Top 5 Mistakes MSPs Make


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Do you know the five most important mistakes that IT Solution Providers make which cost them time and money?

MSP expert Richard Tubb has worked with some of the worlds top IT businesses. In this one hour free webinar, Richard will join Rich Akullian of Autotask to share the most common mistakes that your MSP business should avoid to ensure you are both profitable and successful.

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  • As a former Technician, I know all to well the temptation to stay within your comfort zone and fix client problems all day every day. The trouble is, this doesn’t help you grow your business.It was the same for me until I read the E-Myth Revisited. I call it the “MSP Bible”.SPF. If you were hit by a bus tomorrow and the business needed to continue without you – could it? If not you own a job, and not a business.Once you start documenting the way you do business, you HAVE a business. You have Intellectual Property. Something tangible. If somebody wanted to buy your business without you attached to it tomorrow, you’d have something to show them. The goal is to create a structure for the business that can operate with any qualified people.Once you do this, you’ll be able to start taking holidays (remember them?) – you won’t be intimately connected with the business. More importantly, you can start delegating tasks so that you can tackle the really important jobs like finding new clients.Where to begin? Client networks. Document the essential information that a Technician would need to know to support your clients. Don’t go overboard – start slowly. Domain Credentials. Remote Access details. IP addresses. Web and E-Mail Hosting Details. The essentials.
  • The next question I’m often asked is – ok, where do I store all this info?Lots of inexperienced MSP’s make the mistake of thinking they have unique challenges. They build their own bespoke Helpdesk systems. They pour hours into customising SharePoint or a CRM to meet their needs. There’s no need – the PSA guys like Autotask have years of experience in doing this. Save yourself a ton of effort and use a PSA tool rather than building your own – yes, it’s a cost, but the time you save over the months and years means you can do what you really need to be doing – selling your services.A PSA becomes your “Business Operating System” – rather than using lots of disjointed systems, it becomes your trusted system for just about everything. Documentation, client support tickets, asset information.That doesn’t mean a PSA tool is everything in your business. Think of it as the hub at the centre of your services. You’ll use other specialised tools like RMM and Quoting packages – but live by the motto “If it’s not in my PSA system, it didn’t happen”.Once you start storing all this info centrally, you can use it. Service Intelligence. How profitable are my clients. Who is my top engineer?
  • Don’t say YES to everything.You’re not a web designer. You’re not an SEO expert. You’re not a Data Cabler. You’re an IT Infrastructure specialist.Saying yes to everything is doing both you and your client a disservice.Build up strategic alliances. They can work under your banner, or you can refer work to them directly. Either way, they’ll start to refer work to you too.
  • I’ve rarely asked an MSP if they feel they charge enough for their services and had the answer “Yes, definitely”.Nearly everyone needs to either raise their prices for all their clients, or in many cases, ensure all their clients – old and new – are being charged the same price.If you price your services low, you’ll attract the worst type of clients – those who question you on every turn, those who pay your invoices late, those who nickel and dime you on quotations. Are these clients fun to work with? NO! If you raise your prices however, you attract clients who want to work with Professionals and appreciate they have to pay for that. They’ll treat you professionally.Scared? Tactics for price rise – ask your top 3 clients for advice. I bet you they’ll agree you aren’t charging enough.
  • So all this is well and good, but where do I find the time, right?Let me state right now – and I consider myself something of a productivity Ninja – there are only so many hours in the day and that is NEVER going to change. What needs to change is how you prioritise what you work on – and that means delegating those jobs that someone else can do.Most business owners think that no-one but them can do those jobs. I’ve got a shock in store for you – not only can others do the job as well as you, but in many cases, they can do it BETTER than you.Don’t be the Martyr. Don’t try to be the hero. Be realistic – look at the jobs you do on a day-to-day basis and ask if someone else could do them, freeing your time and energy to do more important jobs.
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  • Here is a top level view of how Autotask can help automate service delivery and help you manage everything in one place…from the time the event or service request is generated through to resolution, billing and analysis.There are many events that can occur to generate a ticket for your technicians – an alert from your RMM system - a client entering a ticket through your Client Access Portal - an incoming email - or a telephone call 2. Autotask streamlines and automates ticket creation in most instances, except perhaps, when clients call you  - You can easily automate workflow steps within Autotask to assign tickets, send notifications, survey clients and assign and track against your SLAs.3. All work and service tickets are associated directly with your customer contracts, by type, so that all time and expenses are properly billed for, and all time entries flow directly through for approval and invoicing. 4. All critical information and metrics are available in real time for you to assess performance and profitability, to demonstrate value to your clients, and to better understand the factors affecting your business.
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  • Top 5 Mistakes MSPs Make

