OPERATION: Destination Dirty 30


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OPERATION: Destination Dirty 30

Celebrating 30 years of Anthony!

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OPERATION: Destination Dirty 30

  1. 1. NO ONE ELSE will ever KNOW thestrength of my LOVE for YOU.After all, you’re the only one whoknows what my heart sounds likefrom the inside.(well, one of two)Happy 30th Birthday Anthony…I love you!Mom
  2. 2. Wow…Where have the years gone. You & your brother keepgetting older on me. My baby. Good Lord I fell in love with youthe moment I held you. Always such a sweet baby, sweet kid &still such a sweet man to this day. The moments between uswhen you were a child and now as an adult and I only love youmore. Seeing the relationships you’ve built with your friends areamazing. Knowing I always have your shoulder to lean on, to cryon, has been most comforting during some of the more tryingtimes. Laugh together probably has to be one of the best thingstwo people can share…not only are you my baby boy…you’re alsoone of the best friends I could ever hope to have.Happy Birthday Anthony…This one’s for YOU!I love you!MomMessage fromMe…your Mom
  3. 3. For My Son AnthonyYou will always be my dearest son. Wherever life will takeyou, whatever endeavors that you choose, I will always be proud ofyou.A day never goes by that you are not thought about with love. I missyou dearly and there are many times I wish you were near. You’re ablessing and I love you very much.“Happy Birthday”DadP.S: You are only 1/3 of the way to your 90s.You still have a long way to go.June-23-2013Message fromYour Dad
  4. 4. So it began…Born: June 23, 1983Time: 11:59 amWeight: 7 lbs 11 ouncesParents: Andrew ElizaldeAutumn KnightHeights HospitalHouston, TXSiblings: TerryKaycieEmily
  5. 5. Its hard to believe that over 27 years ago, I metyou, a handsome young little boy with anadorable smile and big green eyes. You werealways so happy and sweet…to everyone youmet!! I remember your first day ofkindergarten like it was yesterday. I droppedyou off in your classroom, turned around andas I walked away, tears streamed down myface. So here we are, seems like time has beenfast forwarded, WAY TOO FAST, and you arenow a handsome young man…of THIRTY!!Happy Birthday Anthony!!! Thank you forgiving me the honor of being yourstepmom…Love you MUCHO and ALWAYS!!HeatherMessage fromHeather
  6. 6. Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect.-Charles Hix
  7. 7. Dear Tilla,I am not very good at this sort of thing, so lets see, where do I begin??? I am glad I have had thepleasure to know you for the past 12 years now. You are like a brother to me and even though ourpaths have lead us a little astray, you will always be my brother! It seems like just yesterday we werebussing tables together at Chilis and playing Bond on Nintendo 64...Good times! There were timesthat we were inseparable, I mean we even dressed alike for our softball games for heavens sakelol. The problem with that is that people thought I was you and you were me because apparently toevery other girl in this town, we look alike and are brothers anyway. You have always been myhomie, through thick or thin, and bad or good! But we can always sit back and say it sure wasfun. Sometimes I wish we can go back and relive those days. I mean I sure did have fun fishing yourbrand new phone out from behind the Chilis bar for an entire shift, who wouldnt. April and I cantexpress the love that we have for you B. U. D. We would do anything for you and we know you woulddo the same. I mean who flies down 59 to the Nacogdoches hospital at 7 a.m. when one of your bestfriends wife (then girlfriend) broke her back the night before, all while on the phone with a buddytelling them to warn cops to get out of your way lol. YOU do! Thats just the type of person you are,so caring and thoughtful of others no matter what! That sir, is one of your best qualities! Dont everchange! You have been a great friend to me and April and we are very glad you are a part of ourlives! I hope you have a great Dirty Thirty birthday my dude!Keep your head held high and keep going in the rightdirection my friend. Now get me a beer,BOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!Much Love,BJ & April ClementMessage fromB.J. & April Clement
