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E catlog

  1. 1. Autotrans Systems Product Plate rolling machine3 Roll fixed axis plate bending machine – Model 2520Available in width of 2000,2500,3100,3600 & 4100 mm.Capacity in thickness 12, 16, 20, 25 & 30 mm.Infinitely variable speed of rolling as per requirement.Faster rolling for smaller thickness.
  2. 2. Main Unique Features of ‘Roll Master’ make plate bending machines 1. Control Panel : The control panel is user friendly & most convenient to operate. All functions like, bending cyl movement, cone guide, drop-end, hold & roller rotation start/stop is on panel. Operator can see bending cylinder position as digital display on panel.2. Drop end : Most convenient & easy way to remove rolled shell from machine due to more clearance between bottom & top roll & higher degree of inclination of top roll. 3. Cone guide: Cone guide which is must for taper/conical rolling is provided to be operated by push button & is duly hardened to 55-60 R.C. hardness with heavy duty bearing within & to be operated from panel. 4. Section bending: An extended shaft provided on both top & bottom roller to facilitate die mounting which enables bending of different sections like, beams, channels, angles, pipes, flats, round/sq bar bending. Capacity up to size 200 channel & beam. The operation is by push button on panel. 5. Greater tilting angle: Greater tilting angle for taper shell rolling with major dimensional difference between small & large diameter.
  3. 3. Apple effect Correction In Conventional machine In ROLL MASTER Not possible Easily possible Comparison chart between: Conventional screw press type plate bending machine & fully hydraulic ROLL MASTER plate bending machine.Sr. Feature Conventional screw type ROLL MASTER fullyno manual m/c hydraulic 1. Operation Complete manual fully automatic by operation cyl & button 2. Manpower required Min. 3 to 4 persons Only 1person require. 3. Cone bending manual adjustment By push button adjustment 4. Roundness correction Not possible Easily possible by (Apple effect removal) push button 5. section bending Usually light structural up to Possible up to size 75×75 angle & 200 beam & channel 100×50 channel 6. Bottom roll support Bush of C. I. or P. B. material Heavy duty bearings 7. Profile More ovality apxly 5mm. Perfect roundness within 1-2 mm. 8. Operation Time Slow due to Comparatively fast manual work involve since fully automatic 9. Roller position To be decided by scale & Digital reading on meter pointer hence not accurate for ease of parallalism. 10. Bending roller speed Constant Variable (more speed for less thickness material.) 11. Bearing support Narrow bush hence less Extra wide bearing housing. bearing area. 12. Maintenance cost More costly if P.B and G. M. Bearings less costly than bush replacement needed. P.B. Or G.I. bush. 13. Down time Requires 2-3 day to change Machine can be restarted bush after existing shaft size within 2-3 hours since confirmation bearing replacement is faster. 14. lubrication To be done manually, Automatic lubrication hence more wastage of oil guaranteed oiling to bearings.
  4. 4. Standard Features 1. Hardened rolls up to 60 R. C. 2. Cone guide adjustable on button. 3. Section rolling arrangement. 4. digital display for pressure arm A & BOptional features: 1. Soft rolls. 2. Frame mounted cone guide roller. 3. Fully ground, plated & polished rolls for S.S, copper or C. R. C. Rolling. 4. Inter changeable profile rolls with/without P.U. coating for thin & coated metal rolling in profile Like G. I./color coated sheets. 5. Material feed table, vertical support for large dia. rolling & shell support. 6. Hardened section bending dies for angle , channel, beam, pipe etc. 7. Moving console for all around operator movement. 8. N.C. / C.N.C. control for mass production. 9. Infinitely Variable roller speed. 10. Automatic central lubrication system.
  5. 5. 4 Roll Plate Bending machineThis is a plate bending machine with 4 rollers & can perform PrePinching & bending a plate in single pass.This machine can roll more tighter diameter compared to 3 Roll platebending machine. Usually both top and bottom rollers are driven by G.B.& motor but in some cases, top roller and 2 side rollers are driven one.In this type of machine there are no sliding surfaces & the rolls move inplanetary motion for pre pinching of plate. This type of machine hasgreater efficiency. Since there is no sliding friction & full power isutilized for bending which otherwise approximately 30%. Power goeswaste in order to overcome friction loss in case of sliding surface guidetype bending machines.The minimum diameter that can be rolled is approximately 1.1 times thetop roll diameter.
  6. 6. Manufactured byOffice & Works: J 374, MIDC, Bhosari, Pune – 411026, India Contact No: 09371031105 Email info@autotranssystems.com sales@autotranssystems.com Visit Us: www.autotranssystems.com