Network Marketing and Age-Reversal Coaching


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This is one of a series teleseminars designed to share information about my Age-Reversal Coaching Certification Program. There are several benefits for network marketers who market anti-aging products who are also certified Age Reversal Coaches. The teleseminar highlights some of those benefits as well as some of the challenges

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Network Marketing and Age-Reversal Coaching

  1. 1. Network Marketing and Age-Reversal Coaching I’m Austin Grady Master Coach for Age-Reversal Coach Certification Welcome to the Seminar!
  2. 2. The Marriage of Network Marketing and Age-Reversal Coaching The information I will be sharing is applicable to any Multi-Level Marketing or network marketing opportunity that an Age-Reversal Coach might recommend. I am especially zeroing in on Anti-Aging Products and Companies who state that their target market is aging Baby Boomers.
  3. 3. The Obvious Advantages Boomers are looking for solutions to problems! • ~ Skincare • ~ Supplements • ~ Libido Support • ~ Disease prevention • ~ Losing Weight • ~ Travel • ~ Insurance And…
  4. 4. Boomers are looking for income! * Recession * Lay-Offs * Supporting Adult Children * Supporting Grandchildren * Supporting Aging Parents * Stressed Pensions
  5. 5. Coaches are Trusted Expert Advisors
  6. 6. The Hidden Dangers           ~ Baby Boomers have been marketed to for decades and are skeptical prospects. ~ Products do not perform the same for everyone ~ 98% of people in Network Marketing are not earning a profit ~ Negative Experiences attach to the Coach ~ Negative Perceptions are shared freely ~ Network Marketing is a business that requires effort
  7. 7. Best Practices For Bringing Coaching Clients Into Your Network Marketing Business Clients Must have a positive product experience Clients Must qualify to be accepted as a business partner Clients Must commit to being coached Clients Must build a lead system that works
  8. 8. Age-Reversal Coaching - More than Selling Products 1. A Unique Relationship 2. The Focus is on the Client’s Goals 3. The Coach works within the Client’s Parameters The coaching relationship dynamics are: NOT DUPLICATABLE
  9. 9. Branding Who You Are, Austin Grady What You Do Train & Certify Age-Reversal Coaches Who You Do it For – Boomers who feel a calling to help What Makes You Unique – My Holistic coaching system empowers people to “age on their own terms.” My certification program qualifies individuals to coach Baby Boomers with confidence. Coaches will have a profitable practice when they complete the program.
  10. 10. Content - High value, high quality, useful information . Presentation – A means of making your Content available to your audience. (Blog, Video, Webinar, Speaking Engagements, etc.) Exposure - Creating or increasing audience awareness of your Presentation. (Email, Social Media, Mailers, Advertising, etc.)
  11. 11. Sales Funnel Take Massive Action to expose your medium to your target audience – your people Use your presentation to give away as much valuable, useful information as possible.
  12. 12. Provide an easy way for those who would like more to “raise their hand”   …. A complimentary consultation, …. A free e-book, ….. A subscription to a newsletter, ….. A personalized evaluation
  13. 13. The Same Process Works for NetworkMarketing… Click here for … A free video demonstrating how to apply night cream!   …. An e-book providing step by step cleanse instructions!   … Instructions on how to qualify to join my team!
  14. 14. Then FollowUp!
  15. 15. When you do both… 1. Offer Incentives and added Benefits for those who follow you in both. (10% discount on coaching packages for network marketing customers who become coaching clients or Free coaching session(s) for clients who become business partners) 2. Remember Age-Reversal Coaching encompasses more than selling products and opportunities!
  16. 16. The Age-Reversal Vehicle Age Reversal Coaches coach for results in: Health ~ Relationships ~ Work ~ Finances
  17. 17. Age-Reversal Coaches Use the Mind-Body-Spirit Approach (Focus - Action – Faith)   Age-Reversal Coaching Strategy: Take Baby Steps Daily.
  18. 18. This Coaching Strategy May Include building a network marketing business but Is Not Limited to building a network marketing business. Un-associated network-marketing Representatives may become your coaching clients… • • • • • For health issues not related to the products, For business/personal relationships coaching, For work and career issues, Financial guidance Second-Half of Life Vision Coaching.
  19. 19. For More Information   Visit the website:   Email:   Schedule a Qualification Interview:  
  20. 20. Thank You for Attending