Introduction to Predictive Analytics for Marketers: Takeaway version with descriptive text
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Introduction to Predictive Analytics for Marketers: Takeaway version with descriptive text



Authintic’s personalization technology helps retailers increase sales from site and social data. ...

Authintic’s personalization technology helps retailers increase sales from site and social data.

It uses consumer data with permission from brand sites and social media profiles to inform and serve personalized recommendations online, to all devices.

Its predictive analytics technology suite harnesses the network marketing potential of big data and social media. Products include Authintic Bridge™—a social-to-CRM data channel tool—and Authintic Recommend™, a personalized recommendation engine.

Founded by an advertising executive and a data scientist, Authintic is leading the industry shift toward privacy-based personalization technologies.



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Introduction to Predictive Analytics for Marketers: Takeaway version with descriptive text Introduction to Predictive Analytics for Marketers: Takeaway version with descriptive text Presentation Transcript

  • introduction to predictive analytics for marketers.this is a takeaway deck with descriptive us for the real thing in person! more sales from site and social data TM
  • "Technology enables us tocreate better intimacy." - Mindy Grossman - CEO, HSN Inc.
  • In 2012, Target sent baby product coupons to ateenage girl in Minneapolis*.Her father angrily asked the store manager, “Areyou trying to encourage her to get pregnant?” *Source:
  • Two days later when the store manager followed up,the father had a surprising response. “She’s due in August. I owe you an apology.”
  • Marketers were vocal with their disapproval. “Privacy breach...” “...Disturbing” “Creepy...”
  • But behind closed doors they asked, “How can we do that?”
  • Why is this valuable? Because people buy onhabit. And outside of a few brief windows inlife, it’s hard for marketers to break those habits. The early days of parenthood are one of those windows. The key is to reach them before the baby is born and the parentsget flooded with advertising.Enter predictive analytics. Target’s data scientistsbuilt a model to identify pregnant women based onpurchases like unscented lotions andsoaps (2nd trimester), hand sanitizersand washcloths (3rd trimester).
  • Big retailers now have data scientists on staffturning data into recommendations to drive sales. data recommendation shopper recommendation engine
  • “It’s like an arms raceto hire statisticiansnowadays.”- Andreas Weigend, former Chief Scientist, Amazon
  • Three companies used predictive analytics toredefine retailing for books, movies, and music......while others are simply storing data or followingdashboards. What does it take to do big data right?
  • Making data work takes three disciplines pursuingthe same goal under one roof. Data Technology Marketing SciencesAnd you need the right data. On the right terms.What does that mean? ...
  • Seth Godin summarized it best in his 1999 bookPermission Marketing. The strongest messages are relevant personalized anticipated
  • The best data is private. Itrequires permission.Scraped data isn’t oftenaccurate or complete. Andcookies are more thanjust creepy - The FederalTrade Commission andthe EU are clamping downhard with privacy policies.Respect for privacy is one of our founding pillars.Want proof? Our Chief Science Officer helped writethe privacy act for the Digital Analytics Association.
  • The auth-in is the key. Really valuable data can’t bescraped or bought; it needs to be user-authorized. auth-in data recommendation shopper recommendation engine
  • Will people auth-in? Yes, if they find value. eMailmarketing and loyalty programs prove it.How many of your fans and customers will auth-in?Every brand is different. We’ll find out before webuild anything.
  • Auth-in... authentic data... see what we did there?Welcome to Authintic. We are Analytics technologyfor permission marketing. more sales from site and social data TM
  • What’s in store for 2013? Here’s what our CEOheard in his interviews with retail execs at theNational Retail Federation’s Big Show.
  • You have millions of social fans Now what? 3m 6m 10m 102k 303k 151k
  • Brand buildingCustomer serviceSales?
  • twitter followers twitter followings name gender facebook check-insscraped data wall posts to brandpermission data name email age gender likes interests The best data friends activities is private check-ins wall posts education events It requires location hometown permission relationships subscriptions friend likes friend interests and 45 others
  • But you don’t want more data. You want moresales, loyalty and retention. You can earn it through smart targeted marketing. Not with the same message to all shoppers. conversions network marketing behavioral segmentation targeting batch & blast data
  • What if you offered autofilled registration andincluded behavioral social data instead of ablank form? Would it create more intimacy?
  • “2013 will see the acceleration of a shiftto behaviorally targeted marketing (in allchannels) over older, less efficient media.” - Jonah Bloom, Chief Strategy Officer, KBS+P “Listening will balance with interpreting.” - James Roberts, Chief Strategy Officer, Partners + Napier“We’re ruled by the algorithm--be it Google, Amazon, or Netflix.We make decisions that we think are free will but are in factdriven by the recommendations we get--choices that we neverwould have otherwise considered.” - Lee Maicon, SVP Insights and Strategy, 360i From How Marketing Will Change in 2013: The Strategic Forecast - Fast Company Co.Create
  • Where do we begin? Advise, Implement, Optimize.
  • If you knew who your best customers were,how would you treat them differently? Decision Velocity What is the average time between data discovery (Eureka!) and execution on that data? How does this timing influence action? Data Velocity How long between data capture, access, analysis, communication and action? Data Unity How much and what data is stored? eMail, CRM, social, consumer, web analytics? Data Granularity Are attributes about individuals stored and accessible? Can you map each consumer lifecycle across channels? Data Accuracy Do you trust the data? Is it consistently accurate and likely to be believed?Contact us to start the advise step today.
  • Andrew Cherwenka CEOOur CEO built interactive ad agencies and handled digital strategy for theworld’s top brands. He has worked closely with Facebook since 2007.
  • Christopher Berry Chief Science OfficerOur Chief Science Officer is a rare breed of data scientists. He’s a pioneerin making unstructured social data useful while respecting privacy.
  • Interested? Let’s talk.Andrew Cherwenka Christopher BerryCo-Founder, CEO Co-Founder, Chief Science Officercell: 647.455.1352 New York City 902 Broadway, 4th Flr, New York, NY 10010  Toronto 10 Dundas St East, Suite 502, Toronto ON, M5B 2G9