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Infinite loop final round

  1. 1. Whose Grave?
  2. 2. Q) In the Bambaiyya dialect of Hindi (Bhai logon ki bhasha) some unusual words are used like mamu, bhidu, shaana, chikna etc which have now passed into more of the local language. Certain animal names are also used e.g ‘Kauwa’ means mobile phone, ‘Ghoda’ means ‘a gun’s trigger’; in the same dialect, What do ‘Bakri’, ‘Bhains’ and ‘Haathi’ mean?
  3. 3. Ans: Bakri- Smartphone, Bhains-Laptop, Haathi- Desktop Computer
  4. 4. Q) In the Marvel Comics Universe, The ____ _____ is an immortal and mutable manifestation of the prime universal force of life and passion. Born of the void between states of being, it is a child of the universe. It is the nexus of all psionic energy which does, has, and ever will exist in all realities of the omniverse, the Guardian of Creation, and of the dangerously powerful MKraan Crystal. The _____ is among the most feared beings in all of existence — having the power to cut and re-grow any part of the universe, as well as destroy it entirely, which is part of the its purpose: "The Judgment of the _____", to burn away the obsolete. The ______ _____ is described as being "the embodiment of the very passion of Creation – the spark that gave life to the Universe, the flame that will ultimately consume it."
  5. 5. Ans: The Phoenix Force
  6. 6. Q) A group of 9 special courtiers in the courts of King Vikramaditya and Akbar were given the name of ‘Navratnas’. In the court of Raja Krishnadevraya a designated name was given to a group of 8 special courtiers (of which Tenaliramana was also a part). What is that name?
  7. 7. Ans: The Ashtadiggajas
  8. 8. Q) there once was a little girl who never  knew love until a boy broke her HEART "We will all laugh at gilded butterflies."          BRIAN,            "And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."
  9. 9. Ans:TattoosonMeganFox’sbody
  10. 10. Q) XY is a town situated in the north-western regionof Koderma District in Jharkhand, India. It issituated in the Damodar Valley. It was once home tothe Mica Kings who controlled the largest share ofmica mining  and export activity in the world. XY isconsidered to be the Indian equivalent of a place inthe African country Mali. Often, when XY’s nativesattend interviews, they are greeted with surprisebecause of them belonging to XY.X which is a village in Jharkhand, whereas the word Ycomes from Hindi word for pond. X is also said to bea local folk dance. Some people believe it originatesfrom the hindi word for "brush", which is commonlyused as fuel for cooking in the villages. Give the nameXY.
  11. 11. Ans: Jhumri-Taliya
  12. 12. Who was the last owner of thisProperty ? What comes in the blanked part?
  13. 13. Ans: Michael Jordan (23, Jordan’sno. at the Chicago Bulls)
  14. 14. Q) In 1983, when the development of videogames was almost at its peak with 3.2 Billion $revenue, a massive contraction of the industryoccurred which sent the industry tumbling downto 100 million $. The crash was almost entirelyblamed on Atari’s—the big game and consolemaker’s ‘X’ game which was heavily marketedbut developed in only a mere six weeks. Thereason given for such negligence was thatas ‘X’ was a big phenomenon at that time, Atariwanted to take advantage of the holiday seasonand hence had to rush it. What was X?
  15. 15. Ans: The E.T. (Extra-Terrestrial)Game
  16. 16. Q) Who is she? What is her claim to fame? Why can’t she open a Facebook Account with her ‘real’ name?
  17. 17. Ans: Caterina Fake (cofounder ofFlickr and Hunch)She cannot open an account on facebookas ‘Fake’ is a banned word in accountnames.
  18. 18. Entertainment Connect:1) 6644 HB2) 6520 HB3) 6384 HB4) 6667 HB5) 7000 HB
  19. 19. Ans: Gene Autry’s Five Stars on theWalk of FAME for Motion Pictures, Radio,Recording, Television, Live TheatreHB- Hollywood Boulevard
  20. 20. Q) A story of the ‘X’ appears in the Eastern versions of the Alexander romance, which describes Alexander the Great and his servant crossing the Land of Darkness to find the ‘X’. Arabic versions of the Alexander Romance which were very popular in Spain during the period the explorers started journeying towards America. These earlier accounts clearly inspired the popular medieval fantasy The Travels of Sir John Mandeville, which also mentions ‘X’ as located at the foot of a mountain outside Polombe (modern Kollam) in India. In the 16th century the story of ‘X’ became attached to the biography of the conquistador Juan Ponce de León and continues to be attached with him. In modern day, an archaeological park named ‘X’ has been built in St. Augustine, Florida where Ponce de León is said to have landed. In August 2006, popular American magician David Copperfield claimed he had discovered a true “X" amid a cluster of four small islands in the Exuma chain of the Bahamas which he recently purchased for roughly $50 million. What is ‘X’?
