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JVC SR-DVM700 JVC SR-DVM700 Document Transcript

  • Three-in-One Video Recorder MiniDV, DVD and Hard Disk Drive SR-DVM700 One-of-a-kind, three-in-one Deckincorporating MiniDV, DVD and HDD; packed with professional features.
  • HDD Editing■ 250GB HDD ■ Live Memory Playback FunctionThe 250GB hard disk drive offers high-storage capacity with extended To increase overall efficiency and allow checking of material when recording arecording times of up to 473 hours*. master video onto the hard disk drive, Live Memory Playback Function allows *When recorded in FR480 mode playback of recorded material from any desired point. This function can also■ Play-list Editing be used while recording onto a DVD-RAM disc.Video recorded on the hard disk drive can be easily divided into differentsections via the play-list editing screen. Convenient non-linear editing can ■ Synchronised Editing System for Direct Dubbingalso be performed by adding video clips to the play-list, inserting in and from HDD to DVDout points within desired scenes while previewing the video, and shuffling Using the Synchronised Editing System function, video data that has beenscenes by arranging the play-list in the preferred order. From the chapter edited on the hard disk of the SR-DVM700 can be transferred digitally to asetup screen, the desired chapter number can be set while previewing the disc in the DVD recorder, helping to preserve picture quality and ensuring thatthumbnails of each scene, and scene editing is possible using a play-list DVD playback will be seamless with no visible edit points. This is made pos-created from these chapter numbers. sible by effective use of the intra-coded picture (I), predictive-coded picture (P), and bi-directionally predictive-coded picture (B) frame information within■ DV Native Format Recording to HDD each Group of Pictures (GOP) during editing operations. The I and P framesUp until now, it was necessary to first convert DV recordings to an MPEG contain information that determines picture quality and by maintaining theiron the hard disk drive (HDD) to conduct non-linear editing and then con- position within the GOP, it is possible to minimise degradation when dub-vert them back to the DV format — a process which was time consuming bing so there are no “freeze” pauses at edit points during DVD playback forand caused data degradation. However, the SR-DVM700 allows direct a smooth and natural, high-quality DVD recording.digital-to-digital recording and editing onto the HDD in the DV native for- JVC Synchronised Editing Systemmat to reduce work time significantly and ensure zero loss in quality. Formore convenient operation, the SR-DVM700 can also be used as a Original Picturesrecorder or backup device by connecting it directly to a DV camera via the Data on HDD I B B P B B I B B P B P B B P B B I B BIEEE 1394 connector for continuous DV format recording of up to 18hours on the HDD, which is equivalent to approximately four DV Large Editing GOP#6 GOP#7 GOP#23 GOP#24 ProcessCassette videotapes. Cutting Operation Edited Data■ Easy Programme Dubbing on HDD I B Adjusting B P B B Transform I B B P B P B Transform B P B B I B B AdjustingUsing the index navigation screen and simply selecting programmes in the Dub to Dub to Coding Position of "P" Frame B>P B>I Coding Positiondesired order enables easy programme-based editing & dubbing when DVD DVD Synchronised Editing B > P of "I" Framedubbing between DVD and HDD. Data on DVD I B B P P Cutting Result I P I B B Transformed Frames P B P I B B P P I P I B B DVD Dubbing■ Bit-rate Optimiser for HDD to DVD Recording ■ Extended Recording with High-resolutionThis system analyses the content as it is recorded on the HDD and then Pictures (DVD-RAM/DVD-RW/DVD-R VR mode)assigns optimum bit rates — low for simple scenes, high for complicated Horizontal resolution in the LP (4-hour) Comparison of Horizontal Resolutionscenes — to ensure optimum picture quality while calculating disc capacity. mode of a conventional DVD recorder is Horizontal resolution (lines) 500■ Selectable Recording Times and Data Rates approximately 250 lines (1/2D1) but the 450Depending on the application, the most appropriate recording time and SR-DVM700 provides more than 350 400data rate can be selected. Copying of synchronised-edited material from lines (2/3D1). Content that is longer than 350HDD to DVD is normally performed at single speed (x1); however, this can 2 hours can be recorded on a disc with- 300 250be increased eightfold*. This means that by copying the synchronised-edit- out any decrease in picture quality. