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IEEE 2011 Projects@AutomiiZ
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IEEE 2011 Projects@AutomiiZ


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We implement not only our project papers, but even if you have any concepts in your mind or if you have any ieee base papers. we implement that as well. we give complete training to the students in …

We implement not only our project papers, but even if you have any concepts in your mind or if you have any ieee base papers. we implement that as well. we give complete training to the students in their project & we give projects in the following concepts:













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  • 1. # PROJECT TITLES–2011 IEEE PROJECTS11AZ001. Design and Implementation of Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor based Security System using Microcontroller11AZ002. Weighing system for Fruit Transportation Gyrocar based on ARM11AZ 003 ARM9 Multi Task Data Acquistion System Intelligent Improvement11AZ 004 Power Harvesting for Smart Sensor Networks in Monitoring Water Distribution System11AZ 005 A Novel Light Sensor based Information Transmission System for Indoor Positing and Navigation11AZ 006 Home Automation and Security for Mobile Devices11AZ 007 Design and Development of Microcontroller based Electronics Queue Control Systems11AZ 008 Monitoring of Posture Allocations and Activities by a Shoe -Based Wearable Sensor11AZ 009 Remote monitoring-control system for future wearable-portable dialysis devices11AZ 010 Microcontroller based On Board Diagnostic system for Non OBD Vehicle s11AZ 011 Accelerometer Assisted High Bandwidth Control of Tip Tilt Mirror for Precision Pointing Stability11AZ 012 A Microcontroller based Multi Function Solar Tracking System11AZ 013 ARM9 based Embedded Controller of the Boiler Combustion11AZ 014 Control of Brushless DC Motor with an AVR Microcontroller11AZ 015 Autonomous Pedestrian Collision Avoidance using a Fuzzy Steering Controller11AZ 016 The Intelligent Embedded Control Warning System for Car Reversing11AZ 017 Closed-Loop Anesthetic Drug Concentration Estimation Using Clinical- Effect Feedback #91/96, Ist Floor, Pillaiyar koil street, Jafferkhanpet, Chennai- 83. Ph: 044-43589287
  • 2. 11AZ 018 Advancements in Noncontact, Multiparameter Physiological Measurements Using a Webcam11AZ 019 Multiple Functional ECG Signal is Processing for Wearable Applications of Long-Term Cardiac Monitoring11AZ 020 Heartbeat Classification Using Feature Selection Driven by Database Generalization Criteria11AZ 021 A Web-Based System for Home Monitoring of Patients With Parkinsons Disease Using Wearable Sensors11AZ 022 Mapping and Pursuit-Evasion Strategies For a Simple Wall-Following Robot11AZ 023 Methods and Technologies for the Implementation of Large -Scale Robot Tactile Sensors11AZ 024 Two-Flexible-Fingers Gripper Force Feedback Control System for Its11AZ 025 Application as End Effector on a 6-DOF Manipulator11AZ 026 Unicursal gesture interface for TV remote with touch screens11AZ 027 A reconfigurable multi-touch remote control system for teleoperated robots11AZ 028 Contactless gesture recognition system using proximity sensors11AZ 029 Understanding restaurant consumers reaction toward the iPad menu11AZ 030 Touch-screen terminal application for remote data based on authorized access11AZ 031 Home energy manager: A consumer-oriented interactive tool to optimize energy use11AZ 032 Gesture control and the new and intelligent man-machine interface11AZ 033 Computationally efficient navigation system for Unmanned Ground Vehicles11AZ 034 Construction of an obstacle map and its realtime implementation on an Unmanned Ground Vehicle11AZ 035 An intelligent low-cost scanning range finder #91/96, Ist Floor, Pillaiyar koil street, Jafferkhanpet, Chennai- 83. Ph: 044-43589287
