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Availpro: Unleash the power of Social Booking
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Availpro: Unleash the power of Social Booking


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The rapid growth of Facebook as a professional platform is challenging hoteliers to find new ways to reach their audiences. We will share with you the experience of hundreds of hotels who already …

The rapid growth of Facebook as a professional platform is challenging hoteliers to find new ways to reach their audiences. We will share with you the experience of hundreds of hotels who already have a Facebook presence and generate fans and customers through SocialBooking.

Benefit from 750 Million Facebook users!
Emmanuel Fremau, Marketing Manager at Availpro presents how to benefit fully from the Social Network effect, by treating your fans to special offers, allowing them to book directly on Facebook, and to market to their friends. 10 simple tips for a successful start for your hotel on Facebook such as building a large fanbase that converts to sales or creating integrated online & offline marketing campaigns.

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Published in: Travel, Technology, Design
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  • 1. Unleash the power of Social BookingDublin – 10/13/2011
  • 2. The web is becoming more and more social!
    User GeneratedContent
    Paper Ads
    Digital directories
    Search engines
    Social Medias
    Social Web
  • 3. The web is becoming more and more social!
    Shopping is reorganised around people…
  • 4. Facebook is the fastest growing social media750 millions users worldwide…
  • 5. Why should I want to show my hotel on Facebook?
    • Facebook users represent a large segment of the global population:
    • 6. 35-44 years old and beyond represent 30% of the total users
    • 7. 52% are women / 48% are men
    • 8. 60% of them are connected everyday
    • 9. It brings your hotel more visibility in the results in a search engine
    • 10. Theintention to buy following a friends recommendation is 5 to 12 times greater than from an ad*
    * Source s: Nielsen Brandlift study on Facebook – april 2010, ClickZ study Jan 2010,
  • 11. 6
  • 12. Some tips to start implementing or enriching your presence on Facebook
  • 13. You need to create a fan page
    It will take 2 minutes!
    You don’t have to be a Facebook
    user already to create a fan page!
    Click here on the Facebook homepage
    Choose “Local business or place” category
  • 14. How to create your fan page in 2 minutes
    You will have then to fill in:
    - your category - indicate the name of your business
    - full address and phone number
    - validate the creation
    Here you go, the page is created!
    You just have now to complete your profile
    and info…
  • 15. Place your hotel on the Facebook Place listing
    Indicate on your Facebook
    page the geographical
    location of your hotel.
  • 16. Place your hotel on the Facebook Place listing
    How do I do it?
    Look for your hotel in the search
    tool in Facebook
    Once found, click on « Is this your company? »
    Confirm that you are the
    official representative of the
    Click on
  • 17. What should I do once the page is created?
  • 18. Promote onyour website your Facebook page
    In order to promote your Facebook page,
    insert links from your hotel website towards
    your Facebook page:
    • Button so that the visitors could share it with their
    contacts (rate pages for example…)
    - Direct link direct towards the Facebook
    page of the hotel
  • 19. Communicate according to languages and location
    Facebook provides you with the possibility to address your fans
    in regards with their location or language. Click on « Customise »
    And then select the countries and/or cities or select the language
  • 20. Fine tune the message of the « landing page »
    Take great care when building your landing page. Either it will promote your offer…
    … or its primary goal will be to generate more fans!
    We recommend the option 2 by fear that the visitor would be overwhelmed by too much information.
  • 21. Fine tune the message of the « landing page »
    How do I do it?
    At the top right, click
    Choose the page you wish to have as a landing page
    Save changes
  • 22. Animate your Facebook page regularly
    Post regularly news on the wall which will interest your fans: local events, videos uploaded as well on Youtube
    Launch contests, quiz in order
    to encourage your fans to interact:
    Pictures contest about your hotel…
    Example of a Coca cola contest with
    a special application.
  • 23. Animate your Facebook page regularly
    Example of a quiz published on your wall to interact with your fans.
    Click on “Question”
    Write the question you wish to ask Enter the choices you propose
  • 24. Special offer for fans? Say it on your website
    and page
    Promote these exclusive offers
    dedicated to fans only…
    On your website
    but also on your Facebook page such as the wall and/or the image/logo
  • 25. Unleash the power of the Social Booking …
    Create and expand a
    pool of fans who would follow
    your hotel: news, special offers…
    But, you must not neglect the
    sales potentialwhich lies in your
    fans and the friends of your fans.
    • Install an integrated booking engine on your Facebook page!
  • Once that done, you can unleash the power of the Social Booking
  • 26. Whatis Social Booking?
    A social booking is a booking driven by
    the recommendation of a friend on a social network…
    …or a friend of a friend…
    …or a friend of a friend of a friend…
  • 27. Social network recommendation
    The 2.197.000 friends of my friends of my friends...
    The 16.900 friends of my friends
    My 130 friends (Facebook average*)
    Qualified recommendations
    from my friend's network
    * Source: Facebook statistics
  • 28. Social network recommendation
    1 Fan  130 friends*
    138 Fans  17 940 friends
    Reaching 17 940 people with a recommendation of your hotel…
    for free
    * Source: Facebook statistics
  • 29. From recommendation to booking
    Social Booking is a new experience for your guests.
    we need to spread the word:
    Now, you can book on Facebook!
    The Facebook Engine
    let Facebook users spread the word!
  • 30. Availpro Facebook Engine
    Display live prices and availabilities on your Facebook page
    Users Book directly on Facebook!
    A Recommendation Enginefor your fans
    Your new Facebook homepage
    A Booking Experience 100% integrated on Facebook
    Incredibly easy to set up!
  • 31. Availpro Facebook Engine
    Your new Facebook homepage!
    A big customised image of your hotel
    A customised description (in 12 languages)
    The hotel contact info
    A link to your website
  • 32. 28
    Booking engine
    Big image
  • 33. Availpro Facebook Engine,A RecommendationEngine
    Your Facebook Fans are Ambassadors of your Hotel
    Give them aprivileged offer
  • 34. Availpro Facebook Engine,A RecommendationEngine
    Theprivileged offer = Fan Rate
    Fan offer bookable by fans only
    Many sharing/sending options (hotel info, rate, etc.)
    Improved booking experience
  • 35. Availpro FacebookEngine
    Becoming Fan
    Getting Fan
    Facebook users
    Sharing and sending
  • 36. Give your fan a privileged offer
    Users must be Fans to view the Fan rate
    • Reward your fans
    • 37. Get more fans
  • 33
    Fan rate
  • 38. Share within or out of Facebook
    Users can:
    Share Hotel/Rate info with their Facebook friends
    Send Hotel/Rate info to friends or any email address!
  • 39. 35
  • 40. Better booking experience
  • 41. The Availpro Facebook Engine History
    Facebook Engine v1
    400 hotelsusers
    Facebook Engine v2
    500 hotelsusers
  • 42. Availpro, pioneer in Social Booking
    United Kingdom
    500 hotels
    In 22 countries
    use the
    Availpro Facebook Engine…
  • 43. Facebook now a real distribution channel!
    IDS & GDS
    Web/Mobile Sites
    Facebook Pages
    Live inventory update
    Live inventory update
    Live inventory update
    Your PMS
    Live inventory update
  • 44. Hotels enter a new era
    • Social Booking is born in 2011
    • 45. Availability checking and booking on Facebook will be more and more common in the next months
    • 46. Social Booking is a new experience and requires new tools
    Availpro Facebook Engine,
    The Social Booking Engine
  • 47. Thanks for your attention!
    ... Any question or comment?
    Emmanuel Fremau
    Marketing Manager Availpro