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8ed recording first to the DVD-R, then back to the HDD, and finally dubbing Recording time (hours/disc) SR-DVM700it at normal speed, reproduction of DVD discs can be performed up toeight times quicker. ■ Super MPEG Processors Other Manufacturer’s Model*When copied to DVD-R at the maximum recording speed: 64 times in FR480 mode. ● Pre-processor (HDD/DVD) ● Post-processor (HDD/DVD) When recording from analogue Several noise reduction features work together to■ 18 Pre-installed and User-customisable sources, effective noise reduction clean up the image. Block noise reduction cuts is applied before MPEG-2 encod- “block noise” caused by MPEG-2 compression, Background Patterns (DVD) ing to guarantee superior quality Colour DigiPure reduces 3D colour noise, andFor extra convenience and DVD video pro- images. Hadamard noise reduction eliminates “mosquitoduction with added originality, the SR- noise” from any DVD.DVM700 makes available 18 pre-installed Super MPEG Encode Pre-Processor DVD-RAM DVD-RWbackground patterns. The pre-installed pat- Y/C TBC Frame Motion Active MPEG-2 DVD-R HDD AUX INPUT Noise Recordingterns can be modified by the user to create Separation (Time Base Corrector) Synchroniser Reduction Encoderpersonal templates by inserting origi-nal photographs or graphics of their Super MPEG Post-Processorchoice. Hadamard Block Motion Active VIDEO Colour MPEG-2 Noise Noise Progressive Playback OUTPUT DigiPure Decoder Reduction Reduction Scan Output DVD-VIDEO DVD-RAM DVD-RW DVD-R +RW +R HDD Video Production Studios or Broadcasters Academic or Corporate Programme Creator • Re-archiving digital tape masters (DV/DVCAM tape) • Creation of “approval ● Digital • Linear to non-linear copies” for local distribu- Final Package DVD Creation conversion tion and reviewing PC ● Digital • DVD copy of the final Final Package • Re-archiving from MiniDV SR-DVM700 Re-archiving to DVD DVD Creation DVD disc video programme analogue tapes (DVCAM) tape PC from NLE Re-archiving to DVD Final Package MiniDV SR-DVM700 DVD disc ● Analogue (DVCAM) tape DVD Creation Re-archiving to SR-VS30 SR-DVM700 DVD disc DVD VHS/S-VHS deck or VCR
  • Product View ■ Front Panel GY-DV5100 3-CCD 1/2-inch IT Professional DV ■ Rear Panel Camcorder Specifications Dimensions MiniDV Recording Times: Approx. SR-DVM700 (250 GB HDD): Max 473 Hours Nominal bit rate duration Format DV format Rec / Play, DVCAM (Playback only) DV Approx. 25 Mbps 18 hrs. Cassette MiniDV cassette XP Approx. 10 Mbps 53 hrs. (Including Cooling Fan) Maximum Recording Times SP Approx. 5 Mbps 109 hrs. 80 mins, with LP Approx. 2.5 Mbps 218 hrs. 372mm SP M-DV80ME cassette EP Approx. 1.6 Mbps 328 hrs. 120 mins, with FR60-480 Variable *18 – 473 hrs. LP M-DV80ME cassette Audio Recording System Dolby Digital 2ch, Linear Audio Recording System PCM 48kHz, 16-bit (2-ch) / 32kHz, 12-bit (4-ch) PCM (XP mode) DVD General Format MPEG2 Inputs/Outputs In/Out Location DVD-R (VR mode, Rec / Play Composite Video Output MiniDV, DVD, HDD rear (via BNC) x 1 96mm Video mode) DVD-RW (VR mode, Rec / Play DV In/Out (i.LINK) Input MiniDV, DVD, HDD front Video mode) x 1 (4-pin, S400) Output MiniDV, HDD front DVD-RAM Rec / Play S-Y/C Input x 2 MiniDV, DVD, HDD front/rear 435mm DVD+R Play MiniDV, DVD, HDD rear x 1 DVD+RW Play S-Y/C Output x 2 DVD, HDD rear x 1 CDDA Play Input x 2 MiniDV, DVD, HDD front/rear VCD Play Video/Audio L,R (via RCA) x 4 MiniDV, DVD, HDD rear x 1 CD-R Play: JPEG/MP3/WMA Output x 2 DVD, HDD rear x 1 CD-RW Play: JPEG/MP3/WMA Y-PB-PR Output (via RCA) x 1 DVD, HDD rear Recording Times: Approx.(4.7 GB DVD) Max: 8 Hours Nominal bit rate duration Optical Digital Audio Out x 1 DVD, HDD rear XP Approx. 10 Mbps 1 hr. Coaxial Digital Audio Out x 1 DVD, HDD rear SP Approx. 5 Mbps 2 hrs. Wired RCU Terminal x 1 MiniDV, DVD, HDD rear LP Approx. 2.5 Mbps 4 hrs. RS-232C Input/Output MiniDV, DVD, HDD rear EP Approx. 1.6 Mbps 6 hrs. • Infra-red remote controller FR60-480 Variable * 1 – 8 hrs. unit x 1 Dolby Digital 2ch, Linear PCM Provided Accessories • A/V cable x1 Audio Recording System (XP mode only) • Plug adapter (for UK use only) • "R6" battery x 2 Hard Disk Drive Power Requirements 220-240V, 50/60Hz Capacity 250 GB Power Consumption Power on: 42W, Power off: 5W Format MPEG2/DV Dimensions (W x H x D) 435mm x 96mm x 372mm* The amount varies depending on the selected time Weight 5.8 kgE. & O.E. Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. DVCAM™ and i.LINK are trademarks of Sony Corporation.All brand or product names may be trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Any rights not expresslygranted herein are reserved. Some accessories may not be available in certain areas.Copyright © 2006 Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC). All Rights Reserved. DISTRIBUTED BY Printed in Japan ICN-0335 "JVC" is the trademark or registered trademark of Victor Company of Japan, Limited.