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Ncm associates at_auto_con_2012v2

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Ncm associates at_auto_con_2012v2

  1. 1. NCM® Associates Supports AutoConnections 2012; Robin Cunningham to Speak on Benchmarking TrendsNCM Associates (, a leading provider of 20 Groups, management training, retail operationsconsulting, and operations benchmarking services for automotive retail dealers, today announced itsparticipation in the first annual AutoConnections Conference and Expo to be held Sep. 5-8, 2012 at the AriaResort and Casino in Las Vegas. On Friday, September 7th, NCM’s Robin Cunningham will conduct a workshop tohelp attending auto dealers and dealership managers learn how to use the right data to make better, moreinformed decisions to improve the profitability of their dealerships. Cunningham, a former car dealer andchampion of proven auto dealer best practices, is an instructor for the NCM Institute Center for AutomotiveRetail Excellence. In his presentation, “Trends in Dealership Benchmarking,” Cunningham will discuss themethodology for structured measurement and analysis of dealership operating performance and the benefits ofbenchmarking against industry top performers. AutoCon 2012 is co-hosted by auto industry social communities,Automotive Digital Marketing and DealerELITE.Overland Park, Kan., August 7, 2012 ― NCM Associates is throwing its support behind the auto industry’s first-ever AutoConnections Conference and Expo to be held next month in Las Vegas. The inaugural event is hostedby Automotive Digital Marketing and DealerELITE, operating as Automotive Media Partners, LLC. ADM andDealerELITE are leading online communities for the retail automotive industry where participants meet to shareideas, discuss industry best practices, and connect with other automotive professionals. According to theconference hosts, AutoCon2012 is a natural extension of their professional networking platforms and is focusedon delivering outstanding thought leadership by way of six educational themes: People, Process, Measurement,Social, Local, and Mobile. The fall conference is a perfect match for NCM’s business objectives and long historyof helping dealers with process, measurement, and industry best practices.Robin Cunningham has over 30 years of retail automotive experience and is a former dealership owner. He is aninstructor for the NCM Institute, the training division of NCM Associates. Cunningham explained thatparticipants in his workshop will learn the top three areas of greatest opportunity to improve their dealerships’total profitability, and they will be able to see how domestic, import and high-line franchised NCM® Benchmark®performers are doing in each of those areas. He indicated that the presentation will also challenge theparticipants’ understanding of traditional operations benchmarking by illustrating exciting new technologies andmethodologies that quickly and easily identify the root causes of under-performance within the dealershipoperation. “At the end of the day,” Cunningham said, “the performance numbers reflect managements’decisions and the resulting impact on productivity and profitability in the dealership. Our intention is to showhow dealers can get to the right data to make better, more informed decisions that will ultimately move theprofit needle in the right direction.”Paul A. Faletti Jr., NCM Associates’ president and CEO, added , “NCM has long been known for its industry-leading operational benchmarks and for advocating the power of comparative financial analysis to provide focusfor improving the profitability of the dealership. But the substance of a strong dealership operation is found inthe work behind the numbers; in the processes and outcomes of those day-to-day best practices that areconsistently applied, measured and managed,” he said. Faletti went on to explain that NCM is pleased tosupport venues like AutoCon 2012 where the audience is passionate about operational excellence and findsgreat value in actively engaging with their peers to find innovative approaches to better dealershipperformance. “NCM exists to help them find and apply actionable business intelligence so they can make better,more strategic decisions and enjoy the best possible outcomes for their dealerships.”
  2. 2. PAGE 2Robin Cunningham will be presenting his workshop, Trends in Dealership Benchmarking, at AutoCon 2012 onFriday, September 7th at 10 a.m. The AutoConnections Conference and Expo includes over 70 workshops, labs,keynote speakers and an innovative exhibit hall. Event registration includes all meals, cocktail receptions, Wi-Fiin all rooms, and a coupon book with over $10,000 in product discounts. For information, visit NCM Associates, Inc.NCM Associates, Inc. is the originator of the automotive industry 20 Group peer collaboration process and hasbeen providing dealership Benchmark® analytics, Education and Retail Operations Consulting services to theindustry since 1947. Located in Overland Park, KS, NCM provides a robust suite of services designed to drivedealership profitability using its proven, operations-focused Benchmark® for Success program with new and pre-owned U.S. automotive dealerships, as well as with dealerships in more than 20 other industries. NCMAssociates is proud to be 100% employee-owned. For more information about NCM Associates, or call 800.756.2620.Contact Information:NCM Associates, Inc.10551 Barkley, Suite 200Overland Park, KS ###