    1. 1. The Top 5 Mistakes MSPs Make Rich Akullian Richard Tubb Business Development Manager MSP Consultant Autotask #MSPMistakes @tubblog
    2. 2. Agenda • Top 5 Mistakes MSPs Make • Connecting the dots on how Autotask Fits • Special Offers from Autotask & CentraStage • Q&A Click here for On-Demand Video of this Webinar #MSPMistakes @tubblog
    3. 3. Mistake Number 1 - Not documenting client networks Action points:- • Stop working in your business and start working on it • Read the “E-Myth Revisited” • Avoid becoming a Single Point of Failure (SPF) • Click here for On-Demand Video of this Webinar #MSPMistakes Break the cycle of fire-fighting and document the basics @tubblog
    4. 4. Mistake Number 2 – Not Using a PSA tool Action points:• Start using a PSA – treat it as your “Business Operating System” • Make it the central repository of ALL information • Integrate with your other MSP tools – RMM, quoting, etc. • Start benefitting from Service Intelligence #MSPMistakes @tubblog
    5. 5. Mistake Number 3 – Trying to be a “Jack of all trades” Action points:• Know your core competency • Focus on being the best at a few things, not everything! • Build up strategic alliances with complimentary companies #MSPMistakes @tubblog
    6. 6. Mistake Number 4 – Not charging enough for your services Action points:• Question yourself – Are we charging enough? • Understand that pricing incorrectly attracts the wrong type of clients • Schedule a price raise within the next 30 days Click here for On-Demand Video of this Webinar #MSPMistakes @tubblog
    7. 7. Mistake Number 5 – Not knowing when to ask for help Action points:• Question yourself - do you actually want to own a business, or are you simply happy owning a job? • What tasks can you delegate or outsource in the next 2 weeks? • Prioritise business growth over being the Hero #MSPMistakes @tubblog
    8. 8. Conclusion If you recognise that you are making any of the mistakes described here – you’re already ahead of your competitors! #MSPMistakes @tubblog
    9. 9. Download your free MSP eBook #MSPMistakes @tubblog
    10. 10. Where Autotask Fits… Rich Akullian Business Development Manager Autotask #MSPMistakes @tubblog
    11. 11. Mistake Number 2 – Not Using a PSA tool Barcelona Scottsdale
    12. 12. Service Desk Automation Service Requests Event Management Automated Ticket Creation Alerts Client Portal Email User Call Incident , Problem, Change Management Invoices, Reports, Prof itability Collaborate with Resources, Customers, Con tacts Automated: Assignments Notifications SLA‟s Surveys Tie Service Desk Ticket to Contracts: Recurring Services, Block Hours, Retainer, T&M, Incident, Flat Fee billing arrangements Timesheet and Expense Management Accounting System Integration
    13. 13. Mistake Number 1 - Not documenting client networks
    14. 14. Configuration Item Dashboards
    15. 15. Mistake Number 3 – Trying to be a “Jack of all trades”
    16. 16. Mistake Number 4 – Not charging enough for your services Overall account profitability Incident Managed Services Time & Materials Break/fix Also Flat fee, retainer, block hour!
    17. 17. Mistake Number 5 – Not knowing when to ask for help • Drag & drop • Exchange integration • No double booking • Who is available • Max utilization • Where is everybody?
    18. 18. Outsource Module
    19. 19. Thanks!
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    25. 25. The Top 5 Mistakes MSPs Make Rich Akullian Richard Tubb Business Development Manager MSP Consultant Autotask #MSPMistakes @tubblog