VPL-FE40 SXGA+, 4,000 Lumens Installation Projector with BrightEra technology for higher quality pictures and increased re...
VPL-FE40Control Panel Lock                                        a mid-size auditorium due to its exceptional pictureThis...
VPL-FE40Technical Specifications Optical                                                   Operating temperature    0 to 3...
VPL-FE40Accessories Lamps             LM P - F 270             Replacement lamp for VPL-FE40, VPL-FX40             and VPL...
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Sony VPL-FE40


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Sony VPL-FE40

  1. 1. VPL-FE40 SXGA+, 4,000 Lumens Installation Projector with BrightEra technology for higher quality pictures and increased reliabilityTake the beauty and brawn of the VPL-FX40 and gives you a wider choice of content so as to increaseturbo charge it and you have the VPL-FE40, Sony’s the dynamics of your presentations.new SXGA+ (1400 x 1050) resolution projector. Also available: VPL-FE40L lens-less version offers a choice of 3 bayonet lenses to meet the requirements of your specific applications. This product comes with PrimeSupport – fast, hassle- free repairs and a helpline offering expert technical advice. Which gives you the peace of mind that Sony is looking after your equipment, and your business. FeaturesDelivering an extremely bright 4,000 ANSI lumens at *Networking PresentationsSXGA+ Resolution and featuring a unique, new angu- When the VPL-FE40 projector is installed on a LAN vialar design body, the VPL-FE40 is an excellent project- RJ45, presentations can be projected from any PC onor for detailed high-impact multimedia presentations that network - whether connected via a LAN cable orin almost any venue. wirelessly. "New feature" High-Speed Image TransferThe VPL-FE40 Installation Projector is one of the first over IP Networks: Because the VPL-FE40 projectorto incorporate our new BrightEra Inorganic alignment employs efficient compression and transmission tech-layer 0.79-inch LCD Panels manufactured by the Sony niques, they can receive and project images via IPPanel Group. networks for effective presentations from any net- worked PC.BrightEra High Temperature Polysilicon (HTPS) LCDpanels represent the very latest technology in precise Monitor Outliquid crystal alignment, offering increased reliability The VPL-FE40 projector can display the image simul-and higher picture quality. In comparison to conven- taneously on a large screen and on an additionaltional LCD panels, BrightEra technology greatly aug- monitor (via a 15-pin D Sub connection), so that thements the panel’s resistance to ultraviolet light, which user can face the audience and still see the informa-is a key factor in panel reliability. In addition, an in- tion being shown.crease to the aperture ratio from traditional panelsenables the projectors to produce an incredibly bright Low Fan Noiseimage, while avoiding colour separation or the For an undisturbed presentation, quiet operation is’rainbow effect’ of the final image that can affect very important. The noise level of the VPL-FE40 issome other projection technologies. 28dB in low mode which is considered less than a whisper.The VPL-FE40 offers SXGA+ resolution to project clearand crisp images even on large screens up to 600 RS-232Cinches (measured diagonally). With its outstanding Connections include an RS-232C port for control offunctionality, simple operation and network capabilit- the projector.ies, the VPL-FE40 projector provides you with thetools to perform seamless presentations. Password ProtectionThe projector’s ability to accept a broad array of sig- When this function is activated a password is requirednals, including those from sources equipped with the to use the projector (if the password is lost, Sony islatest High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), able to retrieve it). www.pro.sony.eu/projectors 1
  2. 2. VPL-FE40Control Panel Lock a mid-size auditorium due to its exceptional pictureThis function locks the controls on the top and side of quality, multiple "ease of use" features and 4,000the projector, to prevent unauthorised or unintention- ANSI Lumen Brightness.al use of the controls. Functionality can be switched"on" or "off". High Brightness The VPL-FE40 uses BrightEra 0.79-inch 3-LCD inor-Off and Go ganic panels to achieve a leap forward in picture qual-No cool down time needed, just switch off and pack ity within its category for a high maximum brightnessaway! The fan continues to cool the VPL-FE40 after setting of 4,000 ANSI lumens. This means neitherthe power supply is removed, enabling users to un- natural nor artificial lights need to be ’blacked-out’ inplug the projector immediately after use, without order for the images to be seen with maximum clar-damaging the lamp or optics. Other projectors need ity. The VPL-FE40 also offers a 3,400-lumen mode forto remain connected to the power supply to cool the more economical operation when higher brightness isprojector after use. not needed.Direct On / Off Increased reliability & longer lifeCeiling mounted projectors notoriously remain on Sony BrightEra branded High Temperature Polysiliconafter the meeting concludes and the attendees leave (HTPS) LCD panels represent the latest technology inthe room which in turn burns unnecessary hours on precise liquid crystal alignment. In comparison to con-the lamp and electricity. The VPL-FE40 can be set to ventional LCD panels, BrightEra technology greatlyskip the