  21. 21. Ans: The Fountain of Youth.
  22. 22. Q) ‘____ _____ _____ ____’ is an English phrase and idiom, common in the United Kingdom. It is used to describe a state of confusion or disarray. The similar phrase "to set the world on ____ ___ ____", used by Geoffrey Chaucer in, about the mid 1380s, seems, from its context, to mean "to hazard the world" or "to risk ones life". Another possibility responsible for popularising the phrase is that it may have come from a dispute between the Merchant Taylors and Skinners Livery Companies. The two, which were founded in the same year, argued over the ____ place in the order of precedence. After more than a century, in 1484 the then Lord Mayor of London Sir Robert Billesden decided that the companies would swap between ____ and _____ and feast in each others halls. Give this very popular phrase.
  23. 23. Ans: At Sixes and Sevens
  24. 24. Connect: Ratnamanjri (The First One) Chitralekha Chandrakala Kaamkandala Leelavati Ravibhama Kaumudi Pushpavati Madhumalathi Prabhavati Trilochana Padmavati Kirtimati Sunaiyana Sundarvati Satyavati Vidhavati TaramatiRooprekha Gyaanvati Chandrajyoti Anurodhvati Dharmavati Karunavati JailakshmiMrignayani Malayavati Vaidehi Maanvati Jayalakshmi Kaushalya Roopmati (The Final One)
  25. 25. Ans: Singhasan Battisi ki 32Putliyaan… The small statuettes ofwomen which tell Raja Bhoj the storiesabout the wit, valour and kindness of thelegendary King Vikram (Betaal Pachhisi inits entirety is just one of those 32 stories.)
  26. 26. Q) The following is a list of the first five winners in a category established in 2001 at the Cannes Film Festival:2001 -- Otis2002 -- Tähti2003 -- Moses2004 -- All ___2005 – Bruno Who was the winner in 2011 and also name the award?
  27. 27. Ans: The Palm Dog award won by‘Uggie’ for ‘The Artist’
  28. 28. Q) X’s name literally means "uncontrolled" or "without obstacles" . He was the Grandson of Krishna and the Son of Pradyumna. He is said to have been very much like his grandfather, to the extent that he may be a jana avatar. He was kidnapped by his wife’s father Banasura, a devotee of Shiva and the attempt to rescue him ended in a battle between Shiva and Krishna (which ended in a draw). ‘X’ is now a popular name all over India and killer rage among the youth for reasons not stated above.
  29. 29. Ans: Aniruddha
  30. 30. Q) The _____ _____ is an organization formed in 1905. It was initially felt that the name of the Society should be the _artin _hapender Club, in memory of a noted founding member, who had recently died at the age of twenty-five. However, it was then agreed that the name “_____ ____" would be more appropriate and also it shared the same initials as those of _artin _hapender. The motto of the society is the Latin indocilis privata loqui, roughly translated as "not apt to disclose secrets"; members give their word not to wilfully disclose other than to bona fide students of ____. Anyone breaking this or any other rule may be expelled. Fill in the Blanks.
  31. 31. Ans: The Magic Circle
  32. 32. ROUND CHANGE
  33. 33. Q) ’X’ is the largest extractor of natural gas in the world and the largest Russian company. ‘X’ belongs to the so-called national champions; a concept advocated by former Russian president Vladimir Putin, in which large companies in strategic sectors are expected not only to seek profit, but also to advance Russias national interests. For example, X sells gas inside Russia considerably under the global market price as a form of subsidy to the public. Since 2001, X has taken over NTV, Russias only nationwide state- independent television station held by the oligarch Vladimir Gusinskys Media-Most holding. X is also the shirt sponsors of a major German Bundesliga team. Name X?
  34. 34. Ans: Gazprom
  35. 35. Q) In the Spider-Ham 25th Anniversary Special ( A spin-off of spiderman in which a pig acts like spiderman), Peter Porker aka Spider-Ham faces a group consisting of Green Gobbler (a turkey who is this realitys version of Green Goblin), Doctor Octopussy Cat (a cat who is this realitys version of Doctor Octopus), Sandmanatee (a manatee who is this realitys version of Sandman), Eelectro (an electric eel who is this realitys version of Electro), the Buzzard (an opossum who is this realitys version of Vulture), and Mysteriape (a gorilla who is this realitys version of Mysterio). Similarly to its member’s names, this incredible team was also named according to the name of its counter-part team of Spiderman’s foes. What was this team named?
