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    Social-Bookmarking-Is-A-Technique-Through-Which-Us180 Social-Bookmarking-Is-A-Technique-Through-Which-Us180 Document Transcript

    • Social bookmarking is a technique throughwhich users shop, organize, look, and handlebookmarks of web pages on the internet with all the help of metadata.Top Bookmarks
    • In a social bookmarking system, users save hyperlinks to web pageswhich they want to remember and/or share These online bookmarks arepublic, and will be saved privately, shared only with certain people orgroups, shared only inside certain networks, or another combined publicand personal domains Only the allowed people will see these onlinebookmarks sequentially, by category or tags, or via a look system
    • /p> In certain terms, online bookmarking is a user-defined taxonomysystem for bookmarks Such taxonomy is sometimes called a folksonomyas well as the bookmarks are referred to as tags Unlike savingbookmarks in a folder on your computer, tagged pages are stored on theInternet and will be used from any computer
    • It is often called as "The real-time Internet, organized by you " Internetsites committed to online bookmarking, including Flickr and del icio
    • us, offer people Top Bookmarks with a area to shop, categorize, annotateand share favorite Internet pages and files How to use onlinebookmarking? First decide which of the websites you want to use foronline bookmarking Next visit the site and register yourself and install thebuttons on your toolbar If you visit a Internet page you want in order tosave, you click a "tag" switch A window pops up with all the URL andpage name and recommended fields for anyone to add notes and tags
    • (Tags are single-word descriptors -- this might be the way onlinebookmark methods categorize information thus that you along with otherpeople will find it ) Another switch takes you straight to a page with yoursaved bookmarks and associated tags If you decide to select one of thetags you created, you will be taken to a page listing your saved pagesassociated with which tag You will also see allusers informationassociated with which tag or the most well known examples
    • The site inbox feature allows you to join content saved with a specific tagor content saved by a specific consumer or maybe a combined the twoWhen you click a tag or look for a term on the site, the results includeinformation regarding the amount of subscribers have saved each itemand any tags which they included for it Social bookmarking creates areal web of resources and connections--one which is not limited to peopleand their folders nevertheless represents the interests and judgments ofa community of people
    • The good advantages which online bookmarking offers are: The entiretag-based classification of online resources (including web sites) is doneby humans, whom know the content of the resource A onlinebookmarking system will grade a resource based as to how numeroustimes it has been bookmarked by people (whom think it is useful, orentertaining, or otherwise worthy of recollecting and sharing) Socialbookmarking works well for people as a way to access a coupled set ofbookmarks from numerous computers, manage many bookmarks, andshare bookmarks with neighbors along with other contacts Socialbookmarking useful for libraries as a simpler method to offer lists ofinteresting hyperlinks to patrons Though online bookmarking offersnumerous advantages, there are many disadvantages too
    • Social bookmarking will also be vulnerable to corruption and conspiracyIn online bookmarking, there are no standard set of keywords, standardfor the structure of such tags, incorrect marking due to spelling errors,tags which will have several meaning Social bookmarking programmersmust constantly adjust their security system to overcome abuses by thespammers somekeyword
    • Top Bookmarks