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Blue Fountain Media's Associate Strategist Rishe Groner discusses how to market mobile applications, meet brand objectives and create a successful mobile marketing strategy for mobile applications.

This presentation provides strategies to get your mobile app marketed correctly and efficiently. It also provides great examples of branded mobile apps and good brand experiences on mobile.

The presentation also goes in depth about when a mobile app is appropriate for a brand and when it isn't and discusses what mobile app marketing goals are reasonable to try and achieve when marketing your mobile application correctly.

Keys to marketing app success are also included, with such tips as creating an initial burst, getting found, soliciting feedback, tracking and measuring success and encouraging sharing.

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  • With such a huge number of apps present in the app market , it is very important to optimize the app to stand out from the crowd. Check out for more information and insights on App Store Optimization.
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  • i like your presentation.could you allow me a copy of it.kindly send it to
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  • Hey, looks nice :) would add crosspromotion as a strategy too. Worked great to me, both while doing it between my own apps or between other developers apps (crosspromoting) using developers communities, like tappx in my case for this :)
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Mobile App Marketing Presentation

  1. 1. How do we market… Mobile Applications
  2. 2. Mobile App Brand Objectives Product Enhancement and Value Ads Customer Support Entertainment New user acquisition Brand awareness Customer engagement Brand extension In-app purchases Generate revenue In-app purchases Ad publishing
  3. 3. Great Branded Mobile Apps
  4. 4. Brand Experiences on Mobile
  5. 5. Mobile Apps are great, but…. Not everyone needs an app. Mobile Apps fulfill a specific need that can’t be met through a responsive site, for example: Need to store information online Quick-loading Easily accessible information Fun and entertainment! Every marketing project is mobile! Responsive design Mobile-optimized emails (single column layout) Social is targeted to mobile AdWords Enhanced Campaigns
  6. 6. How mobile apps grow brand awareness:
  7. 7. Beyond the Conversion: Mobile App Marketing Goals
  8. 8. The Challenge: There are millions of apps in the app store…..
  9. 9. … and they’re growing every day. Competition + Saturation = Need for Differentiation
  10. 10. Keys to App Marketing Success Product Quality: Create a strong app with no bugs or crashes. Communicate with customers over issues to encourage loyalty. Create Buzz: Stimulate discussion and brand buzz among influencers in the target customer community, among app reviewers and tech bloggers who focus on new app releases. Get Found: Use App Store Optimization best practices to be easily found in the App Store and Google Play Create an Initial Burst: Use Paid Advertising and existing customer platforms (website, text, email) to spur initial downloads and reach high rankings in the App Store, spurring organic growth.
  11. 11. Keys to App Marketing Success Encourage Sharing: Incorporate social sharing, email referrals and text messaging to stimulate organic sharing of the app. Solicit Feedback. Request Feedback and solicit Ratings and Reviews from satisfied customers, contributing to App Store Rankings. Track and Measure. Use Analytics and tracking to continually optimize ad spend, track in-app purchases and identify highest value users. Leverage Other Channels. Incorporate social media and email marketing to create a community for app users.
  12. 12. Mobile App Marketing Strategy
  13. 13. Prelaunch and Public Relations • Build buzz well before launch • App blogs and tech bloggers target people in the mindset of downloading apps • Release a sneak peek for journalists • Create relationships to be featured in “New and Notable” • Find a newsworthy angle • Encourage existing customers to promote it
  14. 14. App Store Optimization You can do all the PR in the world… ……but if no one can find it, they won’t download it. ASO differs for Google Play (Android) vs the App Store (iOS) An ASO strategy requires the same elements as SEO: Competitor analysis Keyword Research App Store Optimization Deliverables: Submitted keywords A keyword-rich and conversion-optimized app store description Localized information, languages, reviews and ratings High quality screen shots, videos (Google Play) are defining factor Encourage Reviews and Ratings Push notifications
  15. 15. Paid Advertising Advertising Channels •Ad Enablers and Networks • iAd, inMobi, AdMob •Incentivized Networks • TapJoy, JumpTap •RTB Exchanges •Facebook Exchange •Google AdWords •Direct Media Buys Display Ad Types •In-app ads • Expanded banners •Mobile banner ads •Interstitial •Rich Media • Video
  16. 16. Bust Marketing To get to the top of a category: Get MAXIMUM downloads in MINIMUM time
  17. 17. Cross-Channel Promotion
  18. 18. Referral Marketing and Amplification Push notifications to rate and review In-app gamification and incentivization
  19. 19. Mobile App Marketing Services How Do I Price It? Ask Your Marketing Manager.