Chapter 25 – texans at home and abroad
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  • 1. Chapter 25 - TEXANS AT HOME AND ABROAD Section 3 - Texas and World Events
  • 2. Texas in the Spanish American War• In 1895, Cubans revolted against the Spanish.• Many American supported the fight for independence.
  • 3. Texas in the Spanish American War• When the Maine, a U.S. Battleship, was destroyed by the Spanish in Havana Harbor, many Americans blamed the Spanish.U.S.S. MAINE entering Havana Harbor U.S.S. MAINE in the harbor sunk
  • 4. Texas in the Spanish American War• War was declared in April 1898.• More than 10,000 Texans fought in the war• War caused Texans to become more involved in world events
  • 5. Texas in the Spanish American War• Theodore Roosevelt – lieutenant colonel that came to Texas to recruit troops• Both cowboys and college students joined the 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry, known as the Rough Riders.• Battle of San Juan Hill – Rough Riders were famous for helping defeat the Spanish troops.
  • 6. Texas in the Spanish American War
  • 7. Texas in the Spanish American WarResults of the War •The United States expanded its role in world affairs •Texas became a major training ground for U.S. •America gained the Philippines and Puerto Rico.
  • 8. THE MEXICAN REVOLUTION• In Mexico, rebels overthrew President Porfiro Diaz who ruled as a dictator after being elected by the people.• Francisco “Pancho” Villa – rebel who attacked Mexican forces. Pancho Villa
  • 9. THE MEXICAN REVOLUTION• Madero became president in May 1911 after Diaz stepped down• Madero was assassinated by a hit ordered by General Victoriano Huerta.• Several years forces fought for control
  • 10. THE MEXICAN REVOLUTION• Following the revolution thousands of Mexican refugees settled in the Valley and in San Antonio• Almost 1.5 Mexicans were killed in fighting• Some Americans felt the war would harm American businesses that had invested in Mexico• refugees – people forced to leave their homeland because of war or persecution
  • 11. BORDER TROUBLE• Led to border raids with American General John J. “Black Jack” Pershing leading the troops• Led to conflicts with U.S. residents in South Texas• Plan de San Diego – called for Mexican Americans to take control of South Texas and declare it independent.
  • 12. BORDER TROUBLE• From 1915-1917, supporters of the rebellion raided the property of many new residents in the Rio Grande Valley.• 21 people killed and caused millions of dollars in damage.• Some angry Texas citizens and Texas Rangers killed about 300 Mexicans and Mexican Americans in revenge.• Led to a greater distrust between Mexican Americans and other Texans.
  • 13. TEXANS AND WORLD WAR I• In 1914, Europe exploded in World War I• Allied Powers – Great Britain, France, and Russia• Central Powers – Germany, Austria- Hungary, Turkey• Most American wanted to remain neutral – not aligned with either side in a conflict
  • 14. TEXANS AND WORLD WAR I U.S.S TEXAS fought in both WWI and WWII
  • 15. TEXANS AND WORLD WAR I• In 1915, Germany sank the British passenger ship Lusitania, killing 1198 passengers, including 128 Americans.• Germany government also tried to ally itself with Mexico, promising to regain land lost to the United States• U.S. declared war on April 6, 1917.
  • 17. TEXANS AND WORLD WAR I• 200,000 Texans fought in the war• U.S. soldiers trained in various camps in Texas• Back home Texans showed support for the war by buying bonds and taking part in rationing
  • 18. TEXANS AND WORLD WAR I• Texas farming, oil and lumber boomed to meet military needs• Employment in Texas reached an all time high
  • 19. TEXANS AND WORLD WAR I• War ended in November 1918.• Because of the war with Germany, many Texans accused Germans of being unpatriotic.• Sauerkraut was changed to “liberty cabbage”