Navigating Autotask: Learn How to Get Things Done Better and Faster


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Are you new to Autotask or just think there must be a better way to get things done? Are you looking for the best way to create contacts? The easiest way to find a key word in a ticket? The fastest way to see the work you need to do? All of this, and much more, will be covered in this real-world session focused on setting the right course of direction for working with Autotask. This session will review the following Autotask features: Bookmarks - Favorites - Quick Find - Web-Forms – My Autotask - and much more.

[Presenter: Pachita Lekanda, Autotask]

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Navigating Autotask: Learn How to Get Things Done Better and Faster

  1. 1. Navigating Autotask: Learn how to get things done better and faster! Pachita Lekanda Implementation manager Autotask UK Limited
  2. 2. AGENDA Navigating Autotask Adding spell checker in Autotask Autoforms Autotask Community Forum tips and tricks Sending text messages from Autotask Q&A
  3. 3. Navigating Autotask
  4. 4. “My Tasks and Tickets” screen  Helps you view your own workload on one screen  Users with Admin access have the option to view any ones “My Tasks and Tickets” from the dropdown on their page
  5. 5. View other users’ “My Tasks and Tickets”…
  6. 6. Different way to find tickets Find the ticket using:  The Autotask search bar for ticket title key words  Under service desk drop down, choose Ticket Search  Or using the left nav, filter tickets using by type (tickets, recurring tickets or internal Taskfire) prior to searching
  7. 7. Different way to find tickets
  8. 8. Extend your CRM view  Improve CRM Dashboard view to have better visibility and control of sales opportunities.
  9. 9. Extend your CRM view In Admin Left Nav: Site Setup  Resource setup  Security Levels  Select one of the resources and change CRM Dashboard settings
  10. 10. Did you know that you could… Use Favourites to maximize your time  Use Speed codes and Favourites to speed up tickets and opportunities creation  Uses/benefits:       Save time with repeatable data entry (i.e. think tickets) Standardize the quality of information Develop and enforce standard steps for all to follow Use customer facing text every tech can use Introduce min time values for defined tasks Report and analyze tickets and opportunities with the same information/titles
  11. 11. Favorites can be created as follow
  12. 12. Use My Autotask and Bookmarks to save time
  13. 13. Use My Autotask save time and Bookmarks to  Cut down on click  Access your Recent items ( last ten pages visited are displayed as well as favourites)  Set your login homepage screen
  14. 14. AUTOFORMS
  15. 15. Collect Info. from Your Web Site  Use Autotask AutoForms to collect information on:  New Leads, Contacts; Opportunities ; To-Do’s & Notes
  16. 16. Use your website to collect data  Benefits:        Self help – no time investment from you Easy data entry for prospects once the page is live Goes directly into Autotask Use Autotask notifications to follow up Increase your web traffic Generate leads Enforce consistent process
  17. 17. Sending text messages from Autotask
  18. 18. Use notifications to send text messages from Autotask  Use Cases  When new leads enter the system  High priority notifications for specific conditions  RMM codes requiring instant notification  Notifications when major upgrade or/an issue is resolved
  19. 19. Use notifications to send text messages from Autotask Country Provider Email format Spain Vodafone UK O2 Germany T-mobile Netherlands Orange ITALY Vodafone South Africa MTN France SFR
  20. 20. How to send text messages from Autotask  Vodafone Example:  From email or from Notifications type the following  To:  Subject: New Ticket Notification  Body: This is the text that will be in the body of the email.  Result on the phone:  From: [Name]  (New Ticket Notification) This is the text in the body of the email.  Reply to text from a phone generates a text file attachement with the message sent to the Email address with no subject or text in the body of the Email.
  21. 21. Adding a spell checker to Autotask
  22. 22. Adding a Spell Checker to Autotask  Internet Explorer:  Speckie: version: 5.8.0 (22 March, 2013)  Instructions:  Search in Google “Speckie”  Download the install file  Read the license agreement and make sure you are comfortable with it  Install the spell checker  Enable spell-check even for one liner fields
  23. 23. Adding a Spell Checker to Autotask  Google Chrome – built in (Version 26.0.1410.64 m)  Firefox :
  24. 24. Check Out Our Tips & Tricks Section
  25. 25. Q&A / Discussion