Energy optimization management for industry

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  • 1. Taming the Energy Monster
    Financing Energy Optimization Projectswith Guaranteed IRR
    Bakhtiar Hameed Wain
    CEO Avanceon
    May 25, 2010
  • 2. The energy and CO2 emission challenge
    World consumption up 45% since 1980, 70% higher by 2030
    Emerging markets
    > 75% of new demands
    CO2 up 33% since industrial revolution, rising faster than ever
    Resources competition &
    Political instability keep prices high
    Coal use continues to grow in emerging markets
    These trends are here to last unless we act!
  • 3. The energy dilemma is here to stay
    The need
    The fact
    CO2 emissions
    To avoid dramatic climate changes
    Source: IPCC2007, figure (vs. 1990 level)
    Energy demand
    By 2050
    Source: IEA 2007
    Energy management is the key to address the dilemma
  • 4. 30% global energy saving!
    >1 year of electricity from 20,000 coal-fired power plants
  • 5. We have 10 years….to fix 4 critical problems
    > 10 years to fix
    > 10 years to fix
    Building & Process:
    1-5 years to fix
    Point of Use:
    1-5 years to fix
    CO2 Emissions
    Capacity Constraints
    Transmission Efficiency
    Capacity Constraints
    Stranded Capacity
    Process Domain Knowledge
    Efficiency , Integration & Optimization
    Focusing on point of use architecture provides fastest impact and frees upstream capacity through Power Plant
    Source: Hot, Flat and Crowded: tom Friedman
  • 6. And remember: a small save is a big save at the power plant!
    100 units
    35 units
    1 unit saved
    4units saved at the power plant
  • 7. …and also the first energy consumers!
    Energy use split
    Industry & Infrastructure
    Data centres &
    Main energy consumption is for steam generation,heating, cooling, motors, lighting, Electronics and appliances
    Source: EERE Building Energy Data book 2006
    EERE Manufacturing Systems Footprints,
  • 8. Excluding raw material costs, 70% of manufacturing costs are absorbed by the cost of energy …………. US Department of Energy
    Energy use split
    Industry & Infrastructure
  • 9. Approach to active energy efficiency
    5. Integrate renewables
    1. Find out what the challenge is…
    Energy audit & metering
    Passive Energy Efficiency
    Active Energy Efficiency
    2. Fix the basics
    3. Optimize through automation & regulation
    4. Monitor, maintain, improve
    Solutions in:
    Pumping, Compressor and Fan Contol,
    Steam System Management
    Power management, motor & lighting control
    Metering, monitoring and consulting services, EE analysis software
    Low consumption devices, insulation material, power factor correction
    Passive + Active EE solutions = Sustainable Energy Savings
  • 10. Avanceon’s Integrated solutions for the industry
    Make energy visibleMake systems work together
    Avanceon Solutions:
    iBoiler & iWater
    Microsoft Certified Data Visualization and Archiving Solution.
    Efficient Steam and Flow Control
    Optimizes Utilities for 10 to 35% reduction in energy usage
    Energy monitoring
    Data Archiving
    Steam System Optimization
    Motor Control
    Lighting Control
    Solutions with Partners
    HVAC Control
    Electrical Distribution
  • 11. 30% savings are available today……thanks to a combination of
    Efficient devices and
    Installation (5 to 10%ce )
    Optimized usage via
    Automation(10 to 15%)
    Monitoring & maintenance
    (2 to 8%)
    Energy Consumption
  • 12. But saving can be lost quickly…
    • Unplanned, unmanaged shutdown of equipment and processes
    • 13. Lack or mistuned of automation and regulation
    • 14. No continuity of behavior
    Up to 8% per year is lost without monitoring and maintenance program
    Up to 12% per year is lost without regulation and control systems
    Efficient devices and
    Installation (10 to 15%ce )
    Optimized usage via
    Automation(5 to 15%)
    Monitoring & maintenance
    Energy Consumption
  • 15. Avanceon Energy Dashboard
  • 16. Value Proposition – Steam System Optimization
    Do you?
    Run more than one boiler in tandem
    Have more than 10 Ton / Hour of average load
    Use fuel to produce steam
    Want to reduce cost by 5 to 15%
    Avanceon will bear the total cost of iboilerTM system which includes proprietary software, control system, instrumentation, installation and commissioning
    How does Avanceon get paid:
    9 to 15 months of proven savings; Avanceon will confirm the exact savings amount after site survey and before the contract is signed
    Managed Service Level Agreement (MSLA) to ensure sustained savings
    Both parties have the right to terminate the contract with 90 days notice
  • 17. Value Proposition – Water & Air
    Does your manufacturing facility have?
    Cooling and Process Water System
    Chilled water System
    Fans and Blowers
    Compressed Air Circuit
    The above areas as a rule of thumb could have up to 30% energy potential
    Most engineers or consultants would agree with the above claim of savings potential…………... then what stops organizations from harnessing this savings potential???
  • 18. Value Proposition – Barriers to Moving Forward
    Who guarantees the saving and what if savings is not achieved?
    Will my manufacturing process be disturbed?
    Involves high capital investment!!!
    I can think of better investment opportunities
    I need a specific ROI or IRR to invest; Energy optimization is not my business and am not sure if I can manage it to achieve my financial goals
  • 19. Value Proposition – Risk Free Financial Proposal
    Avanceon guarantees Energy Savings; enables organizations to earmark reduction in expense budget for CAPEX
  • 20. Agreed Payback Period
    Value Proposition – Risk Free Financial Proposal
    Your Savings
    Savings paying for the Project
    Energy Costs
    Process Energy Costs
    New reduced Energy Costs with EMS Solution
  • 21. We can not stop world population or energy demand growth…
    But we can change the way we use energy
    And reduce carbon and GHG emissions
  • 22. Its time to act