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Spiceworks Unplugged UK 1 December 2011
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Spiceworks Unplugged UK 1 December 2011


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Sessions with SMB IT pros and technology marketers at Malmaison Hotel in Reading, UK on 1st of December, 2011

Sessions with SMB IT pros and technology marketers at Malmaison Hotel in Reading, UK on 1st of December, 2011

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • DONE
  • Who are these crazy IT pros that make the world’s networks run?Q - So marketers, do your customers identify with your brand? (show of hands)Q - Do you have any customers who have branded themselves? Well, we do.
  • Here is a photo of eWoman, a user in the Spiceworks Community, who just recently permanently inked herself with the Spiceworks brand. After she posted this photo, she was immediately glorified in the Spiceworks Community with over 150 fellow users chiming in showing their approval of eWoman’s Spice-Ink and true brand loyalty. So much buzz that…
  • And then celebrated by our CEO, Scott Abel, revealed an exact replica of that tattoo at our annual user conference, SpiceWorld Austin… however his comes off with a little soap, water and elbow grease.
  • Now I’m sure you’re asking, who is that orange dinosaur in the middle?
  • MeetSpiceRex. SpiceRex, the self selected mascot for our Community of 1.7M IT pros that use Spiceworks to do their job. Originated here in the London-area by user, Andy Phelps who is here in the panel today. SpiceRex first took form as a paper orange dinosaur that our users mailed to each other. They then would takephotos of SpiceRex in their neck of the woods and post them in the community.But what SpiceRex truly represents is sticking up for theSMB IT pros or “the little guy”, and getting them the same access to tech vendor info and discounts as their Enterprise counterparts.
  • And the SpiceRex phenomenon quickly caught on and was adopted as the mascot of the force to be reckoned with community of over 1.7 M IT pros.But what SpiceRex truly represents is sticking up for theSMB IT pros or “the little guy”, and getting them the same access to tech vendor info and discounts as their Enterprise counterparts.
  • Q - Other than tattoos and an orange dino, what keeps our IT pros coming back to Spiceworks? And the answer is the wealth of information provided in the community. It’s truly a give and take relationship in the community where our IT pros can earn points for the number of Best Answers, How-tos and responses they provide to other IT pros in the community. From these points, the SpiceHeads are able to achieve different levels of status or “spiciness” starting at pimento all the way to the spiciest molecule on earth, pure capsaicin. And ladies and gentlemen,the creator of SpiceRex is the first person to not only make it to Pure Capsaicin, but has completed that TWICE. With that I will hand it over to RegHerde to introduce our stars of Unplugged, the IT pros that use Spiceworks to do their It jobs.
  • Transcript

