Auto con announces truecar sponsored full ride scholarship program


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Auto con announces truecar sponsored full ride scholarship program

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Auto con announces truecar sponsored full ride scholarship program

  1. 1. AutoCon Announces TrueCar Sponsored Full Ride Scholarship ProgramAutomotive Media Partners, LLC and First Class Educators are proud to announce the creation of ascholarship program sponsored by TrueCar of Santa Monica, California. TrueCar’s pioneeringsponsorship of this program provides the funds to cover the costs of transportation to and from LasVegas, local transfers, lodging at the Aria Resort and full AutoCon conference registration. One of themost surprising aspects of TrueCar’s sponsorship is that the company has fully funded twelve (12)AutoCon Full Ride Scholarships. A dozen automotive professionals will receive the educational,networking, inspiration and innovation benefits from attending the AutoConnections Conference andExposition at no out of pocket expense for travel, meals or conference fees to themselves or theirdealerships.The TrueCar AutoCon Scholarship Program is further evidence of the remarkable transformation thathas taken place at TrueCar since the beginning of 2012. After receiving a remarkable level of criticismwithin the auto industry during the second half of 2011, TrueCar has evolved and revised theirautomotive purchasing programs for consumers and affiliated corporations to be far more dealerfriendly. TrueCar’s objectives supported by these changes have included raising dealer profit margins tolevels that provide more room for dealers to cover facility costs and the staffing levels needed toproperly service new vehicle buyers sent to them by TrueCar.TrueCar understands and recognizes the need for ongoing training and thought leadership within theranks of the retail automotive industry. Their management team has decided that one of the best waysto demonstrate this commitment to betterment of the industry is to commit the funds necessary tosupport independent dealer focused educational events such as AutoCon 2012. TrueCar executivesBernie Brenner and Mike Timmons approached the founders of the Automotive Digital Marketing anddealerElite professional communities, Ralph Paglia, Chris Saraceno and Mike Myers because these onlinenetworks have served as “Ground Zero” for some of the industry’s harshest criticism of TrueCar in therecent past. Surprising for a company as large as TrueCar is, their management team has reviewed thecriticism published by members of the ADM and DealerELITE networks and taken corrective actions,changed their business models and worked with State dealer associations to create vehicle purchaseprograms that make sense for participating dealers.How will the TrueCar AutoCon Scholarships be Awarded?TrueCar has asked that the AutoConnections Conference Management Team take full control andresponsibility for ensuring that the 12 Full Ride Scholarships be awarded based on merit and need.Criteria will include a wide geographic representation by selecting automotive professionals from everyregion in North America. Another consideration will be to award scholarships to professionals whorepresent a diverse range of vehicle brands and positions within the dealerships they serve. Theapplication process will be a simple online application that includes all the expected contactinformation, a description of the applicant’s role in the dealership where they work and space for themto describe in their own words why they should be awarded a TrueCar AutoCon Scholarship to attendthe AutoConnections Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas from September 5th to the 8th. The
  2. 2. AutoCon Scholarship Selection Committee is comprised of Ralph Paglia, Chris Saraceno, Mike Myers,Carrie Hemphill and Brian Pasch. As applicants are being considered they will be contacted by acommittee member and interviewed via phone and email. Final selections will be made by committeevote and the awardees notified by email and phone.Applications for TrueCar AutoCon Scholarships will be accepted starting Monday July 16 and awardselections will begin Monday August 6, 2012.With 12 TrueCar AutoCon Scholarships being awarded, the odds of being selected are probably betterthan any other similar program in the auto industry… So, do not hesitate to apply and encourage otherautomotive professionals to do so! All of us who are stakeholders in the AutoCon event are thrilled withthe investment being made by TrueCar to support what we believe is the best event in the autoindustry. The TrueCar sponsorship of AutoCon 2012 and the Full Ride Scholarship Program isappreciated and respected. TrueCar is a company that has received an enormous amount of criticism,much of which has been emotionally charged and at times, crossed the boundaries of decency andprofessional behavior. Many other companies faced with similar criticism and public ridicule would havereleased a barrage of legal actions to defend themselves. TrueCar has consistently taken the high roadand responded to their critics with program changes and sending their senior executives to major autoindustry events and meetings. The TrueCar sponsorship of AutoCon is further proof that this company isled by professionals who want to be valuable contributors to the overall success of the auto industry.On behalf of the AutoCon team and the 12 auto industry professionals who will receive the benefit ofthese scholarship awards, a sincere thank you to TrueCar is extended. Ralph Paglia Chris Saraceno Mike Myers Carrie Hemphill Brian PaschApply for a TrueCar AutoCon Scholarship online at http://AutoCon2012.comJoin the ADM Professional Community at and the DealerELITEnetwork at