  • 3. 11AZ 036 Design of a power-assist wheelchair for persons with hemiplegia11AZ 037 Control layer for multi-vendor industrial robot interaction providing integration of supervisory process control and multifunctional control units11AZ 038 Dynamic modeling and energy consumption analysis of crab walking of a six-legged robot11AZ 039 Intelligent obstacle avoidence system design of an unmanned ground vehicle with stereo vision11AZ 040 Exploring Human Hand Capabilities Into Embedded Multifingered Object Manipulation11AZ 041 The development of multi-functional autonomous amphibious vehicle11AZ 042 Development of a sensor-driven snake-like robot SR-I11AZ 043 Wind Estimation and Airspeed Calibration using a UAV with a Single- Antenna GPS Receiver and Pitot Tube11AZ 044 A talking robot and its human-like expressive speech production11AZ 045 A patrolling scheme in wireless sensor and robot networks11AZ 046 Dynamic Vehicle Routing for Robotic Systems11AZ 047 Chemical robots -design of active soft materials11AZ 048 Situation-driven control of a robotic wheelchair to follow a caregiver11AZ 049 Obstacle avoidance in mobile robot using Neural Network11AZ 050 Development of an automatic parallel parking system for nonholonomic mobile robot11AZ 051 The Remote Control of Mobile Robot Based on Embedded Technology11AZ 052 Design and implementation of a ball-shooting robot with IR-based embedded vision11AZ 053 Multi-objective optimization control in monitoring system for facility agriculture based on wireless sensor network11AZ 054 Self-paced brain-controlled wheelchair methodology with shared and #91/96, Ist Floor, Pillaiyar koil street, Jafferkhanpet, Chennai- 83. Ph: 044-43589287
  • 4. automated assistive control11AZ 055 Automated voice based home navigation system for the elderly and the physically challenged11AZ 056 Path following system of small unmanned autonomous vehicle for surveillance application11AZ 057 Hazardous Gas Detecting Method Applied in Coal Mine Detection Robot11AZ 058 Implementation of CAN bus in an autonomous all-terrain vehicle11AZ 059 A High Power Density Single-Phase PWM Rectifier With Active Ripple Energy Storage11AZ 060 A Minimum Power-Processing-Stage Fuel-Cell Energy System Based on a Boost-Inverter With a Bidirectional Backup Battery Storage11AZ 061 A New Single-Phase Soft-Switching Power Factor Correction Converter11AZ 062 A note on fingerprint recognition systems11AZ 063 A parking guidance and information system based on wireless sensor network11AZ 064 A Real Maximum Power Point Tracking Method for Mismatching Compensation in PV Array Under Partially Shaded Conditions11AZ 065 A Reservation-based Smart Parking System11AZ 066 A Transformerless Medium-Voltage STATCOM Topology Based on Extended Modular Multilevel Converters11AZ 067 A ZigBee Smart Energy Implementation for Energy Efficient Buildings11AZ 068 An improved three-factor authentication scheme using smart card with biometric privacy protection11AZ 069 An Integrated-Controlled AC/DC Interface for Microscale Wind Power Generation Systems11AZ 070 An intelligent blind rod and navigation platform based on ZigBee technology11AZ 071 Biometric attendance system #91/96, Ist Floor, Pillaiyar koil street, Jafferkhanpet, Chennai- 83. Ph: 044-43589287
  • 5. 11AZ 072 Blind assistant navigation system11AZ 073 Brain-actuated humanoid robot navigation control using asynchronous Brain-Computer Interface11AZ 074 Controlling human attention through robots gaze behaviors11AZ 075 Design and development of a hand-glove controlled wheel chair11AZ 076 Design and development of the wireless sensor node for traffic flow surveillance11AZ 077 Design and implementation of an intelligent vehicle driving controller11AZ 078 Design of auto-guard system based on RFID and network11AZ 079 Design of vehicle positioning system based on ARM11AZ 080 Development on Gas Leak Detection and Location System Based on Wireless Sensor Networks11AZ 081 Digital control for home lighting systems with ZigBee communication11AZ 082 Fault-Tolerant Torque Control of BLDC Motors11AZ 083 FingerID: A new security model based on fingerprint recognition for distributed systems11AZ 084 Fingerprint based multi-server authentication system11AZ 085 Helical controller for modular snake robot with non -holonomic constraint11AZ 086 High-Efficiency Regulation Method for a Zero-Current and Zero-Voltage Current-Fed Push–Pull Converter11AZ 087 Hybrid Wireless Communication System Using ZigBee and WiFi Technology in the Coalmine Tunnels11AZ 088 Induction motor sensorless vector control for very wide speed range of operation11AZ 089 Intelligent Online Measurement and Management of Energy Meter Data through Advanced Wireless Network11AZ 090 Interleaved Soft-Switching Boost Converter for Photovoltaic Power - #91/96, Ist Floor, Pillaiyar koil street, Jafferkhanpet, Chennai- 83. Ph: 044-43589287
