Customer Service & Rapport Building With Americans - A Cross Culture Training


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Are you part of an American company that outsources it's work to Indians? Do you have Indian expat workers onsite or offshore? Do your Indian counterparts stay in India? Do you want them to understand the US cultural landscape better? This training will help Indian counterparts to understand the American mindset and communicate more effectively with you to get work done faster and with less errors.

This training is available face-to-face in India or over the phone/Skype throughout India and to those in the US.

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Customer Service & Rapport Building With Americans - A Cross Culture Training

  1. 1. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #1 A 10-Week Program: Customer Service & Rapport Building With Americans Jennifer Kumar Authentic Journeys |
  2. 2. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #2 Agenda Points of discussion: • Introduction • Audience Profile & Measure of Success • Class Materials • Student Reflections / Homework • Syllabus Flow – 9 Week Plan • Gauge of Costs • Outcomes • Book Your Session Today!
  3. 3. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #3 Introduction This is a general syllabus that can be used with a variety of companies to start training employees in communication skills with American clients or customers. Managers with teams can elect participants to attend this training. These sessions are the most successful when participants are from the same company/team.
  4. 4. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #4 Audience Profile & Measure of Success Audience Profile • Sessions tailored for professionals with 5-25 years of experience. • A maximum of 4 candidates can attend this session. Measure of Success • The coach works together with management and HR to incorporate 360 Performance Review Scores and/or Customer Satisfaction scores to measure the outcomes and success of the training.
  5. 5. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #5 Class Materials Select worksheets will be provided within the fee structure. To customize the delivery, participants or team leads provide: • Sanitized client emails • Recordings of phone calls • PPTs and demos • Other client communications as required Special circumstances allow the coach to sit in live calls and give feedback just after the call completes.
  6. 6. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #6 Student Reflections / Homework Reflections are the homework assignments. For each class there are two ongoing assignments: • On a rotating basis, one participant per week will take notes of the session and distribute them by email to the participants. This improves written communication skills. • Participants will start and continue to maintain lists of commonly used words or phrases they use or hear Americans use. These will be discussed later in the sessions. (This can be done every week or whenever it is required.)
  7. 7. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #7 SYLLABUS FLOW AND TOPICS
  8. 8. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #8 Syllabus Flow Important notes about this syllabus • Each session is 1.5 hours. • Sessions can be given once weekly or twice monthly, as your schedule allows. • Ideally, all sessions should be given in the order noted. However, if time is short, the team can prioritize and choose the most important topics/sessions.
  9. 9. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #9 10 Week Program 1. Introductions & Small Talk with Americans 2. E-mail Communication – Best Practices 3. Skype and Phone Etiquette 4. Voice Clarity, Delivery and Presentation Skills 5. Tailoring Messages for Westerners / Persuasion Skills 6. Presentation Skills Mocks & Role Plays 7. Words / Vocabulary / Fast Talking / Listening Skills 8. Pronunciation, Articulation, Accent 9. Negotiation – Overview 10. Negotiation / Persuasion Mocks & Role Plays
  10. 10. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #10 CUSTOMIZATIONS
  11. 11. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #11 Customizations • Customized role plays Trainer will work with team leads or HR to create custom role plays or mocks based on your specific client need. • Recordings during the training.** Trainer will record groups enacting mocks/role plays and give more detailed feedback • Recordings outside the training Trainer will have access to recordings of client phone calls for analysis of real time communication • Select employees can continue 1:1 or small group work with the trainer after the classroom sessions end
  12. 12. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #12 Recordings – A Note Each session will be recorded and shared only with the participants of the training for review and analysis. Recordings are a good way for the participants to listen back to pick up anything missed during the sessions, and for other communication skills fine tuning.
  13. 13. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #13 GAUGE OF COSTS
  14. 14. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #14 Gauge of Costs • These sessions will be billed at the rates listed in the most current proposal. • Take note of the client contract, assuring that participants arrive on time, so that sessions can start and end on time. Fees may be charged for last minute cancellations or late starts. • Refer to the client contract at: contract-form.php • Invoices will be issued for each session or group of monthly sessions, as identified by the company. Services will be paid for before rendered. • If any additional fees (such fees for analyzing recordings or late fees) are to be applied, they will be applied to the next invoice. (Recording analysis may require 1-4 hours, while e-mail analysis may require 2-5 hours.)
  15. 15. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #15 OUTCOMES
  16. 16. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #16 What People Learned Venkatesh Thyagarajan CEO, Cabot Solutions "I recently had the pleasure of hiring Jennifer to train some of our team members in corporate communications. After the training, one of the trainees spearheaded an impressive 3- hour client demo which helped the client to have increased confidence in our team and it clearly demonstrated our commitment towards the client project. Most importantly, all participants have increased confidence while communicating with clients and colleagues in English. I am impressed with the extra learning they had by just interacting with Jennifer. They have learned to value and manage time, keep others in the loop and updated of changes, and have learned the importance of mutual respect in a professional environment. I strongly recommend Jennifer as a coach to firms looking to develop quality communication skills of their team members."
  17. 17. @2014 Authentic Journeys | | Slide #17 Book Your session today! E-mail: Website contact page – click here. Browse the website: Browse the blog: