden (cilantro) 2 tsp. chili powder brown, and aromatic, about 15 minutes, turning with a spatula once or twice. 1 tbsp. minced jalapeno ¾ tsp. salt Timeless Wonders of Vietnam, 3 ripe avocados Pinch cayenne pepper to taste Cambodia & Mekong For the dressing, whisk together lime juice, olive oil, vinegar, gar- lic, cumin, chili powder, and the salt in a small bowl. Add cayenne 1 ½ c seeded, diced tomato 8-10 drops pepper sauce 6-8 red lettuce leaves and pepper sauce to taste. Toss the corn and black beans in a large bowl, and then toss in the red pepper, onion, oregano, and Uniworld offers an intimate encounter inside Vietnam and Cam- jalapeno. Gently stir the dressing into the corn mixture, and taste bodia that other river cruise lines cant match. Youll never descend the salad for seasoning, adding more seasonings as desired for onto a village, market, or important cultural site as part of a massive taste. Let sit for at least 30 minutes before serving. tour group. Instead, you’ll be part of small groups, with one local guide for every twenty guests. You will meet the people and visit Just before serving, peel and pit the avocados and slice them the places that make up these fascinating destinations. In addition, into ½ inch slices. Gently stir the avocados and tomatoes into you’ll travel to floating villages and sites by way of a luxurious sam- the salad. Set the lettuce leaves on individual plates, spoon the pan, so you’ll have a genuine experience every step of the way. salad into the center of leaves, and garnish with lime wedges. Uniworld’s commitment to intimacy extends to your shipboard experience as well. The River Saigon, Uniworld’s brand new Each month The Mill Creek Influence will feature a different ship plying the Mekong, boasts just 30 deluxe staterooms and recipe submitted by someone in the neighborhood. Do you have a delicious recipe you would like to share? Then no more than 60 guests at a time. This means that you will be email your recipe and see treated to gracious and personalized service. The staff onboard how many people love it too! the River Saigon will be there to ensure you have everything you need—morning, noon, and night. Whether you are sitting on the spacious sun deck being served a refreshing complimentary beverage as you watch the passing scenery or you are listening to an enlightening lecture, your staff will stand ready to make your stay as special and comfortable as can be. You’ll also notice extra special Uniworld touches throughout your journey, from VIP check-in service at all onshore hotels to luxurious sampans that let you tour the river in style, to relaxing with fresh fruit and tea after your onshore excursions. There’s simply no better way to experience the magic of these destinations along the Mekong River.
  15. 15. 28 LocalEvents The Mill Creek Influence September September The Mill Creek Influence LocalEvents 29 Saturday, September 10 Friday, September 23 Lake Stevens Triathlon Echo Falls Golf Club Couples Night Where: North Cove Park, 1812 Main Street, Lake Stevens Where: Echo Falls Golf Club, 20414 121st Ave SE, Snohomish When: 8:00am When: 9:00pm USA Triathlon Sanctioned. Olympic Distance - Swim 1 mile/Bike 25 Theme is Crazed Fan. Dress to impress according to the event miles/Run 6.2 miles. Sprint Distance - Swim .25 mile/Bike 9.8 miles/ theme. Non-competitive 9-hole golf event and dinner along w/fun Run 3.2 miles. contests and prizes! For more information: (206) 920-3983 For more information: Saturday, September 10 Saturday, September 24 Sunsets in Snohomish - Sip, Shop, Wine and Dine Run for the Roof 5K Fun Run/Walk Where: Downtown Snohomish Where: Willis Tucker Park , Snohomish When: 5:00pm – 8:00pm When: 9:00am Tickets $5 include 5 tastings. Tickets purchased after noon day of For more information: 952-456-3776 event $8. Bring your own glass. Wine tasting, shopping & dining specials and great people watching! September For more information: 425-330-0831 LOCAL EVENTS Saturday, September 17 Pirate Day Where: Country Village, Bothell When: 11:00am – 2:00pm Aargh! Ye be invited fer a special event of treasure seakin for ye pirates at heart! Chart yer course fer playground at Country Village. We be a meetin at 11:00 am fer some swashbucklin fun, grub, lads and lassie friendly grog  and a special visit from Captain ScarefaceThursday, September 8 Friday, September 9 – Sunday, September 11 and his crew from the pirates of treasure island! Wave yer flag if yeMukilteo Art Show Puget Sound Bird Fest be attendin. Sees ye there if you dare! Aargh!Where: TBA Where: Frances Anderson Center, 700 Main Street, Edmonds For more information: 425-483-2250When: 6:00pm – 9:00pm Friday evening features an opening reception and keynote addressJoin us for an evening of fine art to kick of the Lighthouse Festival. “Changing World, Changing Birds” by Dr. Dennis Paulson, Director Saturday, September 17Meet local artists and enjoy the art show! Emeritus of the Slater Museum of Natural History at the Univer- 4th Annual Pumpkin HurlFor more information: sity of Puget Sound. Dennis is a teacher, researcher, and author Where: Alexander’s Farm on Ebey Island 3419 52nd St SE, Everett of numerous books and articles with over 40 years of experience Watch pumpkins fly and die! You won’t believe your eyes as record-Friday, September 9 studying birds. Saturday field trips include a morning Birding setter Trebarbaric and other pumpkin hurling machines fling 8 lbHometown Hootenanny: Legends of the Opry-Everett Cruise on Puget Sound with the Edmonds Yacht Club. There will pumpkins into the sky, (some as far as 1800 feet!) in a contest forWhere: Historic Everett Theatre, 2911 Colby Ave. be workshops and presentations all day on Saturday at the Fran- distance. But wait! There’s more! The Barony of Aquaterra, a localThe Hometown Band and special guest artists will present an eve- ces Anderson Center including bird photography basics, how to Society for Creative Anachronism chapter, hosts a Medieval Fairning of legendary country music, made famous by artists such as choose and use bird feeders and nest boxes, and an introduction including a living history village, armored combats, an archeryJim Reeves, Johnny Cash, Bob Wills, Loretta Lynn and more! Imag- to live raptors from the Sarvey Wildlife Center. The featured activity tournament and a sampling of period foods. For your enjoymentine yourself at the Grand Ol Opry in its glory days... The Hometown on Sunday will be a tour of the new Willow Creek Hatchery Wild- this event also features artisan craft and food vendors.Hootenanny is a family-friendly event, presenting live music and a life Habitat and Native Plant Demonstration Garden, and certified For more information: 425-308-8363variety of entertainers in a classic venue in downtown Everett. Red backyard wildlife habitats in Edmonds. So, mark your calendarCurtain Productions is the producing entity of Red Curtain Founda- to be in Edmonds September 9-11, 2011 to celebrate birds andtion for the Arts, a non-profit arts education organization located nature! For more information: www.pugetsoundbirdfest.orgin north Snohomish County. For more information: 425-308-4176