  • 6. Generation System11AZ 091 Mode change method of bi-directional DC/DC converter for electric vehicle11AZ 092 MPPT based stand-alone water pumping system11AZ 093 Multiphase DC–DC Converters Using a Boost-Half-Bridge Cell for High- Voltage and High-Power Applications11AZ 094 Online Voting System Powered by Biometric Security Using Steganography11AZ 095 Performance of a High-Efficiency Switched-Capacitor-Based Resonant Converter With Phase-Shift Control11AZ 096 Protection and control of low voltage motors used in industrial applications11AZ 097 Real time paddy crop field monitoring using Zigbee network11AZ 098 Real-time wireless communication in automotive applications11AZ 099 Remote monitoring and control of photovoltaic system using wireless sensor network11AZ 100 RFID and ZigBee based manufacturing monitoring system11AZ 101 Secured wireless communication for industrial automation and control11AZ 102 Shopping assistant with interface for wheelchair users11AZ 103 Single-Phase Back-To-Back Converter for Active Power Balancing, Reactive Power Compensation, and Harmonic Filtering in Traction Power System11AZ 104 Smart metering and home automation solutions for the next decade11AZ 105 The design of the scene of the accident alarm system based on ARM and GPS11AZ 106 The Flexible Bus Systems Using Zigbee as a Communication Medium11AZ 107 The implementation of the intelligent transport system for the real-time roadside environment information transfer11AZ 108 The research on ZigBee-based Mine Safety Monitoring System11AZ 109 The temperature humidity monitoring system of soil based on wireless sensor networks #91/96, Ist Floor, Pillaiyar koil street, Jafferkhanpet, Chennai- 83. Ph: 044-43589287
  • 7. 11AZ 110 Three-Phase to Single-Phase Power-Conversion System11AZ 111 Trial & experimentation of a smart home monitoring system for elderly11AZ 112 Vehicle control system for automatic valet parking with infrastructure sensors11AZ 113 Voice over ZigBee networks with environmental monitoring11AZ 114 Voice recognition based wireless home automation system11AZ 115 Voltage-Source PWM Rectifier–Inverter Based on Direct Power Control and Its Operation Characteristics11AZ 116 Wireless ECG monitoring and alarm system using ZigBee11AZ 117 ZigBee electric vehicle charging system11AZ 118 ZigBee/GPS tracking system for rowing races11AZ 119 A 2.4-GHZ Energy-Efficient Transmitter for Wireless Medical Applications11AZ 120 A Decision-Support Model for Filtering RFID Read Data in Supply Chains11AZ 121 A Hybrid Wired wireless Networking Infrastructure for Greenhouse Management11AZ 122 A New Intelligent Control Terminal of Solar Street Light11AZ 123 A Novel Three Phase Energy Meter Model with Wireless Data Reading and Online Billing Solution11AZ 124 A Pragmatic Approach to Aid Visually Impaired People in Reading, Visualizing and Understanding Textual Contents with an Automatic Electronic Pen11AZ 125 A Scheme for the Application of Smart Message Language in a Wireless Meter Reading System11AZ 126 A Self-Supplied Inertial Piezoelectric Energy Harvester with Power - Management IC11AZ 127 A Standalone RFID Indoor Positioning System using Passive Tags11AZ 128 A System for the Dynamic Control and Thermal Characterization of Ultra #91/96, Ist Floor, Pillaiyar koil street, Jafferkhanpet, Chennai- 83. Ph: 044-43589287
  • 8. Low Power Gas Sensors11AZ 129 A Vibration-based Electromagnetic Energy Harvester using Mechanical Frequency Up-Conversion Method11AZ 130 A Zero Configured Homecare Gateway using Zigbee11AZ 131 A Zigbee-based Telecardiology System for Remote Healthcare Service Delivery11AZ 132 An Intelligent Lighting System for Exhibition Applications11AZ 133 Automated Off-Line Respiratory Event Detection for the Study of Postoperative Apnea in Infants11AZ 134 Automated Urban Drinking Water Supply Control and Water Theft Identification System11AZ 135 Automatic Docking System for Recharging Home Surveillance Robots11AZ 136 Blind Constellation Estimation and Detection using Cluster Analysis11AZ 137 Comparison of Embedded System Design for Industrial Applications11AZ 138 Computing Technology used In Retrieval of Patients Record11AZ 139 Database Design on Embedded Home Gateway and Web Server Implementation11AZ 140 Design and Implementation for Ambulance Route Search based on the Internet of Things11AZ 141 Design and Implementation of a Home Embedded Surveillance System with Ultra-Low Alert Power11AZ 142 Design of a Wireless Medical Monitoring System11AZ 143 Design of Landslide Warning System11AZ 144 Design of Monitor-and-Control System for Supermarket Fresh Area based on Zigbee11AZ 145 Design of Multi-Sensor Integrated Navigation System for Land Vehicle11AZ 146 Design of on-Line Interactive Data Acquisition and Control System for #91/96, Ist Floor, Pillaiyar koil street, Jafferkhanpet, Chennai- 83. Ph: 044-43589287