standby mode, so that it can be turned on / augments the panel’s resistance to ultraviolet light,off directly using a main switch. which is a key factor key in panel reliability.Power Zoom/Focus/Picture Shift (Horizontal and Flexible inputs and outputsVertical) A cornucopia of features - 2X RGB inputs, 5BNC,The Zoom, Focus, and Horizontal and Vertical Picture RS232C, HDMI (HDCP), RJ45 with Network Presenta-Shift functions available with the projector’s supplied tion*, composite video, S-Video and component videopower-operated lens and optional lenses (except and Monitor Out, the VPL-FE40 is packed.VPLL-1008) can be controlled both from the projectorcontrol panel and the supplied Remote Commander- The Magic of Sony 3LCD Technologyunit. Images can be easily adjusted to the desired The Sony VPL-FE40 adopts a 3-LCD system usingsettings both during installation and when the project- three 0.79-inch inorganic LCD Panels, also known asor is in use. high-temperature polysillicon or HTPS. A 3-LCD pro- jector uses diachronic mirrors to divide white lightID Function for Multi-Projector Installation emitted from a high-density lamp into three basic col-Multiple Projectors, one Remote Commander! VPL- ours of Red, Green and Blue. The beams pass throughFE40 projectors have a built-in ID function, so each three LCD (HTPS) panels before being reassembled byprojector can be controlled independently from a a prism and projected onto the screen.single Remote Commander unit. 3-LCD projectors achieve fine-gradation in dark areasECO INFO while the high light efficiency ensures good focus and vivid colours, even in normal lighting conditions. 3LCDHalogenated flame retardants are not used in cabinets technology avoids the ’rainbow effect’ or colour separ-or printed wiring boards. ation to the final image that can affect some other projection technologies, such as DLP. Images pro-Corrugated cardboard is used for the packaging cush- duced on a 3-LCD system are bright, create a moreions. natural colour and are gentle on the eyeStandby power consumption: 0.5 W. 3 Year Service & Support All Sony business projectors come supplied with a 3-year support pack which offers unique extra ser- vices and benefits. • 3 years coverBenefits • Free telephone helpdesk support in 5 languages • Collection and delivery anywhere in EU, NorwayVersatility and SwitzerlandThe VPL-FE40 projector is ideal for use in the execut-ive boardroom, large classroom, gymnasium or even www.pro.sony.eu/projectors 2
  3. 3. VPL-FE40Technical Specifications Optical Operating temperature 0 to 35 °C (32 to 95 °F) Operating humidity 35 to 85% (no Projection system 3 LCD panels, 1 lens projec- condensation) tion system Storage temperature -20 to 60 °C (-4 to 140 °F) LCD panel 0.79-inch SXGA+ panel, Storage humidity 10 to 90% 4,410,000 (1400 x 1050 x 3) pixels Projection lens 1.3 times power zoom lens, Inputs/Outputs f30.6 to 39.7 mm, F1.66 to 2.18 VIDEO IN Video Composite Video (RCA Lamp 275W ultra high pressure phono jack) S Video Y/C Mini Lamp DIN 4-pin Audio Stereo (RCA phono jack x2) Screen coverage 40 to 600 inches INPUT A Analog RGB HD D-sub Light output 4000 ANSI lumens (lamp 15-pin mode high) , 3200 ANSI lu- (female) Audio Stereo mini mens (lamp mode standard) jack INPUT B Analog RGB HD D-sub Signals 15-pin (female) Audio, Ste- reo mini jack Color system NTSC3.58, PAL, SECAM, INPUT C Analog RGB/component BNC NTSC4.43, PAL-M, PAL-N, x5 (female) Audio Stereo PAL60 (automatically/manu- mini jack ally selected) INPUT D Digital RGB/Audio HDMI Resolution Video : 750 TV lines, RGB : (HDCP) 1400 x 1050 pixels INPUT E Network RJ45: 100BASE-TX/ Acceptable computer fH : 19 to 92KHz, fV : 48 to 10BASE-T signals 92Hz (Up to UXGA (fV OUTPUT Monitor out HD D-sub 60Hz)) 15pin Audio Stereo mini jack Acceptable video signals 15k RGB 50/60Hz, Progress- (variable out) ive Component 50/60Hz, REMOTE RS-232C: D-sub 9 pin DTV (480/60i, 575/50i, 480/ (female) 60p, 575/50p, 720/60p, 720/50p, 1080/60i, 1080/ Control S IN Stereo mini jack (plug-in- 50i, 1080/60p, 1080/50p), power) Composite Video, Y/C Video Supplied Accessories Speakers Remote Commander Speakers 1.8 W x 2 (Stereo) Unit Size AA (R6) batteries Lens cap General AC power cord Dimensions (W x H x D) 532 x 145 x 352 mm, (21 x Operating Instructions 5 3/4 x 13 7/8 inches) and Application Mass Approx. 9.8 kg (21 lbs 10 Software (CD-ROM) oz) Quick Reference Manual Power requirements AC 100 to 240 V, 4.1-1.7 A, Safety Regulations 50/60 Hz Security Label Power consumption Max. 400 W, Standby 15 W, Warranty Card Standby (low) 0.5 W Heat dissipation 1365 BTU www.pro.sony.eu/projectors 3
  4. 4. VPL-FE40Accessories Lamps LM P - F 270 Replacement lamp for VPL-FE40, VPL-FX40 and VPL-FX41 projectors Warranty and Support Agreements P r im eSu ppo r t P lu s F P J 2E P r i m e S up p o r t P l us F P J L An optional service offering that extends the If the projector lamp fails, this optional ser- duration of the included PrimeSupport cover vice offering provides one free replacement by 2 years - achieving a total of 5 years’ lamp during the 3 years of PrimeSupport cover. cover P r im eSu ppo r t P lu s F P J 2E U P r i m e S up p o r t P l us F P J U An optional service offering extending dura- An optional service offering that provides a tion of included PrimeSupport cover by 2 free next-business-day loan unit throughout years - achieving a total of 5 years’ peace of the 3 years of PrimeSupport cover. mind. Also includes next business day deliv- ery of loan unit. www.pro.sony.eu/projectors 4