  36. 36. Ans: The Swinester Six
  37. 37. Q) _______ is a semi- public Brazilian multinational energy corporation headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is the largest company in Latin America by market capitalization and revenue, and the largest company headquartered in the Southern Hemisphere by market value. ______ is a world leader in development of advanced technology from deep-water and ultra- deep water oil production. In September 2010 ______ conducted the largest share sale in history, when US$72.8 billion worth of shares in the company were sold on the BM&F Bovespa stock exchange. Upon the sale ______ immediately became the fourth-largest company in the world measured by market capitalisation.
  38. 38. Ans: Petrobras
  39. 39. Q) She’s the only woman in the world to be first lady of two diff. countries. Name her and the two countries.
  40. 40. Ans: Graca Machel (Mozambiqueand South Africa)
  41. 41. Q) ‘M’ is an American multinational investment management corporation and the worlds largest asset manager. As of June 2011, the company has over $3.65 trillion in assets under management. ‘M’ is headquartered in Manhattan, New York City and is the leading provider of investment, advisory, and risk management solutions. Founded in 1988, initially offering fixed income products, ‘M’ has become a financial powerhouse while remaining out of the public eye. According to Ralph Schlosstein, CEO of Evercore Partners, a NY-based investment bank: “ ‘M’ today is one of, if not the, most influential financial institutions in the world.” The ‘M’ fund is currently also the largest shareholder of Apple Inc., owning 5.5%, valued at more than $15 billion. Give ‘M’ ?
  42. 42. Ans: BlackRock
  43. 43. Q) Though the term ____ _____ has a medieval significance, Inmodern terminology it has acquired usage referring to the act ofseeking and persecuting any perceived enemy, particularly whenthe search is conducted using extreme measures and with littleregard to actual guilt or innocence. It is used whether or not it issanctioned by the government, or merely occurs within the"court of public opinion". An early instance is George Orwells Homage toCatalonia(1938). The term is used by Orwell to describe how,in the Spanish Civil War, political persecutions became aregular occurrence.The term is used when a search for wrongdoers becomesabused, and a defendant can be convicted merely on anaccusation. For example, a History channel documentaryexplains that "the search for runaway slaves becomes a __________. A black man can be convicted with merely anaccusation. Unlike white people, they do not have the right totrial by jury. Judges are paid ten dollars to rule them as slaves,five to set them free.“ Fill in these nasty blanks.
  44. 44. Ans: Witch Hunt
  45. 45. Q) Name the character and the chips being advertised.
  46. 46. Ans: Fritos (of Frito-lay) advertisedby the Frito Bandito
  47. 47. Q) Whose mausoleum bears this inscription: ‫تا قیامت شکر گویم کردگار خویش را‬ ‫آہ گر من باز بینم روئ یار خویش را‬ tā qiyāmat shukr gūyam kardigāre khīsh rā āh! gar man bāz bīnam rūī yār-e khīsh rā I would give thanks unto my God unto the day of resurrection Ah! could I behold the face of my beloved once more
  48. 48. Ans: Anarkali
  49. 49. Q) ______ ____  is a Latin phrase translated as "Remember your mortality", "Remember you must die" or "Remember you will die". Popular belief says the phrase originated in ancient Rome: As a Roman general was parading through the streets during a victory triumph, standing behind him was his slave, tasked with reminding the general that, although at his peak today, tomorrow he could fall, or — more likely — be brought down. The servant is thought to have conveyed this with the warning, “_____ ___".  In the Christian context, the ____ ____ acquires a moralizing purpose quite opposed to the Nunc est bibendum theme of Classical antiquity. To the Christian, the prospect of death serves to emphasize the emptiness and fleetingness of earthly pleasures, luxuries, and achievements, and thus also as an invitation to focus ones thoughts on the prospect of the afterlife. Connect this latin phrase to the movie business.
  50. 50. Ans: ‘Memento Mori’ book written byJonathan Nolan which provided thescreenplay for Memento later copied into‘Ghajini’.
  51. 51. Q) ‘M’s’ first television appearance (aside from commercials) was in 2001 as a 5-year old Lana Lang in the pilot of Smallville. ’M’ was also present in a memorable role on the kids channel ‘Nickelodeon’. Currently, ‘M’ plays the role of ____, the lead character in the TV series ____. As of May 2010, ‘M’ earned US$180,000 per episode of ____, making ‘M’ the second-highest-paid child star on television. ’M’ was listed in the 2012 edition of Guinness World Records as the Highest Paid Child Actress for _____. Name ‘M’.