  • 9. Embedded Real Time Applications11AZ 147 Design ff Sensor Modules of Active & Intelligent Energy-Saving System11AZ 148 Design of Ultrasonic Obstacle Avoidance System of Fruit -Transportation Gyro-Car based on ARM11AZ 149 Designing a PH Data Acquisition & Logging Device using an Inexpensive Microcontroller11AZ 150 Detection of Cognitive Injured Body Region Using multiple Triaxial Accelerometers for Elderly Falling11AZ 151 Developing and Installing Substations for Oil and Gas facilities in very Cold and Remote Locations11AZ 152 Development of a Distributed Data Collection System based on Embedded Ethernet11AZ 153 Development of Road Light Gateway with Sensor Network11AZ 154 Digital Control for Home Lighting Systems with Zigbee Communication11AZ 155 Discussions on Accessibility in Industrial Automation Systems11AZ 156 Energy Diversification and Sustainable Economy Growth11AZ 157 Enhanced Voice Activity Detection using Acoustic Event Detection and Classification11AZ 158 Evaluation of Tele-Robotic Interface Components for Teaching Robot Operation11AZ 159 Evidence Collection from Car Black Boxes using Smart Phones11AZ 160 Fault Location in Underground Power Networks - A Case Study11AZ 161 Feature Selection for Accelerometer-based Posture analysis in Parkinsons Disease11AZ 162 Field Trials and Performance Monitoring of Distributed Solar Panels using a Low Cost Wireless Sensors Network for Domestic Applications11AZ 163 Flexible Structural Power Monitoring Device with Clamp Type CT Sensors11AZ 164 Flood Monitoring of Distribution Substation in Low-Lying Areas using #91/96, Ist Floor, Pillaiyar koil street, Jafferkhanpet, Chennai- 83. Ph: 044-43589287
  • 10. Wireless Sensor Network11AZ 165 Hardware-Software Code Sign of Automatic Speech Recognition System for Embedded Real-Time Applications11AZ 166 High-Voltage Pulse Power Supply Controller based on ARM711AZ 167 Implementation of In-Vehicle Multi-Sensor Information Fusion Gateway for Cooperative Driving11AZ 168 Implementing Zigbee Protocol as Assignments in Teaching Embedded Systems11AZ 169 Intelligence Monitoring System based on ARM and Information Fusion11AZ 170 Led Indicator for Heart Rate Monitoring System in Sport Application11AZ 171 Locon A Location based Services Platform to Improve Airport Safety11AZ 172 Measurement and Monitoring of Performance Parameters of Distributed Solar Panels using Wireless Sensors Network11AZ 173 Measuring Neuromuscular Control Dynamics during Car following with Continuous Haptic Feedback11AZ 174 Mobile Robot for Overhead Power Line Inspection and a Controlling Method for Obstacle Avoidance11AZ 175 Model-based Optimal Efficiency Control of Induction Generators for Wind Power Systems11AZ 176 Monitoring Patients Signs Wirelessly11AZ 177 Monorail Cars Wireless Control System based on Smartphone Platform11AZ 178 Motion Compensation with One-Axis Gyroscope and Two-Axis Accelerometer for Automotive Sar11AZ 179 Multi featured Visualization and Navigation in Tele-Operation of Mobile Robots11AZ 180 On-Line Recognition of Driving Road Condition using Support Vector Machine11AZ 181 Optimized Wind Energy Harvesting System using Resistance Emulator and Active Rectifier for Wireless Sensor Nodes #91/96, Ist Floor, Pillaiyar koil street, Jafferkhanpet, Chennai- 83. Ph: 044-43589287
  • 11. 11AZ 182 Performance of Power Line Communication Systems with Noise Reduction Scheme for Smart Grid Applications11AZ 183 Physical Movement Monitoring using Body Sensor networks - A Phonological Approach to Construct Spatial Decision Trees11AZ 184 PV Power System Energy Control Research in Micro Grid11AZ 185 RF Fingerprinting Physical Objects for Anticounterfeiting Applications11AZ 186 Simulation of Earthquakes and Tsunami through GSM Network11AZ 187 Smart Card with Iris Recognition for High Security Access Environment11AZ 188 Support Vector Machine based Data Classification for Detection of Electricity Theft11AZ 189 System Level design of a Secure Healthcare Smart Card System11AZ 190 The Design and Implementation of a Teacher-Student Interaction System based on Zigbee and RFID11AZ 191 The Research on Optimal Parking Space Choice Model in Parking Lots11AZ 192 The Solution of Hybrid Electric Vehicle Information System by Modbus Protocol11AZ 193 Torsional-Vibration Assessment and Gear-Fault diagnosis in Railway Traction System11AZ 194 Vehicle Infrastructure Integration System using Vision sensors to Prevent Accidents in Traffic Flow #91/96, Ist Floor, Pillaiyar koil street, Jafferkhanpet, Chennai- 83. Ph: 044-43589287