Online Marketing Facts for Auto Shop Owners in Texas


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With 100's of online marketing companies, and telemarketers, besieging your shop's phone every day, it's about time you start asking for facts. Sales people's words, get blown by the wind, Facts are hard to ignore. Proof that your Internet advertising dollar is working, cannot be shown with pretty dashboards, statistics, or shiny objects. The main and only purpose of online marketing is to get customers to your shop, whether in person, or by calling your shop's phone.

Even when you ask a new customer, how they found you, the average response you get is, on the Internet. But, where on the Internet? Your website, a Google Ad, a map directory, Yelp? In the majority of cases, all you get is, I don't remember.

Therefore, what is the best proof that your advertising dollars are working? Call Tracking! By assigning a call tracking number to every piece of advertising you do, you can pin point exactly, what's working, and what's not. Think of a call tracking phone number as a mask that goes over your shop's phone number. By having one, or ten, call tracking numbers, all calls go to the same destination, your shop's phone number!

Let's say that you put a value of $100 to each new customer you acquire, if you get 60 phone calls in a month, then you have recovered (or profit) $600 from whatever you spend in online advertising.

Many times I get asked, what about shoppers calling for estimates? The main goal of anyone handling your online advertising is to get people to your phone. Once you receive a call it's up to you, or your service adviser, to use effective phone skills, or salesmanship, to bring that customer into your shop.

If you want to find out more about how to use call tracking, whether with us, or any other advertiser you might be using, call (800) 520-9498, or email me at

I don't believe on selling, I believe on building trust, and only deal with facts.

Ed Burckhardt

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Online Marketing Facts for Auto Shop Owners in Texas

  1. 1. AUTO SHOP OWNERS IN TEXAS You owe it to yourself to watch these….. Online Marketing Facts!
  2. 2. Can Online Marketing Properly Implemented and Maintained Generate over 100 phone leads per month to your Shop’s phone, directly from the Web? Seeing is believing… Yes, It can!
  3. 3. Sales People’s Words Get blown by the wind, Facts are hard to ignore See for yourself! FACTS? OUR 7 STEP ONLINE MARKETING PROGRAM WORKS!
  4. 4. Proof of R.O.I.Case #1
  5. 5. 1st Step Create Responsive and Mobile Websites
  6. 6. High tide, Low tide, this absolutely amazing! Click on each picture. If Global Warming keeps happening, just imagine, if the sea level rises more than it is already. 2nd Step Create Branded Social Profiles
  7. 7. “ Consistently Post Useful Content & EngageYourAudience…” 3rd Step Create a Blog
  8. 8. “ Search Engines Love Quality Useful Content With Proper Optimization 100’s of Pages Get Indexed…” 4th Step Search Engine Optimization
  9. 9. “With our GetFiveStarsAutomated Review SystemYOU are in Control of your Reviews…” 5th Step Positive Customer’s Reviews
  10. 10. “With Proper Search Engine Optimization Visitors and Page Views Go Up…” 6th Step Traffic Reports
  11. 11. “With 14 Years Working Exclusively withAuto Repair Shops, We Know How to TargetYourAds…” 7th Step GoogleAdWords PPC Campaign While others just dump 100’s of irrelevant keywords wasting your precious Click Dollars, we target the Car Brands or Services,Your Shop Specializes On…”
  12. 12. 521 Phone Calls in 3 Months –Average Over 170 Calls Per Month! With our Call Tracking SystemYou Can Listen to all the Recorded Calls …” The End Result! Over 170 Phone Call Leads per Month!
  13. 13. RESULTS? WANTTO GET CONTACT US TODAY! (800) 520-9498