  52. 52. Ans: Miranda Cosgrove (who plays Megan in Drake & Josh). Currently doing iCarly.
  53. 53. Q) Connect: (all blanks are the same) a) Vasool Raja _____ b) Shankar Dada _____ c) Uppi Dada _____
  54. 54. Ans: MBBS (Remakes of MunnabhaiMBBS in other parts of India)
  55. 55. Q) In 1975, Five employees of the William Morris Agency met over dinner one night after they discovered that they all had the same idea in mind: creating an agency of their own. However, Before they could obtain adequate financing for their venture, they were fired. By early 1975, business started in a small Century City, rented office outfitted with card tables and folding chairs. The five agents had only two cars among them, and their wives took turns as receptionist. Within about a week, according to one industry insider, they had sold their first three packages. Their partnership was based on teamwork with proceeds shared equally. There were no nameplates on doors, no formal titles, no individual agent client lists. Practices followed the companys two commandments: Be a team player and return phone calls promptly. Currently one of the original five serves as the President of Universal Studios and another served as President of the Walt Disney Company from October 1995 to January 1997. In March 2009 Fast Company named their company among the 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World, alongside Apple, Google and others, noting that "in Hollywood, theres ____ company and then theres everybody else." Fortune named it "the entertainment industrys most influential organization." Name the company.
  56. 56. Ans: The Creative Artists Agency
  57. 57. Q) 1696 - 1722 Oddeway Torre on the Malabar coast.1698 - 1714 Dannemarksnagore at Gondalpara, southeastof Chandernagore.1752 - 1791 Calicut.October 1755 Frederiksnagore at Serampore, in present-day WestBengal.1754/1756 the _______ under the name Frederiksøerne.1763 Balasore (already occupied 1636-1643). Tranquebar in present-day Tamil Nadu state, Serampore in present-day West Bengal
  58. 58. Ans: Territories occupied by TheDanish East India Company (Denmark)
  59. 59. Q) Name this band of boys? Heathcote Barbary - Rhythm guitar Gideon Crumb - Bagpipes Kirley Duke - Lead guitar Merton Graves - Cello Orsino Thruston - Drums Donaghan Tremlett - Bass Myron Wagtail - Lead singer Herman Wintringham - Lute
  60. 60. Ans: The Weird Sisters from HarryPotter
  61. 61. Q) Name the person who has clothes?
  62. 62. Ans: Tom Ford
  63. 63. Q) Newspaper Report of an accident on April 30, 1900:‘The south-bound passenger train No. 1 was running under afull head of steam when it crashed into the rear end of acaboose and three freight cars which were standing on the maintrack, the other portion of the train being on a sidetrack. Thecaboose and two of the cars were smashed to pieces, the engineleft the rails and plowed into an embankment, where itoverturned and was completely wrecked, the baggage and mailcoaches also being thrown from the track and badly damaged.The engineer was killed outright by the concussion. His bodywas found lying under the cab, with his skull crushed and rightarm torn from its socket. The fireman jumped just in time tosave his life. The express messenger was thrown against the sideof the car, having two of his ribs broken by the blow, but hiscondition is not considered dangerous.’Name the Engineer who died, the only fatality of this accidentwho gave up his life to save his passengers and has become anAmerican hero since then.
  64. 64. Ans:CaseyJones
  65. 65. OVER FOR NOW
  66. 66. Q) Even before Sachin, she was the first person to score a double century in ODI Cricket (she scored 229, greater than Sehwag’s total even). Name her. Against which team did she achieve the feat.
  67. 67. Ans: Belinda Clarke of Australiaagainst Denmark at the Middle IncomeGround in Mumbai in 1997.
  68. 68. Q) “____ _____" is a common slang phrase, used as a simple existential observation that life is full of imperfections, either "Así es la vida" or "Cest la vie". The phrase is an acknowledgment that bad things happen to people for no particular reason. In the 1994 film Forrest Gump, It was suggested that Forrest Gump created the slang. When he was running across the country, a bumper sticker designer asked him about whatever Gump wanted to say so he could put it on a bumper sticker and sell it; at the time, Forrest stepped on dog excrement and in the following dialogue, part of the phrase was uttered. The phrase also was heard again on the movie scene in 2011, perhaps with greater influence than before this time. Give the phrase.
  69. 69. Ans: Shit Happens!
