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  • 1. Chapter 7: Conflicts of Empire Section 2: Disputes with the United States
  • 2. Bellwork
    • Pretend you and a neighbor, with whom you are friends, have a disagreement over who owns the land between your two homes. How might you resolve this dispute?
  • 3. The Growing U.S. Threat
    • 1775: The thirteen colonies begin a fight for independence from the British
  • 4. The Growing U.S. Threat
    • Spain joins the fight against the British
  • 5. The Growing U.S. Threat
    • Bernardo de Gálvez, Spanish governor of Louisiana won several victories against the British
    Bernardo de Gálvez
  • 6. The Growing U.S. Threat
    • 1783: U.S. gains its independence
    • Republic —government in which the voters elect officials to represent them
  • 7. The Growing U.S. Threat
    • U.S. Settlers pushed to the Mississippi River, some even crossed into New Spain
  • 8. The Growing U.S. Threat
    • 1800: France forces Spain to return Louisiana
    • Spain allowed some Americans to move to Texas in order to boost the population there.
  • 9. The Growing U.S. Threat
    • 1803: Louisiana Purchase—agreement that nearly doubled the size of the United States
  • 10. Page from the Louisiana Purchase Treaty Louisiana commemorative state quarter
  • 11. Border Dispute in Texas
    • Spanish become worry because they are now bordered by the U.S.
    • U.S. growth a threat to Spanish control of Texas and Louisiana
  • 12. United States of America As a friend of Spain Spain joins the fight against Great Britain during the American Revolution As a threat to Spain Growth of the U.S. is a threat to Spanish control of Texas and Louisiana
  • 13. Border Dispute in Texas
    • Some US officials claim Rio Grande is western boundary
    • Spain claims that it is at least the Arroyo Hondo
  • 14. Border Dispute in Texas
    • 1806: Spanish LTC Simón de Herrera and US Gen. James Wilkinson meet
    • Reach a temporary solution
  • 15. Border Dispute in Texas
    • The disputed area between Texas & Louisiana known as a Neutral Ground separated the U.S. from Texas
    • Diplomats —officials that represent countries in foreign affairs
  • 16. Border Dispute in Texas
    • 1819: US and Spain sign the Adams-Onís Treaty:
      • US gives up all claims to Texas
      • U.S. gains the Neutral Ground and Florida
  • 17.  
  • 18. Dispute Temporary Solution Permanent Solution