Spiceworks Unplugged Boston, July 19, 2012


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  • Globally, over 7 million IT pros are responsible for IT purchasing for 197 million employees, impacting $790B in IT products and services.SMBs are many. The methods to reach them are broad and wasteful. Until Spiceworks came along. Until now, marketers have used a variety of tools, vehicles and methods to reach a very small percentage of them.The global market for SMB IT professionals/IT Service Providers is spread far and wide.
  • Question: Does anyone know, roughly, how many users are inside Spiceworks?
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  • Spiceworks Unplugged Boston, July 19, 2012

    1. 1. SMB IT Pros Sound Off
    2. 2. Why are we here? Sales Pitch? Product Demo? To secure comp‟dtickets for Red Sox tonight! …okay, maybe
    3. 3. The Elusive Global SMB IT Market A tough nut to crack, but represents 50% of the total IT spend Employee Size: 1-999 $ IT 7M IT Pros/ 197M Employees/ $792B in Yearly IT Service Providers 18M Companies IT PurchasingHow can they be reached effectively and efficiently? Data based on Gartner, ITAA and Dept. of Commerce statistics.
    4. 4. What do you think of when we say “Spiceworks?” Cool name. Organizing my pantry.They’re the ones trying to ‘Spice IT Up.’ Isn’t that a BBQ place nearby? Paprika …bless you. Social business app for IT. Lame name.Free network management software.
    5. 5. A Problem Solved: SpiceworksFree IT Application Community IT IT IT IT IT V IT IT IT IT IT IT IT IT IT IT IT V Vendors IT IT IT Commerce V
    6. 6. SMB IT Pros Worldwide Use Spiceworks Fastest growing Social IT app in history Over 2,100 added every business day. Daily Growth:2,750,000  2,100 new users2,500,000  1,150 new companies IT  12,000 printers added2,250,000  78,000 computers added2,000,000 July1,750,000 Network Scale:1,500,000  122 million devices1,250,000  68 million employees1,000,000  1.3 million companies 750,000  $370 billion in IT budget 500,000 250,000 Monthly Metrics: 0  2.1M Monthly Unique Visitors 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012*  44M Monthly Impressions  403M User Minutes in Application * 2012 Estimated
    7. 7. Managing Their Networks 9-to-5Research Get Advice Purchase Buy Manage Track Solve Problems
    8. 8. Monthly Engagement Total Time in App (in thousands, per month) 5 3 , 4 5 7 , 2 5 8 min. , 4 0 3 , 2 9 3 min. , 3 2 5 , 6 7 9 min. Avg. Time per User (in hours : minutes, per month) 06:21 04:29 00:32Source: Nielsen Q3 Social Media Report, Spiceworks
    9. 9. „CIOs of SMBs‟ are a Myth IT at SMBs is not part of the C-suite Typical Org Structure (Employee Size) 1 - 19 20 - 99 100 - 499 500+ No IT on staff. IT IT IT* Typically supported via ISPs & MSPs “the IT Guy” IT Dir./Mgr. VP of IT/Dir. IT IT IT IT Network Mgr. Server Mgr. IT ISP IT IT IT IT MSP Network Mgt. Server Mgt. IT IT IT Help Desk612K companies 384K companies 264K companies 39K companies 6% of usage 13% of usage 50% of usage 31% of usage Even as IT organizations grow, in staff and responsibilities, the decision makers are „downstream‟ and are where you want your brand to be. 81% of users are primary IT decision maker at their company
    10. 10. Marketers and Agencies are „Going Social‟ Traditional Media B2B Social Networks • Publishers decide what • IT pros and vendors share insights content matters • Word-of-mouth amplifies reach • IT pros are “on an island” • Influencing one = influencing many • Social is a „bolt-on‟ offering • Immediate feedback/impact • Old data, older methods • Highly targeted • Poor registration/targeting IT V IT IT IT IT IT V IT IT IT IT IT IT IT IT IT V IT IT IT V V IT IT IT V IT Vendor = Vendor = Passive advertiser Interactive, trusted participant
    11. 11. Now, our panel…
    12. 12. Today‟s Unplugged Panelists Jamie Fitzemeyer – Network Administrator, CaLLogix, Inc. Steve Kleine – Server Administrator, New England College of OptometryJonathan Schmid – Director of Innovation & Technology, The Meadowbrook School of Weston Harry Terkanian – IT Director, Town of Truro
    13. 13. Jamie Fitzemeyer
    14. 14. Steve Kleine
    15. 15. Jonathan Schmid
    16. 16. Harry Terkanian
    17. 17. Getting Started in Spiceworks As a technology marketer, how can you best take advantage of the opportunity and get well positioned inside Spiceworks?1. Banner and Display Ad exposure2. Social media engagement (Green Guy and Marketer accounts…3. Research (Voice of IT, surveys, panels, polls, etc…)4. Events (Unplugged, SpiceWorld…)5. Request for Quote feature
    18. 18. Thank you.
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