  70. 70. Q) ‘E’ is the protagonist of a classic German legend; a highlysuccessful scholar. Despite his scholarly eminence, ‘E’ is boredand disappointed. He decides to call on the Devil for furtherknowledge and magic powers and pleasures of all the world. Inresponse, the Devils representative, Mephistopheles, appears.There’s a bargain M will serve ‘E’ with his magic powers for aterm of years (or E’s whole life), but at the end of the term, thedevil will claim Es soul and later ‘E’ will serve the devil in hell.During the term of the bargain, ‘E’ makes use of M in variousways like seducing a beautiful and innocent girl, namedGretchen, whose life (and family) is ultimately destroyed.However, Gretchens innocence saves her in the end, and sheenters Heaven. In a famous rendition, ‘E’ is saved by Godsgrace via his constant striving—in combination with Gretchenspleadings with God in the form of the Eternal Feminine. However, in the early tales, ‘E’ is irrevocably corrupted andbelieves his sins cannot be forgiven; when the term ends, thedevil carries him off to Hell. Connect ‘E’ to a female characterin the Tintin comics.
  71. 71. Ans: E- Faust, The songs sung by Bianca Castafiore are generally always from the Opera ‘Faust’.
  72. 72. Q) Gene Autrys version of a now famous song holds the distinction of being the only No.1 hit to fall completely off the chart after hitting No.1 towards the late part of the year 1949. The official date of its No. 1 status was for the week ending January 7, 1950,making it the first No.1 song of the 1950s. None the less, it sold 2.5 million copies the first year, eventually selling a total of 25 million, and it remained the second best-selling record of all time until the 1980s.Name the song.
  73. 73. Ans: Rudolph, the Reindeer
  74. 74. Q) What famous work of writing also referred to in a Steven Spielberg movie came about because of this report submitted by the Adjutant General of Massachusetts, William Schouler: Pvt. Arthur Edward _____, Company C, Massachusetts 1st Heavy Artillery (served June 24, 1861 – May 28, 1862) Absent without official leave. Sgt. Charles N. _____, Company D, 20th Massachusetts (July 18, 1861 – May 3, 1863) -- Killed near Fredericksburg, Virginia. Cpl. Henry C. ____, Company K, 32nd Massachusetts (1862 – 1864)-- Captured in 1864, paroled, and honorably discharged that December. (Listed as killed at Gettysburg in Schoulers records.) Pvt. Oliver C. ______, Jr., Company E, 58th Massachusetts (February 26, 1864 – July 30, 1864) Killed near Petersburg. Cpl. George A. ____, Company H, 25th Massachusetts (September 17, 1861 – July 7, 1864) Captured at Petersburg. Later army pension records showed that he was held prisoner and may have deserted to the enemy. Final fate not clear.
  75. 75. Ans: The Bixby LetterBy Abraham Lincoln referred to in the movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’.
  76. 76. Q) X ‘s dimensions are:Length :157 m, 515 ftWidth: 26.2 m, 86 ftHeight: 15.7 m, 52 ftIt’s shape was assumed as a truncated pyramid, square at itsbase, and tapering to a square peak one cubit on a side; lateron it was thought of as a rectangular box with a sloping roof.It is said that the dimensions of X correspond to thedimensions of the human body, which according to Christiandoctrine is the body of Christ, and in turn the body of theChurch
  77. 77. Ans: Presumed dimensions ofNoah’s Ark
  78. 78. Q) In Greek Mythology, ‘A’ the first king of Ephyra(Corinth) is told to be the craftiest amongst men, and he even considered himself wiser than the God Zeus himself. The angry Zeus sent the God of Death Thanatos to chain him and take him to the netherworld Tartarus. However, the clever ‘A’ asked for a demonstration and left Thanatos trapped in his own chains. As a consequence, Ares(God of War) became angry as people doing battle became injured but did not die. As a punishment from the gods for this trickery ‘A’ was made to roll a huge boulder up a steep hill. Before he could reach the top, however, the massive stone would always roll back down, forcing him to begin again. Because of this story, the word ‘B’ has come to mean “endless and unavailing, as labor or a task“. Give ‘A’.
  79. 79. Ans: Sisyphus (Sisyphean task)
  80. 80. Q) What are these alarm clocks named? They were designed by an MIT graduate Gauri Nanda who won an Ig Nobel Prize in Economics for the former’s invention. Its development and marketing has even become a Harvard Business School Case Study: _____, the Runaway Alarm Clock and was also mentioned in the New York Times No. ‘1’ Bestseller ‘Switch’.
  81. 81. Ans: Clocky (left) and Tocky (right)