  8. 8. There’s more to holding an audience than putting on acostume…takes character, personality & attitude….Mom
  9. 9. FAMILYWE may not haveit all together,but TOGETHER, wehave it ALL.FAMILY
  10. 10. Dear Ankoni...yeah, I know thats not your REAL name but thats what weve always calledyou. I dont even remember why, I think Grandma came up with that.Wow, where to start? You were the absolute cutest little baby ever! Those curls! Thoseeyes! Youre still just as handsome as ever, just a little older now. We didnt get to spendnearly enough time with you growing up, especially after you went to live with your Dad. Iam so proud of the man youve become. You are a hard worker and you have so muchrespect and love for your Mom, it warms my heart. Keep chasing your dreams honey, youllget there soon enough because GOOD things still happen to GOOD people and you are oneof the best! Ill never forget you being there to help me carry Nick "home"...I appreciate thatmore than you know, even though yall didnt hang out as much as when you were alllittle...blood is blood and you were there for him (and me)..thank you!I love your sense of humor, your loyalty to your friends and the fact that you refuse to settlewith just any woman! Good for you! Just stay single until THE ONE comes along, itll beworth it and you wont have a ton of baggage to carry on that journey. Iknow someday, if you decide to take that road, you will be the besthusband and father. Im really disappointed we cant make it to your party,have loads of fun, be the center of attention and the life of the party likeonly YOU know how to be! Happy 30th Birthday Ankoni...I love you!Love, Aunt SabraMessage fromAunt Sabra
  11. 11. FRIENDS“We’ll be Friends Forever, won’t we,Pooh?’ asked Piglet.‘Even Longer,’ Pooh answered.
  12. 12. Birthday Messagesto You!Happy Birthday. I hope it’s a great one!Love, Wifey (Brittany Green)Happy Birthday Anthony E! You are turning 30 years old, Yay! So far you arethe best uncle ever. I love you soooo much Anthony E. See you soon -----RheinyYou are the Great & Powerful “Anthony E” So far you are the best uncle I’veever had! You know I never thought that it would come to this day that youturn 30 years old. Happy Birthday Uncle Anthony. Hope you have a greattime, make this day a great day because you only turn 30 years old once -----Allexus
  13. 13. The Legend oftheshirt
  14. 14. Little did we know…
  15. 15. Birthday Messagesto You!Happy birthday Anthony!! I feel truly blessed to have gotten to knowyou over the last few months! You have such a big heart. Youre a rare friendthat can truly be counted on and called upon in tough situations.I will miss you more than you will ever know!! Good luck with everything inthe future sweetheart and I hope you have an amazing time celebrating withall the people that love you!!JusteenaAnthony you are one cool dude! Whether you’re slinging drinks or slingingiron at the box it’s always a good time! Thanks for always letting your vibrantpersonality shine through and Happy Birthday! -Lonnie
  16. 16. Just like one shootingStar in the sky canbrighten up the wholehorizon, You, my dearson, have brightened upOur Lives by cominginto this world through Us.CHEERS Happy Birthday Anthony!
  17. 17. The FACE(we all love)
  18. 18. School Days
  19. 19. Birthday Messagesto You!May your dreams come true in all you do. You have the Knight Gypsies spirit!May the wind always be at your back and sun always on your face. We allknow you can do whatever you put your mind to. Welcome to your thirties!May they treat you better than your twenties. Good luck!!! Andremember, we always have your back through thick and thin.Uncle Bob & Aunt JenI don’t know Anthony all that well but he is just about the nicest guy you couldever meet! Always happy and full of life! Most definitely someone you want tocall your friend!Tiff & Sandi!30?!! What what! Happy Birthday Anthony!!!Ps. YOU ARE SO LUCKY :)-Sherra Boyd
  20. 20. In the life of…
  21. 21. The Best feeling in the World is knowing Youactually mean Something to Somebody…..unknown
  22. 22. Birthday Messagesto You!30?!! What what! Happy Birthday Anthony!!!Ps. YOU ARE SO LUCKY :)-Sherra Boyd30?!! What what! Happy Birthday Anthony!!!Ps. YOU ARE SO LUCKY :)-Sherra BoydROOM FOR MORE MESSAGES!