    • 1. SMB IT Pros Sound Off
    • 2. What do you think whensomeone says “Spiceworks”?Cool name. Something about Texas. They’re the ones trying to ‘Spice IT Up.’ Isn’t that a curry place nearby? They’re paying for this gig. …bless you. Social business app for IT. Lame name. Free network management software.
    • 3. The Social Business Platform for IT Changing the Way IT Works Jay Hallberg Co-Founder & VP Marketing
    • 4. IT circa 2005 “What information do I need“Which tools do I use?” and where do I find it?” “What do I have?” “Is it all working?” “How do I fix it?” “Where can I find an “What products should I buy?” expert to help me?”
    • 5. Social Business Platform for IT Discussions Manage People CommerceApps Marketplace Purchasing “CONNECT”Manage Network Vendor pages Advice “SHARE” “FOLLOW” Community
    • 6. Strong Presence in Europe440K IT Professionals 135K IT Professionals 314K Companies 91K Companies  106M Minutes  52M Minutes  29M Devices  9.6M Devices  9M Pageviews  4.5M Pageviews
    • 7. July 24, 2006
    • 8. January 2007
    • 9. 59 European Tech Brands in 2011 Germany  Oracle  Dell  MicrosoftUK  IBM Symantec  Sophos IBM  FileMaker Google  Avaya Vmware  Intel LogMeIn  Citrix HP  RIM Intel  PFU Imaging Cisco  Juniper Verisign  Raritan Microsoft  Kaspersky Citrix Sony Rackspace Appsense EMC Other APC  Epson Aruba Italy  Salesforce BT  IBM  ScriptLogic Seagate  HP  LogMeIn Message Labs  Oracle  FileMaker  SAP  Mimecast  Dell  Brother  Samsung  Sophos  Intel  Mclink
    • 10. Announcing Spiceworks Europe Ltd.
    • 11. SpiceWorld London, 24-25 May 2012
    • 12. The Social Business Platform for IT Changing the Way IT Works Jay Hallberg Co-Founder & VP Marketing
    • 13. Adding Followers? Easy.Whats next? Spiceworks can help. Reginald Herde Director, Advertiser Marketing @SpiceWired
    • 14. Brand Advocates on Your Site?
    • 15. Marketers are Catching the Social Wave Old guard publishers are left on the beach Traditional Media B2B Social Networks• Media cos. decide what content • IT pros and vendors share insights matters • Word-of-mouth amplifies reach• IT pros “on an island” • Influencing one = influencing many• Social is a „bolt-on‟ offering • Immediate feedback/impact• Old data, older methods • Highly targeted• Poor registration/targeting IT V IT IT IT IT IT V IT IT IT IT IT IT IT IT IT V IT IT IT V V IT IT IT V IT Vendor = Passive advertiser Vendor = Interactive, trusted participant
    • 16. The SpiceHead
    • 17. In the Community…
    • 18. …In the Application benhar
    • 19. Fans/Followers Are True Brand Advocates
    • 20. The do‟s and don‟ts of participating in the communityDon’t: Spam users and forums Slam your competitors Hard sellDo: Get the most out of your Vendor Page Recognize the value of a little good will Be factual and accurate Embrace all feedback Be an individual Have fun!!!
    • 21. Measuring your success in Spiceworks.
    • 22. Industry debate on the value of click through rates continues in earnest
    • 23. Within Spiceworks, click through rates are just one measure of success What did you do when you saw the [advertiser‟s] ad? ”Looking at click through metrics100% isnt going to show you how aware we are of your brand…75% Looking at how much you get50% talked about in the community is a better metric there, or how25% many people follow your vendor 7% 10% 5% page” 0% Clicked Visited Asked website reseller
    • 24. Track the impact of all of your campaigns with Product Dashboards Change Change Change Change Total in Install in $ in Install in $ Total $ Install Base Value Base Value Value‡ August 2011 August 2011 QTD QTD BaseProduct 4,091 $8.5M 8,806 $18.5MK 68,919 $144.7M #1 Install Base of Product #1100 50 0 Jan-11 Feb-11 Mar-11 Apr-11 May-11 Jun-11 Jul-11 Aug-11 Sep-11
    • 25. Use a Social Engagement Ratio to measure involvement with your brand Social Engagement Community Mentions Ratio = (x 100) Follows Brand Advocates Brand Passives
    • 26. Key TakeawaysClick through rates continue to be an importantmeasure for your campaigns…But be sure to look at other metrics aligned withyour goals: – Sales/Return on Investment: Look at actual product data, not just click or conversion rates – Brand Affinity: Measure and understand your followers – Brand Advocacy: Track the level of brand advocacy
    • 27. The IT Pros you came to see… Ashley Connell Marketing Communications
    • 28. Who is the Spiceworks Community?
    • 29. They brand themselves.
    • 30. Scott Abel, CEO, at SpiceWorld!
    • 31. They brand themselves.
    • 32. Meet SpiceRex.
    • 33. Meet SpiceRex.
    • 34. Spice-O-meter!
    • 35. SMB IT Pros Sound Off
    • 36. Managing Their Networks 9-to-5Research Get Advice Purchase Buy Manage Track Solve Problems
    • 37. Now, our panel…
    • 38. Andy PhelpsIT Manager, HPS Group
    • 39. Ben CarrollIT Apprentice, Norseland Limited
    • 40. Paul BourneIT Service Provider
    • 41. Martin Hepworth Objective UK, Ltd.